Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3233, Battered and Exhausted


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An unimaginable pressure assaulted their senses as it felt as though the Monster that was the size of a small mountain was not standing in front of them but pressing down on their chests instead, making it difficult for them to breathe. What terrified them even more were the sharp stone pillars protruding from the Stone Man’s body, which had emerged at some point in time like a layer of spikes. Moreover, his entire body was covered in flames that seemed quite malevolent.


“Shi Huo!” The pupils of Mi Qi’s eyes abruptly contracted. He had great vision and extensive knowledge, so he was able to recognize traces of the aura emanating from the Embodiment. But, why would Shi Huo appear here!?


He had long heard of the Divine Spirit Shi Huo that existed in the Ancient Wild Lands of the Eastern Territory, which had destroyed Black Tortoise Sect many millennia ago. He did not know whether that Divine Spirit was this thing in front of him; however, what baffled Mi Qi the most was its size. [Since when was Shi Huo capable of becoming this big!?]


Some information on Divine Spirits was available, and as long as one had the will, it was not hard to gather that information. Therefore, Mi Qi was not totally unfamiliar with Shi Huo. It was just that he had never seen it for himself. As far as he knew, even if Shi Huo had some sort of Secret Technique to change his body size, it was still impossible for him to become so huge.


Unbeknownst to Mi Qi, the Shi Huo standing in front of him was a Stone Spirit that had once devoured an entire floating continent. Despite using the Heaven Devouring Battle Law to refine all the impurities, the Embodiment could still become even bigger if he wanted to. What was a mere 400 to 500 meters of height? Even Yang Kai’s 200-metre-long Dragon Body was nothing in front of him.


The roaring sound stopped abruptly as the Embodiment opened his eyes wide, glaring with a fierce and evil look as it gazed down from above. A fist larger than a palace clenched tightly in the next moment as he bent his arm back before punching downwards. 


Before the attack even landed, an ear-splitting sound cut through the air.

Mi Qi’s expression changed drastically and he was no longer as calm as before. It was true that Full Sky Sect’s Sect Defending Array was extraordinary, and with him personally presiding over it, the array would be enough to withstand the attacks of the three Monster Kings without any damage. Be that as it may, he did not have the slightest confidence that it could withstand the onslaught of such a behemoth; after all, most Spirit Arrays in this world could be destroyed when hit with enough brute force. If they could not be destroyed this way, it simply meant that the attacking party didn’t have enough strength.


Mi Qi could not imagine just how much power this ridiculously large Shi Huo packed, and he didn’t even dare to speculate. In a panic, he rapidly formed a series of seals while injecting his Emperor Qi into the Array Jade. Bursts of light flew out and landed on the surface of the Spirit Array. In response, the surface of the Spirit Array glowed, becoming much more dazzling than before.




The Embodiment’s fist smashed down on the Sect Defending Array, and the entire Full Sky Sect shook from the impact. Countless buildings collapsed in that instant and amidst the settling dust, many figures flew up into the sky and looked around blankly. When they saw the humongous figure in the distance, though, they were all transfixed by the sight.


Full Sky Sect was guarded by their powerful Sect Defending Array, and nobody could force their way into the Sect as long as the Spirit Array was intact. However, the Embodiment’s attack was a manifestation of pure brute force, so even this Sect Defending Array could not dispel it completely. Instead, the force of the attack surged across the array and spread out to all parts of the Full Sky Sect. Whether far or near, the entire Full Sky Sect instantly became a mess.


Meanwhile, the place where Mi Qi and the others were located was in even worse shape. When that fist smashed down, all of them couldn’t help feeling as though the sky was crashing down on them. The Heaven-splitting force turned into a powerful series of vibrations that sent dust and stone flying across a large area of the land, even obscuring the sun from view.


*Pu pu pu…* 


A series of muffled noises rang out as flesh and blood splattered everywhere. Some of Full Sky Sect’s disciples with lower cultivation had exploded into blood mists after being hit by the invisible vibrations. Only the cultivators in the Dao Source Realm and above kept their lives. Nevertheless, their complexions were pale and their eyes were filled with horror.


Mi Qi was thoroughly shocked. He couldn’t care less about the life and death of some disciples with low cultivation at the moment as his gaze was locked on a certain spot on the Sect Defending Array. It was none other than the spot where the Embodiment’s fist had made contact. There, countless small cracks had appeared on the sturdy and solid surface of the Spirit Array and had spread out into the surrounding area. Those cracks stretched out for several thousands of metres in the blink of an eye.


Mi Qi was taken aback. He had known that the power behind that monster’s punch was not to be underestimated, but even so, he never expected it to be so overwhelming. [Is this really the strength of a Shi Huo!? Shi Huo’s main forte doesn’t lie in its brute strength, right?]


Upon seeing the monster raising its fist again, Mi Qi didn’t dare to hold back. Pushing his Emperor Qi madly into the Array Jade, more lights streamed out from it and the unsteady Spirit Array gradually stabilized. Similarly, the cracks that had appeared slowly disappeared with his efforts. 


Before Mi Qi had time to catch his breath though, a second fist came crashing down.


This punch felt as though it wasn’t landing on the Full Sky Sect’s Sect Defending Array, but directly on Mi Qi’s heart instead. It horrified him, and he couldn’t help feeling a sense of death washing over him.


The same situation as before reappeared once more. The entire Full Sky Sect shook fiercely again, and more buildings collapsed. Fortunately, the Emperor Realm Masters behind Mi Qi began casting defensive techniques the moment they sensed that things were going badly. They managed to defend against the invisible fluctuations of the sky-splitting force and prevented more of the weaker disciples from suffering any harm.




A cracking sound rang out as large fissures appeared again in the Sect Defending Array that had just been repaired. The number of the cracks were higher and denser than before, and they spread out further as well. Mi Qi was so scared that he felt as if his Soul had left his body and he once again began furiously forming hand seals as he tried to stabilize the Array.


A sense of despair washed over Mi Qi when he saw the Embodiment raising its fist again. The Sect Defending Array he was so proud of was not capable of protecting Full Sky Sect from danger. Rather, it could be said that more than 90% of the Sect Defending Arrays in the world could not withstand this kind of indiscriminate barrage of attacks, so he shouted. “Elders, help me!”


The moment Mi Qi’s voice sounded, the Emperor Realm Masters came back to their senses like they were waking up from a dream and each of them hurriedly took out their respective Array Jades. These Array Jades were used to control the Sect Defending Array as well, but they were only sub-controllers while the Master Array Jade was held by Mi Qi.


The expressions on their faces were filled with a never-seen-before solemnity as they sent their Emperor Qi into their Array Jades, hurriedly trying to repair the cracked Sect Defending Array.


The Embodiment shook his head. The fact that his previous two punches had failed to destroy the Spirit Array seemed to annoy him, so he suddenly clasped both hands together, lifted them above his head, and smashed his clenched fists down.


[We can’t stop him! It’s absolutely unstoppable!] 


That thought surfaced in the minds of Mi Qi, as well as the Elders and Protectors of Full Sky Sect, even though the attack had yet to land. It was a feeling derived from pure instinct.


In reality, it turned out to be the truth. When the Embodiment’s third attack landed, the unstable surface of the barrier flashed for a moment before dense cracks began spreading out from the point where the attack landed as its centre. Under the horrified gaze of the people inside Full Sky Sect, the Sect Defending Array shattered!


Thousands of metres away, the figures of the three Monster Kings blasted forward like lightning. They rushed directly into the midst of the Emperor Realm Masters of Full Sky Sect in the blink of an eye. Ying Fei was faster, so he took the lead. Meanwhile, Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei followed closely behind.


As claw strikes rained down from the sky, the Emperor Realm Masters of Full Sky Sect, who had yet to accept that their Sect Defending Array had been destroyed, could barely defend themselves and were unable to counterattack.

The gap in their cultivation showed instantly. The only Third-Order Emperor Realm Master in Full Sky Sect was Mi Qi, and even he might not be able to match Ying Fei in a one-on-one fight, so there was no chance the other Elders and Protectors could resist.

Xi Lei’s body sparkled with cyan lightning as he recklessly rushed over to Mi Qi and grinned savagely, “Since you refuse a toast, you must drink a loss! Die!” A big fan-like palm swiped at Mi Qi’s head.


Mi Qi threw aside the Array Jade in his hand and swiftly summoned a steel ring-like artifact. Tangled in an all-out fight against Xi Lei, the grief and panic in his heart were beyond words.


On the other hand, Xie Wu We followed closely behind and slipped past Xi Lei. A huge scorpion phantom appeared behind him, shaking its head and wagging its tail. The scorpion stinger was gleaming with a green and eerie light, which looked extremely venomous. The scorpion flickered for a moment, and a viridescent mist exploded out that swiftly enveloped 4 or 5 Emperor Realm Masters. Those Emperor Realm Masters vanished from view in the blink of an eye, and only their exclamations could be heard from the outside. Nobody knew what was happening to them inside the poison fog. 


As soon as the three Monster Kings attacked, they took down all the powerful Masters in Full Sky Sect.


Li Jiao raised his arms and shouted, “Charge!”


Although he initially planned to only cheer Yang Kai on from behind, he couldn’t stand on the sidelines at this point. As the saying went, ‘in for a penny, in for a pound’. The best thing for him to do right now was to help Yang Kai take down Full Sky Sect.


In the meantime, the Elders of Fire Dragon Palace remained in a daze. It was mainly because the scene right in front of them was extremely difficult to accept. Both Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace were top Sects of the Northern Territory. They had each remained standing in the Northern Territory for more than ten thousand years, so how did Yang Kai breach Full Sky Sect’s Sect Defending Array so easily? They always thought that Yang Kai had only managed to destroy Seeking Passion Sect due to luck; after all, Seeking Passion Sect had courted death by leaving their Sect to attack Ice Heart Valley.


Unfortunately, that now seemed to have been nothing but wishful thinking. Full Sky Sect’s Sect Defending Array had been broken just like that. If Fire Dragon Palace and High Heaven Palace were to become enemies, they might not end up any better. They originally felt that Li Jiao had caused their prestige to fall by submitting to Yang Kai, but now it was apparent that this was no incompetence on Li Jiao’s part, but keen foresight.


When they heard Li Jiao’s shout, they snapped back to the present and hurriedly rushed after their Palace Master. They might not have been willing to confront Full Sky Sect head-on, but rubbing salt into their wounds would be just fine.


Meanwhile, the members of Full Sky Sect instantly felt as though their suffering doubled. The three Monster Kings had already suppressed them all, and now, Li Jiao was leading a group of Emperor Realm Masters no fewer than them into the battle. How could they overcome such a disadvantage? The Emperor Realm Masters were suppressed on all sides in an instant and were beaten so badly that they were coughing up fresh blood and collapsing to the ground, unable to get back up again.


Mi Qi shouted in grief and indignation. “Li Jiao, you and I are irreconcilable!”


It was one thing if Yang Kai turned against him; after all, reprehensible behaviour from a greedy and wicked person was expected. However, for Li Jiao to intervene in the matter was very difficult for him to accept.


Li Jiao slammed his palm into one of the Elders of Full Sky Sect as he coldly snorted, “Mi Qi, a wise man will submit to the circumstances. It is not too late to submit to Palace Master Yang. Otherwise, I am afraid all you will be left with is regret.”


“In your dreams!” Mi Qi gritted his teeth and snarled. He was surprisingly courageous, but the main reason was that he still had a hidden trump card. Seeing Xi Lei striking at him with an arc of lightning, Mi Qi used the impact to withdraw while at the same time shouting, “Old Tao, save me!”


On a mountain not far away, Old Tao was speechless. He only came here to eat some fruits and drink some wine, so why did he end up in this terrible situation?


Seeing the situation before him, Old Tao would have lived his life in vain if he still couldn’t guess Mi Qi’s intentions. As the saying went, ‘one was partial to those whom they accepted gifts from’. Mi Qi had been rather hospitable to him for all these years, inviting him over whenever the Blue Jade Fruits ripened. It was hard to justify standing by the sidelines in this situation. Besides, Mi Qi had already shouted so it was too much for him to continue feigning ignorance. Letting out a long sigh, he stepped forward and flew towards Mi Qi.




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  1. Wonder if old Tao is yang yan’s level. I think this level was introduced *at this time* to provide stronger opponents for YK.
    Also, pretty surprised embodiment is THAT strong. Didn’t it need more time to fully assimilate Shi Huo’s strength? Thought he he barely managed to finish absorbing the divine spirit source a few years ago….

  2. Wonder if old Tao is yang yan’s level. I think this level was introduced *at this time* to provide stronger opponents for YK.
    Also, pretty surprised embodiment is THAT strong. Didn’t it need more time to fully assimilate Shi Huo’s strength? Thought he he barely managed to finish absorbing the divine spirit source a few years ago….

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