Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3205, Can You Tell Me What Is It?


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If the Three Great Divine Venerables were to readily agree to that request, they would be the only ones losing out in the deal. As sworn siblings, they had no choice but to help out with High Heaven Palace’s issues. They would surely be forced to send a dozen or so Monster Kings to support this ‘Fourth Brother’ of theirs. That was what they were most worried about. Even if they could not avoid it, how could they voluntarily throw themselves at it?


The fairly harmonious atmosphere suddenly froze.


Yang Kai had been observing their reactions, so how could he not understand what they were thinking about? He coldly snorted to himself in his heart. [In the end, I still need to rely on my strength to do the speaking for me. These three are still looking down on me; otherwise, why would they show such troubled expressions?]


He had simply uttered those words for the sake of it. He had not truly meant them. The only reason he did it was due to the abundant resources in the Ancient Wild Lands. How could he force the issue if the other party was unwilling? Things like these could not be forced. Besides, he did not believe that he was in any way inferior to these three. How could a person like him, who forced his way in and out of Dragon Island, be impressed by these three Divine Spirits, who were incomparable to the Dragon Clan?


Laughing heartily, Yang Kai declared, “It was just a small joke. Don’t mind it too much.”


Fan Wu wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and squeezed out a smile, “You truly are a humorous person, Brother Yang. Come, come; let me drink this toast to you again.” While speaking, he shot a look at Luan Feng and Cang Gou to signal them.


After a few more rounds of drinks, the awkward atmosphere eased considerably. It wasn’t until evening rolled around and sunset coloured the skies that Fan Wu and the others took their leave.


Yang Kai warmly offered, “I’ll see you off.”


“No need for that,” Fan Wu hurriedly said, “We can see ourselves out. Please get some rest, Brother Yang.” [We don’t want him moving around the Ancient Wild Lands in the first place. How can we let him see us off?]


“Good!” Yang Kai nodded and cupped his fists, “Please excuse me, then.”


“En, please take care, Brother Yang!” Fan Wu smiled reservedly. After bidding farewell to the Elder and Mu Na, he departed into the skies with Luan Feng and Cang Gou.


Yang Kai waved his hands enthusiastically and shouted, “I will remember the kindness you’ve shown me today and will visit you another day as a sign of my gratitude. Please have a safe journey!”


Fan Wu and the others, who were turning around and preparing to leave, staggered and almost fell from the sky at those words. It was visible to the naked eye as Fan Wu took several deep breaths while Luan Feng turned and glared at Yang Kai.


Afterward, the three figures turned into streams of light and disappeared. Yang Kai stood in place, frowning deeply in puzzlement, scratching his head and questioning, “How strange. They are acting quite weird today!”


“Pfft!” Mu Na snickered again. Similarly, the Elder was smiling from ear to ear and couldn’t help but laugh at those words.


Yang Kai turned to look at them and asked, “Elder, Matriarch, what do you think is up with those three? Why did they come all this way just to present me with gifts? It’s not like we have that great of a relationship between us!” 


[The only one I’m familiar with is Luan Feng; moreover, I’ve only met Cang Gou and Fan Wu once. There’s no reason for them to behave in this manner even if I have Zhang Ruo Xi behind me.]


“Are you really clueless? Or, are you just pretending to be clueless?” Mu Na was beginning to feel speechless. The thoughts and practices of the Three Great Divine Venerables were extremely obvious to her, but Yang Kai just seemed so confused for some reason. He even mentioned something about becoming sworn siblings. Wasn’t he trying to drive them into a corner?


Yang Kai cupped his fists with a serious expression, “Matriarch, please enlighten me.”


“How did you manage to survive until today?” She looked at him in surprise.


The Elder chuckled, “You can’t blame him for being clueless about this matter, I’m afraid he simply isn’t aware of the inside story.”


Mu Na considered those words for a moment and agreed, “That’s true. Good, boy, I’ll tell you why they are behaving like this…”


After listening to Mu Na’s explanation, Yang Kai finally understood the situation. He pointed to himself and stared wide-eyed, “They are afraid that I will take away all the Monster Kings!?”


Mu Na replied, “Most Monster Kings’ cultivation has reached its upper limits. If they want to improve any further, then they can only aim for the Blood Gate. And, you are the only one who can communicate with that descendant of Heaven’s Order. The only reason Shi Jiu was able to enter the Blood Gate was thanks to you. With that precedent, can you understand what kind of position you hold in the hearts of those Monster Kings?”


Yang Kai was still stunned by the revelation and muttered, “I knew something about this, but I didn’t think it would have such a huge impact.”


Ying Fei, Xi Lei, and Xie Wu Wei were all Monster Kings working under him. He had only been taking advantage of the situation when he took them away from the Ancient Wild Lands with him back then, and when he finished what he had to do, he had asked the three Monster Kings to return, but they refused. Moreover, they had been overjoyed to learn that the Space Array had been destroyed and they could continue staying at High Heaven Palace. It wasn’t that they had forgotten their roots, but just as water flowed downwards, people aimed for higher places, it was a matter of course for Monster Kings to continue to strive and better themselves.


Yang Kai thoughtfully said, “According to what you said, won’t I be able to bring all the Monster Kings away with me if I simply call for them?”




He continued, “If I ask them to join me in eliminating Fan Wu and the others…”


“In your dreams!” Mu Na glared at him unkindly, “The Three Great Divine Venerables have ruled the Ancient Wild Lands for tens of thousands of years. Under their rule, which Monster King would have the courage to go up against them? They might be willing to follow you and listen to your orders for the sake of entering the Blood Gate, but, I don’t think things will go your way if you dare to ask them to go against Fan Wu and Luan Feng.”


Yang Kai chuckled, “I was just wondering.”


Soon, his expression turned serious, “From the looks of it, I should visit the Ancient Wild Lands more often in the future.” 


[I don’t even need to do anything, all I need to do is come here and make some noise for Fan Wu, Luan Feng, and Cang Gou to come and give me some benefits just to chase me away. Of course, this can only be done once or twice; after all, Divine Spirits are not to be trifled with. It would be bad if I angered them too much and caused our friendly relations to fall apart.]


In any case, Yang Kai was in a great mood after getting a good grasp of the situation. Although he could not regard the entire Ancient Wild Lands as High Heaven Sect’s playground, he might be able to reach a cooperative relationship with the Three Great Divine Venerables eventually. The only way to make their relationship stable and long-lasting was if it benefited both parties.


The Ancient Wild Lands produced a lot of materials, while High Heaven Palace was fully capable of exchanging pills for those materials. Just because none of the Monster Race was capable of Alchemy, did not mean that they could not consume Spirit Pills. 


Pills refined by Humans were very scarce among the Monster Race, so even if they were sold to them for ten or twenty times their actual value, the demand would still be greater than the supply.


In due course, High Heaven Palace would be cooperating with Violet Source Chamber of Commerce in the Southern Territory and the Ancient Wild Lands in the Eastern Territory. By buying and selling commodities that were rare in one territory and abundant in another, one only needed to earn a certain degree in the price difference to profit. With that, High Heaven Palace would never need to worry about its disciples’ cultivation resources again. Furthermore, this was a unique business. Even if other people were jealous of High Heaven Palace and tried to emulate it, they would not be able to pull it off because they lacked the Cross-Territory Space Arrays.


With that vague idea in mind, Yang Kai decided to ask Hua Qing Si to come up with a detailed and feasible plan once he returned to High Heaven Palace.


“By the way, Matriarch, you mentioned something about wanting to talk to me before. What was it about?” He suddenly remembered something and casually raised a question.


“Come with me.” Mu Na became solemn and turned around to fly towards a Tree Cave.


Not knowing what she wanted, Yang Kai could only follow after her.


Inside the Tree Cave, she turned to face him and waited until he walked in before raising her hand. The Tree Cave suddenly closed behind him, isolating them from the outside.


[What does she have to say that she needs to be so secretive?] He wondered in his heart. Nevertheless, he knew that she would never harm him. It was a publicly known fact that the Wood Spirits detested fighting.


Just as he was about to speak, she abruptly flew towards him and stopped in front of him, “Close your eyes.”


Yang Kai obediently did as she instructed. Then, he felt a very natural, fragrant scent lingering on the tip of his nose. It made him subconsciously take a few more breaths. 


Mu Na was an absolute beauty, it was just that the limitations of a Wood Spirit only allowed her to grow to the size of a palm. If she were as large as a normal Human, she would be an existence that could turn the world upside down.


The scent on her body was so relaxing though that Yang Kai’s emotions became calm and unflappable. It was as though he had entered an ethereal state.


A short while later, he heard a strange noise. A strange expression appeared on his face. It was because he could feel that Mu Na seemed to be circling around him while sniffing something continuously.


“Matriarch, what is going on?” He asked, secretly opening his eyes slightly. If it had been an ordinary woman doing this, he would have thought that the woman was trying to seduce him; however, Mu Na clearly wasn’t. [Do I have some strange odour on my body? Otherwise, why would she be sniffing me?”]


Mu Na did not reply to his question, she simply continued downward and abruptly stopped at his dantian. After a few more sniffs, she looked shocked and reached out to cover her mouth with her hands.


The Tree Cave fell silent, and Yang Kai waited for a while before asking, “Can I open my eyes now?”




Opening his eyes, he saw Mu Na frowning deeply with a troubled expression on her face.


[Today has been filled with strange events. First, it was the Three Great Divine Venerables coming to give me presents of their own volition, and now, the Wood Spirit Matriarch dragged me into a Tree Cave and sniffed me all over…]


“Do you know what the Wood Spirit Clan is best at?” She asked without prior warning.


“Cultivating all sorts of spirit fruits and brewing fine wine! Oh, you are pretty good at singing and dancing too.” Yang Kai replied without even thinking about it.


She pressed her palm against her forehead tiredly and muttered, “Is that your impression of the Wood Spirit Clan?”


Yang Kai was surprised by her words and asked, “Isn’t that the truth?”


To which Mu Na smiled bitterly, “Of course not. We are good at cultivating all sorts of spirit fruits and exotic plants because we are inherently capable of communicating with them. I’m sure you’ve heard of the rumours that say that, in ancient times, the Wood Spirits helped powerful Masters tend their medicine gardens.”


Yang Kai nodded at her words.


“That is the Innate Divine Ability of my Wood Spirit Clan. Any plant in this world can bloom and flourish to its best in our hands because we are familiar with how the plants behave and what their needs are. No other clan can equal our skill in this regard.”


Yang Kai made an expression as though he was enlightened by her words; however, he had no clue what she was trying to express.


“It is precisely because of this Innate Divine Ability that we of the Wood Spirit Clan can sense the existence of some very strange plants.” Her scorching gaze burned into him, “Do you have a special kind of plant in your possession? Like a flower? A herb? Or perhaps… a tree!?”


Yang Kai’s brow twitched at her words as his tone of voice turned serious, “Why would you ask such a thing?”


He truly had some extremely precious plants in his possession. 


[Does she know something?]


Mu Na advised, “Don’t get so nervous. I only found out because I smelled something on you.” 


She paused for a moment before continuing, “I actually noticed it the first time you came here, but I wasn’t sure back then.”


“And, are you sure now?”


“Yes.” She nodded, “Can you tell me what it is?”




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