Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3224, How Do You Want to Die


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Upon entering the hall, Yang Kai walked around and found that the place was indeed kept neat and tidy. He slid his hand over a tabletop and saw that there was no dust at all. It could be seen that the two girls had earnestly taken care of this place. Then, he turned around, sat on a chair, and pondered for a moment. When he looked up again, the two girls walked in and bowed in greeting.


“By the way, wasn’t there another old man living here? Where did that old man go?” He asked, looking at them.


Yang Kai was referring to Tian Yan, who had arrived from the Divine Ascension Mirror after creating a new body for himself. Back then, Tian Yan received help from Yang Kai to create his physical body with the Flesh Incarnation Pill. Yang Kai originally thought that he could gain a Great Emperor as his support, but reality turned out differently. Tian Yan was indeed a Master comparable to a Great Emperor in the Divine Ascension Mirror World, but that was only limited to when he was in the Divine Ascension Mirror. When he later created a new physical body, he needed to start all over again. He was equivalent to a newborn baby simply because the Heavenly Way could not be deceived. The Heavenly Way couldn’t produce another Great Emperor out of nothing.


At the time, Yang Kai had not understood the situation clearly. It wasn’t until his talk with Yang Yan that he finally understood. The world was a bottle that could not contain Tian Yan’s existence; thus, Tian Yan had to start cultivating all over again. Wen Zi Shan initially wanted to choose another place for him to stay, but Tian Yan insisted Spirit Sword Peak would be fine.


Afterwards, Yang Kai went to the Frozen Earth with Zhu Lie, entered the Revolving World, took a trip to the Western Territory, entered Dragon Island, and returned to Heng Luo Star Field. More than ten years had passed in a blink of an eye. He didn’t see Tian Yan anywhere upon his return to Spirit Sword Peak; there were only these two girls in front of him on this Spirit Peak. Thus, he couldn’t help but feel a little suspicious.


“Senior went on a trip,” A clear voice suddenly rang out from the outside.


Yang Kai lifted his head to look in the direction of the voice and saw a tall figure stepping in. That person wore a clean, white dress and had her hair tied up in a bun above her head. It made her seem neat and tidy, and also somewhat heroic.


Standing up, Yang Kai cupped his fists with a smile, “Senior Sister Gao, it has been a long time since we last met. You are as beautiful as ever.”


He was not surprised to see Gao Xue Ting appearing here so quickly. The reason she ordered those two girls to stay here was to take care of Spirit Sword Peak and also to monitor his movements. She would definitely be notified as soon as he returned.




A clear sound rang out while at the same time, a cold light flashed as a longsword slid out of its sheath. Gao Xue Ting strode forward and rested the sword on Yang Kai’s shoulder and smiling coldly, she sneered, “Tell me! How do you want to die!?”


The two girls next to them cried out in surprise. They never expected Gao Xue Ting to lose her temper the moment she ran into Yang Kai. [Why is Elder Gao pointing her sword at Elder Yang? Could there be some sort of long-standing grudge between them?] 


They wondered if they should report this matter to the other Elders; however, both of them had low cultivation and humble statuses. How could they have a method to contact the other Elders?


The smile on Yang Kai’s face stiffened as he swallowed nervously, using two fingers to pinch the sword blade and gently remove it from his shoulder before he asked, “Senior Sister Gao, what are you doing?”


“How dare you return so shamelessly!?” Gao Xue Ting coldly snorted, unmoved by his words.


His expression twitched slightly, “I don’t understand what you mean. Please enlighten me, Senior Sister.”


“You want to know why you deserve death?” She looked at him expressionlessly, “Fine! I will let you die knowing the reason why! Let me ask you this; are you or are you not an Elder of Azure Sun Temple!?”


“Of course, I am!” He quickly nodded in response before exclaiming in shock, “Could it be possible that I’ve been kicked out!?”


“If you claim to be an Elder, then why didn’t you show up for more than ten years!?”


“It has only been slightly more than ten years… It’s not that long…” Yang Kai touched his nose weakly, “Besides, I’m just a High-Rank Guest Elder. It doesn’t make any difference to the Temple whether I’m here or not.”


“A High-Rank Guest Elder is still an Elder! You ran away the moment the Temple ordained you and failed to send word ever since then. Do you still hold the Temple in your eyes!?”


“Nope!” He shook his head flatly at those words.


She was taken aback by his answer. It would seem that she never expected him to respond in such a manner. A look of disappointment appeared in her eyes, and she slowly retracted her sword.


He smilingly added, “I keep the Temple in my heart!” 


He even patted his chest while speaking.


She glared at him immediately, “Enough with your antics. If you don’t give me a reasonable explanation for your absence, I will ask the Temple Master to revoke your status as a High-Rank Guest Elder; after all, it doesn’t make any difference to the Temple whether you’re here or not.”


[Why use my words against me!?] He looked speechless. Even so, he could only smile at her, “Senior Sister Gao, as you know, I have High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory. There were a lot of matters to take care of. Moreover, it is not convenient to come and go. The North and the South are separated by millions and millions of kilometres, so it takes years just to make one round trip. It’s not too much to come back every ten years or so, right?”


She scoffed, “I told you this a long time ago. You don’t need that High Heaven whatever in the Northern Territory. Just settle down here at the Temple. A great force isn’t something a person can support all by himself.” Nevertheless, her tone had softened considerably.


Even he knew that a great force was not something that a person could support all by themselves. If it was in the past, he could still have given up on High Heaven Palace; however, he had just brought more than a hundred thousand people over from Heng Luo Star Field, and they were all gathered in one place. How could he abandon them now? He had to take responsibility for them since he brought them here.


Yang Kai signalled the two young girls, who were watching the excitement by the side, with a look and sent a transmission to them at the same time. After that, he nodded and bowed, “Senior Sister, please calm down. Let’s sit down and talk.”


Gao Xue Ting turned around and took a seat. Her longsword that was glimmering with a cold light was put away too, which made him sigh with relief.


Soon, the two girls served a fragrant and steaming pot of tea. 


“Senior Sister, have some tea. I’m afraid this place is crude, and I don’t have much to offer.”


She glanced sideways at him, “Are you looking down on Spirit Sword Peak? This is the place you chose for yourself. If you are not satisfied with this place, you can settle down at my place, Purple Bamboo Peak. I have a lot of empty space anyway.”


“Uh… how could that be appropriate?” Yang Kai wanted to slap himself on the mouth for saying the wrong thing; thus, he hurriedly changed the subject, “I believe I heard you say something like Senior Tian Yan is out on a trip. What did you mean by that, Senior Sister?”


“It means exactly what I said.”


Yang Kai was stunned and asked, “Did the Temple send somebody to protect him? Won’t it be dangerous for Senior to wander around outside on his own?”


Yang Kai was quite worried. Although Tian Yan had the foundation of a Great Emperor, he had to start his cultivation over from scratch after creating his body. Only slightly more than ten years had passed since then, so his cultivation couldn’t be that high yet. The Star Boundary was unlike the Star Field, there were Masters everywhere. If Tian Yan encountered heinous individuals during his journey, it might lead to his demise. It would be the greatest joke if a Great Emperor was killed by a cultivator in the Origin Returning Realm.


“It’s what Senior himself wanted, so who could have stopped him? As for being in danger… You don’t need to worry about that either. When Senior left this place three years ago, he was already in the Saint Realm.”


“What!?” Yang Kai was utterly taken aback. He nearly suspected that he had heard wrongly.


In the Martial Dao, the Saint Realm was the seventh Great Realm, following the Initial Element Realm, the Qi Transformation Realm, the Separation and Reunion Realm, the True Qi Realm, the Immortal Ascension Realm, and the Transcendent Realm. Moreover, there were nine Minor Realms in each Great Realm before reaching the Immortal Ascension Realm. Following that, the Transcendent and Saint Realm both had three Minor Realms. Every cultivator had to spend a lot of time and effort just to progress forward a single Minor Realm, one step at a time. Even Yang Kai spent thirty to forty years to advance through those Realms.


But how long had it been since Tian Yan created his body? Only a few years or so had passed, yet Tian Yan was already in the Saint Realm three years ago. In other words, he spent less than ten years cultivating to reach the Saint Realm. Now that three more years have passed, his cultivation was undoubtedly even higher.


Thinking about it though, it made sense. Tian Yan was not an ordinary cultivator. He had the heritage of a Great Emperor, so it was only natural that he had a faster cultivation speed. Most cultivators would normally encounter bottlenecks, but not him.


“Although Senior’s cultivation isn’t that high, don’t forget what he is best at. It’s unlikely that he will encounter any dangers even if he wanders around outside.”


Yang Kai nodded in response. Tian Yan was born in the Divine Ascension Mirror World with only a Soul Avatar; as such, he was unmatched in the application of the Spiritual Energy and Soul Secret Techniques. On this point, even the Serene Soul Great Emperor was no match for him.


Tian Yan’s physical cultivation was certainly not that high, but if it was supplemented with the strange Soul Secret Techniques he had, he would be able to fight with people several Great Realms higher than himself.


“Senior sure is courageous,” Yang Kai laughed.


Gao Xue Ting explained, “The outside world is unfamiliar to him, so it’s only natural that he doesn’t want to cultivate blindly. Besides, it’s beneficial for him to go around and see the world.” She glanced sideways, and her tone turned cold, “What about you? What have you been doing?”


[Why did she turn the topic of conversation back to me again!?] Yang Kai felt rather speechless. Even so, he nonchalantly replied, “It’s better to traverse the world far and wide than to sit at home and study all day. Haha…”


“Shut your mouth!” She shouted.


In response, he sat up straight in a proper manner.


“Pfft!” The two girls by the side snickered loudly. However, they immediately lowered their heads again when they saw Yang Kai’s resentful glare. 


The two quickly became silent and looked away with looks that screamed, [We didn’t see anything. We didn’t hear anything.]


“Take out those things!” Gao Xue Ting suddenly stretched out her jade white hand.


He asked blankly, “What things?


She sneered, “Stop acting dumb. You took so many of the Temple’s spirit flowers and exotic herbs with you back then. You couldn’t have forgotten about the task you were given, right?”


“Oh! That’s what you mean!” He finally understood the situation and added confidently, “How could I have forgotten the task you assigned to me, Senior Sister Gao? I completed it diligently. Here, have a look.”


After saying that, he took out a Space Ring and pushed it to her. While she was investigating the contents, he said, “The main reason I was delayed in the Northern Territory for so long is that I was refining these items. Then, I cultivated in retreat for a while.”


“So many!” A hint of consternation flashed through Gao Xue Ting’s eyes. This Space Ring was filled with nothing but Emperor Grade Spirit Pills that Yang Kai had gotten from Ji Ying.


It was true that he had taken a lot of spirit flowers and spirit herbs away with him back then. That was the task the Temple had given to him; refine Emperor Grade Spirit Pills. Therefore, he did not forget to prepare the Spirit Pills in advance before coming here. Looking at her reaction, it would seem that he safely passed this challenge.


“You still had the energy to cultivate after refining so many Spirit Pills?” She glanced at him in surprise, thinking that the Spirit Pills had all been refined by him. The look she gave him immediately alerted her to something though. Something was different about him. Thus, she studied him carefully and murmured suspiciously, “Your cultivation…”


He grinned meaningfully, “Senior Sister Gao, you really have good eyes. I can’t hide anything from you.” Pushing his Emperor Qi slightly, the aura of his cultivation was revealed.


She was immediately shocked by what she saw. [Second-Order Emperor Realm! This brat is actually a Second-Order Emperor! How is this possible!?]


Silavin: Gao Xue Ting feels like the most realistic mother-like figure to me. Stern but soft. The others… Hmm… which are your top mother-like figures? 

Milf is milf. You can state that they are Milfs. But, I sorta want to know which character reminds you most of your own mom. (I don’t expect you would consider them to be milfs right? So, do split the responses apart.)




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  1. Response to t/l notes: Elder gao might be a mother like figure, but she doesn’t have the vibe of a milf.
    While Aunty Feng has the vibe of a true milf. aunty feng is a top tier milf.

    1. Probably Bing Yun (Ice Heart Valley’s sect master)
      She’s is the one along with Gao Xue Ting that fells the more like a mother to me
      While Yang Yan feels like an old friend and also full of herself times to times

  2. Elder Gao actually feels like a real person. She’s able to hold a conversation with Yang Kai with her own motivations, and also she’s tricked him many times before. Everyone just seems to… become his servant and lose all personality.

  3. Elder Gao doesn’t seem like a mom. More like a conscience, a duty. I would see her as a Godmother.

    Yang Yan is probably more about that mother of 18 children. Motherly, but cannot be too friendly to one particular child. Nearly a grandma, but not really.

    Aunty Feng is definitely a cougar. Not a milf.

    Bian Yu Qing, Aunty Jiu Feng… gets to that territory, but they don’t have children nor do they exhibit cougardom. So I’ll vote for awesome women.

    Luan Feng: definitely milf.

  4. “Even Yang Kai spent thirty to forty years to advance through those Realms.”
    YK was in his early 20s when he became Saint realm himself and he started late so why is it a surprise that Tian Yan, who is a Great Emperor, can get to Saint realm in 7 years?

    1. Mo Xiao qi was 15 years old and in the Dao Source realm. Assuming she didn’t cultivate for the first 4-5 years of her life as a baby, that’s 10-11 years to DS. And here YK is surprised that a great emperor level dude with eons of experience reached Saint…

  5. Jiu Feng is great, but we haven’t seen her enough. I love how Ji Yao pretends to be cold because she doesn’t understand her own emotions. Senior sister Gao is the perfect mix of hard and soft.

  6. I agree on the people saying that aunty Feng is a cougar. She has those hot woman vibes ..
    About Gao. I agree I haven’t seen her motherly … She is indeed the only one that truly shows that she cares about him. If any. It resembles like a real life Aunt. She cares, but she still has that little friendship touch where she can go out for some drinks. And scamm you for some extrawork without been weird.
    I stil remember how she scammed him half of the elder points hahaha

  7. As my mother never indulged such childish antics as the older woman who worry about Yang Kai (threatening violence, treating me like air) I guess Bing Yun should be the closest to my experience with a mother

  8. I think Bing Yun is the most motherlike. And his actual mother, up until recently. Elder Gao is more like an elder sister, torn between caring about her little sibling and wanting to murder them, and also a rebellious teenager towards her father figure.

  9. Gao Xue Ting feels more like an older sister to me. It’s somehow more like a siblings “vibe” between the two. The most motherly figure imo would be Bing Yun. Especially after his real mom sadly decided to go mental

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