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Martial Peak – Chapter 3206, How Is That Acceptable?

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“Matriarch, can you not tell by the smell?” Yang Kai asked without answering her question.


Mu Na glanced at him helplessly. Knowing that he was hesitant to answer, she answered, “It is rumoured that during ancient times, there was a strange tree known as the Firmament Tree, which was a mixture of gold and silver intersecting with each other that was capable of sealing all things in existence. Am I right?”


His eyes widened, and he nearly gave her a thumbs-up sign. [How is she able to tell just from the smell? That’s amazing. The Wood Spirit Clan indeed is a clan born with the ability to communicate with plants.] 


The Ancient Demon Qi of the Ancient Demon was sealed in his dantian with the gold and silver power of the Firmament Tree. It was only natural that some clues existed. Nobody else had the talent of the Wood Spirit Clan, so it had gone unnoticed until now.


Unfortunately, that faint clue was as bright and dazzling as a lamp in the dark to the Wood Spirit Clan, especially for the Matriarch of the Wood Spirit Clan. Observing Yang Kai’s reaction, how could she not know that she had guessed correctly? She exclaimed in surprise, “You actually have the Firmament Tree!?”


He grinned meaningfully, “I obtained it by accident. It was pure luck.”


She enviously murmured, “You sure are lucky.” Then, she furrowed her eyebrows., “But, there seems to be another aura on your body. That aura…”


This time Yang Kai’s heart skipped a beat. The fact that she knew about the Firmament Tree was nothing as, while it was a legendary tree, it only had the power to seal. Yang Kai was only using it to seal the Ancient Demon Qi in his dantian, so it wasn’t a big deal even if news about the Firmament Tree got out. There were many other ways to seal something after all. Besides, he was no longer that weak. He was not afraid of the foolish people who would come causing trouble for him over the Firmament Tree.


However, the other tree was different. If news of its existence were to spread, it would turn the entire Star Boundary upside down in an instant. That tree represented the very mystery of immortality and indestructibility! Those attributes were extremely attractive to others! Even the Great Emperors could not claim that they were immortal and indestructible. Even they possess lifespan and had a predestined time of death. The rumours claimed that if one could refine it, then they could obtain the secret of everlasting life. They would have the same lifespan as the Heavens, living in harmony with the universe itself.


Yang Kai felt his heart getting stuck in his throat. 


Mu Na was unbelievably amazing and he was terrified that she might utter the words ‘Immortal Tree’. He did not know how to deal with the situation if she really did mention its name. If it were anybody else, he would have killed them on the spot to maintain secrecy; unfortunately, he had no grudge or grievance with her. Moreover, the Wood Spirit Clan detested fighting, so how could he be so cruel to such an existence? Besides, he wouldn’t just be offending the Wood Spirit Clan if he did something like that, even the Stone Spirit Clan would become hostile to him.


Fortunately, Mu Na hesitated for a long time before shaking her head, “I’m not certain what that one is.”


He breathed a sigh of relief.


She exclaimed, “I can’t believe that there are plants that the Wood Spirit Clan doesn’t know about! There sure are all sorts of mysteries in the world!”


Yang Kai chuckled, “Maybe you smelled wrong, Matriarch.”


“Impossible!” She shook her head resolutely. She was completely oblivious to how nervous he was. She looked up and spiritedly said, “Hand it to me!”


A pair of beautiful eyes shone brightly, revealing her excitement.


“What?” He was taken aback.


She repeated, “I said, hand over the Firmament Tree and that other thing to me.”


“Is this a joke!?” He became livid at her words. He originally had a favourable impression of her, but hearing those words of hers immediately infuriated him. [The Firmament Tree is not something I can just give away! I’m still relying on its power to seal the Ancient Demon Qi. Otherwise, once the seal on my dantian falls apart, without the Firmament Tree, I will immediately fall prey to the demonification and lose myself entirely! As for the Immortal Tree… That’s even more impossible! It is the world’s most precious treasure! It can revive the dead and heal all wounds, it’s an essential cure-all! How can I possibly give it away!?]


Mu Na urgently added, “I can trade with you for it. As you know, the Wood Spirit Clan cultivates…”


Lifting his hand, he resolutely said, “There is no need for further discussion, Matriarch. I will take my leave if there’s nothing else.”


Mu Na finally came back to her senses when she noticed his frosty attitude. [I seem to have angered him. From his reaction, it would seem that the thing I can’t identify is more precious than I imagined, but what in the world is it? Something so precious and rare that even I can’t identify it by its smell…] 


One after another, names that only existed in legends flashed through her mind. Unfortunately, she could not place a name to that peculiar smell.


Yang Kai had already walked to the entrance of the Tree Cave when he turned back to glance at Mu Na.


Mu Na was about to continue trying to persuade him; however, she couldn’t help but sigh the moment she met his eyes. Lifting her hand, the closed Tree Cave reopened and he immediately rushed out. It didn’t matter whether she opened it or not. If she refused to open the Tree Cave, he could have just smashed it down with his fist.


Hovering in mid-air, she pondered for a long time until she finally flickered and flew out.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai returned to Xiao Xiao’s Tree Cave. Upon checking and confirming that the Space Array was properly arranged, he finally headed towards the Elder’s Tree Cave. He entered the house and said, “Elder, I am done with my tasks here, so it is time for me to depart. Please take care of the matters regarding Xiao Xiao and the Blood Gate. Do be careful if anything does come up.”


Elder nodded, “Don’t worry. Shi Jiu is one of us. We won’t be negligent in this matter.”


“Goodbye then.” Yang Kai cupped his fists and turned to leave without looking at Mu Na, who was sitting on Elder’s shoulders.


Seeing that he was about to leave, Mu Na suddenly stretched out her hand and pulled on Elder’s ear. Elder grinned and raised his hand to stop Yang Kai, “Wait a moment!”


Yang Kai turned back and asked, “Is there something else you need, Elder?”


The Elder replied somewhat apologetically, “I’m sorry, it’s not me who has something to say to you. It’s Mu Na…”


Yang Kai directly interrupted Elder’s words, “I have made myself clear to Matriarch. There will be no further discussion on that matter.”


Mu Na was furious, “Little brat, do you think I will take advantage of you!?”


He frowned in response, “That is not what I meant. It’s just that I will never hand over these two items. They are of great use to me!”


“If it was something useless, I wouldn’t even have brought it up with you,” she snorted, annoyed beyond words.


He could tell that his reaction had been a little too harsh when he saw her expression; thus, he cupped his fists, “I’m sorry, Matriarch. In any case, I cannot hand those two items to you.”


Gritting her teeth, she glared at him angrily, “Can you even take care of them!?”


He shrugged at those words, “They are not dead, are they?”


She was extremely furious and turned her head away, looking as though she refused to talk to him anymore.


The Elder spoke up at that moment, “Calm down, both of you. Calm down. Take a few deep breaths and settle down.”


Yang Kai retorted, “I’m very calm, she is the one that refuses to leave this matter alone. Elder, you should talk some sense into her.”


The Elder chuckled, “Do you know why moths are drawn to fire?”


“Because they are stupid?” Yang Kai replied smoothly.


The corner of the Elder’s face twitched at those words, “It’s because it is in their nature. One’s inherent nature is a very mysterious thing. Take the Stone Spirit Clan for example, we won’t be able to stop ourselves from devouring a rare ore that we come across. As for Humans… men can’t help themselves from stealing a few more glances at a beautiful woman. Similarly, a moth cannot stop itself from being attracted to fire. It is all part of their nature.”


“The leopard can’t change its spots!”


Elder’s face twitched even more violently, “Yes, that’s the concept. For the Wood Spirit Clan, the rarer the plant, the more it inspires their desire to care for it.”


After circling around the bush for so long, it came back to the starting point again.


Yang Kai was just about to say something when Elder interrupted, “I might not know what Matriarch wants from you, but it’s obviously something that is very precious. It seems that it is something very difficult to give up. Moreover, it seems to be something that cannot be made public.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Yes, so please forgive me.”


The Elder smiled, “In that case, you don’t need to hand it over. Instead, the Matriarch has a suggestion. Why don’t you listen to it patiently?”


“What suggestion?” Yang Kai looked at Mu Na curiously. As long as they did not bring up the same request from before, he did not mind listening; after all, the inherent ability of the Wood Spirit Clan allowed them to communicate with all plants, so he might even get some tips from them on how to better take care of the Firmament Tree so that its sealing abilities would be recovered faster.


Mu Na turned her head away as if she was reluctant to look at him. Even so, she muttered, “I will assign two of my clansmen to you to help you take care of these two items.”


Yang Kai widened his eyes at her, “Assign two of your clansmen to me?”


He quickly did some calculations in his heart. He had a medicine garden in his Small Sealed World, which contained all sorts of rare plants and herbs, including the Firmament Tree and the Immortal Tree. He had simply planted them at will and had never bothered to tend to the garden before. Fortunately, the medicine garden contained a large amount of Heavy Earth and a number of Earth Vein Crystals. Otherwise, most of the plants would have withered by now.


If he had two Wood Spirit Clan members sent by the Matriarch to take care of his medicine garden for him, not only would he not have to worry about his collection dying anymore, but the herbs in the medicine garden would also be very well raised and tended to. There was nobody else in the world who was more suited to this task than the Wood Spirits after all. They were practically born to take care of plants since ancient times. If a person could obtain a Wood Spirit, they wouldn’t need to worry about the affairs of their medicine garden anymore. More importantly, their harvest would also increase by at least thirty percent.


Therefore, he looked very shocked, “Are you serious?”


“Do I look like I am joking?” Mu Na retorted angrily.


Yang Kai rubbed his hands together and broke out into a huge grin, “How could I possibly accept something like that? This is really… Oh, my…”


He was slightly incoherent at this point. 


He had thought of abducting a Wood Spirit before leaving once, as it would be such a waste not to let such a rare species put their talents to full use in his medicine garden. Furthermore, High Heaven Palace would definitely have its own medicine garden in the future, and judging by the current scale of High Heaven Palace, the medicine garden would surely be huge. Nothing could beat having a Wood Spirit taking care of it.


Mu Na turned to look at him in contempt. [This brat was so rude to me just now but changed his tune so quickly. How hateful and disgusting! Why have I never noticed this before?]


Yang Kai made a fist, placed it next to his mouth, coughing lightly before trying to act seriously and asking, “Are there any conditions attached to this offer, Matriarch? Let me say this first; don’t even think about touching those two things.”


“What conditions!? What conditions can I put forth!?” She snapped angrily.


Yang Kai was astonished, “You can’t be offering this for nothing, can you?”


Elder chuckled, “Didn’t she mention the conditions just now? Let her two clansmen take care of those two items.”


“That… Does that even count as a condition?” Yang Kai was so shocked that his eyes were practically falling out of their sockets. 


[That’s clearly beneficial to me, so how is that a condition?]


The Elder replied in a serious manner, “That is the nature of the Wood Spirit Clan. Seeing how much she values those two items, letting them take care of it is the best reward they could possibly receive.”



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  1. I think him getting angry when somebody just tells him to give two of his life-saving treasures away for free is understandable, especially since that person previously already tricked him, which almost caused his death.
    And even if she doesn’t know that they are life saving, she herself said that they are very precious

  2. Yea I’m surprised YK didn’t make his own condition that this would be a lifetime appt. That the two chosen wood spirits would never be allowed to return home or communicate again.

  3. Well they are not human, he should be wary of their initiate skill
    like communicating b/w each other via special mean or
    Hive mind or
    submissive to elder to higher purity or
    those little guys selling him out

  4. YK definitely reminds me of my late gramps. Either really happy or really sad, sore loser and sore winner, everything hidden at any given time (less anyone knows is the best, and try to ask information and you’ll get a rebuttal worthy of AH vs JD lawsuit.) MC syndrome, and everything is to be had at any given time.

    War does that to you I guess.

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