Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3197, Ice Soul


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“Are you trying to leave now? It’s too late! Stop right there!” Yang Kai laughed mockingly before using his words to mobilize the world’s power. The surrounding space became a prison, and the four women immediately froze in place. Only their eyes could move.


He calmly walked over to Shan Qing Luo with his hands behind his back and held her smooth chin with one hand. Leaning close to her, he whispered, “You were the one who said those words just now, right?”


“Bah!” Shan Qing Luo scoffed lightly in disdain, “So what if I did?”


He nodded, “Good. It looks like you really want to have a baby after all. As your husband, I will do as you wish.”


“Hmph! That’s only if you have the ability to do so!” She snorted.


“You will know soon as to whether or not I have that ability.” After saying that, he walked over to Xue Yue, stretched out his finger, and stroked her face lightly, trailing it all the way down her neck, causing her to blush furiously in response, her tender body trembling.


“Do you still remember the promise from back then?”


She looked away, refusing to meet his gaze. Gritting her teeth, she asked, “What promise!?”


To which Yang Kai laughed, “You said it yourself. If I can help Ning Chang fully recover, you will…”


“Don’t say it! Don’t you dare say it!” She panicked. At the time, she had been so worried about Xia Ning Chang that she did not hesitate to agree to anything. It was only afterwards that she came back to her senses and realized how inappropriate it was. Although she was well-versed in these matters now, she had never acted so outrageously before. She felt frightened whenever she thought about the promise she made, let alone facing it in person. Fortunately, there had been no news from him for the past ten years. Who could have known that it would be the first thing he brought up the moment he returned?


“What promise?” Xia Ning Chang asked curiously as it sounded like this matter was related to her.


He replied, “Xue Yue said that as long as I could restore you back to full health, she would let me be with you all at once…” He stretched out his hands and made a few obscene gestures.


“What!?” Xia Ning Chang was shocked, and her face turned bright red, stuttering out loud, “H-How can that be…”


Shan Qing Luo glanced sideways at Xue Yue and said in astonishment, “That’s surprising. I couldn’t tell that you have such an open-minded side to you, Little Sister Yue. But, it’s a good idea!” She looked eager to try. In fact, she seemed even more interested than Yang Kai was.


“You think it’s a good idea too, don’t you?” Yang Kai turned and looked at her.


“Of course!” The look in Shan Qing Luo’s eyes was velvety, almost as if she could already imagine the scene.




He snapped his fingers, and Shan Qing Luo immediately regained her freedom. Standing up, she walked over to Xue Yue, bent down, and blew in Xue Yue’s ears, “I might think it’s a good idea, but I don’t like the idea of being sold off in secret. Little Sister Yue, how do you think I should punish you later?”


After Shan Qing Luo softly blew her ears, Xue Yue was feeling extremely ticklish. Closing her eyes, she said dejectedly, “Qing Luo, how can you help a tyrant oppress the innocent?”


Shan Qing Luo chuckled, “You were the one who made that promise, so why can’t I accept it?”


“I didn’t agree to this!” A frosty voice rang out and it instantly made the surrounding temperature plummet.


Shan Qing Luo straightened back up and glanced over at Yang Kai upon hearing that, “Husband, Big Sister says she disagrees.”


Yang Kai laughed, “You don’t have a say today. Luo’er, bring Xue Yue over!” While speaking, he wrapped one arm around Xia Ning Chang and wrapped the other arm around Su Yan. After that, he headed toward the bedroom.


Meanwhile, Shan Qing Luo stretched out her hand, placed it on Xue Yue’s shoulder, and flew into the sky, following closely behind Yang Kai.


Soon, three tender bodies lay on top of a large bed, with Yang Kai and Shan Qing Luo standing side by side, smiling slyly as if they were weasels that had stolen a chicken.


Xia Ning Chang closed her eyes tightly, her long eyelashes trembling as if she had resigned to her fate. Xue Yue turned her head away, biting her cherry lips softly in anxiety. Only Su Yan glared at Yang Kai coldly, a frigid aura radiating from her entire body, “Release me immediately. Otherwise, don’t blame me for ruining your fun.”


“Luo’er, take care of her!” Yang Kai pointed at Su Yan.


“I guarantee your satisfaction!” Shan Qing Luo laughed lightly as she walked over to Su Yan and looked into the latter’s eyes. Then, her beautiful eyes instantly transformed into a well of spring water, exuding an alluring charm. She had the Bloodline and Source of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, so she was inherently proficient in the art of seduction. If Su Yan had access to her full strength, she could have shrugged off such a technique, but unfortunately for her, her cultivation was currently being suppressed by Yang Kai. Even moving a single finger was extremely difficult, so how could she defend against such an attack?


Su Yan met Shan Qing Luo’s gaze and felt herself sinking into a whirlpool. Her icy-cold body gradually began to heat up, and a pleasant sensation washed over her. After a short while, the ice began to melt… 


Amorous sounds could soon be heard from a myriad of voices…




A few days later, Yang Kai brought Su Yan and others to visit his parents. It was only to be expected that he couldn’t escape from being reprimanded by Dong Su Zhu. Fortunately, she had little Xue’er accompanying her so his mother wasn’t as lonely as before.


Since the previous incident, Yang Xue seemed to be a little in awe of her Big Brother and kept glancing timidly at him. Later, Yang Kai took her around the magnificent and beautiful Starry Sky on a sightseeing tour, causing his position in her heart to rise by leaps and bounds. It soon surpassed Xia Ning Chang and the others to a place right behind their parents.


While Yang Kai was spending a few days with his parents and enjoying this family time, the preparations for the relocation of the entire High Heaven Sect were also in full swing under his orders. All the major Sects on Shadowed Star gathered together to find out more information about the matter when they heard the news, and upon receiving a confirmation from Ye Xi Yun, they became ecstatic and overjoyed. All of them expressed that they wished to join in on the ride.


As per Yang Kai’s instructions, Ye Xi Yun neither agreed nor disagreed with their requests. She simply asked them to go back, select their best disciples, and gather at High Heaven Sect again. There were already quite a lot of people in High Heaven Sect itself, so if Yang Kai planned to bring those from the other Sects along as well, the number would certainly exceed a hundred thousand.


Even if High Heaven Palace had a good heritage, it could not afford to feed so many people all at once; thus, Yang Kai had no choice but to be selective.


And this situation wasn’t unique to Shadowed Star; all the Cultivation Stars across the entire Star Field received this grand news. Yang Kai, the Star Field Master, was planning to leave the Star Field and head to a higher world, but before he left, he was going to bring a group of excellent cultivators with him.


These cultivators would be chosen through several different types of rigorous selection methods, and each Cultivation Star only had at most a thousand spots. The cultivations of these candidates did not matter, only their aptitude would be considered. No matter how high one’s cultivation was here, it could not exceed the Star Field’s limit of the Origin King Realm, which was nothing in Star Boundary. Hence, what Yang Kai wanted was talent. He wanted those with excellent aptitude who would one day become the pillars of support for High Heaven Palace. It had nothing to do with their current cultivation. As long as they had the aptitude, they could be nurtured in High Heaven Palace.


Following that news, the entire Star Field trembled. 


If Grand Desolation Star Field’s invasion brought disaster to Heng Luo Star Field, then this was a huge blessing. Being able to reach the sky in a single bound was something to be celebrated. Any cultivator with the slightest bit of ambition would not want to miss this chance; therefore, all the Cultivation Stars in the entire Star Field became lively within a short time.


During this period, Yang Kai took the opportunity to bring Su Yan to a world of ice and snow. When he first entered the Star Boundary, he had gained huge benefits by virtue of being a Star Master. Now that he was going to bring Su Yan and the others back to the Star Boundary, it was only natural that he wanted them to become Star Masters before they left.


Xia Ning Chang was the Star Master of Tong Xuan Realm, so she didn’t need to go to the trouble of doing so. On the other hand, Su Yan, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue had never refined a Star Source before.


Although Yang Kai still had some remaining Star Sources in his possession, they all originated from the Shattered Star Sea and their corresponding Stars had long been destroyed, so there was no room for further growth. In that case, it would be better to refine the Star Source of a Cultivation Star in Heng Luo Star Field.


As the Star Field Master, Yang Kai could understand the situation in the Star Field just by referring to the Star Chart in his Knowledge Sea. For that reason, he could easily choose the most suitable objects of refining for his three women.


Shan Qing Luo was accompanied by Lu San Niang, while Xue Yue was accompanied by Liu Yan. Both were heading towards good destinations. Between their cultivation and the Star Refining Art, there was no danger to them whatsoever. Conversely, he needed to watch over Su Yan in person. 


Although Su Yan was already in the Dao Source Realm, the Star he had chosen for her was a little unusual.


The entire Star was pure white, and when viewed from the Starry Sky, it looked like a huge ball of ice, magnificent. 


Ice Soul Star. 


This Cultivation Star was an extremely famous existence in the Star Field, one Yang Kai had already heard of before he left the Star Field the first time but had never had the chance to see for himself.


Ice Soul Star was extremely inhospitable, making it uninhabitable for both Humans and Monster Beasts, a completely untouched pure land; however, its unique World Principles actually gave birth to a group of extremely strange beings known as the Ice Spirits!


The Ice Spirit Clan was extremely scarce in number, and could not be found anywhere else in the Star Field. They could only live on Ice Soul Star. Needless to say, they were not afraid of the cold. The freezing aura was the cradle of their growth, so the colder the environment, the happier they were.


It was said that the Ice Spirit Clan was extremely hospitable at the beginning. If wandering travellers were to arrive on Ice Soul Star by accident, these travellers would be received warmly. Unfortunately, the Ice Spirits gradually became more and more xenophobic as time went by. That was because the guests they received would often turn around and cause them harm instead.


The men of the Ice Spirit Clan were extraordinarily handsome, while the women were as beautiful as blooming ice flowers. Coupled with their special bodies and unique physiques, they were naturally coveted by others.


What’s more, since Ice Spirits were born from such a unique environment, those who cultivated Ice Attribute Secret Arts saw them as incredible resources to rapidly gain strength. Simply capturing any random Ice Spirit for dual cultivation would allow a cultivator to accumulate strength rapidly. Furthermore, there were no hidden dangers in this undertaking.


For that reason, many who cultivated Ice Attribute Secret Arts held malicious intentions toward the Ice Spirits. Even if they did not cultivate Ice Attribute Secret Arts, they could still sell the Ice Spirits at exorbitant prices if they could capture one. It was just that capturing a live Ice Spirit was extremely difficult. It was rumoured that the Ice Spirits would die of heartbreak if they experienced sadness. Even though there had been Ice Spirits who were caught, sold, or even defiled, they would not survive the night away from home. Only a few Masters had powerful enough Divine Abilities to keep the captured Ice Spirits alive, change their inherent nature, and make them obey.


The existence of a single Ice Spirit was of great value, so what more could be said about the entire Ice Soul Star? It was practically a treasure trove.


Ice Soul Star was extremely cold, and the unique environment created numerous special products. Many incredibly precious Ice Attribute spirit flowers and spirit grasses grew on this Star. There were even many species of Spirit Herbs long thought extinct that grew on this Star. 


Even if not for the Ice Spirits, who could easily die of a broken heart, the world covered in treasures was enough to entice many cultivators to brave its dangers.




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