Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3207, Two Wood Spirits


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Not only were there no conditions attached, but Mu Na was also going to assign two clansmen to help him take care of his medicine garden. Yang Kai couldn’t believe something this incredible could be true…


Yang Kai finally understood the depth of the Wood Spirit Clan’s desire and pursuit of rare plants. It was just like what the Elder mentioned, this was part of their inherent nature. Allowing them to take care of the plants was the greatest sign of gratitude that he could give them. Besides, it was an excellent deal for him. It cost him nothing, and he even managed to hire two caretakers for his medicine garden for free. How could anything be better than that?


The sudden unexpected stroke of good fortune left him feeling rather dizzy so he began pacing about the Tree Cave, feeling extremely excited.


Meanwhile, Mu Na, who was watching him, frowningly and enigmatically said, “If you can’t even agree to this, then I have nothing else to say. In the future, please don’t come here anymore. The Wood Spirit Clan does not welcome you! The Stone Spirit Clan too!”


“I agree! Of course I agree to it!” Yang Kai stopped pacing and turned to her with a huge smile, “I’d be foolish to refuse such kindness from you, Matriarch.”


Mu Na snorted and cast a look at him that seemed to say, ‘At least you have some tact.’


His expression became solemn again, “But, there’s something I need to let you know, Matriarch.”


“What is it?”


“I’m afraid it won’t be easy for your two clansmen to see freedom again once they are in my hands.” If he really got his hands on two Wood Spirits, he would surely place them in the medicine garden inside the Small Sealed World. As long as he did not have the power to maintain the Immortal Tree on his own, he would not allow them to leave easily.


Mu Na frowned at those words, “Why? Are you going to restrict their freedom?”


“I have no choice. Please forgive me, Matriarch.”


She thoughtfully said, “It looks like that item is very special.”


Yang Kai replied with a serious expression, “Matriarch, if you don’t mind, then I will be very happy to accept. Of course, I will not treat them badly, so please don’t worry about that.”


“I’m not worried about that.” For the Wood Spirits, being able to spend time with precious plants was the greatest joy in life for them. Not only did Yang Kai have the Firmament Tree in his possession, but he also had something even more precious. Any Wood Spirit would be willing to stay by his side and work for him. Besides, she had already anticipated something like this when she came up with this suggestion, so she nodded in response, “No problem.”


He grinned, “Many thanks, Matriarch!” 


The irritation he held towards her had vanished without a trace and he suddenly shyly said, “Matriarch, don’t you think two clansmen might be too few? If possible, won’t you assign at least seven or eight of them to me?”


The Elder’s eyes nearly popped out of their sockets at those words while, on the other hand, Mu Na yelled, “Get out!”


“I was just saying! Just forget it if you don’t agree. Why did you have to yell at me?” Yang Kai lowered his head and muttered under his breath.


“Stop acting like you’re pitiful when you received the most out of us all!” Mu Na snapped furiously.


He lifted his head at those words, looking as if nothing had happened and declared, “Matriarch, please summon your two clansmen here quickly. I still have other matters to deal with, so I can’t remain here for long.” 


Needless to say, he had no time to delay for fear that she would regret her decision. He had to abduct two of the Wood Spirits and take them away with him immediately.


Even though Mu Na was annoyed at him, she still raised her hands and clapped twice. Soon after, two Wood Spirits flew in from outside the house. They bowed to her and then turned to study Yang Kai. It was clear that they had been prepared in advance.


Yang Kai looked at them and immediately felt elated. One of the Wood Spirits was somebody he was familiar with. It was the Wood Spirit who came to greet him yesterday. She seemed to be very shy, blushing deeply and looking around awkwardly when their gazes met.


The other one was also a female Wood Spirit, but she was clearly more outgoing. She smiled when she saw Yang Kai looking her way, instantly brightening the world around her.


“Mu Zhu, Mu Lu, you will follow this boy from now on. Take good care of his… things,” Mu Na instructed.


Mu Zhu and Mu Lu answered in unison, “Yes!”


Then, Mu Na turned to Yang Kai again, “I’m leaving my people in your hands. If you dare to wrong them or hurt them in any way, I will hold you accountable!”


“Rest assured, Matriarch, I won’t let anything harm a single hair on their heads!” Yang Kai patted his chest and promised, his eyes gleaming when he glanced at Mu Zhu and Mu Lu. 


[Tsk, tsk. These two Wood Spirits will belong to me from now on. It’s so amazing.]


“Which one of you is Mu Zhu? And, which one is Mu Lu?” He asked as harmlessly as possible with a smile on his face.


The outgoing Wood Spirit bowed elegantly and introduced herself, “I am Mu Zhu.” Pointing at her blushing companion, she added, “She is Mu Lu.”


“En.” Yang Kai nodded repeatedly and continued in a warm voice, “I’ll be sending you somewhere in a bit, please don’t be scared.”


Having said so, he reached out and held them gently, after which the two Wood Spirits disappeared immediately.


Mu Na was enraged when she saw this and swiftly raised both hands, summoning many vines as thick as a grown man’s arm into the Tree Cave. These vines shot out like arrows and wrapped around Yang Kai until he looked like a dumpling. 


The Wood Spirit Clan detested conflict, but that did not mean they were incapable of fighting. The power contained within those small and exquisite bodies was no inferior to any other race. Moreover, Mu Na was stronger than the average Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, so while she might not be as strong as a Divine Spirit, she was in no way weak.


“What did you do to them!? Spit them out, right this instant!”


“Calm down! Calm down!” Yang Kai felt cold sweat oozing from his head. Her words made it sound as though he was a wild and savage beast that devoured its prey whole.


“Where are they!?” How could she remain calm after witnessing her two clansmen disappearing right in front of her eyes? Their aura had vanished completely too. [I don’t even know if they are dead or alive right after handing them over to him!]


“They are in a safe place!” As he spoke, his entire body flickered and with a pulse of Space Principles, the vines trapping him in place fell apart like they were cut by thousands of knives, disintegrating into powder and floating to the ground.


Mu Na’s pupils contracted at this sight.


Similarly, the Elder was looking at Yang Kai in shock. He had known Mu Na for thousands of years, so he knew best just how strong the binding force of those vines were. The Elder might have been able to break free of the vines with brute force, but not as easily as Yang Kai had.


Before the arrival of Fan Wu and the others, Yang Kai had been immersed in his newfound perception of Space Principles. He could vaguely comprehend something, but it was not yet a complete understanding. After trying it out, he realized that his attainments in the Dao of Space had improved greatly and was confident he would be able to create a new Divine Ability if he had more time to work on it. Unfortunately, now was not the time to consider such matters. Mu Na would never let him go unless he cleared up the issue regarding Mu Zhu and Mu Lu.


“Matriarch, as you know, I am proficient in the Dao of Space. That’s why it’s not strange for me to have a special kind of storage artifact.” While speaking, he took out the Sealed World Bead.


In the early years, he had concealed the Sealed World Bead very carefully because he did not have enough strength to protect it or himself. There were times when he needed to borrow the strength of the Sealed World Bead as well; however, Yang Kai now had the strength to refine a new Sealed World, so there was no need to place so much importance on the Sealed World Bead anymore.


A light flashed across the Sealed World Bead and a confused Mu Zhu and Mu Lu reappeared with bewildered expressions.


“That world! I see.” Elder exclaimed.


A strange light shone in Mu Na’s eyes as she seemed to realize something and exclaimed, “Are the Firmament Tree and that thing in there?”


“That’s right.” Yang Kai broke out into a grin, “Matriarch, do you want to go inside and have a look?”


She immediately looked wary, “I won’t be able to leave once I enter, right?”


“Of course, you can.” Yang Kai laughed heartily while, honestly, he had such intentions. As the Matriarch, Mu Na was the best among all the Wood Spirits in terms of cultivating spirit flowers and exotic plants. If he could trick her into the Small Sealed World… However, he knew that that was impossible. The Stone Spirit Clan and the Wood Spirits depended on each other and often relied on each other’s strength. If he kidnapped Mu Na, the Stone Spirit’s Clan Elder would be the first to become hostile to him.


But in this way, Mu Na finally understood what he meant when he said ‘they would not see freedom again in the short term.’ This storage artifact was a world of its own, so upon entering it, they needed to get his consent to exit again.


Meanwhile, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu were still confused. They suddenly felt the world spinning around them just now. Then, they found themselves in another world. Before they could take a closer look at the environment inside that world though, they suddenly reappeared in the Tree Cave again.


“Boy, you sure have a lot of good things in your possession.” Mu Na sighed in amazement. A storage artifact that could form a complete world on its own was very rare. Moreover, something like that was most effective in the hands of somebody who was proficient in the Dao of Space. It was the envy of others.


“Matriarch, do you have any other questions?”


“No. Please take good care of them.”


“Don’t worry, I will never let them feel wronged,” Yang Kai replied. Following that, he placed Mu Zhu and Mu Lu back into the Small Sealed World. He cupped his fists and said, “I am grateful for your kindness, Matriarch. I won’t forget the graciousness you showed me today even if I climb to the top in the future. It’s getting late, please excuse me now. I hope we meet again.”


Elder said, “Be careful. If you ever need the help of the Stone Spirit Clan in the future, just come over and say hello.”


Yang Kai nodded and strode out of the Tree Cave to return to where the Space Array was located. The Space Array surged, light flashed, and his figure disappeared.


A palace had been built around the Space Array at High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory. The Space Array was located right in the centre of the palace, so several disciples were on guard duty, sitting cross-legged while meditating by the side.


This place was the passage connecting High Heaven Palace to the broader world; therefore, it was an extremely important existence. An Emperor Realm Master was assigned to guard this place all year round. Moreover, the palace was protected by the layers of Arrays that Nanmen Da Jun had arranged. If anybody dared to invade this place, the entire palace could be turned into a death zone with the slightest activation of the Array Jade. Even a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master would not be able to escape alive.


The Emperor Realm Master on duty today was none other than Bian Yu Qing. She had joined High Heaven Palace after receiving Yang Kai’s help at Spirit Lake Palace where she broke through to the Emperor Realm. Due to her experience in managing Blue Feather Sect previously, she had been assisting Head Manager Hua Qing Si since she joined. She could be considered the Second Manager of High Heaven Palace.


Speaking of High Heaven Palace, it now had many Emperor Realm Masters among its ranks. The greatest among them were the Three Monster Kings, the Emperor Alchemist, Ji Ying, the Emperor Array Master, Nanmen Da Jun, and the Emperor Artifact Refiner, Hou Yu. They were followed by Hua Qing Si, Bian Yu Qing, and the former Sect Master of Thousand Leaves Sect, Ye Hen, who came out of retreat three years ago after breaking through into the Emperor Realm. It could be said that although High Heaven Palace did not have many members in total, the ratio of Emperor Realm Masters among their ranks was terrifying. There was no other Sect in the Star Boundary that could achieve such a ratio.


Silavin: … haa… they already went into the Sealed World Bead before… I’m changing it slightly to express that they sorta already knew and just didn’t think of it.




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