Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3190, I’m Not Dead Yet


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Be that as it may be, the feather-crowned man’s strength did not come from his sword. Even if his Artifact was taken away, he still had a hundred ways to kill the young man in front of him.


Yang Kai stretched out his little finger, dug at his ears, and casually said, “I’ve heard those words so many times that my ears are about to fall off. Go ahead and kill me if you can!”


“As you wish!” The feather-crowned man’s furious expression abruptly became calm again. He took several strides forward and appeared in front of Yang Kai as silently as a ghost where he clenched his fist with his thumb pointing forward and imprinted his thumbprint against Yang Kai’s Dragon Head.


The speed of his attack was not fast. On the contrary, it was extremely slow. It was so slow that it could almost be described as the speed of a tortoise crawling. In a fight between Masters, victory or defeat could be decided in the blink of an eye; however, he seemed to be doing the exact opposite. His attitude was so nonchalant that it was as if he was about to crush a bug.


Yang Kai reacted solemnly though as he watched the other party shove his thumb against his forehead, the illusion of being crushed growing within him. His entire body stiffened, and he couldn’t move a single muscle. Moreover, he could see space collapsing as that fist gradually approached him. 


[If that attack lands on my head, it will definitely explode!]


Opening his mouth abruptly, Yang Kai let loose a Dragon Roar that could shake the Stars. A violent force erupted from his mouth, making the feather-crowned man’s clothes and hair whip about wildly. It seemed as though a large Dragon was flying through the feather-crowned man’s Knowledge Sea, causing it to roil and daze him.


“Dragon Breath!” The feather-crowned man’s brow twitched as the situation was becoming more and more unbelievable.


Although the Dragon Clan were few in numbers and rarely appeared in public, he had fought with a member of the Dragon Clan several years back; therefore, he knew a little bit about how Dragons fought, and one of the most characteristic attacks was their Dragon Breath. This was not a Secret Technique but rather an Innate Divine Ability. Dragon Breath had extraordinary power and was in no way inferior to the most powerful Secret Techniques. Moreover, it was extremely convenient and easy to use since it was an innate ability. This was the advantage of being born as a Divine Spirit, something other beings simply could never match up to.


The moment Yang Kai opened his mouth, the feather-crowned man immediately felt the power of a Dragon Breath forming. Moreover, this Dragon Breath was extremely pure, almost as if it were the Dragon Breath of an actual Dragon Clan member. The Dragon he had fought a long time ago had just reached a mature state and had an Eighth-Order Dragon Vein, but the Dragon Breath he shot seemed to be weaker than that of the young man standing in front of him right now.


[What is going on!? Even if this boy cultivated some sort of Secret Technique that allowed him to transform into a Half-Dragon, he shouldn’t be able to shoot out such a pure Dragon Breath!] There were all sorts of Secret Techniques related to the Dragon Clan in the Star Boundary, but there were no Secret Techniques that could achieve this.


The raised thumb stopped an arm’s length in front of Yang Kai’s forehead and couldn’t press forward anymore.


Yang Kai’s eyes brightened seeing this and grinned, “I see. It’s not like you aren’t affected by the suppression at all!”


He finally understood something. This man might be a Star Envoy or something from the Star Court and might be in charge of hundreds of Star Fields, but he was still unable to act as he pleased after descending to a Lower Star Field. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that he had lost his sword, but regardless of the reason, it was obvious that this feather-crowned man was unable to exert his full strength at the moment!


Yang Kai’s confidence increased greatly knowing this. The connection between him and Heng Luo Star Field might have been severed and he could not utilise the various perks of being a Star Field Master, but even so, he had one major advantage over his opponents in this Star Field and that was he was not under any form of suppression! The Star Field’s World Principles no longer rejected his existence; therefore, he could wield all his strength freely provided he did not care about causing damage to the Star Field. 


[I’ll be fighting a suppressed enemy at my strongest! There’s nothing to be afraid of even if this old dog is a Great Emperor.]


“Let’s see you act all arrogant in front of me now!” Saying so, something appeared in Yang Kai’s right hand. It was a small bell that rapidly began to spin and enlarge. Soon, it was several tens of metres tall. 


Grabbing the bell as if holding a brick in his hand, Yang Kai pounded it towards the feather-crowned man’s head.


The feather-crowned man looked stunned as he could feel an indescribable force of suppression enveloping him, giving him the impression that escaping was impossible. 


At this point, it was already too late to back off. Just as Yang Kai had hypothesized, the restraints and constraints binding him had increased after losing his sword so he was unable to unleash his full strength in this Star Field. Otherwise, he would not have performed so poorly. 


Steeling himself, the feather-crowned man gathered all of his strength and forced his thumb to press down towards Yang Kai’s forehead again.


Initially, he had hoped that Yang Kai would back down in the face of danger; that way, they could avoid the ending where both sides perished together, but contrary to his expectations, Yang Kai showed no intention of stopping whatsoever. The large bell slammed into his head with a loud clanging sound that reverberated in his ears, causing a wave of dizziness to wash over him, sending him flying once more. The Artifact Armour he was wearing flashed wildly, and if not for its protection, the consequences of this attack would have been dire.


Similarly, Yang Kai’s Dragon Head was also knocked backwards so hard that he nearly broke his neck. Folded at an odd angle, Yang Kai’s towering body was thrown out and froze up in an awkward position.




The feather-crowned man returned after getting blown away, his expression filled with a lingering sense of dread as his complexion had gone pale. Although the Artifact Armour he was wearing had helped to offset most of the damage, that pure brute strength was not something that could be defended against. Most of his internal organs were still churning from that blow, and he could taste blood in the back of his throat. Glancing at the 200-metre long Half-Dragon body, his expression was extremely complicated.


If anybody had told him that there was someone who could injure him in a Lower Star Field, he would have never believed them no matter what. However, somebody had truly managed to do just that.


His gaze went to the large bell Yang Kai was holding in his hand still. There were plants, birds, fish, beasts, mountains, and rivers depicted on the bell in extremely lifelike carvings. Moreover, it was exuding an extremely ancient and desolate aura as if it had travelled through time and space from the primordial era.


“The Mountains and Rivers Bell!” He narrowed his eyes at the sight before a look of ecstasy flashed across his face.


This was an extremely famous Ancient Exotic Artifact, one that allowed Yuan Ding to rise to the position of Great Emperor. As such, it was understandably of immense value. Unfortunately, the Mountains and Rivers Bell disappeared with the death of the Yuan Ding Great Emperor after the end of the Great Emperor War.


The feather-crowned man had heard that somebody had obtained the Mountains and Rivers Bell in the Shattered Star Sea a few years ago, but he did not know the specific details. It wasn’t until he witnessed it with his own eyes that he realized that this young man was the lucky person who obtained the Mountains and Rivers Bell back then.


[No wonder the force of that blow was so powerful that even I couldn’t defend against it. After all, it was delivered with the Mountains and Rivers Bell!] 


The Mountains and Rivers Bell was no ordinary Emperor Rank Artifact as even a Great Emperor would benefit greatly from obtaining it. In other words, what harmed him wasn’t Yang Kai, but the power of the Mountains and Rivers Bell.


When the bell tolled, it subdued mountains and rivers alike. All Emperor Aura would stagnate before it. 


[I made the right decision to come here! Not only can I obtain a Small World, but the Mountains and Rivers Bell will also fall into my hands! With these, I will surely join the ranks of the ten Great Emperors in the future!]


If the Small Sealed World was something he coveted, then the Mountains and Rivers Bell was something that he was determined to obtain no matter what. This Ancient Exotic Artifact was much more valuable than this Small World, even though the Small World was no inferior item either.


With those thoughts in mind, his lips became a little dry. Reaching out, he grabbed at the Mountains and Rivers Bell. 


A strange feeling flooded his body the moment he came into contact with the bell. It gave him a sense of elevation and made him even more aware of how extraordinary the Mountains and Rivers Bell was. Consequently, he became even more determined to possess it.


For some reason though, the Mountains and Rivers Bell did not move when he pulled at it.




The sound of bones being dislocated rang out at that moment, startling the feather-crowned man, and when he looked up, he saw that Yang Kai’s head, which should have been snapped off his neck, getting back into position again. There was a bloody hole on Yang Kai’s forehead that was trickling with Golden Blood, staining his cheeks.


“You…” The feather-crowned man was astonished. [He took my Divine Ability head-on! How is he unharmed!?]


“Old dog, I’m not dead yet!” Yang Kai put some strength into his arm all of a sudden and snatched the Mountains and Rivers Bell back before the feather-crowned man could notice.


Then, the feather-crowned man watched as Yang Kai turned the bell around and brought it down on his head while shouting, “Suppression!”


Immediately following that, the plants, birds, fish, beasts, mountains, and rivers depicted on the bell looked like they had come alive and a force that was far more terrifying than before came crashing down on him.


The feather-crowned man looked like he didn’t have enough time to react and was covered by the Mountains and Rivers Bell; however, Yang Kai did not rejoice. On the contrary, he turned a slightly surprised look over at the feather-crowned man, who had appeared a few hundred metres away at some point in time and was currently staring at him with a frown. 


[Was it an afterimage?]


“Suppression!” Tossing the Mountains and Rivers Bell into the air, Yang Kai cast a Secret Technique with one hand to control it. The mouth of the bell was like the gaping maw of a wild beast as it tried to swallow the feather-crowned man whole.


The feather-crowned man moved about erratically, advancing at times and retreating at others. He moved back and forth without any fixed pattern, but even so, he continuously managed to avoid being suppressed by the Mountains and Rivers Bell at the last moment.


He no longer had the careless and contemptuous expression on his face from before as it seemed as though he had re-evaluated Yang Kai’s strength. After suffering at the hands of this boy on multiple occasions, he had to admit that this boy had the strength to make him fight seriously.


A voice incessantly floated into Yang Kai’s ears, “Treasures make an innocent man guilty. Boy, you should understand this principle too. Putting aside the Small World in your possession, just by holding onto the Mountains and Rivers Bell is enough to attract all sorts of people and trouble to you. Why don’t you obediently hand it over to me instead? Do so and I promise you will never want for anything again in the future.”


“Fuck you!” Yang Kai responded happily.


The feather-crowned man continued, “It seems you choose death.”


Yang Kai laughed riotously, “Although you have nothing worthy of my attention, that life of yours looks pretty good. Why don’t you obediently hand it over to me instead? I promise to give you a quick death!”


“A sharp tongue and foolish bravado,” The feather-crowned man slowly shook his head as if feeling regret that Yang Kai was not living up to his expectations. His entire body paused for a moment then as he stared at Yang Kai coldly.


Feeling his entire body going cold all of a sudden, Yang Kai quickly pushed the Mountains and Rivers Bell without any hesitation. The Mountains and Rivers Bell shone with waves of light, sealing off the space in their surroundings and suppressing everything within. Following that, his vision blurred for a moment and he lost sight of the feather-crowned man.


Meanwhile, a green and opaque giant palm came crashing down. It was accompanied by a Heaven-destroying and Earth-shattering force that rushed at him. Even a Star would be crushed to pieces by that palm strike, much less his 200-metre-long Half-Dragon Body.


[Is this his full strength!?] Yang Kai was shocked as he realized that even suppressed, a Great Emperor was still a Great Emperor! This man’s cultivation was probably not inferior to any of the Great Emperors he had met before. The carelessness from before was just that he had not gotten serious yet.


[Can I defend against such an attack!?] This question appeared in Yang Kai’s heart for a moment before it melted away like snow under the sun and was replaced by determination.


[I must defend against it! I will die if I don’t!]


A resounding Dragon Roar came from Yang Kai’s mouth, one that was mixed with a mysterious and obscure language that sounded like a chant from ancient times, agitating all the Stars in the Starry Sky.




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