Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3217, So It’s My Fault?


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At the bottom of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, the woman dressed in palace clothes who previously addressed Ji Yao as ‘Martial Aunt Ji’ looked up with a worried look. She seemed to have heard the faint sounds of quarrelling coming from above.


The Cultivation Technique Pavilion had been cleared out, so aside from her standing guard outside the door, only Ji Yao and Yang Kai were left inside. As such, the quarrelling noises must have come from those two; however, she could not figure out what it was that was making them quarrel so loudly that even she could hear them from the outside.


[Nothing will happen, right? Ice Heart Valley is indebted to Palace Master Yang. Besides, I heard that Martial Aunt Ji and Palace Master Yang have a close private relationship. When Martial Aunt Ji went missing for so many years, it was Palace Master Yang who brought her back safely. If that’s the case, why would they be quarrelling with each other?] She considered investigating the situation but hesitated for fear of encountering something that shouldn’t be seen.


Fortunately, the quarrel stopped as abruptly as it began. There was no more movement from above, which reassured her greatly. She couldn’t hear anything when she tried to listen in on them now; thus, she could only shake her head and sigh. As she continued to guard the door, she secretly prayed that nothing would happen.


Unbeknownst to her, something had really happened on the eighth floor of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion.


Ji Yao was completely inexperienced, so how could she compare to Yang Kai, a veteran in the matters of intimacy? Nothing serious had happened yet, with Yang Kai simply having his hand around her waist as he kissed her on her scarlet lips for a little bit. Even so, Ji Yao’s entire body had gone limp, and she lost all strength. If not for his hands supporting her around her waist, she would have fallen to the ground by now. Her breathing was ragged and her chest heaved violently. At the same time, her cheeks burned as though they had been set aflame.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was no longer satisfied with the sampling taste. Pushing her lips apart, he caught her soft tongue and had his way with it.


Ji Yao moaned, frightening herself. She never imagined that she could make such a strange sound, and it woke her up from her dazed state. Then, her eyes widened as round as saucers. She did not know where the strength came from, but she shoved at him with all her might and turned away. Pulling herself out of his embrace, she leaned against the wall and breathed in heavy gasps like a fish out of water.


Meanwhile, Yang Kai smacked his lips as he revelled in the taste of her lips for a moment. After that, he grinned at her and quipped, “I told you that it was going to lead to trouble!”


Ji Yao pressed one hand against her chest as it felt like if she didn’t do that, her heart would leap right out of it. The blush on her face had not gone away, and her enchanting eyes were watery. Nevertheless, she sneered, “What else do you have to say now?”


“About what?” He was stunned.


“That you’re a hypocrite! That you won’t be able to control yourself if a woman throws herself into your arms!” She snarled bitterly.


“So, it’s my fault?” He looked speechless. [Isn’t this your fault? If you didn’t do that, I wouldn’t have done anything either. Seriously, I’m a man after all.]


She frostily replied, “The truth is right in front of you, yet you still dare to deny it!?”


Yang Kai lowered his gaze, several strands of black hair falling across his forehead and concealing his expression as he murmured calmly, “Junior Sister Yao, were you using yourself as bait just to prove your point?”


Ji Yao said, “Yes!”


Raising his head, he grinned, “Junior Sister Yao, you sure are bold. Aren’t you afraid I might just eat you whole?” While speaking, he approached her slowly, step by step. 


Ji Yao was already feeling weak and leaning against the wall for support to begin with; thus, she couldn’t escape as he slowly came up to her. Her long eyelashes began trembling violently as she exclaimed, “What do you think you are doing!?”


Yang Kai slammed one hand against the wall behind her and used the other to lift her jade-white chin. It was as though his inner evil demons had been completely released from their shackles and he smiled at her faintly, “What do you think I’m doing?”


Without waiting for her to respond, he leaned down and kissed her again. This time around, he wasn’t as gentle as before. Instead, he roughly pushed past her defences and wantonly had his way with her. She immediately became out of breath, feeling as though she was suffocating. Only then did she understand that men should never be provoked arbitrarily.


After experiencing something like this for the second time, she performed much better. Moreover, she could begin to feel something. It was also because of that stirring feeling that it became more and more unbearable. It felt as though something was awakening within her. The blood in her body flowed several times faster than usual, and her entire body seemed to burn with an astonishing heat. It felt as though her clothes were about to burst into flames.


It wasn’t until a large hand slid from her waist to her chest that she grabbed his fiendish paws and opened her eyes wide, shaking her head beggingly. 


Yang Kai had been observing her reactions, so he smiled at the situation. Even so, he did not force things any further.


A long while passed before their lips parted while a glittering thread connected them together even after the deed. Ji Yao stared at the glimmering thread blankly, her already flushed cheeks becoming redder and redder. Then, she ducked and wriggled out of his embrace from beneath his arm. Dashing to the top of the stairs, she stopped and turned around to glare at him fiercely, “You absolutely cannot tell Little Junior Sister about this!”


After saying that, she hurried down the stairs as though she was fleeing from him.


“How dare she continue to act so fierce!?” Yang Kai looked in the direction she had disappeared and snorted with laughter. Her scent still lingered in his hands and placing one under his nose, he took in her fragrance with a captivated expression.


[I came here today just to obtain some Secret Arts and Secret Techniques from Ice Heart Valley, so why did things develop like this with Ji Yao?] Looking back on everything just now, it felt almost like a dream. Unfortunately, what was done was done and there was no point in thinking about it now. 


[I wonder if things will be awkward when I next meet Ji Yao again.]


What bothered him the most was that Ji Yao did not want him telling Su Yan about this. He originally thought that she was using herself as bait to get some dirt on him to use against him, but contrary to his expectations, she seemed even more afraid about this matter being exposed than he was. 


Yang Kai rubbed his chin and pondered over it for a moment before shaking his head. He simply could not understand what she was trying to do.


On the first floor of the Cultivation Technique Pavilion, the woman dressed in palace clothes hurried over after hearing the commotion and saluted, “Martial Aunt.”


Ji Yao didn’t look at the woman and apparently didn’t hear a single word she said as her mind was still occupied with thoughts of what had happened just now. The shock Ji Yao was experiencing due to this incident was unimaginable. She was definitely not as calm as she seemed on the surface.


The woman asked, “I heard some commotion upstairs just now. Were you and Palace Master Yang quarrelling, Martial Aunt?”


Ji Yao glanced at the woman and frowned, “You heard?”


The woman replied in trepidation, “It wasn’t on purpose. It was just that… It was a little loud.”


The look in Ji Yao’s eyes flickered, “What did you hear?”


The woman lowered her head, “I couldn’t hear anything clearly.”


Ji Yao had no idea whether this young woman was speaking the truth; thus, she could only instruct, “Keep this to yourself. It was just a minor disagreement between Senior Brother and I.”


“Good.” The woman nodded in response before asking curiously, “Martial Aunt, why is your face so flushed?”


She replied with an unnatural expression, “He made me angry.”


The woman did not doubt those words. As those who cultivated Ice Attribute Secret Arts generally had a calm, cold demeanour, so she couldn’t help being very curious about what it was that Yang Kai and Ji Yao had been quarrelling over that could anger the latter so badly. 


[Seriously; what is wrong with the Palace Master Yang? Martial Aunt Ji is such a good person, yet even she lost her temper with him. It must have been his fault!]


There were not many jade slips on the eighth floor, so Yang Kai finished copying them quickly. He then looked up and glanced at the ninth floor. That was where all the restricted resources of Ice Heart Valley were stored.


The ninth floor was completely unguarded to him, so he could easily enter the place if he wanted to; however, Bing Yun had not allowed him to do so. For that reason, he would not trespass into that area; after all, he only came to collect these Secret Arts and Secret Techniques to provide his disciples with more choices. There was no need for such profound materials.


[This trip has been very rewarding. I wonder how things are progressing on Li Jiao’s side.] Yang Kai leisurely walked downstairs where a woman immediately stepped forward to greet him.


“You didn’t leave?” Yang Kai looked at Ji Yao, who had her back to him, in amazement. [I thought she was going to avoid me after what happened just now. I can’t believe she was waiting right here!]


Ji Yao turned around and stated, “Why should I leave? It’s not like I did anything to be ashamed of.”


[I can’t believe you just said that with a straight face!] Yang Kai’s eyes widened. [She was getting intimate with her Little Junior Sister’s man behind her back. Doesn’t that count as shameful?] Unfortunately, he was involved in the incident, so he couldn’t say anything to refute her. He simply nodded at her words, “I’m done here. I should return now.”


“I’ll see you off.”


He did not refuse. He did not know whether he was imagining things, but it felt as though she was maintaining some distance between them during their journey. He tried to make small talk with her, but she did not respond to his attempts, so he couldn’t help feeling a little bored.


In truth, he wanted to bombard her with questions. [What in the world happened just now!? We were so intimate just moments ago! Why do you have such a cold expression now? You look so bitter, could it be that you are angry?] When that thought crossed his mind, his heart tightened a bit. 


[That’s quite possible; after all, I lost control and went too far just now. It’s inevitable that she is mad. Still, intimacy is not a solo act. If she wasn’t willing, why didn’t she reject me right from the start? Why was her resistance so weak? I thought she had acquiesced to it, that’s why I took the opportunity to go even further with her! Damn it, this is going to be awkward now. I wonder how we are going to get along with each other in the future.]


They soon arrived at the Restricted Area on Ice Island. Yang Kai stepped onto the Space Array and glanced at Ji Yao. Her expression was no different from usual, and she simply stood there quietly. Sighing to himself, he cupped his fists and said, “Please take good care of Su Yan, Junior Sister Yao.”


Ji Yao faintly replied, “Don’t worry, she won’t suffer any grievances here.”


He nodded at her words and activated the Space Array, disappearing from sight with a bright flash of light.


Upon returning to High Heaven Palace, Yang Kai went to Hua Qing Si and handed his gains from this trip. It was so that she could put it into their own Cultivation Technique Pavilion for the disciples to choose from.


After receiving these items from him, Hua Qing Si reported, “Palace Master Li came not long ago and brought many Secret Arts with him. I thanked him, but it seems like he has something to talk to you about.”


“Where is he?”


“In the conference hall.”


“Good, I’ll go and meet him.”


While speaking, Yang Kai flew into the air and left. 


Li Jiao was sitting inside the conference hall, accompanied by Lu San Niang. The two of them were whispering to each other and giggling away happily. Li Jiao sensed somebody entering through the door and looked up. Then, he looked surprised for a moment before getting up to bow respectfully.


“Brother Li, did you need something from me?” They were no longer strangers after experiencing various life-and-death situations together and sharing both honour and disgrace, so Yang Kai gradually changed his opinion of Li Jiao. There was no need for formalities between them.


Li Jiao smiled, “Brother Yang, I wish to form an alliance between Fire Dragon Palace and High Heaven Palace so we can look out for each other from now on. What do you think?”




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