Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3203, Excessive Enthusiasm


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Yang Kai seemed to enter a peculiar trance-like state. Lifting his hand slightly, he lightly pushed it out. It was a subconscious movement. Moreover, nothing happened despite his palm strike. Even so, he continued striking out in front of himself. Sometimes, it was a closed fist. Sometimes, it was an open palm. His movements seemed random and without any method to speak of, yet there was a strange charm to them.


A few hundred kilometres away, the Three Great Divine Venerables flew over and suddenly stopped above a canopy of trees.


Luan Feng frowned and said, “The Stone Spirit Clan’s territory is right ahead. We don’t even know whether that boy is there.”


“Let’s hope he is,” Fan Wu looked tired. [The Three Great Divine Venerables rushed out just to give a Little Brat something in hopes of sending him away as soon as possible. If word of this gets out, we will be a laughingstock for years to come.]


All of a sudden, Cang Gou sniffed the air around him with a strange expression, “Do you feel anything?”


“What is it?” Luan Feng turned to look at Cang Gou.


He replied with a frown, “I’m not sure. It’s just… Watch out!” His expression changed abruptly, pointing at something behind her and shouting.


She felt it too. A sense of danger rushed at her from behind. It was accompanied by a powerful suction force that threatened to swallow her into some unknown place. Panicking, she hurriedly spread open a pair of beautiful wings and rushed up into the sky.


She looked back and saw that a large black hole had appeared out of nowhere, right at the spot where she was standing just now. The black hole was a swirling chaotic nothingness that dissolved and shattered everything surrounding it. It was also transmitting an extremely strange vibration. More importantly, she could sense a life-threatening aura coming from that black hole. She would have suffered a tragic end if she had been swallowed up by it just now.


“Space Principles!” Fan Wu’s expression turned grim. Before he could finish his sentence, space in front of him rippled as well as that strange vibration force struck out again, using the Void as a medium to slam into him from the front.


His expression changed drastically. Bending backwards, he lay flat as he watched a layer of ripples visible to the naked eye sweep across the empty space above him. It cut off a strand of his hair and stretched out for hundreds of metres, smashing the gigantic canopy of trees along its path into dust.


More black holes emerged one after another, as the strange destructive fluctuations came at them from all directions, transforming a large space into an absolute killing zone with the Three Great Divine Venerables caught in the middle.


All three of them were shocked and hurriedly pushed their strength to twist and turn to avoid those invisible killing moves. 


Fortunately, these three were no ordinary people. They were extremely powerful beings. Otherwise, the first wave of attacks alone would have instantly killed them.


If one were to look down from the sky, they would see that the space spanning several hundred kilometres had turned into a broken mess, and the Three Great Divine Venerables were trapped inside. They could not distinguish between north, south, east and west; furthermore, they would run into each other for some inexplicable reason despite running in opposite directions.


The whole world seemed to have turned into a cage, trapping the three of them inside, and no matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t break free from that invisible barrier. Hence, their expressions were a mixture of horror and shock.


It wasn’t as if there was nobody stronger than them in this world, but they were Divine Spirits so it was hard to imagine that somebody could toy with all three of them without even revealing his face.


“Is this his doing!?” Cang Gou asked with a glare as he dodged the invisible yet lethal attacks that kept coming.


The Dao of Space could not be mastered by just anybody, and Yang Kai appeared in the Ancient Wild Lands yesterday, while today they were being attacked by some strange Space Divine Ability. It was difficult to imagine it was not his doing.


All of a sudden, Cang Gou realized that Yang Kai was much stronger compared to how he was just ten years ago.


[If he had this much power ten years ago, he would not have been beaten so badly by Shi Huo.]


“Where is he!?” Luan Feng was now feeling quite annoyed. Two feathers had fallen off the wings on her back because she couldn’t fully evade all these Space Principle attacks.


The situation in front of them might seem a little dangerous, but it wasn’t to the extent that their lives were at stake now that they were on guard. It was just that she couldn’t understand why Yang Kai had attacked them without any warning or reason. [Has that boy gone insane!? Even if he has gotten stronger over years, it’s not to the point where he can make the Three Great Divine Venerables his enemy! Besides, we didn’t do anything to provoke him this time. Isn’t he being too petty if he is doing this over a mere Space Array!?]


Meanwhile, Fan Wu didn’t say anything as his expression turned solemn before he suddenly stretched out two fingers to cover his eyes and shouted, “Open!” 


Glancing around, he studied their surroundings from a completely different perspective, his expression changing greatly in the next moment, “This is bad! This place is about to collapse!”


He had the Heavenly Eye Divine Ability, so he could see the essence of things that other people couldn’t. Under the observation of his Heavenly Eye, he saw the space around them seemed to be trembling uncontrollably. While their surroundings might look intact at the moment, it was actually filled with innumerable tiny Void Cracks that could not be detected by their Divine Senses. If this space were a cookie, then that cookie was about to crumble and turn into countless tiny crumbs. It was just that it couldn’t be seen on the surface.


Cang Gou and Luan Feng paled when they heard those words and understood how serious of a problem it was. Hence, they no longer hesitated and immediately revealed their true forms.


With a bang, an enormous Phoenix-like bird soared in the sky, breathing out black flames to open a path. It struggled to break free of the constraints of this place and rushed out. Similarly, Cang Gou had transformed into a monster several tens of metres tall and followed closely behind Luan Feng. On the other hand, Fan Wu relied on his Heavenly Eye Divine Ability to navigate through the numerous Void Cracks.


A short while later, they finally escaped from that dangerous area and Luan Feng and Cang Gou transformed back into their Human forms again. They glanced behind them with solemn expressions; their hearts filled with lingering fear. They had to admit that power like that was enough to endanger them. If that really was Yang Kai’s doing, then they had to re-examine their relationship with him.


The turbulent space suddenly calmed down; the pitch-black black holes slowly shrunk and disappeared without a trace; the violent forces of vibration became peaceful again; and the space that was about to shatter became safe once more.


“What the Hell!?” Cang Gou frowned, looking unhappy, “Was he just showing off his strength!?”


Although he was fearful of the Heavens Order’s descendent behind Yang Kai, that was all it was. In his opinion, Yang Kai was just a boy who relied on the protection of a woman. 


[What can a trivial First-Order Emperor Realm Master do without the support of that Heavens Order descendent?] 


Cang Gou was already pretty upset in the first place when he followed Luan Feng and Fan Wu to this place, so it was only natural that he was in a worse mood after encountering an incident like that before he even met Yang Kai.


Luan Feng looked gloomy too, [That boy is too much! No matter how you put it, the three of us are Divine Spirits! He shouldn’t be this rude even if I destroyed his Space Array back then!]


Fan Wu shook his head slightly, “It doesn’t seem to be intentional.”


He had a good look at the situation just now, and he could tell that all those attacks had not been targeting anybody. If Yang Kai was truly trying to scare them, then his attacks wouldn’t be so messy.


“How can that be unintentional!?” Cang Gou asked furiously.


“Maybe he is cultivating some sort of Divine Ability?” Fan Wu guessed faintly; however, he was shocked as soon as the words left his mouth. [At a glance, this Divine Ability seems incomplete. In other words, it has not been perfected yet. If an incomplete Divine Ability is this strong, then how strong will it be once he successfully cultivates it!?]


He didn’t quite dare to continue thinking in that direction. [No wonder that descendant of Heavens Order treats him so differently. From the looks of it, he is not somebody to be trifled with even without her support.]


A Human’s lifespan and starting point was not as long nor as great as a Divine Spirit’s. In fact, they could not even compare to the Monster Race; however, a Human’s rate of growth could be quite horrifying.


At that moment, a person’s voice sounded in their ears, “I apologize for not greeting the three of you. Please forgive me for my rudeness.”


The expressions of the Three Great Divine Venerables changed as they could tell that the voice belonged to Yang Kai. Glancing at each other, Fan Wu greeted back, “Brother Yang, you are too polite. We are also at fault for coming uninvited.”


A hint of surprise flashed across both Cang Gou and Luan Feng’s eyes. The way Fan Wu addressed Yang Kai was very… intriguing. Divine Spirits had their pride as Divine Spirits, and a mere Emperor Realm Master was not qualified to be addressed on equal terms such as ‘Brother’.


“Since you are here, why don’t you come in and talk?”


Fan Wu smiled, “Please excuse our intrusion!” 


He shot a look at Luan Feng and Cang Gou before striding forward.


Under his influence, Cang Gou and Luan Feng pushed down their anger. Among the Three Great Divine Venerables, Luan Feng might be the strongest, but Fan Wu was known as the wisest; hence, they basically relied on him whenever they gathered.


A short while later, the Three Great Divine Venerables arrived at the residence of the Stone Spirit Clan. Yang Kai stood in the vast and empty space that was surrounded by countless thick trees, smiling as he watched those three descending from the sky.


Eight Stone Spirits were scattered around, glaring at those three with an unkind look in their eyes. The Stone Spirit Clan and the Three Great Divine Venerables were not on good terms with each other. 


Meanwhile, the Elder stood beside Yang Kai while the Matriarch of the Wood Spirit Clan sat on his shoulder. Meanwhile, many Wood Spirits watched curiously from among the treetops, but none of them dared to show themselves.


Fan Wu stepped forward and greeted the Stone Spirit Elder, “It has been years since we last met, Elder. Your bearing is as noble as ever.”


Elder seemed taken aback by those words, but despite his astonishment, he quickly replied in kind, “You are too polite, Sir Divine Venerable.” 


There was no reason for Elder to kick up a fuss when the other party was acting courteously. Besides, he was not fond of fighting at his advanced age.


“We came here uninvited because we heard that Brother Yang appeared in the Ancient Wild Lands. Thinking he might be here, we decided to visit. It would seem that our guess was correct.”


Yang Kai smiled in response, but was feeling a little puzzled inside. Wasn’t Fan Wu being a little overly friendly? Besides, didn’t he only instruct that two-horned Monster Commander to tell Luan Feng that he would go and find her to settle their debt? Why did they come looking for him instead?


Yang Kai was unaware of his current influence within the Ancient Wild Lands, but how could the Three Great Divine Venerables allow him to walk around freely? If not for that, they would not be so courteous towards him.


Not wanting to beat around the bush with them, Yang Kai bluntly asked, “May I know the purpose of your visit?”


“We don’t really have a reason. We only came to visit,” Fan Wu responded with a smile.


[Am I supposed to believe you?] Yang Kai was unconvinced and secretly became vigilant.


Still, he welcomed them, “In that case, why don’t you have a seat?”


Afterwards, he sat down at the wooden table where the banquet last night had taken place and was joined by Fan Wu and the others. Mu Na clapped her hands lightly, and the Wood Spirits flew out from the treetops with fruits and wine.


Fan Wu smiled, “I have long heard that the Wood Spirit Clan is good at cultivating spirit fruits. I’ve never had the chance to witness it myself before. It looks like I will be enjoying a great feast today. Allow me to take this opportunity to offer a toast to you, Brother Yang.”




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