Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3222, Is This Response Enough?


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Yang Kai had no choice but to make small talk with Ji Yao, lest the atmosphere become too awkward. Fortunately, Su Yan gave them a common topic to talk about. He asked about Su Yan, and Ji Yao responded to all of his questions. In that way, he learnt about how well Su Yan had been doing in Ice Heart Valley recently and how welcoming her Senior Sisters were to her. Part of the reason was out of respect for Yang Kai, but it was mostly out of affection as disciples in the same Sect. Regardless of the reason, Bing Yun had spoken so it was quickly confirmed that Su Yan was their Little Junior Sister, and they were all part of the same family from now on.


On another note, Bing Yun had been ecstatic when she learnt that Su Yan had the Ice Crystal Jade Body. Yang Kai had not mentioned anything about that when he brought Su Yan to Ice Heart Valley to return her to her roots. He was originally planning to bring it up, but Bing Yun had accepted Su Yan so readily that it didn’t take much effort from him to convince her.


Between the two of them, one was sitting and one was standing. Yang Kai turned to look out the window from time to time. The meaning behind his actions clearly being ‘it’s getting late, she should be going now; otherwise, it would be bad if word got out that they were alone in a room in the middle of the night.’


However, Ji Yao wasn’t bothered by his actions. She simply sat there quietly and didn’t seem to feel any discomfort.


As night fell, the clouds outside the window became so thick that it was hard to see. The hazy dimness gave off a different kind of beauty.


Yang Kai was a little speechless. He truly had no idea what Ji Yao wanted to do. [Could it be that she came here to cause trouble because of the previous incident? But, that doesn’t seem likely. If she was here to cause trouble, she could have brought it up directly, so why is she stubbornly refusing to leave?]


In any case, it wasn’t good to continue standing around. It made it seem like he was listening to her preach. [I am the Palace Master of High Heaven Palace. I am a relatively respectable and influential figure. Besides, this is my territory. Why should I stand while you sit?] 


Turning around, he smoothed the front of his robe with both hands and sat down on the edge of the bed, not too far away from Ji Yao.


“By the way, how is Junior Sister Liu doing?” There was nothing to talk about, so he randomly found another topic to discuss. The ‘Junior Sister Liu’ in question was referring to Liu Xian Yun, who entered the Star Boundary through the Starlight Corridor and ended up in Blue Feather Sect with him back then. She later entered the Solitary Void Sealed World with Yang Kai where the two of them had met Bing Yun. Later, Liu Xian Yun entered Ice Heart Valley.


Speaking of which, Liu Xian Yun did not cultivate an Ice Attribute Secret Art and was technically not qualified to enter the Sect according to Ice Heart Valley’s criteria; however, she had nowhere to settle down and Yang Kai could not ignore her circumstances. In the end, he asked Bing Yun to accept her into the Sect.


“Junior Sister Liu recently went into retreat to attempt to break through to the Emperor Realm. It has been several years since I last saw her, but there is nothing to worry about,” Ji Yao replied indifferently.


That was the good thing about cultivators from a Lower Star Field. Their aptitudes were among the best of the best, and they had a high probability of advancing to the Emperor Realm. Liu Xian Yun had been one of the leading Masters in Grand Desolation Star Field, and after entering Ice Heart Valley, she had abundant cultivation resources and an excellent cultivation environment. The accumulation of her efforts allowed her to progress rapidly and explosively.


Yang Kai nodded in response, feeling happy for Liu Xian Yun.


Unfortunately, what Ji Yao said next left his heart pounding wildly, “Senior Brother, are you interested in Junior Sister Liu too?”


He glared at her and solemnly stated, “Stop talking nonsense. Such words could ruin her reputation.”


Ji Yao slowly adjusted her sleeves, “Senior Brother, haven’t you already ruined a lot of reputations?”


[What does that mean!? Isn’t it just that I couldn’t help myself the other day!? Besides, it’s not entirely my fault either! Why is she so hung up on that? Does she feel like she was taken advantage of? How about I let her molest me right now in return!?] Turning to stare at her, he sternly said, “Junior Sister Yao, I think you might have misunderstood me a little bit.”


“Hahah…” The corners of her mouth lifted slightly, neither confirming nor denying his charge.


Yang Kai suddenly became angry out of shame and leaned towards her, the veins in his forehead twitching wildly, “Can you not laugh like that? It’s very disrespectful of you.”


It was an angry outburst, but he looked startled after speaking. That was because a hint of panic flashed across Ji Yao’s face without warning, and her eyelashes quivered. It wasn’t until he came back to his senses that he realized that he was so close he was almost pressing his lips against her face. His expression twitched slightly in response.


[Damn it! Now it’s going to be awkward again… I need to think of a way to explain myself… I’m already being suspected of taking advantage of her. I’m just digging myself into a hole at this rate. She won’t believe me even if I try to explain, but backing away right now will make it seem like I’m feeling guilty.] He was racking his brains trying to think of how to calmly get out of this situation and broach this topic.


Contrary to his expectations though, he noticed a faint blush creeping up her face, one that was incredibly alluring. Moreover, Ji Yao’s scent lingered at the tip of his nose, penetrating his senses as though a hand was gently stroking his heart.


[What’s going on?] He was puzzled. [Why isn’t she avoiding me? I accidentally got too close, so logically speaking, she should have moved away. But, it seems she has no intention of doing that…] 


There was only a hint of panic flashing in across her eyes and her hand was subconsciously gripping her snow-white sleeves as she lowered her gaze docilely.


Yang Kai swept his eyes across her fair face, delicate earlobes, and slender neck. From this angle, he could even see into the valley between her two mountains. Unfortunately, her clothes were too tight to see clearly. Nevertheless, the darkness of that crevice gave him much to fantasize about. Swallowing nervously, he turned his head away and whistled casually as he moved to sit much closer to her.


[Hmm? No response?] He moved a little more, then a little more… Finally, he could feel a warmth pressing against the side of his body. It was clear that they were already touching each other. Even now, Ji Yao was not reacting, nor did she seem intent on moving away. However, her entire body shuddered slightly when he pressed his body against hers just now.


[What is happening!?] He yelled in his heart. A thought rolled around in his mind, and he could not suppress that idea no matter what he tried. Thus, he put one hand on the bed and his other hand quietly snuck around her back and slowly tightened around her, hugging her to him.


He stopped whistling and sat up straight. He didn’t look at her directly, but he did study her reaction from the corners of his eyes. Meanwhile, she turned to look at him with a sharp gaze that felt like knives slicing across his face. No matter how thick-skinned he was, that gaze still made him extremely uncomfortable.


[Now that things have come to this, what else is there to say?] The look in his eyes suddenly became firm, and with the determination of a hundred men storming a fortress, he turned to look at her. Their gazes met, his eyes filled with hunger like a starving beast, and this time around, she was the one to look away instead.


[Not so tough after all!] He laughed wildly in his heart before he lowered his head and leaned towards her.


Ji Yao’s eyes closed quickly, and her entire body trembled lightly in Yang Kai’s arms. When their lips touched, she abruptly stiffened, amusing Yang Kai somewhat. [This isn’t her first time anymore, so why does she still have such a huge reaction? It was the same back at the Cultivation Technique Pavilion a few days ago. Really… She hasn’t made any progress whatsoever.]


Savouring the sweet taste, Yang Kai quickly pried open her lips and caught her tongue, ravaging it wantonly.


Ji Yao was very clumsy and didn’t even respond to his advances. She simply allowed him to do as he pleased. If not for the slight trembling of her body, he would have thought that he was holding a piece of wood in his arms.


The hand holding her around the waist slowly shifted upward. He placed his hand on her shoulder before putting some strength into it and pushing her against the bed. Rolling over so that he was on top, he placed one hand on her back. His other hand slid beneath her clothes at her waist. It was a brazen and unscrupulous act.


The atmosphere between them was so hot and electrifying that the scorching atmosphere almost caused the room to burst into flames. One should strike while the iron was hot and since things had already gone so far, Yang Kai decided that he should go all in. Grabbing her belt with one hand, he moved to pull it off, but unexpectedly, she grabbed his wrists and opened her tightly shut eyes, a look of pleading filling her face.


[This again?] He felt a little speechless. She had done the exact same thing back at the Cultivation Technique Pavilion. It seemed that kissing was okay, but she refused to go any further than that. Nonetheless, he was certain that she was already aroused. Her face was so flushed that it looked like blood was going to seep out of her pores, the sound of her pounding heartbeat could be heard from her ample bosom, and her breathing was incredibly ragged.


Yang Kai tentatively pulled at her belt again and discovered that her hand was tightly clenching his wrist. Feeling a little helpless, he could only step back and go for something else. His large hand slid along her belt and continued upward. This time around, there was still some resistance but it was not as strong as before.


At this point, he couldn’t care less though. [She seduced me but won’t let me have a taste. If I can’t have a taste, then I can at least enjoy myself fully, right?] He pulled out his other hand, grabbed both her wrists, yanked her hands above her head, and held them there. At the same time, he used his other hand to climb her peaks.


Ji Yao moaned, and in response, he pressed himself against her again and covered her lips with his. 


Yang Kai did not know how long passed. They had changed positions on the bed several times and now, he was lying beneath her, and she was riding on top of him. Her clothes and hair were a mess, and she no longer had her usual immaculate image.


He squeezed and kneaded her snow rabbits, constantly changing their shapes. Nevertheless, she was kissing his lips without the slightest care in the world. It was just that she had no skills so her kisses felt like the touch of a dragonfly skimming across the water. It was both amusing and frustrating.


“Junior Sister Yao, I have a request!” Yang Kai suddenly blurted out.


Ji Yao’s movements froze abruptly. Then, she pressed her palms against his chest and pushed out lightly. Her entire body fluttered backwards and she came to stand beside the bed.


Yang Kai saw this and asked anxiously, “What are you doing?” [We were doing just fine. Why is she running away all of a sudden?]


Biting her red lips, she glared at him angrily and shouted, “Scoundrel!” 


Afterwards, she turned around and rushed out of the room. She went straight to the guardrail and flew into the air, disappearing in the blink of an eye.


“Scoundrel? What? I haven’t even mentioned what my request was!” Yang Kai chased her to the porch, but she was already gone.


[This is just great. Last time, I took advantage of her back at the Cultivation Technique Pavilion of Ice Heart Valley. This time, she came to High Heaven Palace and took advantage of me. Does she think that she can write it off just like this?]


Yang Kai didn’t know if he still had any chance with her in the future; thus, he couldn’t help feeling annoyed with himself for not hardening his resolve and taking her on the spot to officially make her his. The main reason was that his resolve melted whenever he saw that begging look in her eyes.


Letting out a long sigh, he walked out of the room and searched the palace for some time. Then, he came to a room, pushed the door open, and strutted in.


Inside, Xue Yue was meditating, but when she saw that it was Yang Kai, she couldn’t help asking, “Husband, what are you doing here?”


Yang Kai did not reply to her question. He simply walked over to her and picked her up in a princess carry.


“Where are we going?” She asked, wrapping her arms around his neck.


“To find Luo’er.” He smirked deviously.




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      1. I am a man and I find these chapters just as cringe. Even all the rapy sexist fantasies of the author aside, now this weird ass back and forth tsundere with Ji Yao just after making Su Yan her Junior Sister is just really weird. YK goes from freaking out that it was improper for him to having seen her naked on accident to him actively wanting to sleep with her no matter what, disregarding anything else. I am just getting tired of this part of the novel.

      1. Why though? Can’t we just enjoy the story as a whole and want to know where it goes if we dislike some element or parts of the novel?

  1. Why is it that a lot of Asian authors seem to be totally incapable of writing romantic and/or sexual scenes in a “normal” manner? It’s either beating around the bush and over-moralized until it becomes annoying, or NTR/rapey/total loss of control type of bs…
    Granted, his over the top sexual desires and -let’s call it ‘rough approach’ – after he learned dragonification was somewhat funny for some time. But it’s getting out of control right now

  2. Does the author want to get rid of the few readers he has left after 3200+ chatpers? The latest chapters have been really weird and the constant sexual stuff is not helping. It is as cringe as anything I have read, and I’ve read a lot of chinese stories.

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