Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3235, Forget It


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Liu Yan lived on Spirit Beast Island for a while, so if she said so, then that must be true.


Yang Kai never expected this white-haired old man to have such a prestigious background. He had interacted with several people from Spirit Beast Island before and even met Martial Beast Great Emperor before when they caused a huge ruckus on Dragon Island together. Needless to say, Yang Kai understood just how great Spirit Beast Island’s heritage was. Although there were not many people on Spirit Beast Island, each one of them should never be underestimated. Whether it was Li Wu Yi or Jiu Feng, who among them was not a famous figure across the entire Star Boundary?


In the past, Yang Kai had never fought against them and only regarded them as ordinary Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters; however, after his meeting with Yang Yan, he had some guesses that Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng were among those stuck in between the Emperor Realm and Great Emperor Realm. It was only because of the limited capacity of the world that they could not become Great Emperors. 


Nevertheless, those were simply his conjectures and he could not confirm if they were true. On the other hand, the fact that that white-haired old man was from Spirit Beast Island could not be wrong.


After asking a few more questions, Yang Kai finally understood the situation. That white-haired old man seemed to have seen Liu Yan once from afar a decade or so ago. However, Liu Yan had been comprehending the mystery of the Fire Phoenix Source at the time and did not interact at all with him. That was why she said that the other party knew her but she did not know him. 


Rather, what she recognized was the Cloth Bag Artifact used by the white-haired old man. She had seen that kind of artifact in Jiu Feng’s possession before. The people from Spirit Beast Island call it the Spirit Beast Bag and it was a very peculiar artifact that was extremely effective at suppressing Monster Beasts but did not have much effect against any other Races.


The Spirit Beast Bag contained a Taming Beast Seal, which was created by Martial Beast Great Emperor personally. The moment the Spirit Beast Bag was used, any existence with the slightest drop of Monster Race or Monster Beast blood would be unable to escape the shackles of the Spirit Beast Bag.


That was also the fundamental reason why the three Monster Kings were defeated so easily. That white-haired old man might not be a match for any one of the three Monster Kings if it came down to a straight-up fight, but he could defeat them effortlessly with the help of the Spirit Beast Bag.


“Spirit Beast Island is in the Eastern Territory. What is this old guy doing in the Northern Territory?” Yang Kai looked puzzled. His pride had been badly bruised today, which made him a little displeased. If not for the white-haired old man who was from Spirit Beast Island, his plans would have gone smoothly.


Now that the situation had developed in this manner, there was probably no way he could continue with this fight anymore. Even so, he was still a little curious about the reason why the white-haired old man was here.


Liu Yan explained, “Spirit Beast Island collects exotic beasts from all over the world. Needless to say, those exotic beasts are forcefully captured and brought back. There are people who specialize in that on the island, and he is one of them. He probably came to the Northern Territory in his search for exotic beasts.”


“I see,” Yang Kai gently nodded.


While those two were communicating among themselves, Mi Qi became unsettled. He might not know how the situation was developing at the moment, but he had seen Liu Yan and Old Tao secretly communicating with each other and an uneasy feeling surged in his heart. Not daring to hesitate, he cupped his fists and said, “Old Tao, I will be eternally grateful to you if you can help me again. I will offer you a hefty reward after this incident.”


Right now, he could only count on Old Tao’s strength; otherwise, there was no way Full Sky Sect could match up against Yang Kai.


Old Tao sighed, raised his hand, and patted Mi Qi on the shoulder, “Forget it. Just give them whatever they want.”


Mi Qi’s eyes widened to the size of saucers as he never imagined that Old Tao would say something like that.


Little did Mi Qi know that Old Tao was utterly helpless too. He might be somebody from Spirit Beast Island who was ordered to come to the Northern Territory to search for exotic beasts, but when it came down to it, his status on Spirit Beast Island was not that high. Senior Martial Beast was naturally the most respected on Spirit Beast Island, followed by Li Wu Yi and Jiu Feng, and this little girl seemed to have a close relationship with Jiu Feng. So, how could Old Tao dare to offend her?


While Mi Qi blanked out from the shock, Old Tao took the cloth bag from his waist and opened it. 


Three figures immediately emerged right after. It was none other than Ying Fei and the others.


All three Monster Kings had haunted expressions on their faces and instantly looked around the moment they reappeared. Upon seeing both Old Tao and Mi Qi when they turned around, the three exchanged a glance with each other before they lunged forward to kill Old Tao with zero hesitation.


They had just suffered a huge loss at the hands of the Spirit Beast Bag, but all three of them were experienced and decisive characters. They instantly figured out the shortcomings of the Spirit Beast Bag at a glance. The artifact was powerful indeed, but it would seem that it could only deal with one person at a time. If all three of them acted together, they could kill Old Tao before the Spirit Beast Bag took effect.


In an instant, Monster Qi surged to the sky as three distinct murderous intents enveloped Old Tao, terrifying him so badly that all the hairs on his body stood upright. Even Mi Qi staggered back in fright and almost fell to the ground.


“Stop!” Yang Kai hurriedly shouted.


Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei both stopped mid-air while Ying Fei’s figure suddenly disappeared. It was an afterimage. His real body was already standing in front of Old Tao, an eagle’s talon stopped just a finger’s length away from the latter’s face with a sharp aura radiating from it.


Old Tao’s back was dripping with cold sweat, having come close to dying. He lifted his eyes to look at Ying Fei, who was standing right in front of him and secretly rejoiced at the fact that this was the first Monster King he dealt with earlier; otherwise, this Monster King might have won against him just by relying on speed alone.


“Monster Kings, don’t be rude!” Yang Kai’s voice came from behind again. Since this old man was from Spirit Beast Island, then he was not an enemy. Besides, Old Tao had taken the initiative to release the three Monster Kings, so how could Yang Kai just sit around and watch him die?


Ying Fei was surprisingly obedient and retracted his eagle’s talon without delay before he withdrew as if some invisible force was pulling at him. In an instant, he stood side by side with Xi Lei and Xie Wu Wei, the three of them were watching Old Tao vigilantly, maintaining a high degree of vigilance. 


They had lost at the hands of this old man, which hurt their pride. If that happened again, they would be too humiliated to remain by Yang Kai’s side anymore.


The moment Ying Fei retreated, Mi Qi returned to his senses too. Although he did not know why Old Tao switched sides all of a sudden and even released the three Monster Kings that had been captured, he knew that there was nothing he could do to change the situation. Hence, he no longer hesitated and ran straight back into Full Sky Sect.


“Please wait here for a moment, Old Sir. I’ll be right back to speak with you later!” Yang Kai smiled at Old Tao. After that, his figure flickered and he vanished in an instant.


“Space Divine Ability!” Old Tao’s eyes shrank at the sight. As somebody from Spirit Beast Island, there was no way he did not know about Space Divine Abilities; after all, that was Li Wu Yi’s field of expertise. Old Tao had seen Li Wu Yi displaying his Dao of Space abilities to come and go freely on multiple occasions. 


However, he never imagined that he would see that same Divine Ability being used by another person.


Looking at the young man’s level of skill, it would seem that Yang Kai was not inferior to Li Wu Yi. Old Tao instantly felt a chill in his heart, knowing that the only reason Yang Kai had held back just now was thanks to the little girl; otherwise, he would have died without even knowing the reason why.


Those proficient in the Dao of Space were not to be trifled with. Even though they were both Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters, Li Wu Yi enjoyed the title of being the strongest Master below the Great Emperors, and the primary reason was his mastery over the Dao of Space.


On the other side, Mi Qi felt his vision blurring slightly while he was desperately trying to escape, and when his vision cleared, Yang Kai was already blocking his path with a cold expression, shouting, “Where are you trying to run off to!?”


Mi Qi gritted his teeth, looking desperate. A long spear appeared in his hand, shining with a cold light. Then, his spear thrust out like a Dragon going to sea. The swooshing sounds of his spear rang out endlessly and seemed to cover a wide area.


When it came down to it, he was still a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master so it was only natural for him to have some life-saving cards up his sleeves, and this attack revealed his strong and powerful foundation. The sky was filled with the murderous intent coming from his spear attacks, and the power behind each thrust was incredible, so much so that they made the Emperor Realm Masters of Fire Dragon Palace widen their eyes in surprise. They knew that they could not have survived a barrage of attacks of that calibre.


Even so, Yang Kai simply stood there boldly without any intention to dodge. The people of Fire Dragon Palace turned to look at their Palace Master and saw that Li Jiao was as calm as could be, not showing the slightest worry.


Out of everybody here, he knew Yang Kai’s abilities best. Yang Kai dared to take on the entire Dragon Clan, so what was Mi Qi in comparison? For that reason, there was nothing to worry about.


Facing that desperate barrage of attacks, Yang Kai’s expression became somewhat strange. It was his first time fighting against another person since becoming a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master; moreover, his opponent was a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, so even though Mi Qi’s attacks were not weak, they didn’t look very imposing or dangerous to him.


Yang Kai leisurely reached out his hand into the field of spear shadows and grabbed at something.


The spear shadows all dissipated in that instant, and Mi Qi’s movements abruptly froze, his eyes widened as large as saucers as though he had just seen a ghost. That was because Yang Kai’s casual movement had accurately grabbed the head of his spear among the countless afterimages.


[How am I supposed to use my ultimate killing move if my spear has been seized!?] Mi Qi’s expression changed drastically but he still reacted incredibly swiftly. The spear trembled for a moment as a rotating force transmitted along its shaft while Mi Qi roared, “Let go!”


He was hoping that this move would shake Yang Kai off. There was nothing he was basing his hopes on when performing this move, he was simply relying on the fact that his cultivation was one Minor Realm higher than Yang Kai’s.


That rotating force was transmitted to Yang Kai’s palm in an instant, and unsurprisingly, his wrist turned slightly from the force. Mi Qi was just about to continue with his efforts when he saw hostility appearing on Yang Kai’s face. The rotated wrist turned back again abruptly, accompanied by a force that seemed to ‘set things right’. 


Subsequently, a rotating force spinning in the complete opposite direction of the original was returned along the spear, and before Mi Qi even knew what was happening, his entire person was helplessly spinning round and round due to the might of that rotating force.


He pushed his Emperor Qi to forcefully stabilize his body in the air, but the spear he had been holding had already been snatched away by Yang Kai. Despite feeling extremely dizzy, what Mi Qi felt most distinctly right now was terror. [What great strength! His aura is clearly only in the Second-Order Emperor Realm! How is this possible!? How does he have this much power!? Just now, that was nothing but pure brute force!]


He was completely unaware of Yang Kai’s current physical condition. The Half-Dragon Form was not something he could fight against. If it had been Li Jiao, he would never have tried to compete against him in raw strength as that was purely asking for trouble.


Mi Qi didn’t even have the time to stabilize himself when he heard a whistling sound coming from above his head. He was so scared that it felt like his Soul had left his body for a moment. Yang Kai was still holding the head of Mi Qi’s spear; however, he was using the artifact spear as a club and brought it smashing down on Mi Qi.


Mi Qi lifted his arms and crossed them above his head. Two bracers appeared on his arms out of thin air. 




The butt of the spear smashed down against his arm guards, causing them to flash wildly before they quickly dimmed. That Emperor Artifact lost its spirituality after taking a hit from this brutal attack. Meanwhile, Mi Qi was struck by an overwhelming force, which caused him to crash down like a meteor. As a result, he smashed into a nearby mountain, opening a huge crater in its side.




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  2. “Liu Yan explained, “Spirit Beast Island collects exotic beasts from all over the world. Needless to say, those exotic beasts are forcefully captured and brought back. There are people who specialize in that on the island, and he is one of them. He probably came to the Northern Territory in his search for exotic beasts.””

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