Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3214, Returning To One’s Roots


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Ji Ying was extremely efficient so Yang Kai only waited at High Heaven Palace for less than five days before Ji Ying rushed back in a hurry and headed straight to the Main Peak, High Heaven Peak.


“Brother Ji, how did it go?” Yang Kai couldn’t read the situation from Ji Ying’s expression, so he asked anxiously.


Ji Ying replied, “Honoured Master has agreed to meet Sister-In-Law.”


Yang Kai couldn’t help feeling a little disappointed by that answer, but he also knew that Wondrous Pill Great Emperor would not take in a disciple so carelessly. Just the fact that Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had agreed to meet Xia Ning Chang meant that they had a chance. If he refused to even meet them, then Yang Kai could only give up on this idea; thankfully, there was still a glimmer of hope.


“If Sister-In-Law is not busy with anything right now, then let us set off immediately. We cannot let Honoured Master wait for long.” Ji Ying did not want to delay a single moment to return to Medicine Pill Valley.


“Many thanks, Brother Ji.” Yang Kai bowed slightly with one hand on his chest. Xia Ning Chang walked out from behind him then they reluctantly said their goodbyes.


They had just reunited not long ago, and now they were about to be separated again; moreover, it would not be easy for them to meet again if and once she entered Medicine Pill Valley. Even so, that was the best place for her to be in the long run. 


[After she has learnt enough, she can always come back, and we have a long future together. So, stop worrying. Don’t keep thinking of making her stay.]


Afterwards, Ji Ying took out his boat artifact, boarded it with Xia Ning Chang, and shot off into the sky in a stream of light.


Yang Kai stood in front of the main hall and watched their departure. A long time passed before he retracted his gaze. Su Yan, Shan Qing Luo, and Xue Yue were standing behind him. Composing himself, he turned and asked, “Luo’er, are you sure you don’t want to go to the Ancient Wild Lands?”


Over the past few days, he had given the four women a rough explanation of the situation in the Star Boundary. He had arranged for Xia Ning Chang to enter Medicine Pill Valley. As for Shan Qing Luo; the best place for her to go was the Ancient Wild Lands. Although she was born a Human, she had the Monster Race’s bloodline in her as well as the Source Strength of the Heavenly Moon Demon Spider, so the most suitable place for her to increase her cultivation in the Star Boundary was undoubtedly the Ancient Wild Lands.


He believed that if he sent her to the Ancient Wild Lands, the Three Great Divine Venerables would not have much to say about it. It went without saying that it was useless even if they were against the idea. Surprisingly though, she didn’t seem to have such intentions. On the contrary, she seemed happy to stay and cultivate in High Heaven Palace. He even had a vague guess for her reasoning. She was worried that Xue Yue might get lonely, so she was staying to keep her company.


“I’m not going.” Shan Qing Luo smiled, “As long as I have the heart and the will, it makes no difference where I cultivate.”


Yang Kai gently nodded, “Fair enough.”


At present, High Heaven Palace had no shortage of cultivation resources, so even if she did not go to the Ancient Wild Lands, it would not negatively affect her cultivation pace; thus, he did not force the issue since she was not willing to go. Turning to look at Su Yan, he said, “Let’s go to Ice Heart Valley, then.”


After saying that, his figure moved as he headed towards the Space Array at a high speed with Su Yan following closely behind him.


A short while later, the Space Array located in the once Restricted Area on the Ice Island of Ice Heart Valley lit up brightly. 


Ice Heart Valley’s disciples guarding the area noticed the changes and went to investigate the situation. When they got a grasp of what had happened, they reported it to their higher-ups.


Yang Kai rarely came to Ice Heart Valley, but all the Elders and many of the disciples could recognize him; after all, it was Yang Kai who turned the tide and saved Ice Heart Valley from the catastrophe they were facing just over a decade ago. On the other hand, his position in the hearts of Ice Heart Valley’s disciples was almost transcendent. Otherwise, how could a man like him enter a place where only women gathered so easily? Normally, they would kill any man who dared to contaminate this paradise.


A quarter-hour later, Yang Kai met with Bing Yun in a large hall. There was nobody else with her except Ji Yao, who served next to her. 


Yang Kai felt troubled the moment he saw Ji Yao as just the sight of her brought up memories of the embarrassing incident between them in the Ancient Wild Lands.


Similarly, Ji Yao had a strange expression on her face too. She smiled at him, but the smile was not reflected in her eyes. It made him extremely uncomfortable and gave him the feeling that she was hiding something she wanted to say in her gaze.


Shifting his eyes away, he cupped his fists, “Yang Kai greets Senior.”


Bing Yun smiled and replied in a gentle voice, “Why are you acting like such an outsider? Boy, why have you not visited this place for more than ten years?”


Before he could reply, Ji Yao insultingly interjected, “Palace Master Yang is an important and busy man. He only interacts with the noble and the rich. Why would he think of this desolate and small Ice Heart Valley?”


Yang Kai lifted his gaze and glanced at Ji Yao. [I’ve never done anything to provoke you before, why are your words so harsh?]


Even Bing Yun glanced at her Third Disciple upon hearing those words.


The corners of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “Junior Sister Yao, I trust you’ve been well since we last met.”


Ji Yao stretched out her hand and pushed her hair behind her ear. Then, she lightly replied, “Last time, it was ‘Yao’er’, but now, it has changed to ‘Junior Sister’.”


This time around, the corners of his brow twitched at those words. Even Bing Yun’s eyes flashed with a hint of helplessness before she lifted a hand and spoke up, “Don’t act so distant. Let’s sit down and talk.”


Ji Yao added, “There is no tea for guests. Please forgive our discourtesy, Palace Master Yang.”


“Aha.. ha… haa…” Aside from giving a dry chuckle, he had no idea how else he should react to her words.


Meanwhile, Bing Yun couldn’t take it anymore and glared at Ji Yao, with the latter lowering her eyes with a docile look in response.


“This is…” Bing Yun glanced at Su Yan, who was standing behind Yang Kai, with a strange look. She secretly thought to herself. [Ji Yao’s cold attitude probably has something to do with this woman this little boy brought with him….] 


Thinking so, Bing Yun couldn’t help asking out of curiosity.


Su Yan stepped forward and bowed slightly with her fists cupped, “Su Yan greets the Ancestral Founder!”


“Ancestral Founder?” Bing Yun was taken aback by those words. Similarly, Ji Yao lifted her head to look at Su Yan curiously.


“That is…” Bing Yun’s eyes suddenly shone with a different light and her gaze fixed on the sword hanging by Su Yan’s side with a stunned look. Beckoning with her hand, the sword flew into her grasp. She held the hilt of the sword and pulled it from its sheath with a sharp sound. The large hall was instantly filled with a cold yet dazzling light while at the same time, a freezing aura spread out.


“Profound Frost!” Bing Yun muttered in surprise. This sword originally belonged to her. It was the sword she used when she was the Valley Master of Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Wave Star in Heng Luo Star Field. She had left the sword behind in Ice Heart Valley when she later left the Star Field to head for the Star Boundary. Even after more than ten thousand years though, and even though Profound Frost had undergone tremendous changes, Bing Yun could still tell with a glance that this was the sword she had used back then.


“Yes, Ancestral Founder. It is Profound Frost!” Su Yan replied respectfully.


Bing Yun glanced up at Su Yan and asked, “Are you from Heng Luo Star Field?”


Since Profound Frost was here, it was not hard to guess where Su Yan had originated from.


Yang Kai smiled, “My wife once studied in Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Wave Star for a while. Profound Frost was something she received from Ice Heart Valley back then.”


“Wife?” Bing Yun keenly caught the extremely intimate manner Yang Kai had addressed Su Yan. Similarly, a strange light flashed across Ji Yao’s eyes.


Stroking the sword edge lightly, Bing Yun recalled the memories of the past and couldn’t help sighing. A long while passed before she spoke again, “Profound Frost was only an Origin King Grade Artifact back then, but it is now a Dao Source Grade Artifact. Moreover, it seems to have gained spirituality. It seems that leaving the sword in your hands has not been a disservice to it.”


Returning the sword to its sheath, Bing Yun lifted her hand and returned Profound Frost to Su Yan. Although it was something she used to own, Profound Frost was no longer useful to her so it was only natural that she would not snatch it from Su Yan, who brought it here with her.


Bing Yun turned to look at Yang Kai then and said, “Yang Kai, the reason you brought her here to me…”


Yang Kai grinned at her, “Su Yan can be regarded as a disciple of Ice Heart Valley on Scarlet Wave Star. Naturally, that makes her your disciple by extension, Senior. I simply brought her here to return to her roots.”


Bing Yun nodded lightly at those words as she could guess his intentions, “Good, I will take her in. Don’t worry, I will not neglect her.”


[Bing Yun sure is easy-going!] Although he knew that nothing would go wrong here, he had not expected Bing Yun to agree so readily. Compared to Wondrous Pill Great Emperor, Bing Yun was much more amiable. Nevertheless, Bing Yun was only a Third-Order Emperor, a far cry from Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s height. A Great Emperor should be extremely cautious in accepting disciples after all. What’s more; Wondrous Pill Great Emperor had already declared he would not take in more disciples.


Yang Kai winked at Su Yan, who immediately bowed once more, “Disciple greets Honoured Master!”


Ji Yao suddenly spoke up, “Honoured Master, you spend most of your time cultivating in retreat, so why not leave Little Junior Sister to me? I will take responsibility for her.”


Yang Kai was shocked and shifted his eyes abruptly to stare at Ji Yao, only to see that she was smiling at him with a cryptic grin. It gave him a bad feeling, but before he could say anything, Bing Yun nodded and said, “Good. If I am busy, I will leave Little Su Yan to you. Please take good care of her.”


“Of course. I won’t disappoint you, Honoured Master.” Ji Yao replied respectfully before turning to look at Su Yan and saying, “Little Junior Sister, this is our first time meeting each other. You may call me ‘Third Senior Sister’. You can also call me by my name. I am Ji Yao.”


“Greetings, Third Senior Sister!”


Ji Yao smiled, “Leave that to the future. Honoured Master has yet to take you in formally, but we will all be one family once the reception ceremony is over, so you don’t need to act so stiff and polite.”




Yang Kai broke out in a cold sweat as he suddenly had the feeling that he was sending Su Yan into a lion’s den. However, it wasn’t the time nor occasion to regret his decision. Bing Yun had already agreed to take Su Yan in as her disciple; moreover, Su Yan was very suited to stay and cultivate in Ice Heart Valley, so what was the point of regretting now?


[Ji Yao won’t make things difficult for Su Yan, right?] Based on his understanding of Ji Yao, it shouldn’t come to that. That thought settled all the anxiety in his heart, so he added, “Senior, I returned to Heng Luo Star Field a short while ago and brought back a number of disciples from Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley. If you are willing to take them in, I will return immediately to arrange for them to be brought here.”


The people he brought with him when he left the Star Field were not just from Shadowed Star but from all the major Cultivation Stars. Needless to say, Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley had been one of those with preferential treatment, so almost the entire Sect had been relocated.


“You went back to the Star Field?” Bing Yun was shocked.


“Yes. It was a lucky coincidence.”


“How many people did you bring with you?”


“Senior, are you asking about Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley or the total number of people I brought back?”


“Of course, I’m asking about Ice Heart Valley.”


“Several thousands.”


Bing Yun was stunned as she initially thought that even if he had the ability to bring a few people back from the Star Field with him, it would not be more than a couple dozen. Hence, the number amounting to several thousand shocked her to the core. But soon, her eyes brightened and she asked, “Did you become the Star Field’s Master?”


Yang Kai laughed, “Senior has sharp eyes.”


She felt relieved by those words. [No wonder he can bring several thousands of people along with him. It’s because he became the Star Field Master and the Guardian of the Star Field. There is no other way to explain how he could bring so many people along with him aside from that.] 


Frowning suddenly, Bing Yun said, “All Star Fields and the Star Boundary have their own respective rules. Only those in the Third-Order Origin King Realm can pass through the Starlight Corridor to arrive in this world after overcoming the obstacles in their path. Although I don’t know what method you used to bring them here, I’m afraid your actions will invite some trouble.”


Yang Kai replied, “Don’t worry, Senior. The fact that I dared to do this means that there won’t be any problems.”




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