Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3247, Changes in the Medicine Garden


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“If anyone dares to approach this place again, they will be killed without mercy!” A majestic voice resounded throughout the world like rumbling thunder at that moment. The expressions of all the cultivators standing firm just now changed drastically as they could tell that the voice belonged to the so-called ‘Master of the World’. How could they dare to remain in place? Thus, they quickly fled.


When two small, delicate beings noticed the situation on this side, they flew over from the medicine garden like dancing butterflies, arrived before Yang Kai, and bowed, “Sir.”


They were none other than Mu Zhu and Mu Lu, whom Yang Kai had brought over from the Ancient Wild Lands.


Mu Zhu gave Yang Kai a once-over and stretched out her hands to cover her red lips, “Sir, are you hurt?” Yang Kai was in a miserable state, so it was hard not to notice how bad he looked.


Yang Kai waved at them weakly and continued to adjust his breathing.


The two Wood Spirits glanced at each other and nodded at the same time. They suddenly shifted so that one stood in the air in front of him while the other flew to stand behind him. They simultaneously formed a set of seals with their hands to activate some kind of Secret Technique. An emerald curtain of light appeared out of nowhere and enveloped Yang Kai next. Wisps of light that resembled fireflies flew out of the emerald curtain and filled his surroundings. Then, these bits of light entered his body with every breath he took.


Yang Kai was aware of their movements but showed no intention of stopping them. He had long heard that the Wood Spirit Clan was exceptional at healing injuries, so how could he not understand what they were trying to do at this moment? As he breathed in the green light, he felt the pain in his body fading away and being replaced by a feeling of comfort. His body gradually restored its strength, and even his Soul quickly recovered.


Investigating his condition, Yang Kai was a little surprised to find that his body was filled with emerald light now. Moreover, that light was brimming with vitality as it repaired his damaged body. The emerald light was obviously the doing of the two Wood Spirits.


Cracking his eyes open slightly, Yang Kai peeked at his surroundings. The small figure floating in front of him had a solemn expression on her face while sweat slowly slid down the tip of her nose. It would seem that providing this kind of treatment was a burden on them too. Yang Kai honestly could not tell these two Wood Spirits apart, but based on their demeanours, the one in front of him was probably Mu Zhu because Mu Lu was shy and became embarrassed easily.


Seeming to sense his peeping gaze, Mu Zhu smiled at him and he calmly closed his eyes again. 


With these two Wood Spirits assisting him in healing his injuries, Yang Kai’s entire body relaxed.


The entire process took no more than an hour, and by the time he opened his eyes again, he was fully recovered. Mu Zhu and Mu Lu seemed aware of the changes too and stopped in unison, causing the emerald curtain of light enveloping him to disappear without a trace. Even the emerald wisps of light faded away.


“Thank you.” Yang Kai said.


Mu Zhu pursed her lips, “You are being too polite, Sir.”


Yang Kai stood up, swept his Divine Sense over the medicine garden, and couldn’t help raising his brow. He had planted all sorts of spirit flowers, spirit medicines, and exotic herbs in this medicine garden over the years, but he had never taken care of them properly before. That was because the Immortal Tree was planted here. The Immortal Tree had limitless vitality, so combined with the nutrient-rich soil and the many Earth Vein Crystals in the medicine garden, nothing would wilt even if he just randomly planted anything he wanted here. But, looking at it now, the huge medicine garden had been tidied up and organized. The spirit grasses and exotic herbs were neatly arranged at different plots with some of the shorter plants having already born fruit. There were blue fruits, green fruits, and red fruits all over the place, making it look very pleasing to look at.


Yang Kai was certain that everything was thanks to the work of the two Wood Spirits because he had only planted everything at random before. There had never been such careful planning and structuring before. He also saw many plants that he had never seen before that seemed like they had just sprouted not too long ago.


The Immortal Tree that was only as tall as a person and the Firmament Tree were particularly conspicuous. They were located at the centre of the medicine garden and as he looked over at the Immortal Tree, Yang Kai saw that two of its leaves were rolled up like tiny beds. Then, he looked at the Firmament Tree and saw a similar scenario. He chuckled, “Do you usually sleep on those leaves?”


Mu Zhu and Mu Lu glanced at each other briefly before the former asked, “Is that bad? If it’s no good, we…”


Yang Kai waved his hand casually, “You are the experts here. You can do whatever you want.”


“Many thanks, Sir!”


Yang Kai simply smiled, “What are you thanking me for? I should be thanking you instead.”


The Wood Spirit Clan specialized in taking care of plants since ancient times. If one had a Wood Spirit in their medicine garden, the output of the medicine garden would increase by at least 30%. He had not expected Mu Na to force two of her clansmen onto him, but that showed just how attractive rare plants were to the Wood Spirit Clan.


In the beginning, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu had not been willing to separate from their clansmen; however, they understood why their Matriarch had assigned them this duty after they arrived in this medicine garden. The unparalleled Immortal Tree that only existed in legends and the incomparably mysterious Firmament Tree were both existences that could only be read about in ancient books. These two had never expected to find them both here in this small medicine garden.


The two Wood Spirits were stunned the moment they entered the medicine garden the other day and it wasn’t until then that they understood the Matriarch’s intent. Only the Wood Spirit Clan was capable of caring for these two precious treasures properly. Besides, Mu Zhu and Mu Lu would also receive huge returns by taking care of them. That was related to the special cultivation method of the Wood Spirit Clan, which was not known to outsiders.

Mu Zhu bit her red lip lightly and nervously reported, “Sir, we also planted some things here without your permission.”


“I noticed,” He had long discovered that there were many seedlings that had just sprouted in this medicine garden, and although he did not know what they were, he was certain that they were rare spirit medicines since the two Wood Spirits were the ones to plant them. Of course, he was not going to stop Mu Zhu and Mu Lu from planting these things if they wanted to; after all, he would be the one to profit from this when the plants matured.


Upon seeing that Yang Kai had no objections, Mu Zhu couldn’t help feeling relieved. Every Wood Spirit collected a lot of rare seeds so what they had planted in this medicine garden were the seeds she and Mu Lu had collected. If Yang Kai had objected to their actions, they would have been very reluctant to get rid of those plants. Fortunately, Yang Kai seemed to have no intentions of doing so.


“You can plant whatever you want. You don’t need to inform me. I have handed the care of the medicine garden to you, so you can call the shots here.”


“Many thanks, Sir!” Mu Zhu broke out into a smile. Then, she hesitated as though she had something to say.


“If you have something to ask, you can go ahead and say it. No need to hesitate.”


Mu Zhu glanced at Mu Lu, then she nudged at the latter. Mu Lu blushed and shyly said, “Sir, can you expand the medicine garden? Right now, the place is a little… small.”


The medicine garden was of course not small. Many of the herbs he had collected over the years were all planted here, so how could it be small? Nevertheless, it was small to a Wood Spirit. A medicine garden of this size could easily be handled by Mu Lu or Mu Zhu alone; therefore, they felt as though there was not enough for them to do.


“Of course I can expand it. How much do you want me to expand it by?” He looked at Mu Lu with a smile.


Mu Lu considered it for a moment and said, “About double the current size?”


“Good, is there anything else you want?”


She lowered her head shyly and whispered, “It would be nice if Sir could bring more seeds for us from the outside.”


“En, no problem,” Now that High Heaven Palace was a powerful force that literally dominated one of the four Territories, searching for some seeds was not a problem at all.


Those were all the requests the two Wood Spirits had at the moment, and they looked extremely satisfied after making them. Afterwards, the two enthusiastically invited Yang Kai to tour the newly organized medicine garden. It wasn’t to take credit for their work, they simply wanted to show him the results of their labour.


Yang Kai did not refuse their offer. Hence, he took a stroll around the medicine garden with them. The two Wood Spirits accompanied him, one on each side. They would explain some things to him from time to time, which gave him a little more insight into such matters. He had to admit that the Wood Spirit Clan’s understanding of plants was truly unparalleled. They were familiar with the characteristics, growth environment, maturity cycle, and harvesting methods of every spirit medicine here.


Half a day later, Yang Kai left after doubling the area of the medicine garden as Mu Zhu and Mu Lu had requested. The newly added parts of the medicine garden were completely empty, and he left it as it was for them to deal with themselves.


Over the next few days, Yang Kai spent most of his time meditating in his room. While he was meditating, he thought back on the insight he had gained back in the Small Sealed World. Although his attempt had failed miserably, it was not without gain. At the very least, he had a better understanding of World Force now.


A few more days later, he had to serve as a Referee for a day again. That night, Yang Kai called up Xiao Bai Yi and Murong Xiao Xiao to join the exchange meeting. 


The last time he came, he had only been there to join in on the fun; however, he came prepared this time as he had something he wanted to exchange. It was rare for so many Emperor Realm Masters to gather together in one place; therefore, Yang Kai was confident he could obtain some strange and peculiar seeds from them to fulfil the requests of the two Wood Spirits.


As for the items he could use for the exchange, he had many Monster Beast Cores of various grades in his possession that would surely cause a stir if he brought them out. He also had all kinds of artifacts and elixirs. In the end, he chose to bring out some Emperor Grade Spirit Pills as well, and as expected, taking out two bottles of Emperor Grade Spirit Pills aroused the interest of many people. In the end, he managed to exchange for some seeds as he wished, and when he returned to his room, he handed them to Mu Zhu and Mu Lu.


The two Wood Spirits were naturally delighted to see that Yang Kai had obtained seeds so quickly. Although they had their own collections, the seeds they had on hand were not enough now that the medicine garden had been expanded. The seeds Yang Kai obtained at the exchange came just in time to solve their urgent need, so they kept asking him to bring more and naturally he agreed to their requests.


However, there were probably no more seeds to be exchanged for at the exchange meeting. Even if these Masters had some seeds, they had simply been something they collected by chance. It was impossible for them to treat those seeds like treasures the way Wood Spirits did, so they wouldn’t be bothered to bring many with them.


Therefore, Yang Kai could only wait for the Martial Gathering to finish and figure out a solution once he returned to the Northern Territory. He believed that collecting some seeds would be easy with the power of the entire Northern Territory.


On this day, Yang Kai was meditating in his room when he suddenly heard a knock on the door. Opening his eyes, he raised his hand and the door opened. A woman dressed as a maid stood outside and bowed politely, “Elder Yang, there is someone here requesting to meet with you.”


The maid was a disciple Orthodoxy Temple had sent to serve them, but since Emperor Realm Masters did not need much in the way of service, most of the time this maid just helped run some minor errands for them.


“Who is it?” Yang Kai felt a little curious. [Since they are asking to meet me, that can only mean that they hold a status lower than mine. I can’t think of anybody who would ask to meet me at this time though.]


“A young woman. She claims that she is here to thank you for saving her life. She seems to be called… Yu Zhuo.”




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