Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3204, Sending Gifts To One’s Door


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Fan Wu had humbled himself with the intention of making friends, so Yang Kai showed him due respect in return. During the banquet, they laughed and smiled. Both the host and the guests seemed to be having a good time. After a few rounds of drinks, Fan Wu intentionally or unintentionally asked, “Why did you come to the Ancient Wild Lands this time around, Brother Yang?”


“I was just passing by,” Yang Kai replied casually.


“Passing by? Haha…” Fan Wu chuckled. Needless to say, he did not believe this nonsensical excuse. According to the information he received, Yang Kai had established High Heaven Sect in the Northern Territory. Not only was this place in the Eastern Territory, but it also happened to be the remote and treacherous Ancient Wild Lands, so nobody could be ‘just passing by’ this place!


Unbeknownst to him, Yang Kai was speaking the truth. It really was a coincidence for Yang Kai to end up in this place after leaving Heng Luo Star Field. Along the way, he decided he might as well set up another Space Array in the Ancient Wild Lands since he was already here. It truly was something he merely did in passing.


Unfortunately, those words sounded like a lie to Fan Wu, so it only resulted in making his belief that Yang Kai was hiding ulterior motives grow stronger. Thinking that Yang Kai was here to target their Monster Kings, Fan Wu became even warier of Yang Kai. If he were to wander around the Ancient Wild Lands, he would only need to raise his arm and all 29 Monster Kings would unquestioningly follow him. How could the Divine Venerables allow something like that to happen right under their noses?


“Brother Fan, is there something you wish to say?” Yang Kai glanced sideways at Fan Wu. He couldn’t help thinking that whatever was happening today was rather suspicious and thus spoke with a frown, “If you have something to say, please be frank about it. It makes no sense to keep beating around the bush.”


[The one that makes no sense is you!] The Three Great Divine Venerables retorted in their heart and Luan Feng couldn’t help but roll her eyes at those words. If anybody else were to speak such words to them, they would have taken offence a long time ago regardless of whether that person did indeed have such a mindset. They would not have allowed anything the least bit suspicious to slide by them. That person would be killed on the spot to protect their dignity and interests.


However, Fan Wu believed that Yang Kai had a promising future and was someone who would stand on equal footing with them, sooner or later. Moreover, he had the descendent of Heavens Order behind him, so how could they afford to provoke him?


Thus, Fan Wu simply chuckled at those words and replied, “I heard that you established a Sect in the Northern Territory, Brother Yang. The three of us have been living in the Ancient Wild Lands for a long time without stepping foot outside. I apologise for not coming to congratulate you earlier.”


Yang Kai waved his hand casually, “You are being too serious, Brother Fan. I’m not that impressive. How can I compare to the three of you who live in such comfort with so many outstanding people under you?”


Those words were the truth. Although the Ancient Wild Lands were dangerous and filled with Wild Force, something ordinary people would not be able to withstand, they were also an enormous natural treasure trove. There were all sorts of spirit flowers and exotic plants here that could not be found anywhere else, as well as numerous Earth Veins and mineral lodes. The Three Great Divine Venerables could be said to occupy an excellent Heavenly Paradise. Moreover, they had several dozen Monster Kings under their command. It really made Yang Kai envy them.


High Heaven Sect would surely become one of the top Sects in the entire Star Boundary within a hundred years if it was established in this place.


Nevertheless, those words sounded unnatural and awkward to the three Divine Spirits and they couldn’t help thinking that there were other meanings concealed behind them. [What does he mean? Is he not only eyeing the Monster Kings under our command but our territory as well? Is he saying he wants to snatch our lands from us? That’s just too much!]


The Three Great Divine Venerables with preconceived notions of their own had ugly expressions on their faces. They couldn’t care less about beating around the bush with Yang Kai anymore, so Fan Wu reached out and placed several Space Rings on the wooden table and pushed them in front of Yang Kai with an undiminished smile on his face.


Yang Kai glanced at the Space Rings, then looked at the Three Great Divine Venerables and blinked and asked, “What is this about?”


Fan Wu smiled slightly, “Brother Yang, High Heaven Palace was established not long ago, so I’m sure this is a time when financial resources are much needed. The three of us might not be able to contribute much, but please take these commodities from the Ancient Wild Lands as our congratulatory gift. It is just a little token to show our respect to you, so please don’t turn it down. Consider it as a little bit of support towards your noble Sect’s future from the three of us.”


[No, seriously, what is this about?] Yang Kai was truly confused now. It was undeniable that he had planned to make Luan Feng pay him a substantial amount as compensation when he asked that two-horned Monster Commander to send a message to her yesterday, and he had even prepared the speech he was going to give her. He was going to claim that the Cross-Territory Space Array had cost him a lot in terms of financial resources and effort, and since Luan Feng had destroyed it, it was only natural that she should offer a little compensation in return. He would refuse to leave if she refused to offer a fair price, and he was determined to receive some big benefits.


Of the Space Arrays he had arranged in the Star Boundary, two had been destroyed. One was destroyed by Luan Feng, and the other was probably destroyed by the Iron Blood Great Emperor. He didn’t dare to find fault with the Iron Blood Great Emperor, so Luan Feng was the unlucky one who had to take the brunt instead.


However, this matter only involved Luan Feng and had nothing to do with Fan Wu and Cang Gou. Besides, he and Luan Feng were not enemies. He also borrowed her help once in the past, so he wouldn’t go too far either. As long as she took out some compensation, the matter would have been resolved just like that; after all, he wasn’t such an unreasonable person.


Yang Kai never imagined that Luan Feng would actually send gifts to his door before he could even begin trying to rip her off. Moreover, it wasn’t just one, but three of them. 


[This is just strange… I can’t believe there are people in this world who take the initiative to offer up gifts for no reason at all.]


He was certain that the nine Space Rings in front of him were the collective possessions of the three of them, with each of them contributing three.


[Is this a trap?] Yang Kai couldn’t dismiss the feeling that today’s events felt extremely strange. Fan Wu and the others were being too friendly. In fact, they are so enthusiastic that it was almost unbearable.


Even with the possibility of it being a trap, Yang Kai was not such a coward that he didn’t dare to check out the contents of the Space Rings though. Reaching out, he picked up a Space Ring, and swept its content with his Divine Sense. Then, he raised his eyebrows and widened his eyes slightly. [Amazing! So many Source Crystals!]


There was no way to calculate how many there were exactly, but the Space Ring was filled with Source Crystals that were Mid-Rank or above! There were numerous High-Rank Source Crystals too. A rough estimate placed the value of these Source Crystals at no less than 100 million High-Rank Source Crystals! 100 million High-Rank Source Crystals might not sound like much, but it was equivalent to 10 billion Mid-Rank Source Crystals or 1 trillion Low-Rank Source Crystals!


Coughing lightly, he calmly picked up another Space Ring and checked the contents. Countless spirit flowers and exotic herbs entered his vision. Furthermore, the medicinal age of each one was quite high. As for the third Space Ring, it was filled with rare ores.


Source Crystals, herbs, ores, as well as Monster Cores of Monster Beasts… These were undoubtedly the resources produced in the Ancient Wild Lands. Unfortunately, the first three commodities were basically useless to the Monster Race. Source Crystals and ores were of no value since the Monster Race’s cultivation was not dependent on Source Crystals. Instead, they absorbed the essence of their environment, relying on the accumulation of this energy over many years to strengthen themselves.


Although the herbs were somewhat useful, nobody in the Ancient Wild Lands knew Alchemy. The Monster Race could only consume them raw, so they could not bring out the full effects of their medicinal efficacies. On the contrary, the Monster Cores of Monster Beasts had a huge effect on them. Consuming the Monster Cores of other Monster Beasts made their might rapidly increase.


However, when Yang Kai last came to the Ancient Wild Lands, he had robbed them of quite a lot of Monster Beast Cores. Consequently, the Three Great Divine Venerables were unable to gather up many this time around and replaced them with rare ores instead.


The items were divided into three different categories and each category was placed into one of the three Space Rings. That held true for all nine Space Rings from the three of them.


The wealth Yang Kai took from the Ancient Wild Lands during his last visit was several times what was contained within these nine Space Rings; nevertheless, this time was different from last time. Back then, both parties had confronted each other in a huge battle which later woke the bloodline of Heavens Order’s descendant. Following that, the Three Great Divine Venerables became anxious and reluctantly handed over a large amount of compensation to calm Yang Kai’s anger. 


Today, however, they simply wanted to send him away as soon as possible. These items could be considered fairly valuable for that purpose.


[How timely! I really needed these now!] There were over a hundred thousand people in the Small Sealed World that were just waiting to be accommodated. Once settled into High Heaven Palace, a huge demand for resources would occur, especially with regards to Source Crystals, and pills. 


Which cultivator would not need these when they cultivated?


Yang Kai had used up all of the Source Crystals in his Space Ring for Xia Ning Chang’s sake in Tong Xuan Realm when he and Li Jiao arranged the 108 Absolute Profound Heaven Spirit Array, so he was in urgent need of Source Crystals right now.


Needless to say, there were still Source Crystals with Hua Qing Si; moreover, the commercial channel between High Heaven Palace and the Southern Territory should have been established by now. Even so, in the long run, who would turn their nose up at more Source Crystals? Besides, with all this wealth, he wouldn’t need to worry about the cultivation of High Heaven Palace’s disciples for a while.


“Are these for me?” Yang Kai quietly gulped. It wasn’t that he had not seen much of the world, but the Three Great Divine Venerables’ timely assistance left him feeling very confused.


Fan Wu laughed, “I’ve already delivered them to you. Brother Yang, you can’t mean to have us take them back, right? That would be highly improper.”


“That’s right, B-Bro… Brother Yang. You won’t embarrass us, right?” Cang Gou played along. [Ugh. Calling him ‘Brother Yang’ sounds so awkward. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth.]


“Little Brother Yang, please don’t refuse.” Luan Feng pursed her lips and smiled.


“In that case…” Yang Kai smiled brightly but pretended to be calm and unaffected while he quickly put away the nine Space Rings and laughed, “Then, this Junior will not refuse anymore. Hahahaha!”


[Who cares what they are planning? Let’s just take this first and worry about it later, it’s much more than what I expected to get anyways. The Ancient Wild Lands is so rich in resources. Isn’t it time to put them to good use? If I can turn the Ancient Wild Lands into High Heaven Palace’s source of supplies, then the disciples will never have to worry about their cultivation resources again. If we run short of Source Crystals then we can just come and mine some directly; if we run out of pills, then we can look for the herbs to refine them. It will be completely self-sufficient. It won’t be difficult for High Heaven Palace to rise to the top under these circumstances.]


Grinning widely, Yang Kai blurted out, “I am thankful for your favourable opinions of me. I am willing for the three of us to become sworn Brothers and Sister. I don’t ask for us to be born in the same year, same month, or same day, but I hope to share our troubles and blessings together. What about the three of you?”


[The part about sharing their blessings held true, but they can forget about sharing troubles. If there is something that even the Three Great Divine Venerables can’t handle, then I probably won’t be of much help in that regard either.]


“Huh?” The topic had switched too quickly, and the subject had strayed so far that Luan Feng couldn’t help exclaiming in surprise. Her small hands covered her red lips. Similarly, Fan Wu and Cang Gou frowned.


*Pfft…* Mu Na, who had been sitting on the Elder’s shoulders, couldn’t help but laugh as she watched Yang Kai with interest. 


[Is he seriously saying that? Is he pretending to be stupid or does he really not understand? How can he actually speak such words?]


“Uh…” Despite Fan Wu’s sharp mind, he was at a loss for what to say. A sense of powerlessness washed over him at this moment. [Isn’t this little brat far too shameless!? How dare he utter such nonsense!? Becoming sworn Brothers and Sister with three Divine Spirits!? I don’t deny the fact that he has great potential and might even be stronger than me in the future, but that is far off in the future. Who knows if he can even survive that long!? There’s no value in befriending a dead genius!]




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