Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3234, What the Hell


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Old Tao might not look like much, but he still gave off an impressive sage-like aura while flying over. Moreover, he was exuding the aura of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master.


Ying Fei glanced sideways at Old Tao and smirked. Lashing out as swiftly as lightning, he subdued the last of Full Sky Sect’s Elders, slapping a palm on the Elder to seal the latter’s cultivation before he shot out to meet Old Tao.


Among the thirty-two Monster Kings in the Ancient Wild Lands he might not be ranked among the top three in terms of strength, but his speed was unrivalled. In that aspect, even the three Divine Spirits had to concede their defeat. He came within a thousand metres of Old Tao in the blink of an eye; moreover, he was still approaching rapidly.


Nevertheless, Old Tao remained calm and unruffled. Grabbing one of the cloth bags hanging at his waist, he tossed it in Ying Fei’s direction. The cloth bag faced the wind, expanded its mouth, and aimed directly at Ying Fei. A powerful suction force came from within, accompanied by a whirring sound, creating strong gusts of wind.


Ying Fei did not act carelessly when faced with that cloth bag. He did not know what artifact that cloth bag was, but the power of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master was nothing to sneeze at. He quickly shifted his body to avoid being in the direction of that cloth bag’s opening, but unexpectedly, the cloth bag suddenly swelled until it became bigger than a house. Moreover, a large green hand emerged from the insides of the cloth bag and grabbed towards him.


Startled, Ying Fei instinctively tried to dodge the hand; however, he discovered that the Monster Qi in his body was roiling unstably. It felt as though his Monster Qi was being disrupted by something, and in that moment when he was caught off guard, he was captured by the hand and a pained expression showed on his face.


As soon as the large green hand captured him, it immediately began to retreat back into the cloth bag and disappeared in an instant. Similarly, Ying Fei disappeared along with the large green hand. Old Tao then lifted his hand and retrieved the cloth bag.


“Old Ying!” Xi Lei’s expression changed drastically as he yelled out in horror and stared at the cloth bag fearfully. As a Monster King himself, he knew just how hard it was to deal with Ying Fei. In spite of that, a Monster King known for his speed had been defeated by a cloth bag without the strength to even fight back. If he had not seen it for himself, he would never have believed it. He knew that it wasn’t the ability of the old man with white hair though, it was the power of that Cloth Bag Artifact, but he didn’t know what this Artifact was or how it could possibly have such a mysterious effect.


On the other side, the venomous fog released by Xie Wu Wei churned violently, indicating that his emotions had also been greatly shaken.


Meanwhile, Mi Qi, who had been sent flying by Xi Lei, laughed loudly, “Many thanks, Old Tao!” His calculated actions had paid off, and he couldn’t help admiring his foresight at this moment.


If it had been any other Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, Old Tao might not have dealt with them so easily; however, he just so happened to be up against a Monster King, and dealing with the Monster Race was what Old Tao specialized in.


Taking advantage of Xi Lei’s distraction, Mi Qi swiftly retreated and removed himself from the former’s range of attacks. He then stood beside Old Tao and said, “Old Tao, this group of thieves are simply too much! Please help me suppress them.”


Old Tao nodded expressionlessly, “A simple task.”


Now that things had come this far, he had decided to go all in. Besides, the sudden appearance of three Monster Kings in this place surprised Old Tao greatly. He could complete his own mission after defeating these three Monster Kings, so he would have done so even without Mi Qi’s request.


“Old Dog, die!” Xi Lei was wrapped in lightning as an illusory phantom of a beast flashed behind him, clearly illustrating his anger. He originally assumed that it would be easy to crush Full Sky Sect when he first followed Yang Kai here. Who could have expected that Ying Fei would be defeated the moment this old man showed up? Ying Fei being defeated was an embarrassment to the Ancient Wild Lands, so how could Xi Lei let that slide?


Old Tao’s expression didn’t change even in the face of Xi Lei’s rage. Moreover, his response could not get any more straightforward. He simply tossed the same cloth bag out again,


Xi Lei, who was rushing in that direction, halted abruptly. Raising his head to look, he saw that the cloth bag had opened above his head. A strong suction was coming from within the bag, but that wasn’t all; he was perfectly capable of resisting such suction force with his strength, but the crucial point was that the large green hand had appeared again. 


The moment the hand appeared, Xi Lei felt the circulation of his Monster Qi becoming disturbed, which scared the life out of him. At the same time, he immediately understood what happened to Ying Fei back then.


Before Xi Lei could react, the green hand grabbed him and dragged him back into the cloth bag. However, Old Tao didn’t take back the cloth bag this time, instead forming a set of seals with his hands and directing the cloth bag towards the bank of venomous fog.


The venomous fog was created by Xie Wu Wei, where he had dragged a few of Full Sky Sect’s Emperor Realm Masters into battle. Nobody could see the what was going on inside, but it was easy to tell that Xie Wu Wei held the upper hand just by listening to the screams of the Full Sky Sect’s Elders


The large green hand reached out again. Surprisingly, it seemed dimmer than before. It was almost as though the green hand was a consumable that would disappear after several uses. Nonetheless, Xie Wu Wei did not dare to take it lightly after what happened to Ying Fei and Xi Lei. The venomous fog churned violently before his figure suddenly rushed out as he hurriedly fled towards Yang Kai. Unfortunately, that green hand was like maggots on rotting bones and he could not escape its pursuit. Furthermore, its speed was incredibly fast so he did not manage to get very far before he was captured and dragged backward. 


It wasn’t until Xie Wu Wei was put into the cloth bag that Old Tao used some Secret Technique to seal the opening of the cloth bag tightly and recalled it to himself. Catching it with his hand, he subsequently hung it on his waist again.


Those events transpired in a flash, leaving everybody in shock and disbelief. The three Monster Kings had been giving off an aggressive and menacing air just now, and nobody in Full Sky Sect could stand up to them, but they were defeated by a white-haired old man with a strange cloth bag in an instant. This situation left everybody feeling stunned.


Li Jiao and the Emperor Realm Masters of Fire Dragon Palace did not dare to rush forward again. They were just about to launch an attack, but immediately backed away in horror instead. Even the three Monster Kings were no match for that white-haired old man; so how could they possibly stand a chance?


Mi Qi obviously didn’t expect things to be so easy, and only after a moment of amazement did he burst into wild and brazen laughter. Standing next to Old Tao, he pointed at Yang Kai, whose expression was twitching slightly, “Little Thief, how dare you attack Full Sky Sect!? Today will be the day you die!”


Old Tao held up a bottle gourd of wine and poured some into his mouth. Upon hearing those words, he glanced sideways at Mi Qi and knew that the latter was taking advantage of his strength, but he didn’t say anything. In any case, he had a great harvest on this trip so it wouldn’t hurt to let Mi Qi borrow his reputation a little.


On the other hand, Yang Kai didn’t seem to hear anything. He was staring hard at the nondescript white-haired man. [I came here to establish my prestige by making an example out of Full Sky Sect, but before I could do anything, my three Monster Kings were defeated. What the Hell!?]


It wasn’t that he left the Monster Kings to die on purpose, it was just that everything had happened so quickly that he couldn’t react in time when Ying Fei and Xi Lei were caught. When he saw Xie Wu Wei fleeing to his side, he had wanted to help but was stopped by Liu Yan for some reason, so in the end, he could only watch as Xie Wu Wei was taken away.


[It shouldn’t have been difficult to save Xie Wu Wei with my Space Divine Ability, but what is the background of this old man, and what kind of artifact is that cloth bag!?] While Yang Kai was mulling over his suspicions, Liu Yan suddenly walked past him and headed in that direction.


Composing himself, Yang Kai looked down at her and warned, “Be careful.” 


Although she was not weak, the Cloth Bag Artifact was extremely strange and he did not know whether she could handle it.


Meanwhile, Liu Yan remained calm, and her steady steps did not falter.


Old Tao, who was holding up a bottle gourd of wine to his mouth couldn’t help glancing over at the approaching little girl and suddenly his eyes widened. The wine in the bottle gourd flowed down the corners of his mouth, wetting his robes and bringing him back to his senses. Thus, he hurriedly patted at his clothes before studying Liu Yan carefully again, his face twitching slightly as he wondered, [W-Why… Does she look so much like ‘that’ person?]


His thoughts drifted for a while, going back to more than ten years into the past. When he went back to the island to report to a certain person a decade or so ago, he had seen a figure sitting by the side of a certain crater while chatting with a certain other person. Despite the distance between them, Old Tao could tell that that figure belonged to a little girl. Moreover, it was a seven-or-eight-year-old little girl who was dressed similarly to the one he was facing right now. At the time, he had asked that person about the little girl’s identity out of curiosity, and that person had merely responded with an inscrutable smile, so he didn’t dare to ask any more questions.


It might have been more than ten years ago and Old Tao had not gotten a clear glimpse at that time, but the impression he got from seeing that little girl was too strong. He couldn’t stop his thoughts from going in that direction now that he saw this little girl standing in front of him. Looking at her again, he became certain, [She looks very similar! Too similar!]


“Little Thief, do you not have any other subordinates? Why send out a little girl?” Mi Qi was the perfect example of a vile character intoxicated with power. He remained close to Old Tao and shouted boldly. After seeing Old Tao’s power, he became more and more confident and fearless; even so, he didn’t dare to stray too far from Old Tao, lest Yang Kai take advantage of the gap to launch a sneak attack.


“Shut up!” Old Tao shouted.


Mi Qi was dumbfounded and glanced at Old Tao in amazement, only to see the latter was staring at the little girl walking towards them with a solemn expression. Moreover, Old Tao was breaking out in a cold sweat. This discovery frightened Mi Qi greatly. [Could it be that this little girl is somebody we cannot afford to offend? Otherwise, why would Old Tao react in such a manner?]


Feeling suspicious, he looked carefully and saw that the little girl walking toward them had a calm expression that was as tranquil as an ancient well. Her black eyes were very distinct and clean. She looked like a budding beautiful woman at first glance. With such grace as a child, she would surely be amazing once she grew up.


Seeing that the distance between both parties was getting smaller but the little girl seemingly had no intention of stopping, Mi Qi became rather nervous and secretly circulated his Emperor Qi so that he was ready to attack at any time.


Liu Yan stopped just a hundred metres away from the pair, and upon closer inspection, Old Tao became more and more certain that he had not guessed wrong. This little girl was the same one he had seen on the island more than ten years ago.


For a moment, he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he never expected to encounter her in such a place. It truly was a conflict between two parties on the same side.


Although he was almost 100% certain, there were questions he still needed to ask, so after a moment of hesitation, Old Tao secretly sent out a Divine Sense transmission. 


Liu Yan pushed her Divine Sense and sent a reply back.


The situation suddenly became strange. Full Sky Sect and Fire Dragon Palace were facing off against each other, prepared for war, but a little girl and a white-haired old man were communicating with each other in the middle of the battlefield.


Not long after, Old Tao nodded lightly. Following that, Liu Yan turned around and walked away, returning to Yang Kai’s side in a few steps.


“Do you know that old guy?” Yang Kai looked at Liu Yan suspiciously.


She replied, “I don’t know him. But, it seems he has seen me before.”


“What do you mean?”


“He’s from Spirit Beast Island.”


“Senior Martial Beast’s Spirit Beast Island?” Yang Kai was taken aback.




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      1. But I think Yang Kai was fighting with somebody else at that time, so he probably didn’t see it.
        And even if, he also had a bag that could store things, and storing things or storing already tamed beasts shouldn’t be toooo different, and Yang Kai’s bag obviously has nothing to do with Spirit Beast Island

    1. That’s likely the difference between a 3rd order Emperor using an Emperor artifact on a monster king vs an Origin King using a Dao source artifact on a young divine spirit

  1. Not all bags are the same and it’s been over 10-15 years after the Shattered Star Sea since he last saw her, he won’t remember.

    1. I Kknow right. expecting YK to remember every face and every detail over YEARS is asking for a little too much, especially since he is relaxed and not in any danger.

      1. Isn’t their memory supposed to get better with higher cultivation though? He has a strong friendship with a someone that can tame beasts keep them in bags and wears those bags on her hips. Since space rings are used for storage and the author never describes someone as having bags tied to their hips it’s likely very uncommon.
        Their composure is supposed to get better with higher cultivation too. Seems weird for him to be taken aback that the person who was able to subdue 3 monster kings is from spirit beast island. One thing is for certain Yang Kai never jumps to conclusions, because he never forms conclusions to jump to.

  2. I really want a repulsive sect like spirit beast island to all die. Monster taming is never good. Especially since it’s so forceful. Just because they are allies with yang Kai does not make them good. They are evil to the core

  3. Man the author is really annoying me at the moment. How can he write a chapter in which all 3 of his Monster Kings are captured and he just sits there. If he was still in the First-Order Emperor Realm ok but he is a Second-Order Emperor now. A Third-Order Emperor no matter who he is is nothing to him. He could just teleport behind this guy and defeat him in 3 moves instead the author tries to make things complicated.

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