Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3193, How dare you!


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


The biggest part of the reason that Yang Kai resigned to his fate so quickly was that his immediate superior was none other than Yang Yan. If it had been the feather-crowned man from earlier instead, he would not have been so easy-going.


Yang Yan gazed at him strangely, “What in the world do you want to do in this Star Field? Why are you so against the Star Court’s authority?”


“What can I do with it?”


She laughed, “You really don’t need to act like this. It might be labelled as control, but nobody actually cares about it. You are the Star Field’s Master. You can do whatever you want here. Of course, the only thing you cannot do is… Destroy Star Fields!” At the end, her voice suddenly became low and her beautiful eyes looked at the boundless darkness with a solemn look.


Yang Kai hurriedly changed the subject, “I understand. By the way, how did you show up at such a timely moment? Could it be that you were monitoring the Star Field all this time?”


“Not really. It was a coincidence.” She might be in charge of Heng Luo Star Field, but she couldn’t pay attention to it at all times. Not to mention, monitoring Heng Luo Star Field while she was in the Star Court required immense effort. How could she spare so much time and effort to do so? It was just that the feather-crowned man had received a summon and came down to Grand Desolation Star Field. Noticing that, Yang Yan inadvertently looked at the situation in Heng Luo Star Field and discovered Yang Kai’s presence. In the end, she had no choice but to come down and shelter him.


Even so… She had the feeling that Yang Kai had a hidden trump card and would not have died from that attack even if she did nothing just now. He might even have the power to fight back. 


[I can’t believe he grew this much in just a few dozen years!]


Back then, she deliberately left him to his own devices rather than taking him with her. She did not want to bring him along because she felt he would gain more experience this way; after all, the power one worked hard to gain was the only strength that they could claim as their own. Anything bestowed upon them would never be anything more than something borrowed.


Yang Yan had long known that Yang Kai was no ordinary cultivator; nevertheless, she did not expect him to achieve so much in such a short time. It seemed she had underestimated him!


“Regardless of whether it was a coincidence or not, I have to thank you for your help,” Yang Kai casually touched the seal on his dantian. That seal had nearly been released just now, and if Yang Yan had not arrived, he would have broken it and underwent demonification along with his Half-Dragon Form. That would have given the feather-crowned man a huge surprise.


“By the way, you haven’t told me yet. What conditions did you reach with that guy? He took back his Star Severing Sword, so don’t tell me he doesn’t need to pay a price at all! He’s getting off way too lightly…”


“What do you mean by ‘that guy’? His name…”


“Stop!” Yang Kai raised his hand, “I have no interest in knowing his name.”


Yang Yan smiled lightly and quipped, “How petty to still hold onto that grudge.” 


She had watched the battle between Yang Kai and the feather-crowned man from beginning to the end, so it was only natural that she knew about their verbal spat.


Yang Kai sternly added, “One day, he will take the initiative to tell me his name before he dies.”


“That will depend on whether you have the ability.” Yang Yan didn’t try to dissuade him as it was not a bad thing for him to be so resentful. At the very least, it would make him try harder after tasting shame and spur him forward. Hatred and women had always been the two strongest driving forces for men to become stronger in their cultivation. 


Yang Yan instead waved her hand and pointed at the boundless darkness, “The portion of the Star Field you engulfed will belong to you from now on.”


Yang Kai looked at her expectantly, but she said nothing else even after waiting for a long time; thus, he speechlessly asked, “Is that all?”


She replied unkindly, “What else do you want?”


Yang Kai gritted his teeth and shouted, “I’m sure of it now! You are not Yang Yan! Tell me; who are you!?” 


[She used to go around spending Crystal Stones like water! How is she so stingy now!? I was hoping to devour the entire Grand Desolation Star Field! What the Hell is this!? Besides, that piece of Starry Sky I engulfed belongs to me already, it cannot be separated! Even if I refuse to return it, that feather-crowned man can’t do a single thing to me. This benefit… Is no benefit at all!]


“Do you think you suffered a loss?” Yang Yan smiled coldly.


Yang Kai’s heart was practically bleeding from the pain, “How is this not a loss?”


“Wake up. If he reported this matter to the Star Court, I can guarantee that it won’t take more than three days before you get captured by Iron Blood and chopped into pieces!”


“That’s an exaggeration.” Yang Kai felt extremely guilty for some reason, “Senior Iron Blood is one of the ten Great Emperors. Why would he personally deal with me?”


“If you were just an ordinary Star Field Master, Iron Blood wouldn’t be able to care less about you, but are you an ordinary Star Field Master!? What Secret Art have you cultivated!?”


Yang Kai muttered, “The one you taught me, the Star Refining Art!”


“I’m not blind!” Yang Yan pointed at her eyes, then pointed at the darkness in front of her, “This familiar feeling; did you think I wouldn’t notice!? Aren’t you amazing, little brat? After just a few years of separation, you actually dared inherit Heaven Devourer’s legacy? You even cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!”


“What Heaven Devouring Battle Law? I’ve never heard of it before.”


“You still dare lie to me!?”


“Alright! Alright! It is the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!” Seeing as she had already seen through it, Yang Kai readily admitted the truth.


Hearing this, Yang Yan’s expression changed sharply, “So it really is the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!?”


Yang Kai gawked at her in surprise before he growled through gritted teeth, “Why you little! You tricked me!”


On the other hand, Yang Yan was trembling all over. Her expression was incredibly furious, her jade-white hands clenched into fists. Her aura flashed with murderous intent for an instant, which made all the hair on Yang Kai’s back stand. He had never exchanged blows with Yang Yan before, but he had the feeling that she was stronger than the feather-crowned man earlier. Even if he used his Demon Half-Dragon Form, he might still be no match for her.


The killing intent dissipated just as quickly as it came, though, and Yang Yan lowered her gaze, her long eyelashes casting shadows on her face. Her expression was unreadable as she bitterly asked, “How are you acquainted with Heaven Devourer?”


She was different from the feather-crowned man. All the feather-crowned man could perceive was that something was off about the darkness; however, he simply thought that whatever Secret Art it was, was extremely mysterious. It wasn’t something somebody like Yang Kai should be able to master or even come into contact with. Meanwhile, Yang Yan had participated in the Great Emperor War back then and personally witnessed the strength of Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, so she knew the horrors of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law well.


Yuan Ding, Martial Flame, Azure Sea, Cyan Lotus… All four of these Great Emperors were extremely famous, geniuses that had left their names in the annals of the Star Boundary to be remembered forever, but all of them had perished at the hands of Wu Kuang back then.


Yang Yan had not dared to confirm that the Secret Art used here was the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Holding on to the mentality that she would rather deceive Yang Kai than to let it slide, she tested him and received an unexpected answer that filled her with despair instead.


Wu Kuang was an eternal sinner and the root of his sin could be traced back to the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. Anyone who cultivated the Heaven Devouring Battle Law could not be tolerated in the world.


“If Iron Blood learned about this, he would surely rip your corpse into ten thousand pieces,” she said solemnly.


This was no exaggeration. Iron Blood was a man with a straightforward personality. He liked to fight and was incapable of turning a blind eye to injustice. Moreover, Azure Sea Great Emperor who died at Wu Kuang’s hand during the war between the Great Emperors was his best friend; therefore, Iron Blood would never let things slide if he were to learn that there were people out there with Wu Kuang’s inheritance. It would be useless even if Yang Yan and Lin Yun’er were to beg for mercy on Yang Kai’s behalf.


The agreement that Yang Yan reached with the feather-crowned man was that Yang Kai would return the Star Severing Sword while the devoured Starry Sky would belong to Yang Kai. That was an easy condition for him to accept. Besides, she did not need to demand he keep his silence as he had already regarded today’s incident as a huge shame. As such, he would never mention this incident in front of others.


Nobody would notice the changes in Heng Luo Star Field; moreover, Grand Desolation Star Field was under the feather-crowned man’s jurisdiction while Heng Luo Star Field was under Yang Yan’s jurisdiction. Things would be fine as long as both Star Envoys did not report this incident to their higher-ups. That was why she claimed that Yang Kai did not suffer any losses. Just concealing matters here alone was enough to put the feather-crowned man at great risk.


Yang Yan’s voice was sorrowful. She was sad that Yang Kai had not turned out the way she anticipated. 


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling as though he had done something wrong and pursed his lips to explain, “It’s not that big a deal, right?”


He was aware that the Heaven Devouring Battle Law was not something that could be shown in public. Hence, he had been very cautious over the years. It was just that he believed that there were no evil Secret Arts in the world. The evil ones were cultivators. The characteristics of the Heaven Devouring Battle Law might be a little overbearing, but regardless, a Secret Art was just that, a Secret Art.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had not expected Yang Yan to show such a huge reaction to it. The thought warmed his heart. Even if Yang Yan had changed a lot, she still cared for him. Only a person who cared would feel sad. If she didn’t care for him, she would have captured him immediately and handed him over to the Star Court to clear her name.


“What do you know!?” Yang Yan sighed as she thought, [It’s no wonder his cultivation improved so quickly within just a few dozen years. How can his cultivation not progress quickly if he is cultivating the Heaven Devouring Battle Law!? That is a Secret Art that can enhance cultivation and strength the most, after all.] 


Looking up abruptly, she suddenly came to his side, grabbed him by the arm, and stared at him with burning eyes.


“What are you doing?” Yang Kai was startled by her sudden actions as he could feel a fierce determination in her gaze.


She said, “You have good aptitude and an unwavering will, so it’s not a big deal even if you start over from scratch. Rest assured; this time, I will take you back to the Star Court with me and personally guide you in your cultivation. I promise that you will regain your strength within a hundred years.”


“What do you mean?” Yang Kai suddenly had a bad feeling.


To which Yang Yan resolutely declared, “I have to waste your cultivation!”


Furious, Yang Kai raised his fist at her, “Try it if you dare!” 


[How many life-and-death situations did I go through just to obtain my current strength? How can she destroy my cultivation just because she says so!?]


“You have no choice but to agree!” Yang Yan insisted with a look of self-blame, “I am also at fault for this. I left you to your own devices thinking it would be for your own good, but I never imagined that you would walk down the wrong path.”


“You are the one who walked down the wrong path! Your entire family walked down the wrong path! Hurry up and release me! Otherwise, I’ll hit you! Don’t think that I won’t hit you just because you are a woman!”


“Go on! Hit me then!” She tilted her head sideways and pushed up against him on her own.


His fist came smashing down on her head, and a powerful force blew in her face, but even so, she neither avoided nor defended against it. 


When the fist stopped just above her head, she smiled triumphantly.


“Insane woman!” Yang Kai cursed through gritted teeth.


Yang Yan solemnly replied, “Don’t be scared. It will be over in a flash. Just bear with it for a bit.”


“Calm down!” Yang Kai grabbed her other hand and clutched it firmly, “Just calm down first!”


“You’re the one who needs to calm down!”


“Fine. I’ll calm down too! I’m so furious right now, and it’s all because of you!” He looked speechless as he declared, “Listen. Let me finish talking first. If you still want to cripple my cultivation after that, I won’t resist anymore.”




“Yes!” Yang Kai nodded firmly.


“Good, go on then!”


Yang Kai took the time to sort out his thoughts for a bit before speaking, “You’re right about the Heaven Devouring Battle Law. I possess it, but I never cultivated it myself.”


Silavin: Original Title – I Must Waste Your Cultivation




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