Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3196, Whose Child Is It


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The chattering laughter disappeared instantly, and several pairs of beautiful eyes swept towards Yang Kai.


Xia Ning Chang got up excitedly, “Junior Brother!”


“Hmph!” Shan Qing Luo snorted, grabbed Xia Ning Chang’s arm and made her sit back down. Xia Ning Chang looked at him apologetically and stuck her tongue out with an expression of helplessness.


Similarly, Su Yan and Xue Yue retracted their gazes and continued talking to each other in low voices. One was expressionless while the other had a smile that was not a smile on their face.


Aside from Xia Ning Chang, the other three women were acting as if he was invisible to them. 


Yang Kai’s eyes widened in surprise. [What’s going on?]


Meanwhile, Liu Yan was sitting next to Su Yan. He glanced at her and silently mouthed several words at her. She lifted her small hand and made a swiping gesture around her neck. She even stuck her tongue out and rolled her eyes backwards, imitating the look of a dead person.


He laughed and immediately understood the situation. These women were probably blaming him for disappearing for so many years without sending them any news. They were working together to punish him. Still, he was not afraid. 


[Oh, well. They are women after all. I just have to coax them. If that doesn’t work, we’ll see each other in bed.]


Just as he was about to speak, he saw a small figure crawling out from under the stone table, running over to stand in front of him, putting her hands on her waist, and looking up at him. He studied the little figure in surprise. The little figure turned out to be a four or five-year-old girl. She was born strong and healthy, looking innocent and cute with her hair tied into twin pigtails. Moreover, she was dressed quite well. She wore a gold locket around her neck and several silver bracelets around her wrists. They sparkled in the light and seemed to be rather powerful artifacts.


Their gazes met, and he was astounded beyond words as he wondered, [Whose child is this?]


The little girl pointed at him and spoke in a child-like voice, “Who are you!? Why have I never seen you before!?”


He immediately felt his spirits lifting. Crouching down, he asked, “What kind of person do you think I am?”


She tilted her head to the side and studied him carefully. After a moment, she shook her head, “You don’t look like a good person. Take my fist!”


Her tender little hand clenched into a ball and she sent out a punch towards his face. However, Yang Kai just gently used a single finger to block her attack. The little girl was shocked. Despite using all her strength, she couldn’t even budge this evil man’s finger. She became so worked up that her face flushed from her efforts as she kept up a babble of noises.


When Yang Kai relaxed his hand suddenly, the little girl became unsteady on her feet and fell towards him. Catching her, he stretched out his hand and pinched her cheeks. Her small face instantly changed shape, stretching out to the sides. 


His actions clearly enraged her, and she punched and kicked at him repeatedly.


He lifted his head to ask, “Whose child is this? Why is she here?”


Shan Qing Luo turned around and crossed her knee over her leg. The flesh of her inner thighs was faintly visible, making it seem irresistible. She looked at Yang Kai with a smile, “Whose child can she be? She’s right here. Isn’t it obvious that she’s part of our family?”


Yang Kai exclaimed in shock, “Our family!?” 


He quickly turned the little girl in his arms around, looked at her carefully, and widened his eyes in astonishment, “Hey, she actually looks a little like me!” He had not paid much attention before, but with Shan Qing Luo’s comment, he noticed that the little girl’s eyes were similar to his own.


“We had a child!?” He held the little girl and lifted her high into the air while laughing. 


In the midst of his laughter though, he suddenly couldn’t bring himself to laugh anymore. His brow twitching, he looked at the little girl and asked, “How old are you?”


The little girl ignored his question and waved a clenched fist at him, “Put me down right now or I’ll get rough with you!” Her voice was incredibly childlike, but her attitude was extremely big. Of course, although she was flailing about wildly, she could not even touch a single hair on his head.


Yang Kai turned his head to look at the others and asked seriously, “How old is she?”


[Could it be that she is not just four or five years old but more than ten years old? She can’t be that young if she is a child from our family.]


Shan Qing Luo quietly replied, “She just turned five.”


“Five… years old!?” Yang Kai gnashed his teeth violently, the veins in his forehead bulging and twitching. He was away for ten years, so how could he have a five-year-old child? 


Babies were made between a man and woman, they don’t just pop out of a rock!


All of a sudden, he noticed Shan Qing Luo’s expression. Her delighted expression looked like she was watching a good show. Even Xue Yue’s shoulders were trembling slightly, like she was holding in her laughter. On the other hand, Su Yan had her back to him so he couldn’t read her expression while Xia Ning Chang looked troubled. Hence, he instantly understood the situation and smiled, “Whose child is she?”


Shan Qing Luo changed her sitting posture, uncrossing and crossing her legs the other way round, a smile hanging at the corners of her lips, “Will you believe me if I say she’s mine?”


He shook his head in response, “No, I won’t.”


It would seem that asking them anything else would be fruitless. These women had clearly agreed to make him the butt of the joke. They even found a little girl from somewhere to aid their plan. 


[It seems like Little Senior Sister was about to tell me, but she didn’t dare to provoke the others, so she decided to keep quiet in the end. There’s no need to say anything though, this is definitely the work of Shan Qing Luo, that devilish woman! She is the only one that dares to act so wantonly!]


“Did you think I won’t find out just because you won’t tell me?” He scoffed. Putting his four fingers together, he tapped with his thumb for a moment before muttering, “Let me see… Aha! I have it! Are you my little sister?”


He was originally the Star Master of Shadowed Star, and although he gave up that status to refine the entire Star Field instead, it was still a piece of cake for him to silently gather some intelligence. It only took a moment for all sorts of information from High Heaven Sect to flow into his mind, and he came to a surprising conclusion, this little girl was his biological sister!


[I actually have a younger sister!?] 


He suddenly recalled that his mother might have mentioned something like that the last time he came back to visit them; however, he never expected to see that it had worked out so quickly.


[Father sure is strong and healthy for his age!] Yang Kai felt impressed. Upon learning the little girl’s identity, he became more cordial towards her. He vaguely felt a subtle yet unbreakable connection between himself and the child in front of him. That was the connection known as blood relationship. 


[No wonder I felt as though her eyes were similar to mine. It’s not strange since we are siblings.]


He gently placed the girl down, but to his surprise, she actually kicked at him and angrily declared, “I am your Great Aunt!”


“You’re so small, but your temper sure is big!” Yang Kai laughed. 


Even though he did not move, that little girl’s kick hit nothing but air. Furious, she prepared to kick him again only to see him curling one finger and lightly flicking at her forehead.


With a soft thud, the little girl staggered backwards. She covered her forehead with her hands and looked at Yang Kai in shock, as if she never expected that he would dare to hit her.


Everyone in High Heaven Sect treated her preciously and complied with all her wishes ever since the day she was born. Ordinary children would not have received such treatment, but she was different. She was the daughter of Yang Ying Feng and Dong Su Zhu, the younger sister of Yang Kai. Even the Sect Masters of all the top Sects on Shadowed Star had to address her as the ‘Second Young Lady’. Moreover, her Sisters-In-Law doted over her. They gave her everything she ever wanted, seemingly willing to pick the Stars and the Moon for her.


Therefore, the little girl could almost be considered a queen in High Heaven Sect. Forget about being hit, she had never even suffered a single harsh word. As such, she was stunned by the fact that she was hit today.


“I am your Big Brother!” Yang Kai looked at her with a smile, “Don’t get the hierarchy between us wrong.”


The little girl blinked her eyes and her mouth twitched. She seemed about to burst into tears.


“You are not allowed to cry!” He flexed his middle finger again, acting like he was going to flick her forehead again.


The corners of her mouth were completely downturned. Even so, she held in her tears and did not cry. She simply turned her head to look at her Sisters-In-Law, as if asking for reinforcements. Unfortunately for her, Su Yan remained motionless, Xue Yue pretended not to see, and Shan Qing Luo was watching the events unfolding with great interest. Only Xia Ning Chang still had the same troubled expression on her face.


The Second Young Lady of the Yang Family might be a little pampered and spoiled, but she was not a bad-natured or wicked child. Xia Ning Chang had spent the most time with her and had the deepest understanding of her. 


One time, when the little girl had been playing in the back mountains, it suddenly began to rain heavily; however, instead of running back home, she braved the storm and seemed to be busy working on something under a tree. Xia Ning Chang watched curiously and discovered that there was an ant’s nest under the tree and the little girl was building a shelter for them out of leaves. She was only three years old at the time.


After seeing that, Xia Ning Chang pampered and doted on the little girl even more than ever. It was rare for a child to have such a kind nature, so Xia Ning Chang wanted to show her all the favour and love in the world. 


“You know how to judge the difference in strength,” Yang Kai smiled slightly, raised his hand and rubbed her head a few times, “This is the first thing Big Brother will teach you, forbearance. A person will break easily if they are too rigid or stubborn, do you understand?”


The little girl nodded blankly, but obviously did not quite understand what he meant.


He laughed and said, “Look at you. You still won’t admit that you’ve lost. Let’s do this then. If I can guess your name, you will call me ‘Big Brother’. Okay?”


The little girl angrily said, “Deal!” 


She felt a little smug inside. 


[It’s the first time we’ve ever met each other. How can he know my name?] 


It was too bad that she didn’t wonder how he knew that she was his sister even though it was their first time meeting.


Putting his fingers together again, he smiled, “Yang Xue?”


“H-How did you know!?” Yang Xue widened her eyes, thinking that Yang Kai was incredibly amazing. Her clear eyes were filled with admiration.


“Just tell me whether I’m right or not,” Yang Kai said.


She let her hands hang by her sides and dejectedly admitted, “You’re right!”


He prompted, “So, what should you do?”


Pouting, she turned her head away and reluctantly muttered, “Big Brother…”


He smiled, “This is the second lesson Big Brother will teach you. A person is only as good as their word, you must never break your promises!”


“En,” she looked thoughtful.


“Alright, that’s it for today. Go back and tell our parents that I will visit them in a few days,” While speaking, he shot a look at Liu Yan.


Liu Yan stood up from where she sat next to Su Yan, walked to Yang Xue, and stretched out a small hand. Yang Xue voluntarily took the hand stretched out to her, then Liu Yan pushed her strength slightly and the two little figures immediately flew down the peak. During that time, Yang Xue looked back at Yang Kai a few times.


“They sure look like sisters.” Yang Kai watched them leave with a smile. His heart felt warm.


Yang Xue was only five years old, while Liu Yan appeared to be a girl of seven or eight years, so it was only natural that they would look like sisters when standing next to each other.


Turning around, he lowered his gaze and grinned widely, “Who was it that just said she gave birth to Xue’er?”


“I’ll be leaving first!” Su Yan got up and tried to leave.


“Thinking about it, I have something to do too,” Xue Yue looked flustered.


Xia Ning Chang blushed furiously and stammered, “My pills…”


Only Shan Qing Luo remained motionless, staring at Yang Kai provocatively.




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    1. It’s been stated that high cultivation = less likely to impregnate/conceive, which I’m ASSUMING means a steep
      decline in certain biological functions in correspondence with the increasingly long lifespans in realms beyond
      Transcendent. Given Yang Xue’s age, we can guess that YK’s parents tried for five years straight.

      What this really means is that YK probably should have gotten Su Yan pregnant at LEAST once as teenagers
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      1. Yes, I do recall that point being stated, and yes, Momo is fond of pushing the complications arising out of YK’s many character relationships in favor of writing more formulaic fighting scenarios. One could desire more, but the story still works and it allows him much more freedom as a writer.

        >a steep decline in certain biological functions

        No kidding. No one ever needs to breathe air in space, eat, drink or even take a dump.

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