Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3232, Break It Down


Translator: Silavin & Tia

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Yang Kai and the group behind him gave off the impression that they were aggressive and ill-intentioned. Although Full Sky Sect’s disciples did not know what Yang Kai and the rest were here for, they had eyes and common sense so it was only natural for them to feel apprehensive.


Yang Kai glanced sideways and said coldly, “This King and Sect Master Mi are old acquaintances. I travelled so far to visit him to discuss urgent matters. Why are you keeping me outside? Hurry up and open the array. Can you bear the responsibility if this delay causes relations between Sect Master Mi and this King to deteriorate?”


Naturally, the disciples of Full Sky Sect did not believe his nonsense. They were well aware of the relationship between Full Sky Sect and High Heaven Palace. The huge reduction in discretionary Source Crystals over the past few years was entirely caused by High Heaven Palace. Therefore, they had long held a deep hatred toward both High Heaven Palace and Yang Kai. Despite not being enemies, Yang Kai and High Heaven Palace were no different from their enemies. How could a person like that specially pay a visit to the Sect Master? It was clear that he did not hold any good intentions. What’s more; the Sect Master had already issued an order. The array was not to be released without his permission. Hence, they were not frightened by Yang Kai’s words.


The leading Dao Source Realm Master cupped his fists and stated, “Palace Master Yang, please calm your anger. Sect Master is on his way. I’m sure he will arrive soon. Please wait for a little longer, Palace Master Yang. If you have any business with the Sect, please wait until Sect Master arrives. You can talk to him yourself, Palace Master Yang.”


Yang Kai coldly snorted, “It is said that lackeys are even more difficult to deal with than the boss. It seems that is really the case. What is your name?”


The Dao Source Realm Master’s expression twitched. [What is this? Is he trying to pick a fight with me?] He hesitated for a while but decided that he did not dare to conceal anything from Yang Kai. Thus, he reported his name.


Yang Kai nodded and pointed at the Dao Source Realm Master, “I’ll make you sorry later!”


That person was desperate to cry but could not shed any tears, “Palace Master Yang, I am only doing as I was told. Why must you make things difficult for me?”


Yang Kai said, “If you don’t want me to make things difficult for you, then hurry up and release the array. Stop wasting my time with nonsense.”


That Dao Source Realm Master felt like a noose was tightening around his neck. [How could I dare to release the array!?] He was extremely restless, anxious, and beside himself with panic.


At that moment, a voice rang out from behind him, “I was wondering who it was that was being so arrogant. It turns out to be you, Palace Master Yang. I was negligent in welcoming you, please forgive my discourtesy.”


“Sect Master!” The group of disciples turned back to look, and their expressions lit up with joy. The leading Dao Source Realm Master was ecstatic, feeling as though he had been exonerated. More than ten Emperor Realm Masters flew over. The Elders and Protectors landed with the Sect Master of Full Sky Sect in the lead.


Now that the Sect Master was here, the leading Dao Source Realm Master couldn’t help feeling that this matter had nothing to do with him anymore. Thus, he hurriedly took several steps back and stood behind the group of Emperor Realm Masters


“Sect Master Mi!” Yang Kai looked at Mi Qi with a smile on his face, “I haven’t seen you for so many years, I trust you’ve been well.”


Mi Qi put his hand on his chest, “Palace Master Yang, your bearing is as noble as before. Your prestige has not diminished one bit.” Although they were words of praise, they sounded mocking instead. It was difficult not to notice the sarcasm.


Yang Kai frowned. [Why does that bastard look so confident?] 


Yang Kai glanced at the Emperor Realm Masters behind Mi Qi, then turned to look at the army behind him. [Our fighting power is completely on different levels. Where does he get his confidence to speak to me in such a manner? Could it be due to the Sect Defending Array in front of me?]


Mi Qi continued, “Palace Master Yang, why aren’t you living in comfort back at High Heaven Palace? How are you so free to visit this little backwater place of mine?”


Yang Kai laughed loudly, “I was just passing by the area while running some errands. I missed you since we haven’t seen each other for so many years, so I decided to drop by for a visit.”


“Is that so…” Mi Qi cupped his fists again. Thank you for your kind thoughts, Palace Master Yang. Everything has been going fine here.”


Yang Kai asked “Sect Master Mi, are you going to talk to me like this? Aren’t you going to invite me in? Speaking of which, it’s my first time in Full Sky Sect. I wonder how it compares to High Heaven Palace.”


Mi Qi shook his head in response, “High Heaven Palace is a beautiful place. Full Sky Sect is far inferior in comparison.” [I’d be crazy to invite you in!] 


Changing the subject, Mi Qi added, “Unfortunately, you came at a bad time. I am hosting an honoured guest, so it’s not convenient for me to entertain you today. You can come back on another day if you want to, and I will accompany you personally, Brother Yang.”


Yang Kai lowered his gaze and looked at Mi Qi, “I came from afar to visit. Sect Master Mi, isn’t your hospitality unreasonably lacking?”


Mi Qi smiled slightly, “Forgive me, Palace Master Yang. It’s really… Not a convenient time. It won’t be good if I am rude to the honoured guest.”


“Who is this honoured guest? Why don’t you let me meet him?”


He shook his head again, “That person doesn’t like strangers. Palace Master Yang, I am really sorry, but please go back for today.”


Yang Kai calmly asked, “And, if I insist on going inside to have a look?”


Mi Qi narrowed his eyes, “Palace Master Yang, please watch your behaviour. This place is Full Sky Sect, not High Heaven Palace. You don’t have any say here. If you want to act all high and mighty, please go back to High Heaven Palace!”


When the disciples of Full Sky Sect heard those words, they couldn’t help feeling extremely excited. They felt that their Sect Master sounded very domineering. It was very satisfying to hear. [High Heaven Palace’s Palace Master is begging for it. Why is he chattering away and humiliating himself?]


Yang Kai looked at Mi Qi meaningfully, “It seems that you have something to rely on, Sect Master Mi. That’s why you’re not afraid that I might destroy Full Sky Sect in a fit of rage.”


Mi Qi arrogantly replied, “Heaven sees everything, and justice lives in the hearts of man.”


Yang Kai waved his hand dismissively at those words, “Justice doesn’t live in the hearts of man. It is in my hands!”


[I can’t be bothered to waste my time talking to him. Let’s get down to business.] 


“Mi Qi, I came here in person to present you with two choices!”


Mi Qi smiled widely, “I’m curious to hear just what these two choices may be. I hope you will state them in all seriousness, Palace Master Yang. Don’t turn yourself into the butt of jokes.”


Yang Kai was expressionless, “Submit to High Heaven Palace and offer up 70% of your annual income to me in the future, or… I will turn Full Sky Sect into High Heaven Palace’s branch operative!”


Meanwhile, Mi Qi stared at Yang Kai expressionlessly. He seemed to be waiting for Yang Kai to continue. After a while, he asked, “Is that all?”


Yang Kai clasped his hands behind his back, “The choice is up to you.”


Mi Qi chuckled and turned to look around him, “Palace Master Yang just told a joke; shouldn’t you guys show him some support?”


The group of Elders and Protectors standing around began laughing heartily in response. Some of the disciples also joined in. It was an indescribably weird situation.


On the other hand, Yang Kai watched coldly. The three Monster Kings also had solemn expressions on their faces.


The moment Mi Qi lifted a hand, the laughter stopped abruptly. He coldly stared at Yang Kai and said, “Though peace reigns over the land, the people create trouble for themselves. Palace Master Yang, it is not too late for you to retreat now. You can still preserve your pride. Otherwise, it will be humiliating for you when you are put on the spot later.” He acted as though he was trying to dissuade Yang Kai with good intentions. However, he couldn’t wait for Yang Kai to embarrass himself. He decided that he would settle everything with Yang Kai today so that he did not need to send a large amount of Source Crystals to High Heaven Palace every year in the future.


“Sect Master Mi, you sure speak with confidence today.” Yang Kai nodded slightly, “I hope you won’t come to regret it.”


Mi Qi yelled, “I have done nothing wrong! I have nothing to regret!”


“Good!” Yang Kai exploded, “You refused the easy way out and chose the difficult path instead. Don’t blame this Palace Master for disregarding the friendship we used to have and destroying Full Sky Sect!”


As soon as those words left his mouth, three figures rushed out from behind him. They arrived in front of the Sect Defending Array in the blink of an eye. Everything happened so fast that nobody could see what happened clearly. All they felt was a violent shockwave spreading out, followed by a loud explosion and an earthquake. The Sect Defending Array shuddered strongly and a layer of ripples spread out across the surface.


The three Monster Kings’ fierce attack packed terrifying power. Moreover, their Monster Qi flared so strongly that it was extremely overwhelming. It frightened many people, and they hurriedly summoned their artifacts and drew out their strength as if they were facing a great enemy.


On the contrary, Mi Qi remained calm and unruffled. He simply looked straight ahead with a smile, “Full Sky Sect’s Sect Defending Array may not be the best, but won’t break so easily. Palace Master Yang, don’t waste your strength.”


After saying that, an Array Board suddenly appeared in his hand. The swaying array immediately stabilized with a light wave of the banner in his hand. Even the ripples disappeared. There was no reaction at all no matter how the three Monster Kings attacked.


It wasn’t that there was no response. It was simply that the attacking power was dispersed and moved elsewhere. That was the power of the Sect Defending Array. As long as the Spirit Array was activated, even the three Monster Kings, who were extremely powerful, could not destroy the Array within a short time. Had those people in the Seeking Passion Sect remained hiding behind their Sect Defending Array back then, Yang Kai would not have had the ability to wipe them out. Their greatest mistake was leaving their stronghold to attack Ice Heart Valley, which gave Yang Kai a chance to take them down instead.


The three Monster Kings did not spare any effort. After a volley of powerful attacks, they were running out of steam. Thus, they returned to Yang Kai’s side looking ashamed of themselves and feeling as though they had let Yang Kai down.


Meanwhile, the people of Full Sky Sect were laughing loudly. Their laughter was filled with mockery and derision.


Mi Qi said, “Palace Master Yang, are you not going to give up? It will be even more embarrassing to continue.”


He had been worried that the three Monster Kings might destroy the Sect Defending Array. But, now that the Array was safe and sound, he immediately calmed down. [It looks like I won’t need Old Tao to step up. High Heaven Palace can’t do anything to me. If I had known earlier, I wouldn’t have sent those Source Crystals. It would have been better to keep them for our own use.]


Yang Kai glanced at Mi Qi and said, “If that’s what you were relying on, then I’m very disappointed.”


Mi Qi coldly snorted, “Stop your shameless boasting!”


“This trivial Spirit Array is hardly a challenge. Watch me break it down.” Yang Kai stretched out his arms to both sides. The people behind him immediately backed away, putting a distance of a kilometre between them.


Mi Qi frowned. He did not know what Yang Kai was up to. He had to admit that Yang Kai wasn’t weak. Nevertheless, Yang Kai had only advanced into the Emperor Realm not too long ago. How could he accomplish something that even the three Monster Kings couldn’t do?


While he was entertaining his doubts, he saw Yang Kai putting one hand into the void and grabbing something. Then, a silly-looking Stone Man suddenly appeared. Everybody widened their eyes in surprise. Nobody could tell how or where that Stone Man had appeared from. All they saw was Yang Kai grabbing at something in the void as if it had been hiding there all along.


The Stone Man was about half a person tall, with sharp edges and corners all over its body. It looked a little dopey, but its eyes were bright as could be.


As soon as the Stone Man appeared, it turned to face the Sect Defending Array of Full Sky Sect and immediately let out a beast-like roar while beating his chest with both fists.


The people watching this scene were dumbfounded. [What the Hell is going on!? That guy might not look weak, but what is the point of beating his chest?] 


However, their astonishment soon turned into horror. Their gazes slowly shifted upward, and they slowly lifted their heads accordingly. Amidst the shaking ground, the Stone Man, who was only half a person tall at the beginning, was growing at a speed visible to the naked eye.


3 metres, 15 metres, 30 metres, 60 metres, 100 metres… It wasn’t until it was approximately 130 metres to 160 metres tall that it stopped growing. It was as large as a mountain, standing in front of Full Sky Sect’s Sect Defending Array.




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  1. I honestly hope that Full sky sect will fight to the death. YK is behaving like a vilain, not that I mind, I just hope the author would fully embrace it and show YK slaughtering ‘innocents’ for profit. As of yet, YK bullies people (3rd order monster King in the Wild lands) but then they surrender and their ‘lack of spine “justifies” ‘ YK actions. It allows the author to pretend as if YK is ‘righteous’ where as he is anything but (just a hypocrite).

  2. The only consistent thing about YKs actions is there lack of consistency. YK always does exactly what he wants. He will justify them in his own mind in a way that makes it appear one way or the other but his motivations are like quicksilver. If he sees a woman getting chased or bullied, he will either say he has to intervene because he can’t stand to watch a woman get bullied or he won’t because it has nothing to do with him and the Martial Dao is determined by your own strength. Which is it? The answer is if YK wants to help its the first and of he doesn’t its the second. Should he bully women? Should he attack someone weaker? Should he attack another sect out of the blue? His morals will change to suit the situation and what he wants. Right now he is justified because his family and friends need resources so he needs to become the leader of the North. But the reality is YK sees his sect as second only to a GE sect and wants to elevate its status to that level as well. Hegemon over a region is a necessary requirement so that’s what he’ll do.

  3. YK has been incredibly immoral, greedy and selfish ALL the time. Everything he has done was for his own benefit or for people close to him. He threatens men with death and women with rapey stares/comments. Surprised that people still expect him to be heroic and just 3000 chapters in.

  4. You people are just too hilarious. I don’t get it. Was there ever a theme of “Hero” about Martial Peak? As far as I know, there’s hardly any heroic theme about any cultivation novels. It’s the survival of the strongest everywhere. I don’t understand what expectations you had that are now being broken, but I’m enjoying this just as much as I anyways have. He hasn’t gone overboard ever. He actually never picks on people who have never provoked him or anyone he loves, which is how the world works! You guys are just a bunch of clowns saying you’d and that about Yang Kai

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      The issue isn’t about YK being good or bad. It’s about the hypocrisy. It’s about the almost desperate attempt by momo to justify YK behavior so that “he doesn’t look too bad”. Going to great lengths to do so, while contradicting himself over and over again.
      All the commentators are saying is: “Be who you are, be consistent and own your shit”

      “He never picks on people who never provoked him”… Are you serious? Maybe you should re-read the novel because that is just flat out wrong.

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  6. Yang Kai acts like the ultimate bastard. If it had been a couple of thousand chapters earlier, I would most likely have abandoned this text, but I can’t anymore. Also, I really like the author’s language. Of all the novels, he is the best.

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