Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3209, Over a Hundred Thousand


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Shan Qing Luo was taken aback upon hearing her name being called out. Their gazes met when she turned her head to look and she excitedly called out, “Mother!”


Back when she and Bi Luo left the Great Han Dynasty, they were transported directly to Monster Emperor Star after passing through an extremely strange altar. If not for Chi Yue finding and watching over them, taking her in as her Adopted Daughter, they would have met a disastrous end with their strength alone.


Therefore, Chi Yue wasn’t just her saviour but also her Adoptive Mother. Shan Qing Luo had known before coming here that she would be able to meet with Chi Yue again, so she had been looking forward to it.


On the other hand, Ai Ou was similarly staring at Xue Yue in a daze. The latter felt her eyes reddening as she called out softly, “Father!”


He resisted the turmoil of emotions in him and nodded, “Good, good, good. It’s good that you are safe.” Turning his head, he glanced at Yang Kai and felt all the dissatisfaction from before dissipating. Yang Kai had returned to the Star Field and brought his daughter here, so what more did he have to say?


Although Su Yan and Xia Ning Chang did not have any family to reunite with here, they had not seen Gui Zu for many years, so they stepped forward to greet him. Meanwhile, Gu Cang Yun stared blankly and stammered, “Palace Master, did you return to the Star Field?” 


Chi Yue and Ai Ou could address Yang Kai directly by his name or even call him ‘Boy’ or ‘Little Brat’, even ‘Smelly Brat’ was fine, but Gu Cang Yun did not have the courage to do so. Hence, he conscientiously addressed Yang Kai as ‘Palace Master’.


“En. I just got back from there.” Yang Kai smiled slightly.


“T-Then, is Sword Union…” Gu Cang Yun looked at Yang Kai with a look of expectation.


“Don’t worry, Senior Gu. I also brought Brother Gu here on this trip and many others from Sword Union too.”


“Where are they?” Gu Cang Yun’s eyes brightened.


“Don’t worry. You’ll be able to meet them soon.” More than a hundred thousand people were crowded in a certain area of the Small Sealed World, so Yang Kai could not find Gu Jian Xin nor the people of Sword Union at a moment’s notice. The reason he could summon Su Yan and the others so easily was that they were not staying in the same place as the others.


“Da Jun, bring me the Mountains and Rivers Projection,” he said while lifting his hand.


Nanmen Da Jun did not know what Yang Kai wanted to do, but he did not doubt the latter. He hurriedly took out the Mountains and Rivers Projection controller and opened it. A picture instantly lit up and an image of a miniature High Heaven Palace appeared before them. From the mountains and the plains down to the smallest stream and hill, everything was clearly shown in the image. This was something Nanmen Da Jun and Hou Yu had joined hands to refine so it was only natural that it was an amazing work.


Yang Kai pointed at several of the peaks and asked, “There are people living here, right?”


Bian Yu Qing glanced at the spots Yang Kai was pointing at and answered, “That’s right. That’s Thousand Leaves Peak where Old Man Ye Hen and the people of Thousand Leaves Sect are staying. Five Saints Peak is where Chi Yue lives…” She had been living in High Heaven Palace for more than ten years now, so it was only natural that she was familiar with where everyone lived.


Yang Kai nodded at her words, “There will be a lot of people coming out soon. I need you to help settle them in.”


“How many?” She asked.


“More than a hundred of thousand!”


As soon as the words left his mouth, everybody gasped in response. High Heaven Palace had always been small in number; moreover, Yang Kai had never shown any intention to recruit disciples. The gates to High Heaven Palace had never been opened since its establishment, so they did not know what he was planning. It wasn’t until today that they understood he was simply making preparations all this time.


“With so many people, I will need some helping hands,” Bian Yu Qing said.


“Good. You can also ask the people from Thousand Leaves Sect to come.” Yang Kai nodded, “I’m going to bring these people out first.”


Bian Yu Qing immediately took out her communication artifact and poured her Divine Sense into it. It was obvious that she was calling for people to come over and help.


On the other hand, Yang Kai summoned the Sealed World Bead, and in a swirl of darkness, a huge tadpole-like figure appeared. It was Gun-Gun who proceeded to open his dark and wide mouth as though it spanned across the entire world.


The terrifying aura emanating from Gun-Gun made the three Monster Kings pale. They couldn’t even tell what this thing was. It wasn’t due to the large body size either, but rather that it gave off an extremely dangerous feeling.


A figure soon rushed out of that big mouth and looked around with a shocked expression. The figure that was frozen in place was none other than Meng Wu Ya. The rich World Energy all around made him think that he was in a dream. The World Energy in the place where High Heaven Sect was located on Shadowed Star had been second to none in the entire Star Field; however, comparing that place to this place was like comparing the ground to the vast Heavens. One didn’t even need to circulate a Secret Art to feel the World Energy pouring into their body here, an extremely comfortable sensation.


Then, another figure came out of Gun-Gun’s mouth. Followed by the third, and then a fourth… Everybody reacted in the same way.


Yang Kai called out loudly seeing this, “Everyone, please don’t stop here. Please continue moving forward as there are still others coming out behind you.”


His reminder finally woke these people from their daze and glancing at each other, they saw the shock and excitement in each other’s eyes. They had long been informed that they were going to follow Yang Kai back to a higher world known as the Star Boundary, and from the looks of it, they had arrived safely. It was just that they never imagined that the Star Boundary they heard about would have such an excellent cultivation environment.


Naturally, most places in the Star Boundary were unlike High Heaven Palace. Even if it was better than the Star Field, it would not have given them the sense of disparity between day and night; however, this was High Heaven Palace. It was where the Seeking Passion Sect once stood. In the first place, it was one of the best Cultivation Paradises in the Northern Territory, so how could the Word Energy not be abundant?


In the meantime, a steady stream of people emerged from Gun-Gun’s mouth and the square was soon filled with people.


At this time, the people of Thousand Leaves Sect also rushed over under Ye Hen’s lead. There were not many of them, only a few hundred at best, and needless to say, they were extremely shocked to be greeted by this scene. After asking around for a bit, they finally learned that these people came from a Lower Star Field and were astounded by Yang Kai’s methods.


In the eyes of a cultivator born and raised in the Star Boundary, those that arrived from a Lower Star Field were the elites among the elites. As long as they did not die partway through their journey, the chances of them advancing to the Emperor Realm was extremely high. It was only because the cultivation environment of a Lower Star Field was vastly inferior to the Star Boundary that their potential for growth had been limited.


It wasn’t as if there were no cultivators from a Lower Star Field in Star Boundary, it was just that they were scattered all over the place so it was difficult to see so many of them all at once.


Thousands of cultivators appeared in the square, and there were still more people coming out. These people might not be powerful at the moment, but with enough time, they would surely become the foundation of High Heaven Palace.


Yang Kai had no time to chat with anybody as he stood in a corner with Bian Yu Qing, pointing at various spots at High Heaven Palace shown on the Mountains and Rivers Projection. They were constantly discussing how to divide the land and living quarters for these people.


One by one, the disciples of the Thousand Leaves Sect were given instructions, each of them leading approximately 1,000 or 2,000 people as they headed for a mountain somewhere.


This busy work spanned several days, during which, Hua Qing Si returned from the Southern Territory. With her help, things went more smoothly than before while her expression was both blissful and distressed. She would glance at Yang Kai from time to time with a resentful look.


Although she was personally named by Yang Kai as the Head Manager of High Heaven Palace, she had nothing much to deal with since its establishment. There weren’t that many people in High Heaven Palace in the first place. Besides, most of them were disciples of Thousand Leaves Sect, and since Ye Hen was also based on Thousand Leaves Peak, self-governance had not been a problem.


Over the years, Hua Qing Si had mostly busied herself looking for ways to obtain cultivation resources for High Heaven Palace. Cooperating with Violet Source Chamber of Commerce in the Southern Territory had earned her a lot of fortune, but what was the point of earning so much? There were no disciples using these resources so these materials ended up as a bunch of numbers of paper. Hence, it could be said that she was Head Manager in name only.


However, it was different now. More than a hundred thousand disciples had entered High Heaven Palace all of a sudden; in other words, she had to coordinate, determine their cultivation techniques, and prepare the resources needed for all of these disciples. She could almost see a future where she would not get a moment’s rest for at least half a year…


Her workload would finally be worthy of her title as ‘Head Manager’, but… wasn’t this going to be too exhausting?


Fortunately, she had Bian Yu Qing sharing her worries and helping her in solving problems; otherwise, she would have to bear this burden all alone. Nevertheless, it was still too much for her and Bian Yu Qing alone to handle the daily needs of more than a hundred thousand people, so they needed to come up with a better plan.


The last group that came out of the Small Sealed World was a group of Monster Race cultivators. They were the elites of Monster Emperor Star, and numbered around three thousand in total with Yu Xiong as their leader. Furthermore, each one of them gave off a tremendous Monster Qi.


Yang Kai beckoned at the three Monster Kings, “I will hand them over to you three to take care of.”


The cultivation of the Monster Race was different from that of Humans; therefore, it would be for the best for them if they were personally taught by the three Monster Kings. In response, Ying Fei, Xi Lei, and Xie Wu Wei smiled widely. Their gazes swept over the three thousand or so new members of the Monster Race with a calculating look, causing a chill to shoot up the spines of these three thousand.


These new members of the Monster Race could be considered the elites of Monster Emperor Star, the outstanding talents who survived the war against Limitless Beast Mountain. Even so, they felt like babies when faced with the aura coming from the three Monster Kings. None of them could tell how powerful the Monster Kings were specifically, but there was no doubt that any one of these three could snuff them out with a snort.


“Finally, we have something to do!” Xi Lei laughed loudly.


Like Hua Qing Si, the three of them had been idling since they came to High Heaven Palace. Their greatest joy had been playing hide-and-seek with Hou Yu. Unfortunately, she lost the heart to escape after being captured by them countless times and instead dedicated herself to refining artifacts for High Heaven Palace nowadays.


In her words, she was going to squander all the resources in High Heaven Palace to make Yang Kai feel distressed and finally release her. Nevertheless, she could not bring herself to disgrace her reputation as an Emperor Artifact Refiner, and as a result, all the Artifacts she refined were of top quality. At the moment, countless artifacts of various grades were piled up in High Heaven Palace’s treasury. If she had known beforehand that Yang Kai would bring more than a hundred thousand disciples into the Sect and effectively put those artifacts to good use, she would not have the motivation to continue ‘wasting’ resources.


Without Hou Yu to chase around, the three Monster Kings had felt increasingly bored; therefore, handing them three thousand or so disciples was just what they wanted. At the very least, they could do something for Yang Kai, which was better than staying here doing nothing all day long.


“Little ones, come with me.” Xi Lei waved his hand and took the lead to fly to a large mountain deep inside High Heaven Palace.


The three thousand or so newcomers looked at each other, feeling confused until Chi Yue shouted, “What are you waiting for!? Get moving!”


Only then did many of them notice Chi Yue’s presence and they were both surprised and delighted to see her. When she left the Star Field, Chi Yue had been the one and only Monster Queen on Monster Emperor Star, and while her strength was simply incomparable to that of Xi Lei and the other Monster Kings, her orders carried far more weight, so the three thousand or so Monsters follow after Xi Lei obediently. 


It was a mighty and spectacular procession.


Silavin: The original title should be Over 9000! but well. 




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  1. hahaha cant imagine the look of shock on meng wu ya , good our yang boy managed to pull such a heart warming, admirable and spectacular feat, and for the third time at that, also i think now that there is 3000 thousand monster deciples here the three monster kings have more reason to stick with yk.

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    2. I think we will get a part with more Demons. There is still the seal in his belly and in the start world he killed that clone of a higher demon who still holds a grudge

  3. Ok this chapter warms my heart. Even the sword union guy will get to reunite w his son and 2 daughter in laws

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  4. Ok this chapter warms my heart. Even the sword union guy will get to reunite w his son and 2 daughter in laws

    Hope to have at least one or two more chapters of high heaven sect before the next story arc.

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