Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3195, Ambition


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Yang Kai felt as though he received a sudden enlightenment. The long-standing question he had was finally answered. [No wonder there have only been ten Great Emperors throughout the ages. It turns out that there are limitations caused by the world’s capacity.] 


It was just like how Tong Xuan Realm could only produce cultivators in the Saint Realm and the Star Field could only give birth to cultivators in the Origin King Realm. It was the limit of the world; it was beyond the control of mortals.


Similarly, the Star Boundary was limited to only accommodate ten Great Emperors at a time! Although many people were not inferior to the Great Emperors in terms of cultivation, they could not become true Great Emperors as long as the world did not recognize them. It was so for the feather-crowned man, Yang Yan, and all the others in the same situation. The same went for the Divine Spirits as well.


Yang Kai had always found it strange. The Divine Spirits were obviously stronger than those in the Emperor Realm and yet they could not compare to the strength of the Great Emperors. That question was finally explained today. The ten Great Emperors were existences recognized by the Star Boundary itself. They themselves were part of the Principles that govern the world. Even in the same cultivation realm, an ordinary Divine Spirit was no match for them if it came down to a fight.


“Are there many others like you?”


“You can say that there are many, but you can also say that there are not many.” Yang Yan smiled, “Most of them won’t reveal themselves, so there’s no need to worry about them.” 


Existences like her were rare. Even so, as time passed, many people eventually reached this stage only to go unrecognized by the world and reach an impasse in their cultivation. Since their life spans were extremely long due to their cultivation, their numbers slowly grew over the millennia.


Yang Kai suddenly thought about something and frowned, “If it’s as you say… An eleventh Great Emperor can’t appear due to the limitations of the world. Then, what am I to do in the future?”


She looked astonished, “You sure are thinking far ahead into the future.”


He solemnly replied, “It’s only a matter of time.”


He was so certain that Yang Yan was stunned by his conviction. She smiled at him, “You can only wait until one of the Great Emperors passes and fight for that empty position.”


To which Yang Kai shook his head in response, “Who knows how long I’ll have to wait until one of them passes away.” 


The lifespan of a Great Emperor was extremely long. If nothing unexpected were to happen, they could live tens of thousands of years… maybe even more… It might be an exaggeration to say that they would live until the end of the world, but the practical reality was not too far off from that statement.


“There is one other way.” Seeing that he was being very serious, Yang Yan couldn’t help entertaining him.


“What way?” His eyes lighting up at those words.


She reached out her hand and closed her fist, “Destroy one of the stones inside the bottle and the position will open up naturally.”


Yang Kai was taken aback for a moment before nodding in agreement, “That’s a good idea. I guess I’ll have to find a Great Emperor and kill them in the future.”


She looked at him with a weird expression, “Are you serious?”


He laughed out loud, “Of course I’m joking, don’t get so worked up. The Great Emperors are recognized by the world, how could they be so easy to kill? I’m not that reckless.”


The succession of the ten Great Emperors would not take so long if it really were that easy. Still, it was undeniably one of the methods to choose from. Who would hesitate if it really reached the point where there was a fight for the Grand Dao? Were the Great Emperors impossible to kill? Four Great Emperors, excluding Wu Kuang, had fallen in the Great Emperor War. To some extent, the four Great Emperors who later broke through to reach that position had Wu Kuang to thank for giving them the opportunity. If Wu Kuang had not killed those four, they would still be waiting for a chance to become a Great Emperor today.


Seeing the unreadable expression on Yang Kai’s face, Yang Yan wasn’t sure whether he was seriously entertaining the idea, but she did not try to dissuade him, instead just hoping he would understand the difficulties of the task in the future.


Rubbing her temples, she continued, “Good. I’ve said everything I wanted to say. I should get going now.”


“Why are you in such a hurry?” Yang Kai grabbed her hand.


She glanced at him in disgust, “If you have something to say, then speak! Get your dirty mitts off me!”


He said, “Why don’t you visit High Heaven Sect? Great Elder Ye misses you very much.”


Ye Xi Yun and Yang Yan went way back together. If that were not the case, the former would not have come out of seclusion back then to help High Heaven Sect. She might not have much respect for Yang Kai as the Sect Master, but Ye Xi Yun practically worshipped Yang Yan.


“No need. You are this Star Field’s Master now. We will have many chances to meet again in the future.”


“Speaking of which, I remember something now. I’m going to bring the entire High Heaven Sect to the Star Boundary. Is that okay?”


“You’re moving the entire Sect?” Yang Yan was slightly surprised at his words.


“Is it not okay?”


She frowned, “Isn’t that a bit much?”


“Not really. It’s only about a few tens of thousands of them.”


“Only!?” Yang Yan looked at him in annoyance, “In each Star Field, only the cultivators who reach the peak have the right to open the Starlight Corridor and enter the Star Boundary. For each Star Field, no more than five cultivators enter the Star Boundary every hundred years on average, yet you want to bring more than 10,000 people to Star Boundary all at once!? Don’t you think it’s too much!? Don’t you think it’s unfair to the other Star Fields!?”


“It’s not too much, and it’s not unfair!”


“Stop speaking nonsense with such a straight face!”


“It’s their own fault for not having a good superior.”


“As a Star Envoy. It is my duty to protect the balance of the Star Fields! I cannot condone your dishonest behaviour!”


“Why can’t you close an eye to this on account of our friendship? We created High Heaven Sect together. As the saying goes, ‘When one man ascends to the Heavens, his entire family goes with him’. I am now the Master of this Star Field, and you are its Star Envoy. I am asking for the good of Heng Luo Star Field!” Yang Kai argued back angrily. 


In his plan, he not only wanted to relocate High Heaven Sect as a whole, but he also wanted to gather up all those with talent in Heng Luo Star Field to support him.


“Hahaha, that’s your problem.”


Yang Kai was hoping to argue his stance a little more; however, he suddenly raised his brow and followed Yang Yan’s gaze to the side. Since just now, she had been staring at Gun-Gun the whole time they were speaking. 


[Isn’t she acting a little weird?] 


Then, he grinned and said, “Me returning to the Star Boundary alone isn’t a problem, right?”


“Of course that’s okay.” She slowly withdrew her gaze and lowered her voice, “Little brat, you better show some restraint. If Iron Blood notices you, you will be done for.”


“I know! I know!” Similarly, Yang Kai responded softly, a mischievous glint flashing across his eyes.


“Alright, then that settles it. I’m going back now. I still need to register you. Otherwise, your title as a Star Field Master will be considered illegal. You can only hold your position secure if the Star Court approves of it.” She lowered her head to look down at his hand on her arm and sneered, “Hey, you better get your head screwed on properly. In the future, I’ll be your superior. You can’t show such disrespect for me!”


He hurriedly released her arm and awkwardly straightened out the wrinkles before stepping back and cupping his fists, “Safe travels, Madam!”


Yang Yan showed a triumphant expression that seemed to indicate that he was a promising young man worth educating, then something flashed in her hands and a sharp sword suddenly appeared. From its appearance, it looked like the same one the feather-crowned man had. Obviously, the Star Severing Sword was part of the standard equipment handed to Star Envoys. With a flash of sword light, Yang Yan shattered space and transformed into a spot of light that gradually disappeared from his vision.


Yang Kai shouted after her, “By the way, I created High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory! Come visit us whenever you have the time!”


The light disappeared, and he had no idea whether she had heard what he said. Looking in the direction she left, he suddenly felt a sense of loss. It took a long while before he slapped his thigh and muttered with regret, “I forgot to ask her where the Star Court was located…”


Still, that was only a minor issue. Just as she mentioned, there would be many chances for them to meet in the future.


Thinking back on his life, he came from nothing but was now a Star Field Master. He also successfully established a stable foundation in the Star Boundary. He only spent around a hundred years to achieve these feats, so what would it be like in another hundred years?


Be that as it may, the position of Great Emperor needed to be contested. If it really came down to a fight, then he would not hesitate to break one of the stones in the bottle. 


[But… Who should I choose?] 


Yang Kai was suddenly faced with an extremely difficult dilemma. The scenario at this moment was as though an ant was trying to figure out a way to kill an elephant. If Yang Yan saw him like this, she would have mocked him mercilessly.


Yang Kai rubbed his head roughly to clear his thoughts before communicating with the Star Field Source and immersing himself into it. A majestic image of his figure appeared inside the boundless darkness next and glancing out, he shouted, “Hey, you pitiful dog, Wu Heng! I will let you off today, but if you dare to encroach on Heng Luo Star Field again, don’t blame me for showing no mercy to you!”


In the Starry Sky of Grand Desolation Star Field, Wu Heng glared at the churning darkness with great ferocity, his eyes filled with hatred and anxiety. His complexion paled all of a sudden and he coughed up a mouthful of blood.


This time around, he really lost his rice after trying to steal a chicken. He had originally wanted to devour Heng Luo Star Field to help improve his cultivation, but who could have known that things would backfire on him instead? He failed to gain anything, while on the contrary, the opposing party devoured millions of kilometres of his Starry Sky and destroyed several of his Cultivation Stars instead.


The loss of his Starry Sky and his Cultivation Stars for no apparent reason had resulted in damage to the Source Strength of Grand Desolation Star Field and it now seemed to be punishing him. The Source that he had refined was showing signs of rebelling already, so how could he withstand being agitated by Yang Kai now?


Wu Heng was tempted to rush to the opposite side to fight to the death with Yang Kai; however, he became despondent again the moment he recalled the instructions the Star Envoy had issued before leaving. 


[Even Sir Star Envoy could not help me, so what can I do on my own? How am I supposed to exact my revenge?]


Wu Heng was currently a Third-Order Emperor, so only the Great Emperor Realm remained. He was an ambitious one though, so how could he possibly accept his defeat and downfall at this point? Still, ten years was not too long for a gentleman’s revenge, so he would just have to take his time with this matter.


He did not dare to respond to Yang Kai’s provocations and there was no way for him to respond either. After a long time, the churning darkness stabilized, re-forming a kind of barrier between the two Star Fields. At the same time, it felt like a scar was left in his mind.


As of this moment, Yang Kai had already ridden on Gun-Gun and returned to Shadowed Star. The problems in the Star Field were more or less resolved, but it had taken more than 10 years of effort. Before coming here, he never imagined that it would take such a long time. Even so, everything was worth it. The Star Field was peaceful again; furthermore, he became its Master and Yang Yan became his immediate superior. Having somebody to take care of him whenever something occurs made him feel rather happy.


A short while later, he arrived at Shadowed Star and left Gun-Gun in the Starry Sky for it to digest its ‘food’. Meanwhile, he went back to High Heaven Sect by himself.


Inside a pavilion at the top of the Main Peak of High Heaven Sect, Su Yan, Xia Ning Chang, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue had gathered together. They were chatting about something and their alluring laughter rang out continuously.


Yang Kai appeared suddenly and coughed lightly. Rubbing his palms together as he warmly said, “Ladies, I’m back. Many thanks for waiting for such a long time.”




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