Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3200, Entering the Ancient Wild Lands Again


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Amidst the towering ancient trees that rose up into the sky, lightning and thunder flashed down from above. Something strange was occurring and the space shattered as if someone had torn it open. A dangerous aura leaked out of that gap into the Void, giving off a feeling like the end of the world was coming.


A Monster Commander with two horns on his head hid under a tree tremblingly as he looked up at the strange sight. 




Thunder roared deafeningly and the Monster Commander was so scared that he fell back onto the ground, his complexion deathly pale.


Then, the storm cleared up all of a sudden. The sky became clear and blue again in a flash. There was not a single cloud in sight for tens of thousands of kilometres. 


The Monster Commander glanced in the direction the storm had first appeared again and was surprised to see that a Human figure had appeared in the sky at some point in time.


This place was the Monster Race’s territory and few Humans dared to wander this deep because those that did, died. Besides, he was certain that there was nobody there just now, so he was curious as to how this person appeared out of nowhere. Stranger still, upon a closer look, he had the vague feeling that this person looked familiar, like he had seen him somewhere before.


Before the Monster Commander could sort out his thoughts, the newcomer’s expression suddenly changed. That person closed his eyes and spread his arms wide. Following that, the World Energy churned and gathered towards him.




An invisible force suddenly exploded without warning, transforming into a pressure wave that was visible to the naked eye. The impact swept out for hundreds of kilometres in an instant, shaking the trees so hard that they were nearly uprooted from the ground.


The Monster Commander’s eyes widened in shock as it was easy to tell from the aura of this person that they were not to be trifled. 


Thus, the Monster Commander quickly concealed his aura and hid his presence while quietly retreating. 


He was only a Monster Commander, which was equivalent to a Human Dao Source Realm cultivator; on the other hand, the Human that appeared out of nowhere was clearly an Emperor Realm Master. Moreover, it would seem as though they had just undergone a breakthrough. 


The Monster Commander did not know if this person was a Second-Order or a Third-Order Emperor, but in any case, this was not an opponent he could face.


[This matter has to be reported to Sir as soon as possible! Sir can decide on what to do next.] 


There was just one thing that the Monster Commander couldn’t understand no matter how he thought about it. [Why would this person come to this place for his breakthrough? Does he have a death wish? Although a Human Emperor Realm Master is not weak, there are many powerful Masters here who are much stronger than him. Any one of them can easily take his life at any time.]


In the sky, Yang Kai felt extremely refreshed. Feeling his long-sealed power, which gave him the ability to move mountains and split seas with ease, flooding into his body, he couldn’t hold back the excitement in his heart and let out a long celebratory shout.


Returning to the Star Field for more than ten years had been extremely suffocating. At the start, he had to seal his cultivation meticulously in order to avoid rejection from the Heavenly Way. Although he later became the Star Field Master, he still didn’t dare to throw his power around carelessly for fear of causing damage to the Star Field. It wasn’t until now that these shackles were finally removed that he tasted freedom again.


Furthermore, it was just as he expected. The experiences he accumulated in the First-Order Emperor Realm were incredibly rich; hence, it was a matter of course for him to break through to the Second-Order Emperor Realm as soon as he returned to Star Boundary. Increasing his cultivation by a Minor Realm had given his power a sharp boost, which made him feel as though he could do anything at this moment.


As the movement around him gradually calmed, Yang Kai swept his Divine Sense around to survey his surroundings. Although he was certain that he had returned to Star Boundary, he first had to figure out where he was!


After returning from Ice Soul Star with Su Yan, he stayed on Shadowed Star for another half a year until everything was prepared. Then, he moved everybody into the Small Sealed World, tore space, and returned to the Star Boundary.


The process had been fairly simple and it was not difficult for him to locate a channel that connected to the Star Boundary with his ability as a Star Field Master. He even left the channel intact to allow anyone from Heng Luo Star Field who was strong enough to travel to the Star Boundary. This approach was tantamount to reconnecting Heng Luo Star Field with Star Boundary. In the future, peak level Masters from Heng Luo Star Field would no longer need to worry about wasting their life away despite having a strong enough cultivation to break through to the next realm.


Yang Kai sensed an ancient and somewhat desolate aura from the towering trees around him. These trees were enormous, wide enough that a dozen people could not wrap themselves around their trunks. These trees looked vaguely familiar as well, and the surrounding environment also exuded an air of wildness. 


Yang Kai couldn’t help lifting a brow as he muttered, “Can it be that much of a coincidence? Am I once again here?”


He had no way of pinpointing his destination when departing from Heng Luo Star Field to the Star Boundary. The Starlight Corridor, which he used great means to reopen, could only connect to a rough location.


A kilometre away, Yang Kai sensed a Monster Commander that was sneaking away.


Yang Kai’s figure flickered and blocked that Monster Commander’s path. In response, the Monster Commander with two horns on his head stopped mid-stride with a startled look as he stared at Yang Kai vigilantly.


“Is this the Ancient Wild Lands?” Yang Kai asked, looking at the Monster Commander. 


The Monster Commander could not figure out Yang Kai’s origin nor purpose. He only knew that he was no match for this person, so he was more cooperative, “Yes!” 


[How strange, why doesn’t this guy know that this is the Ancient Wild Lands even though he is already here? Humans sure have worryingly low intelligence.]


“That’s great!” Yang Kai grinned, “Which Divine Venerable’s subordinate are you?”


The Monster Commander was stunned once more, “Do you know the Divine Venerables, Sir?”


“Stop wasting my time. Am I asking the questions, or are you?” Yang Kai glared at the Monster Commander.


The Monster Commander paled instantly. He had not seen when or how Yang Kai moved to appear in front of him. In other words, if this Human wanted to take his life, it would be as easy as picking up a bug and crushing it. Standing in front of the gates of death, the Monster Commander felt a chill running down his spine, so he became even more docile than before, “I am a subordinate of Monster King Ying Fei under the West Divine Venerable.”


“Oh! So this is Ying Fei’s place!” Yang Kai couldn’t help smiling.


The Monster Commander found this situation even stranger, “Are you acquainted with Sir Monster King?” 


For a moment just now, this Human’s expression became significantly more amiable; moreover, he addressed the Monster King directly by the name. It could only mean that they were acquainted with each other.


“Ying Fei is working as my subordinate, so you tell me; am I acquainted with him?”


“Huh?” The Monster Commander was taken aback by those words. His first reaction was to think that this person was bluffing. Monster King Ying Fei is one of the eight Monster Kings under the West Divine Venerable, Cang Gou. How can a Human be fortunate enough to know him much less dare to shamelessly boast about Sir Monster King being his subordinates! 


All of a sudden, though, the Monster King seemed to recall something and his eyes bulged wide as he stuttered and pointed, “Y-You…”


He finally understood why the Human in front of him seemed so familiar. More than 10 years ago, a group of Humans had once barged into the Ancient Wild Lands and were caught up in the strange phenomenon surrounding the Blood Gate. 


The North Divine Venerable, Shi Huo, lost his life after a great battle with them, and from then on, the Four Great Divine Venerables became the Three Great Divine Venerables. It was rumoured that a descendent of Heaven’s Order had entered the Blood Gate at that time and furthermore, there was a Human male that had a close relationship with that descendent. Even the Three Great Divine Venerables had to be polite to him because of this and they had even allowed that man to bring three Monster Kings away with him when he departed from the Ancient Wild Lands. Monster King Ying Fei was one of those three.


The Monster Commander had watched the battle from a distance, and although he did not see what happened very clearly, he vaguely remembered Yang Kai’s physical characteristics. Now, with Yang Kai’s reminder, that dusty memory at a corner of his mind surfaced again.


[What was that Human called… Oh, right…] The two-horned Monster Commander cupped his fists excitedly and greeted Yang Kai, “Senior Yang!”


“You recognize me?” Yang Kai asked with great interest. There were countless Monster Commanders in the Ancient Wild Lands, but he never expected to meet one that could recognize him. When did he become so famous in the Ancient Wild Lands?


“Yes. I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of Senior Yang’s noble bearing in the past.” The two-horned Monster Commander was incredibly excited, and his expression became more and more ingratiating. 


[How can I not know you!?]


‘Enter the Blood Gate, undergo rebirth by stimulating one’s ancestral bloodline, and transform into a Divine Spirit!’ This was the rumour that had been passed down through the generations and circulated in the Ancient Wild Lands since ancient times. Every member of the Monster Race was familiar with that saying. 


Now that the Blood Gate was closed and the descendent of Heavens Order, who was in charge of managing thousands of Divine Spirit Sources, was gone, a new rumour sprang up in the Ancient Wild Lands that a Human called Yang Kai was the key if one wanted to revive the glory of their ancestors and become a Divine Spirit.


If not for that, how could the three Monster Kings, Xi Lei, Ying Fei, and Xie Wu Wei, willingly let themselves be ordered around by a mere Human!? They even left the Ancient Wild Lands, where they lived for thousands of years, to follow him back to work as his subordinate. Was that not in hopes of vying for the most advantageous position next to Yang Kai so that they could benefit from him in the future?


Among the 32 Monster Kings of the Ancient Wild Lands, only these three were lucky enough to receive such a blessing. Thus, the remaining 29 Monster Kings were extremely envious of them. If it were not for the strict suppression of the three Divine Venerables, the remaining 29 Kings might have all left the Ancient Wild Lands to follow Yang Kai too.


The two-horned Monster Commander did not expect an opportunity even the 29 Monster Kings could not obtain would suddenly fall into his lap. Standing in front of him was not an ordinary Human, it was a shortcut to becoming a Divine Spirit, becoming the strongest!


The impassioned, almost ravenous expression on the Monster Commander’s face disgusted Yang Kai greatly, causing him to back off slightly and say, “Since you can recognize me, then this will be simple. I have something I want you to do for me. Do you have time?”


“Of course! Of course!’ The two-horned Monster Commander replied eagerly. [Are you kidding me!? I managed to run into the God of Fortune! Of course, I have to grab hold of the opportunity! I will squeeze out some time for him even if it’s impossible!] 


“What do you need, Senior?”


The corners of Yang Kai’s brow twitched and he couldn’t help feeling that this Monster Commander was looking at him a little strangely. Thus, he didn’t want to waste time talking any longer and simply instructed, “Go tell Luan Feng that Yang Kai is back, and ask her to prepare herself for when I collect the debt she owes me.”


“A debt? What debt?” The two-horned Monster Commander looked confused.


“Why are you asking so many questions? Hurry up and go.” Yang Kai lifted his foot and kicked the two-horned Monster Commander.


“Yes, yes, yes,” the two-horned Monster Commander turned around to leave. He only took several steps though before realizing something. 


[No! If I leave now, won’t I lose the chance to approach this Human!?]


He hurriedly turned back to look, but there was nobody behind him. Yang Kai had left this place a long time ago. Feeling frustrated, the Monster Commander slapped himself on the thigh and cursed himself for being a fool. Even so, he did not dare to go against Yang Kai’s orders after openly agreeing to them. He could only hope that he would have another opportunity to meet with Yang Kai again and perform some distinguished service. Thus, he set off toward Luan Feng’s palace.


On the other hand, Yang Kai’s figure flickered as he flew up above the towering treetops, heading in a certain direction by relying on his memories.


An hour later, he landed softly. The air was fragrant and all the living creatures here were bursting with life. Although this place was still within the Ancient Wild Lands, there were none of the killings or hidden dangers that were pervasive throughout the rest of this land. Instead, it was a peaceful sanctuary that had a completely different atmosphere from the other places.


Birds were resting on the treetops and beasts were peacefully grazing on the ground. Sights that were rare in any other place within the Ancient Wild Lands were common here. It was as though there was an invisible force protecting this land stretching out for tens of thousands of kilometres from being ravaged.


The wind blew lightly and the trees rustled and swayed in response, as if whispers were being passed around among them. All of a sudden, tiny figures the size of a palm flew out from behind the trees, each one of them exquisitely beautiful and exuding a pure Wood Attribute aura from their bodies. 


They were Wood Spirits!




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  1. Comparing with the flashy commotion he made during his break through to the 1st Order Emperor. This break through was rather dull. That one made even Great Emperors feel surprised and jealous. And this time around not even a single moster king was alerted, just a monster commander.

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