Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3198, Ice Spirit


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Ice Soul Star was deserving of its fame. When Yang Kai and Su Yan arrived, they saw that the world of ice and snow was enveloped in a layer of silver. It was an extremely enchanting sight. The plants, the land, the mountains, and the rivers seemed to be carved from ice. They were crystal clear and incredibly gorgeous. The mountains were covered in Ice Attribute spirit flowers and exotic grasses. These Ice Attribute spirit herbs were exceedingly rare in the outside world but could be found everywhere here.


However, these items no longer held much use for both Yang Kai and Su Yan even though they were highly valued in the Star Field. They were simply amazed for a moment but had no intention of collecting these herbs.


It was extremely cold here, so most people could not stay for a long time. Fortunately, Yang Kai’s body was tough and his cultivation was superb, so he was naturally not afraid of a little bit of cold. Similarly, Su Yan did not find the cold uncomfortable. Rather, she felt a sense of joy comparable to the feeling of returning home. When she came to this Star, she could feel the power in her body flowing more smoothly. This freezing cold environment did not suppress her strength and instead bolstered it.


She cultivated an Ice Attribute Secret Art and possessed the Ice Phoenix Source inheritance; therefore, an environment like this was perfect for her. This was like her natural habitat. If she had cultivated in this environment for an extended period of time, then the speed of her cultivation would be beyond the reach of anyone.


Yang Kai summoned his Embodiment to clear the way for them while he led Su Yan all the way down, diving deep into the Star to search for Ice Soul Star’s Source.


The Stone Spirit Clan was good at Earth Escape Techniques as they had the innate ability to swim through rock and soil with ease.


A quarter-hour later, the darkness in front of them brightened suddenly. They had arrived at an underground cave. The surrounding environment was getting colder and colder, which amazed Yang Kai greatly. Although he was not affected by this place, he had a feeling that even a Third-Order Origin King would not last long here unless they cultivated an Ice Attribute Secret Art.


Ice Soul Star was like a dead zone in the Star Field. Unless one exceeded the limit of the Origin King Realm, they could not come here to take a closer look; however, the highest one could reach in the Star Field was the Third-Order Origin King Realm.


Ice-blue flames flickered inside the cave, delivering an extremely cold aura. Just a glance at these flames seemed to make one’s Soul freeze. It was obviously a kind of Spirit Flame; moreover, it was a freezing type of flame, which made one realize just how unpredictable nature and the work of the Heavens was. There was a relatively conspicuous ball of light at the centre of the cave that was twisting, wriggling, and changing constantly, seemingly containing spirituality.


“Is this the Star Source?” Su Yan asked, turning her head to look at Yang Kai.


Yang Kai looked at it for a while before he grinned, “It’s a fake.”


“A fake?” She was taken aback by those words.


“En, a fake!” He repeated with certainty. Yang Kai had come into contact with thousands of Star Sources; plus, he was now the Star Field’s Master, so it was only natural that he could see through the deception in front of them at a glance. That was a condensation of the ice-cold flames. It was not the Ice Soul Star’s Source but a trap.




With a snap of his fingers, the cave was filled with light and one by one, lifelike ice sculptures suddenly came into view. These ice sculptures maintained a seated cross-legged posture, scattered around every corner of the cave.


As the light was very dim inside the cave and there was no flow of aura whatsoever, all Su Yan’s attention had been attracted by the ‘Source’, so she failed to notice these things before.


“These are…” She frowned.


“Probably the people who came here in hopes of refining Ice Soul Star’s Source.”


Su Yan looked around carefully and discovered that there were more than just a few dozen or so ice sculptures in the surrounding area. There were hundreds of them! If it was just as Yang Kai had claimed, then all these people had died here trying to refine the Ice Soul Star’s Source. How strong were the people with the qualifications to enter this place and attempt to refine the Source? They were definitely all Third-Order Origin Kings!


They had died very peacefully, with not the slightest sign of pain on their faces. It was as if they had ended their lives while in a deep sleep; in other words, they were completely unaware that death was coming for them when they died!


Never had the Source of any other Cultivation Star been so dangerous before. Ice Soul Star was probably unique in that regard; there was no other Cultivation Star like it in the entire Star Field. To think that it caused so many Third-Order Origin Kings to die without even knowing.


Looking at the clothes they were wearing, Su Yan immediately noticed that their robes exhibited the flow of time. The people who died here were not from the same era. These Third-Order Origin Kings came from vastly different ages, separated by thousands of years, maybe even tens of thousands of years.


She felt a chill running through her body. Although she was now in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm, the consequences would have been dire if she had come alone and attempted to refine the so-called ‘Source’.


“The Source is not here!” Yang Kai shook his head.


“Where is it?” Su Yan asked.


He looked around and fixed his gaze on a certain spot. Then, he smiled, “It’s there!”


At that moment, he clearly felt someone spying on them. It was very well concealed, but there was no way it could hide from his perception. Tracing it back to its roots, Yang Kai immediately locked onto its position.


Under normal circumstances, a Star Source was close to but not a real living being. Despite it being a manifestation of the World’s Will, it was incapable of thinking or moving on its own, but Ice Soul Star’s Source seemed different. It seemed to have true spirituality!


[Interesting. How interesting!] Yang Kai suddenly recalled the Source Strength of Tong Xuan Realm that he once saw back then. When Tong Xuan Realm’s World Energy was exhausted and the world was on the verge of collapse, the Star Source had been unwilling to quietly wait for its death; thus, it transformed into a grey mass that travelled all over the world. Whether it was intentional or unintentional, it encountered Xia Ning Chang, and in the end, it was refined by her and revived from its withered state.


The Star Source of Ice Soul Star was similar to that of Tong Xuan Realm’s. 


Tong Xuan Realm had been about to collapse, and aware of the crisis, the Star Source had taken the initiative to seek opportunities for its survival; however, this was not the case for Ice Soul Star.


[Can a Star Source actually give birth to sentience?] Yang Kai was filled with a strong sense of curiosity and had a feeling that Su Yan’s trip was going to be very beneficial.


Following the path created by his Embodiment, he hugged Su Yan and carried her upward to soon arrive on the surface of the Star again. 


Unlike the calm from before, the entire Ice Soul Star was currently engulfed in a blizzard, with cold winds and frigid ice cutting through everything like knives. A thick layer of clouds gathered in the sky; lightning flashed and thunder boomed as though the Star was roaring in a fit of rage.


Seeing this, Yang Kai broke into a huge grin, lifted his hands to the sky, and waved his arm as he roared, “Disperse!”


The thunder was extinguished, the lightning stopped, and the blizzard ceased. Subsequently, a bright and clear sky appeared, with not a cloud in sight for ten thousand kilometres.


He might not be the Master of Ice Soul Star, but his status as a Star Field Master was higher than that of a mere Star Master. With a few gestures, he could manipulate even the World Principles here, so controlling the weather of a Star was child’s play to him.


The Star Source hiding in the dark seemed to realize that something was wrong and no longer confronted Yang Kai in an overbearing manner. Instead, an ice bridge that seemed to connect Heaven and the Earth suddenly appeared amidst the ice and snow. It began from where Yang Kai and Su Yan were standing and connected to an unknown destination far off into the distance. The ice bridge was beautifully carved, pure and flawless. Moreover, its sudden appearance nearly shocked Su Yan out of her skin.


Yang Kai laughed heartily, “It seems to be rather hospitable. Let’s go.”


Of course, if not for Yang Kai’s extraordinary display of power, he would never have enjoyed such courtesy. Taking Su Yan’s hand, he stepped onto the ice bridge. There was no need to expend any strength, but even so, they headed towards the end of the ice bridge at a very fast pace.




Atop a certain snow-covered mountain, a cold voice sounded, “There are guests. Prepare to greet them.”


The snow-covered mountain trembled and numerous figures emerged from the ice caves, one after another. These people looked no different from ordinary Humans at first glance; however, one would realize that they were not Humans upon closer look. Each of these figures looked like they were carved from jade, pure and flawless. The men were handsome while the women were gorgeous. They were all dressed in white, and their sharp ears resembled that of beasts. Surprisingly, their sharp ears did not destroy their overall beauty but added a noble temperament to them instead. They were the Spirits of the ice and snow. They were the Ice Spirit Clan that remained unsullied by the outside world.


There were as many as tens of thousands of Ice Spirits on the snow-covered mountain. If others knew of this, they would surely go mad with greed. Just a single Ice Spirit could sell for exorbitant prices in the Star Field, so what more need be said about tens of thousands? Their existence in itself was a huge and unparalleled wealth.


Many Ice Spirits seemed shocked. They looked at each other, seemingly unable to believe what they had just heard. The owner of that cold voice just now was the supreme existence within the Ice Spirit Clan, the foundation of the Ice Spirit Clan’s birth, their Ice Deity.


The Ice Spirits were xenophobic. They had no friends of the other races. Therefore, they were astonished, to say the least, to hear the Ice Deity saying that they had a visitor. 


They wondered. [Since when has the Ice Spirit Clan needed to welcome guests?] Even so, it was the command of the Ice Deity, so even if they held doubts in their hearts, they still quickly hurried to make preparations. 


Ice Spirits were extremely pure, not just physically, but mentally too. With a kind of innocence born of that purity, they did not dare to disrespect the Ice Deity’s words.


Soon after, an ice bridge stretched from a distant place and connected to the side of the snow-covered mountain. 


A man and a woman travelled side by side on the ice bridge and quickly arrived at the end of the ice bridge.


After landing on the ground, Yang Kai immediately looked around in surprise. It was his first time seeing the fabled Ice Spirits, and with the perception of his Divine Sense, he saw that the bodies of these Ice Spirits seemed to be made from ice crystals. Their entire being exuded freezing cold aura, one that was quite strong and penetrating. Moreover, cultivation seemed to be meaningless to them. Classifications such as the Origin King Realm or the Origin Returning Realm could not sum up their strength, nevertheless, he could tell that many among the Ice Spirits were not inferior to Origin Kings.


[What a powerful force!] Yang Kai secretly felt shocked. It was difficult to believe that there was such a group of powerful Masters in the Star Field. 


[If Netherworld Sect attacked Ice Soul Star when it invaded the Star Field, it would have been wiped out. There would have been no need for me to take action.]


Fortunately, the Ice Spirit Clan rarely appeared in the outside world, only being active on Ice Soul Star. Otherwise, they were fully capable of ruling over the entire Star Field.


A handsome male Ice Spirit stepped forward and asked curiously, “Are you the guests of the Ice Deity?”


Yang Kai smiled and said, “If nobody else came, then we probably are.” 


[The Ice Deity… I wonder if that is a self-proclaimed title or one given by the Ice Spirit Clan to show their respect for it. In any case, it is quite an appropriate title; after all, it is the very Source of this Star, making it akin to a God on this Cultivation Star.]




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  1. Looks like some people have misunderstood the complaints about spoilers.

    Brother Beast and others, these are the spoilers we’re talking about:
    Someone commented about YK killing a certain person. No one with that name has been introduced so far.
    Another person backed up their statement and shared some info based on the wiki which contains information that, for all we know, may have been obtained from a future chapter.

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the other discussions in the comments!

    1. true. I complained about spoilers a few chapters before this one. The spoiler in itslef wasn’t that bad but the person posting it named something that has yet to be named in the story and mentioned reading about it on the wiki. More importantly it has happened quite a few times so at some point calling it out is just normal.

      1. That name given is what YY was trying to explain to Yang Kai about the Ten Stones in a bottle. She repeated it twice that there are more than 10 Great Emperors but has never been recognized by the Star Boundary’s World Will nor could it hold more than 10. The name given is “In-between” GE and an advanced Emperor. The wiki part was just me looking into the 10 Great Emperor’s and then I went into a rabbit hole and landed on Yang Yan’s info. My comment isn’t a spoiler, and no I am not trying to be a douchebag for defending myself. The person I replied to stated that she might be a Great Emperor. My comment does give a hint of information to the future from my own searches, I’m sorry for that. Me saying that YY isn’t a Great Emperor isn’t a spoiler as that chapter basically explained it to us. Think about this, would a GE go to the lower realms to meet up with YK? And would a GE, who should be known by all Emperors in the Star Boundary, not be known by the Star Master and Star Envoy of the Great Desolate Star Boundary? Those two should have bowed and showed utmost respect to a person who is a Great Emperor. I also believe that the chapter after YY reappeared, YK was thinking that “she” was just a little stronger than the Feather Crowned man. How could a GE be compared to an advanced Emperor?? In this case, the Feather Crowned man being the advanced Emperor.

        1. I was the person you responded to. I theorized that maybe YY used to be a Great Emperor and then lost her throne or something. And then you responded by saying she was never a Great Emperor and you had read that on the wiki. That’s 100% a spoiler. You can defend yourself, sure. But you told me something that you learned from the wiki that wasn’t yet in the story, namely, part of YY’s backstory.

          That’s what happened. Telling us what does or doesn’t happen in someone’s backstory is a spoiler.

        2. Part of the fun of reading a serialised story is the speculation and the debate. Your comment ruined that. I’m sure you didn’t mean to spoil the story or the fun and it was a minor thing but there has been a lot of spoilers in the comments recently so people are more annoyed than usual. This is just about us wanting the full experience and isn’t personal. Just please let us enjoy the story and conversation the way we want.

        3. Just apologize and don’t post shit from the future it’s not hard. If you can answer Yes to the question “Does what I’m about to say spoil the feeling of them finding that out themselves?”. Then it’s a spoiler, pretty fucking simple. People were clearly enjoying making theories about it and you ruined that.

  2. Yang Kai has another wife candidate in the Star Boundary who also cultivates Ice attributes. I wonder if she will meet Su Yan in the future.

    1. He’s bringing the whole sect plus 1000 people from each Star so it’s inevitable that he will introduce his wives to everyone.

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