Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3215, Cultivation Technique Pavilion


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If not for the fact that Yang Yan was Yang Kai’s direct superior, he would not have been able to pull this off. He would definitely have been caught and ultimately punished for his actions. In the worst case, he might even be deprived of his Star Field Master status; however, with Yang Yan’s protection, it was nothing for him to sneak a few people over.


“What about the total number?” Bing Yun suddenly realized something. If he brought over several thousands of people just from Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley alone, then the total must be even higher; after all, Yang Kai himself originated from the Star Field, so he couldn’t neglect taking care of his friends and family there.


“I think there were more than a hundred thousand…” He scratched his face.


Bing Yun was completely stunned while Ji Yao stared at him blankly. What was the scale of a hundred thousand people? The entire Ice Heart Valley only had a few thousand disciples. It didn’t even reach a population of ten thousand in total. Moreover, that was the result of continuously recruiting disciples over so many years. A hundred thousand was practically equivalent to several Ice Heart Valleys.


“Why did you bring so many people over?” Bing Yun didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Can you afford to feed them?”


[It’s more than a hundred thousand people! Just the cultivation resources for everybody will amount to a terrifying figure! It has not been long since High Heaven Palace was established, how can they have such a large heritage to squander?] She couldn’t help but worry about his future.


Yang Kai chuckled, “There is no problem for the time being.”


Bing Yun was stunned for a moment before she nodded, “It seems that I have underestimated you. Since you have so many people on your side, let’s arrange for those from Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley to be sent over as soon as possible. That will be my contribution to sharing and reducing some of your burdens.” 


Bing Yun would not have done this under normal circumstances; however, Scarlet Wave Star’s Ice Heart Valley was also a Sect she had established with her own hands in the past. Thus, she could not ignore those thousands of disciples that were essentially her disciples too. It was also better for those disciples’ cultivation if she took them into Ice Heart Valley.


“Many thanks, Senior.”


She smiled, “I should thank you instead. Since you have such deep pockets, there is nothing Ice Heart Valley can provide you as thanks other than this. In the future, I will teach Su Yan carefully to return your favour.”


That was clearly implying that Yang Kai had nothing to worry about as she would never treat Su Yan poorly. 


On the other hand, Yang Kai seized the opportunity to make a request, smilingly speaking, “Senior, this Junior has a favour to request.”


Bing Yun asked, “What is it? As long as it isn’t too much… Let’s hear it.”


He made a bitter expression, “Senior, High Heaven Palace has only been established for a short time so its heritage cannot compare to that of other Sects in the Star Boundary. Putting aside the issue regarding cultivation resources since we can still live frugally, the disciples cannot rely solely on Source Crystals to cultivate. They need suitable Secret Arts and Secret Techniques. If they cultivate blindly without any direction, they will not survive in a fight against others no matter how high their cultivation. How humiliating will it be if they are killed by others with lower cultivation realms than themselves?”


Bing Yun looked at him in annoyance and declared, “Get to the point. Why are you beating around the bush!?”


Yang Kai grinned meaningfully, “I was wondering if I could borrow some Secret Arts and Secret Techniques from Ice Heart Valley? As you know, there are bound to be all sorts of people among the many I brought with me, so I’m sure some of them will cultivate Ice Attribute Secret Arts and Techniques. We are currently lacking in these things right now.”


Bing Yun couldn’t help laughing, “You eliminated the Seeking Passion Sect and took away everything that belonged to them. Isn’t the heritage of a Sect that is several tens of thousands of years old not enough for you to use?” Speaking of which, the heritage of the Seeking Passion Sect was more impressive than that of Ice Heart Valley. It was a Sect created by a Great Emperor after all. Back then, the Seeking Passion Great Emperor was very influential. It was just that the Sect’s reputation gradually declined over the generations and in the end, was destroyed by Yang Kai.


Although Bing Yun did not know how much he benefited from annihilating the Seeking Passion Sect, the fact that he could afford to feed more than a hundred thousand people was a good indicator of how many cultivation resources he obtained. In that case, there must have been many Secret Arts and Secret Techniques too. She distinctly remembered that the library in Seeking Passion Sect was larger than Ice Heart Valley’s.


Yang Kai simply rubbed his hands together though, “Of course, it’s always better to have as many Secret Arts and Secret Techniques as possible. That way, the disciples will have more options to choose from, right? Of course, we can also do an exchange if you are interested. High Heaven Palace now has its own grand library. Senior can take whatever Secret Arts or Secret Techniques you fancy from there.”


Bing Yun waved her hand, “The disciples of Ice Heart Valley cultivate Ice Attribute Secret Arts and Ice Attribute Secret Techniques exclusively. Why would I want the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques of others?”


“Senior, does that mean…”


She replied, “Won’t I look too stingy if I refuse your request?”


“Many thanks, Senior!” He broke into a broad smile.


She nodded before turning to the side, “Yao’er, bring him to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion to have a look. Aside from the restricted resources on the top level, he is free to go anywhere he pleases.” 


Issuing a command like this right in front of Yang Kai was a clear indicator that she did not treat him as an outsider. As for those restricted resources; they were the core foundation of Ice Heart Valley itself which even its own disciples could not freely access. Only the future leaders and promising talents of the Sect were qualified to study those records; thus, it was only natural that she could not allow him to take them away.


“Uh… I can go by myself. I don’t need to trouble Junior Sister Yao.”


Ji Yao chuckled, “It’s not up to you. Honoured Master has already decreed it to be so. Senior Brother Yang, please come with me.” She smiled and walked over. Brushing past him, leaving a touch of fragrance lingering in his nose like something tangible.


“Go on. I want to have a chat with Su Yan.” Bing Yun waved him away, indicating that his presence was no longer welcome.


Thus, Yang Kai had no other choice but to leave. Before he left, he quietly sent a transmission to Su Yan, “Focus on your cultivation. I will visit you from time to time.”


Su Yan nodded at him lightly.


The door to the large hall closed behind Yang Kai as he followed Ji Yao to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion. Along the way, he came across many beautiful and alluring young women. Many of Ice Heart Valley’s disciples moved to the side to open up a path in the middle and bowed respectfully when they saw Yang Kai and Ji Yao coming from afar; however, he could sense that the occasional peeping looks were studying him with great curiosity.


All sorts of fragrances and perfumes intermingled in the air, giving birth to the illusion that he was trapped in a country of women.


It was silent throughout the entire journey. Even though Ji Yao took the lead, she had no intention of striking up a conversation with Yang Kai and soon, a nine-story pagoda came into sight. There was a plaque on the pagoda with three words written on it, ‘Cultivation Technique Pavilion’. Many Ice Heart Valley’s disciples came and went from the pagoda, clearly here to choose their Secret Arts and Secret Techniques.


Yang Kai entered the pagoda with Ji Yao and was immediately greeted by a woman dressed in palace clothes with her hair tied up in a high bun behind her head. She politely called out, “Martial Aunt Ji!”


This woman was in the Dao Source Realm, so she was not weak in terms of strength. If Ji Yao was a first-generation disciple of Ice Heart Valley, then this woman would be a second-generation disciple.


After her initial greeting, this young woman glanced at Yang Kai and suddenly exclaimed, “Martial Uncle Yang!”


She had seen Yang Kai before, and although it had only been a distant glimpse in the past, there was only one man in the world who could enter the Cultivation Technique Pavilion with Ji Yao and that was the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace.


Yang Kai smiled and returned the courtesy. He was aware of how famous he was within Ice Heart Valley, so he was not surprised.


“Ask all the disciples inside to leave. Senior Brother Yang and I have something to do,” Ji Yao commanded indifferently.


A look of surprise flashed in the woman’s eyes. [Are the rumours true? Otherwise, why are they clearing out the entire Cultivation Technique Pavilion just to enter? It will be bad for Martial Aunt Ji’s reputation if word got out that she was alone with a man, but she clearly doesn’t seem to care about that.] 


Despite the suspicions in her heart, she replied, “Yes!”


Following that, the woman turned around and went inside. A short while passed and one by one, the disciples of Ice Heart Valley walked out of the pagoda, bowed to Yang Kai and Ji Yao, and took their leave. The entire process only took a quarter of an hour at most. Afterwards, the woman in the palace clothes approached the two again and reported, “Martial Aunt Ji, all the disciples have exited.”


“Good.” Ji Yao nodded slightly. Looking back at Yang Kai, she said, “Come in.”


Yang Kai looked uncomfortable. He had wanted to stop Ji Yao when she asked to clear out the pagoda; however, he was worried that other people might take it the wrong way and decided to keep his silence instead. Now, that ship had sailed and he could only let nature run its course. 


[Ji Yao isn’t afraid, and she is a woman, so why should I be bothered?]


The Cultivation Technique Pavilion was divided into nine floors, and the higher the floor, the higher the grade of the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques stored inside. Correspondingly, the requirements for the disciples to enter the pagoda would increase too. Although this was Ice Heart Valley’s Cultivation Technique Pavilion, the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques stored here did not just include those of the Ice Attribute.


After all, Ice Heart Valley had been standing for more than ten thousand years. Disciples who journeyed outside the Sect for life experience and missions were bound to gain some benefits during their travels. Hence, they would bring those Secret Arts and Secret Techniques they obtained, whether by intention or by luck, back to the Cultivation Technique Pavilion in exchange for Sect contribution points. That was basically how a Sect’s heritage grew. It was not something that could be obtained overnight but rather something that was accumulated over many centuries and millennia.


Ji Yao led Yang Kai inside and gave him a quick introduction of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion’s organization as they walked. After Yang Kai got a rough idea of the place, he said, “Let’s head directly to the fourth floor.”


All the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques below the fourth floor were useless to him. The materials suitable for cultivators in the Saint King Realm and above were only located on the fourth floor and above.


Nodding, she followed the winding staircase upward to the fourth floor, “Take your time and see if there’s anything you need, Senior Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai nodded and looked around. The fourth floor was very spacious. Moreover, it was filled with at least twenty wooden shelves as tall as a person and as long as several tens of metres. The wooden shelves were divided into small grids, with each containing a jade slip inside. The name of the Secret Art or Secret Technique was written on the jade slip. The organisation of the resources was very clear and easy to navigate.


Grabbing one of the jade slips at random, Yang Kai poured his Divine Sense into it to investigate the contents. It turned out to be a Secret Technique that allowed cultivators to cultivate until they entered the Origin King Realm. It was not very precious, but its main point was that it progressed steadily. There was no need to worry about cultivation dissonance.


Not holding back, he took out a blank jade slip and began copying the contents. He had prepared in advance for this trip, so he had readied tens of thousands of blank jade slips inside his Space Ring. It wasn’t just Ice Heart Valley; he was also targeting Fire Dragon Palace. He had long asked Li Jiao to go back and prepare some Secret Arts and Secret Techniques to be sent over.


If it were in the past, Li Jiao would have tried to shirk the task or negotiate with Yang Kai; after all, that was Fire Dragon Palace’s heritage, how could he allow other people to benefit from it so easily? However, after experiencing life and death with Yang Kai on Dragon Island, owing a favour to Yang Kai for saving Lu San Niang, and the comradeship formed when they joined hands in battle all over Heng Luo Star Field, he did not refuse Yang Kai’s requests. He immediately agreed and brought both Lu San Niang and Lu Yu Qin back to Fire Dragon Palace with him.


[It should be about time to receive those Secret Arts and Secret Techniques from Li Jiao.] Yang Kai was also planning to head to the Southern Territory to obtain some Secret Arts and Secret Techniques from Azure Sun Temple.


Once High Heaven Palace gathered Secret Arts and Secret Techniques from four of the top Sects in the Star Boundary, the disciples of High Heaven Palace would have a wide variety of choices when it came to their cultivation. Just this starting point alone would give them a distinct advantage over others. It would be difficult for them not to become strong even if they didn’t want to.


“Shall I help you?” Ji Yao walked over and asked softly.


Nodding, Yang Kai took out a jade slip and handed it to her. He might not know how many Secret Arts and Secret Techniques were stored in the Cultivation Technique Pavilion of Ice Heart Valley, but it was always more efficient to have one more person helping to copy the jade slips.




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