Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3236, Surrender


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The Emperor Realm Masters of Full Sky Sect lying on the ground were completely stunned. Their eyes portrayed how lost they felt as they were struck by a sense of utter disbelief. [Our Sect Master couldn’t even withstand a single move?]


Similarly, the people of Fire Dragon Palace were also stunned. Deep down in their hearts, they couldn’t help thinking that it was absolutely ridiculous. [Mi Qi is a Third-Order Emperor Realm, how could he be so pathetic?]


The three Monster Kings also exchanged glances with each other. They were a little shocked too. They could tell that Yang Kai seemed to be much stronger than before. On the other hand, Old Tao swallowed nervously. He lifted his bottle gourd of wine and poured some into his mouth. He needed the alcohol to take off some of the edge off the shock in his palpitating heart.


Meanwhile, Mi Qi had been smashed into the mountain and levelled it as a result. He felt extremely dizzy and the vitality in his body churned. It took some effort for him to finally suppress this discomfort, and when he looked up, he saw Yang Kai floating down to land in front of him.


Yang Kai stood before Mi Qi and looked down from above while playing with the spear in his hands. With a spin and a shake, the spear pierced toward Mi Qi with a spray of sparks.


“Have mercy!” Mi Qi shouted, “Palace Master Yang, please spare my life!”


At this point, survival came first. He couldn’t care less about his pride and reputation anymore. What was the use of his pride if he lost his life? The tip of the spear brushed past his cheeks and cut off several strands of his black hair, causing his eyes to widen to the size of saucers, and him to nearly wet his pants in fear.


“Tsk.” Yang Kai spat disdainfully. Lifting the spear in his hand slightly, he stabbed into the ground at his feet. Turning around, he asked, “Who else refuses to surrender?”


Who would dare to go against him now? All the Emperor Realm Masters of Full Sky Sect had been defeated by the Monster Kings earlier. They were currently sprawled across the ground, endlessly wailing in pain. As for the Emperor Realm Masters who fought against Ying Fei, they were covered in claw marks and fresh blood. They were helpless since Ying Fei had sealed their cultivation. They couldn’t even heal their injuries. On the other hand, the Emperor Realm Masters who fought against Xie Wu Wei were enveloped in a green light. Large and shiny blisters formed on their exposed skin. Their complexion was green and pale. It was clear that they had been badly poisoned. It could be said that all the higher-ups of Full Sky Sect in the Emperor Realm had been completely wiped out. Moreover, the entire battle, from the beginning to the end, had not taken more than a quarter of an hour!


“Palace Master Yang, please spare our lives!” Those disciples in the Dao Source Realm and below knelt down, one after the other, looking as grief-stricken as though they had just lost their parents.


Mi Qi’s eyes were dim. He looked at the person with his back facing him, then glanced at the spear artifact stuck in the ground in front of him. However, he couldn’t even muster the courage to launch a sneak attack. Even though Yang Kai was unscrupulously exposing his back to Mi Qi and seemed to be full of flaws, it only scared Mi Qi even more. How could he dare to act rashly?


Yang Kai swept his gaze over the place coldly and snorted softly, “Whether you can survive or not depends on what your Sect Master chooses.”


Mi Qi staggered up with his hand holding his chest. Turning to look at his subordinates, he saw familiar faces looking at him with eyes full of the desire to survive. What else was there to say at this point? He was not as powerful as his opponent. 


[Let’s just surrender.]


Although everybody ended up in a terrible state, it was fortunate that nobody was killed in this incident. It could be seen that the people on Yang Kai’s side had been rather measured in their approach, causing Mi Qi to sigh once again in his heart. At the same time, he bowed his head and cupped his fists, “Full Sky Sect is willing to submit to Palace Master Yang. Please have mercy, Palace Master Yang, and spare our lives.”


Yang Kai turned his head to glance at Mi Qi sideways and expressionlessly stated, “This is a big deal, Sect Master Mi. Why don’t you think it over carefully before giving me your answer? I am in no hurry. I can give you some time. It is good if you are being sincere. There’s no need to force yourself if you are unwilling, lest word gets out that I use force to bully others.”


[My life is in your hands! What else do I need to consider?] Mi Qi cursed in his heart. [How can I not be decisive at this point? If I have any other thoughts, I will suffer a tragic ending! Besides, quite a few of my Sect’s Elders have been poisoned. They don’t look like they can hold on for much longer. Their lives will be in danger if they don’t get the antidote soon. I have already surrendered to you; what more do you want!?]


Despite the complaints in his heart, Mi Qi did not dare to reveal his thoughts on his face and quickly stated, “Palace Master Yang, your power is unparalleled. Full Sky Sect was too blind to see that before. Please forgive us for how disrespectful we were. From now on, Full Sky Sect will surrender in good faith.”


The corners of Yang Kai’s brow twitched slightly, “Sect Master Mi, you are the Sect Master. You are a man of your word. Of course, I will believe the words you say. Since you are being so sincere, Sect Master Mi, this King will accept your goodwill.”


The corners of Mi Qi’s mouth couldn’t help twitching endlessly. He finally realized how shameless this man could be. [Bringing so many Masters over with him; wasn’t his intention to subdue Full Sky Sect!? He even sent Li Jiao over to deliver a message before and launched an attack on us. How can he still be so shameless as to say such things!? Making it seem as though I willingly surrendered of my own volition while he is forced to accept it reluctantly… Just how shameless can he get!?]


There was only one thing he could not figure out. [Although Full Sky Sect isn’t shabby, it doesn’t explain why Yang Kai is so fixated on it. I might owe him a huge debt, but I pay him back every year without any deficit. Why does he have to subdue Full Sky Sect? Could it be to demonstrate how powerful High Heaven Palace is?]


Despite his doubts, Mi Qi forced a smile on his face and stated, “Many thanks, Palace Master Yang.”


[What in the world is this!? The Emperor Realm Masters under me were badly beaten up, my pride was crushed, the Sect Defending Array was destroyed, and I was forced to surrender. Now, I even have to thank him!?] Mi Qi’s heart was filled with grief and anger. Unfortunately, he could only blame himself for being weaker than his opponent. Or else, he would have made Yang Kai suffer greatly in return.


Yang Kai replied, “Words are worthless. Please show me your sincerity, Sect Master Mi.”


Mi Qi was taken aback by those words. He cautiously asked, “What kind of sincerity do you want, Palace Master Yang?”


[I have already humbled myself so much, why is he still being so aggressive?] He secretly vowed to himself. [If he asks for something outrageous, I will… still have to consider it…]


Yang Kai quickly said, “Sect Master Mi, I hope you can issue an edict to inform all the cities, clans, and subordinate Sects under Full Sky Sect that it will be under the control of High Heaven Palace from today onward.”


“Ah!” Upon hearing those words, Mi Qi lifted his head abruptly with a shocked expression. Today’s events were humiliating, but it had only been limited to the people of Full Sky Sect. Even if word got out about this incident, it would be nothing but conjecture as long as Full Sky Sect remained silent on the matter; however, it was completely different if he were to issue an edict to actively inform the world about this.


There were many cities, clans and subordinate Sects under Full Sky Sect’s wing. It was one of the top Sects in the Northern Territory after all. As the saying went, ‘good deeds often went unnoticed, but bad news travelled fast’. At this rate, it wouldn’t take long before everybody in the Northern Territory would know of this matter.


[Is he trying to humiliate Full Sky Sect across the entire Northern Territory!? One of the top Sects in the Northern Territory has fallen so low that it is now a subordinate! How am I supposed to accept this!?]


“Hmm?” Yang Kai’s expression became cold, “You seem rather reluctant, Sect Master Mi. Don’t tell me those words you uttered just now were empty words?”


“No, of course not.” Mi Qi hurriedly waved his hands in denial, “It’s just…”


Before Mi Qi could finish talking, Yang Kai suddenly looked up at the sky and indifferently muttered, “Sect Master Mi is such an indecisive man. He doesn’t seem suited to lead the Sect. Perhaps he should abdicate and let somebody else take over.”


[What is the meaning of that!? Is he forcing me to relinquish my position as Sect Master!?] If it had been anybody else who said that, Mi Qi would not have taken them seriously; however, it was different when Yang Kai was the one who said those words. [My life is in his hands. He is perfectly capable of killing me and choosing another person from among the Elders to manage Full Sky Sect. I’m sure someone will be willing to cooperate with him.]


A chill ran through his spine. He did not dare to negotiate anymore. Gritting his teeth, he declared, “I’ll do it! I’ll write it!”


Yang Kai stated, “I’m not forcing you. It’s meaningless if I force you.”


Mi Qi replied sternly, “I am very sincere. Palace Master Yang, please understand.”


“If that’s the case… Why don’t you write the letter and let me have a look?” Yang Kai rubbed his chin.


Mi Qi immediately took out a jade slip and poured his Divine Sense into it to write the edict.


Yang Kai raised his chin, motioning to the wounded, “Treat them.”


Ying Fei’s figure flickered and he appeared before several Full Sky Sect’s Elders and slapped his palm against them to remove the seal he placed. Meanwhile, Xie Wu Wei opened his mouth and drew the green aura out from the poisoned Emperor Realm Masters.


Once the seal was lifted and the poison was removed, those Emperor Realm Masters took out their Recovery Spirit Pills and stuffed them into their mouths with complicated expressions.


Not long after that, Mi Qi finished writing and handed the jade slip to Yang Kai, “Palace Master Yang, please take a look.”


Yang Kai took the jade slip and glanced through it. Then, he frowned and tossed the jade slip back at Mi Qi, “Full Sky Sect is one of the top Sects in the Northern Territory. Can you not write like you’re so lowly? It makes people look down on you.”


Mi Qi didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. [My life and the lives of my people are in your hands. How can I not be humble? Unfortunately, there is nothing I can do but rewrite it since he isn’t satisfied. I am the Sect Master of Full Sky Sect, but not only am I forced to write this shameful announcement, I am also subjected to his nit-picking… Where is the justice in this!?]


A short while later, he finished writing another edict. Yang Kai checked it and nodded lightly, “This is more like it. Copy that edict and make…” He lifted his head and glanced at the Elders and Protectors of Full Sky Sect who were treating their wounds. He counted their numbers and continued, “Eight copies.”


Mi Qi didn’t dare to resist, so he obediently wrote eight more copies of the same edict.


Yang Kai added, “Let each of the Emperor Realm Masters of Full Sky Sect hold a copy of the edict. They will travel to various places in eight separate directions, entering all forces under your jurisdiction to announce the edict in crowded areas. They will spread word of Full Sky Sect’s surrender to the entire Northern Territory.”


Upon hearing those words, the Elders of Full Sky Sect widened their eyes and stared in Yang Kai’s direction blankly. Similarly, a myriad of expressions flashed across Mi Qi’s face. There was grief, humiliation, and even a trace of hostility. He initially thought that even if he wrote this edict, it would take some time for word to spread. He did not expect Yang Kai to be so ruthless as to force the Elders of Full Sky Sect to personally bring the edict to the cities and Sects in the Northern Territory and announce it to the public.


[This will completely crush Full Sky Sect’s reputation and pride! How am I, the Sect Master of Full Sky Sect, supposed to maintain my standing in the Northern Territory in the future? How am I supposed to answer to those Elders in the Emperor Realm who have to announce the edicts? How will the entire Northern Territory view Full Sky Sect after this!?]


As the saying goes, ‘a warrior would prefer death over humiliation’. At that moment, Mi Qi had the impulsive urge to fight Yang Kai to the death. He believed that Yang Kai was deliberately humiliating him; however, he couldn’t help shuddering in fear as soon as he met Yang Kai’s frosty gaze. That gaze looked at him as though it was looking at a dead man. Thus, Mi Qi had no doubt that Yang Kai would not have mercy on him if he were to make another move. He clenched his fists tightly, but in the end, he didn’t dare to make his move, so he took a few moments to convince himself. [It’s better to be alive than to be dead. It’s just a bit of humiliation. What’s the big deal?]




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  1. Friendly reminder that YK butchered everyone below the dao source realm when he broke the sect defending array…
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    1. No all.
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