Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3199, Refining a Spirit


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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The male Ice Spirit carefully looked Yang Kai up and down for a while. Then, he slowly shook his head, “You are not!” 


He then pointed to Su Yan, “But, she is!”


“We came here together.” Yang Kai smiled, “You saw that too. It was the Ice Deity who brought us here.”


The male Ice Spirit stubbornly shook his head, “You are dirty. She is pure, so she must be the guest.”


The corner of Yang Kai’s eyes twitched at those words, “You brat, the last man who dared to speak to me in such a manner has grass growing on his grave by now.” 


[I am the Star Field Master. Everything in this Star Field is under my control. How dare this guy point at me and claim that I am dirty!?]


The male Ice Spirit frowned and looked at Yang Kai with a look of disgust. He could not understand why the Ice Deity brought such a person here. Yang Kai’s very existence was enough to tarnish the purity of this place.


Su Yan patted Yang Kai’s hand. Then, she looked at the male Ice Spirit and said, “Please bring me to the Ice Deity.”


She knew that the Ice Deity was the key to whether or not she could refine Ice Soul Star’s Source, so she did not plan to continue wasting time.


The male Ice Spirit nodded but did not lead the way. Instead, he reached out his hand to remove an ice pouch from his waist and handed it to Su Yan, “Drink this!” 


The ice pouch was shaped like a bottle, and she could not tell what it contained. All she could hear when she shook it was the sound of liquid sloshing around.


Taking it from him, she asked, “Can I meet the Ice Deity after drinking this?”


“You will be regarded as a guest if you drink this!” 


It would seem that meeting the Ice Deity wasn’t so simple. There were some trials Su Yan needed to pass beforehand.


“Good.” She opened the seal on the ice pouch while she was speaking and a sweet scent immediately filled the air.


Yang Kai was taken aback by the scent as he initially thought that the ice pouch was filled with some kind of wine, but it would seem that it was something different. It was probably a local product of the Ice Spirit Clan. He might not know what it was, but one thing was certain, the contents of the ice pouch were not something ordinary people could withstand.


Meanwhile, Su Yan lifted the ice pouch to her mouth and gulped down the liquid inside in a rare heroic manner.


At first, the Ice Spirits crowding around seemed to be waiting to see a good show; however, their expressions gradually changed over time. In particular, the male Ice Spirit, who handed her the ice pouch, slowly widened his eyes as though he was very shocked and exclaimed in distress, “Stop! That’s enough!”


Su Yan put down the ice pouch, lifted her hand to gently wipe the corners of her lips with her sleeve, then asked, “Does this mean I pass?”


He took the ice pouch back from her, shook it slightly, and turned away with a painful expression, “Please come this way!”


Su Yan glanced at Yang Kai and gave him a wink to indicate that he should remain calm. After that, she leisurely walked upward along the winding road. She walked no more than a thousand metres when a female Ice Spirit jumped out and blocked her way. The female Ice Spirit was holding a plate sculpted from ice. There were several snow-white things similar to silkworm chrysalis on the plate. She tilted her head with a smile, looking directly at Su Yan, “Would you like to try this?”


Su Yan used two fingers to pick up one of the delicacies from the plate and placed it inside her mouth. A burst of cold exploded when she did and it was accompanied by a sour taste that was very difficult to describe. A short while later, Su Yan finished off the entire plate and walked on, leaving the female Ice Spirit staring at the empty tray blankly.


Halfway up the mountain, Yang Kai stood waiting in place. He might be the Star Field’s Master, but the purpose of this trip was for Su Yan to refine Ice Soul Star’s Source. That was something that she had to achieve by relying on her own abilities; only by doing so could she obtain the Star Source’s acknowledgement and assistance for her future growth. It went without saying that Yang Kai was fully capable of forcing Ice Soul Star’s Source to submit to him with his current strength, but doing so would make this endeavour pointless.


It shouldn’t be too much of a problem since this was just a test. Besides, the Ice Deity, which was Ice Soul Star’s Source, probably never imagined that the so-called tests would not be a problem for Su Yan since she had already reached the Second-Order Dao Source Realm.


Feeling bored, Yang Kai fixed his gaze on that male Ice Spirit’s ice pouch and said, “Let me try too.”


The male Ice Spirit immediately shook his head so hard that it rattled, “No!”


He was still feeling the pain after Su Yan drank so much just now.


“How stingy!” Yang Kai pouted in response.


The male Ice Spirit simply declared, “You will die if you drink it.”


Yang Kai sneered, “It’s not that easy to kill me off. Hurry up and give me a taste.”


“You really will die,” the male Ice Spirit replied seriously, “You might not be a guest of the Ice Deity, but I cannot endanger you since you came here with the guest from before.”


“Stop talking nonsense. Give it to me.” Yang Kai stretched out his hand, snatched the ice pouch, tipped his head back, and drank from it in big gulps. A sweet taste immediately filled his mouth, followed by an extremely cold aura. It nearly made his entire mouth go numb and his entire brain froze over for a moment.


Needless to say, Yang Kai was shocked as he wondered how these Ice Spirits brewed this drink.


He could taste more than a hundred types of spirit fruits in the drink; moreover, each of these fruits were of the Ice Attribute. If a Third-Order Origin King were to drink this fruit wine, they would surely suffer. It could even cost them their lives if they drank too much of it. 


[No wonder this Ice Spirit told me that I would die from this. Drinking it may have endangered my life if not for my cultivation that goes beyond the limits of the Star Field.]


The reason Su Yan was unaffected despite drinking so much of this fruit wine was undoubtedly thanks to her Ice Crystal Jade Body.


On the other hand, the male Ice Spirit was shocked by Yang Kai’s recklessness. Yang Kai might not be the Ice Deity’s guest, but he was still the companion of that guest, so things would not end well if he died here.


The male Ice Spirit felt extremely anxious, but in the midst of his panic, he suddenly noticed Yang Kai’s body shuddering slightly. 


A moment later, Yang Kai laughed as the frost covering his face disappeared and he shouted, “Refreshing!”


He tipped his head back further and poured the fruit wine down his throat again, drinking even faster than Su Yan had just now. All the Ice Spirits surrounding him were dumbfounded by the sight and instantly felt a sense of admiration towards him.


The ice pouch might not be big, but the space inside it was not so small. It contained several dozen litres of the fruit wine, at the very least. Even so, Yang Kai drank it all in one go. It wasn’t until not a single drop was left that he stopped. 


Letting out a loud belch, Yang Kai savoured the lingering sweetness on his tongue. He also felt a slight sense of drunkenness. 


[How strange. This fruit wine doesn’t have any alcohol in it, so how is it making me drunk?] 


Waving his hand at the Ice Spirits, he said, “Bring out all the delicious things you have.”


Meanwhile, the male Ice Spirit looked at Yang Kai like he was a monster. He shook the empty ice pouch slightly and seemed lost for a long while before he beckoned to the others with his hand.


A short while later, an ice table was placed on the platform and Yang Kai boldly sat at it like a King. The table was filled with various specialties of Ice Soul Star, including more of the fruit wine he had drunk before. There was also food that he had never seen. Every plate was exquisite, pure, and clean. Although none of the dishes contained meat, the tableful of delicacies was still very tempting and appetizing.


A group of Ice Spirits gathered around him, watching him in a daze as he ate and drank his fill without hesitation. Several female Ice Spirits kept pouring him wine as though they were trying to knock him out on the spot.


Yang Kai refused nothing, finishing everything he was served without the slightest hesitation. Watching this display opened the eyes of the Ice Spirits, who had never seen much of the world before, to what the meaning of the word ‘bold’ was. As time passed, more and more Ice Spirits gathered around and the fruit and wine on the table were constantly refilled, plate after plate, cup after cup. It was to the point where Yang Kai was slightly drunk and his speech was no longer comprehensible. 


Even so, he fought on.


Three whole days later, Su Yan’s figure suddenly appeared in front of Yang Kai. 


Yang Kai squinted at her for a moment before circulating his Emperor Qi slightly, instantly sobering up as he asked, “How did it go?”




A cold light flashed by as she pulled her sword out of its sheath, “It’s done.”


“Profound Frost?” Yang Kai raised his brow at her. She brought Profound Frost with her when she left Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Wave Star decades ago. It was a sword left behind by Ice Heart Valley’s Ancestral Founder, Bing Yun, and all these years, Su Yan had kept it as her sword.


However, right now, it was just a sword that could no longer keep up with her cultivation after she had entered the Dao Source Realm.


Yang Kai had considered asking Hou Yu to refine a sword for Su Yan when they returned to High Heaven Palace, but it now seemed to be an unnecessary worry. Profound Frost had undergone tremendous transformation. The entire sword was as thin as a cicada’s wings, and even when Su Yan was not pouring her Source Qi into it, it exuded a cold aura and showed faint signs of becoming a Dao Source Grade Artifact. 


Additionally, there were two words carved into the hilt, ‘Ice Soul!


He wondered, “Did you refine it into an Artifact Spirit?”


She shook her head in response, “It chose this itself.”


Inside the ice palace, Su Yan and Ice Soul Star’s Source’s manifestation had fought for three days straight. It wasn’t a fight with their lives on the line, but rather a competition over their mastery of Ice Principles. When Su Yan received its approval, it voluntarily entered Profound Frost and transformed into an Artifact Spirit. 


This Artifact Spirit was unique in the sense that it was the Star Source of the entire Ice Soul Star.


No one had ever used a Star Source as an Artifact Spirit before, so for that reason, even Yang Kai could not say whether Su Yan’s move was good or bad. Nevertheless, one thing was certain. Su Yan had become the Master of Ice Soul Star. She and Ice Soul Star were closely linked and could no longer be separated from each other.


“What happened to them?” Su Yan asked curiously. When she arrived just now, she was greeted by the sight of a group of Ice Spirits with sad expressions. They looked as though somebody had sliced several kilograms of flesh off their backs.


“Uh…” Yang Kai hiccupped, “They are feeling petty because I ate some of their food.”


She glanced at the ice table and immediately understood the situation. She smiled in amusement, “You ate at least several thousand years’ worth of accumulated treasure.”


“Did I? Haha. Then, it looks like they were very gracious hosts, weren’t they?” He patted his stomach. Although he was in his Human form right now, Yang Kai had a 250-metre-long Half-Dragon Form, so forget about several thousand years’ worth, he could even finish off a hundred thousand years’ worth of accumulated food.


“Ice Deity!” The surrounding Ice Spirits suddenly focused their attention on the sword that was previously Profound Frost but was now the Ice Soul Sword. The expressions on their faces were rather complicated.


All of a sudden, a brilliant light flashed as a pure and peerless woman appeared from the Ice Soul Sword, causing Yang Kai’s eyes to widen to the size of saucers. Although he had long known that Ice Soul Star’s Source had gained sentience, he had never expected it to actually have a Human form. The Source’s current state was similar to that of Liu Yan’s, though their attributes were the complete opposites. 


Liu Yan was a Fire Attribute Spirit, while the Ice Soul was Ice Attribute. 


[I wonder if they will fight when they meet?]


“Ice Deity!” Many Ice Spirits knelt to the ground and shouted loudly, but the peerless woman simply swept her beautiful eyes over them and spoke in a cold voice that resounded throughout the world, “I will be leaving this place.”


The expressions of many Ice Spirits became more sorrowful and unwilling upon hearing those words. 


After making her announcement, she turned to Yang Kai and requested, “Please give them your protection before we leave this place.”


“A simple matter.” Yang Kai nodded. 


Even if she had not mentioned it, he would have done so anyway. This Cultivation Star was linked to Su Yan, so Yang Kai could not be careless about this matter. He immediately communicated with the Star Field Source and guided its power to conceal all traces of Ice Soul Star’s existence.




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