Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3254, Mustering the Forces


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Looking at the situation, Yang Kai and the Embodiment no longer hesitated. They brought out their strongest Divine Abilities and blasted them at Orthodoxy Temple. Amidst the archaic Dragon Language, wave after wave of Dragon Clan Secret Techniques transformed into Golden Dragons and shot out unendingly. Similarly, the fires covering the Embodiment’s body burned fiercely, turning the world around him into a sea of flames, burning down the Sect Defending Array.


For a time, layer after layer of ripples spread out across the surface of the light curtain as it flashed wildly.


Lei Gu coldly snorted at the sight, and an Array Jade appeared in his hand. He placed his other hand on the jade and stabilized the Spirit Array. He had been possessed by a Demon Spirit and his nature had changed greatly, so much so that he was practically a different person altogether, but even so, he could easily control everything that Lei Gu himself possessed. That Array Jade was, naturally, the controller for Orthodoxy Temple’s Sect Defending Array, and driven by Lei Gu’s strength, the Spirit Array immediately became impregnable again.


Yang Kai’s eyes nearly popped out from rage. [How do I enter Orthodoxy Temple if I can’t destroy this Sect Defending Array? How do I save Wen Zi Shan and the others? How do I avenge those who died here today?] 


For a moment, he was consumed by anxiety. [Do I really have no choice but to head towards Star Soul Palace to seek help? But, that will take too long … Who knows what will happen to Wen Zi Shan and the others during that period? In the worst case, they will all undergo demonification. For Lei Gu to choose to act at this point in time indicates that he is very confident of his plans.]


Turning his head to look around, Yang Kai saw that the flames blazing brightly on his Embodiment’s body were definitely affecting the Spirit Array, but unfortunately, judging by the situation, it would not be able to break through in short order, and him working together with his Embodiment would not make a significant difference.


Lei Gu snorted coldly, “Junior, I will make you wish you were dead if you dare to ruin my plans.”


A flaw had truly appeared in his plans as Yang Kai was not dead. News of this incident would surely spread now. In other words, his plan had failed. The only saving grace was that it was not a complete failure. Many Emperor Realm Masters and tens of thousands of elite disciples had fallen into their trap, which was better than nothing. With so many people demonified here, they would definitely become a force that was not to be underestimated and they would open up the path for the next plan.


All of a sudden, Yang Kai stopped and backed away. Glaring at Lei Gu coldly, he executed a Secret Technique before shouting, “Temple Master, can you hold on for a day?”


Lei Gu frowned when he heard this as he did not understand what Yang Kai meant by ‘a day’.


Looking at the current situation, the best Yang Kai could do was to go to Star Soul Palace for help. Unfortunately, Star Soul Palace was very far away and it would definitely take him more than a day to make a return trip even with his Space Techniques.


Wen Zi Shan’s voice came from inside Orthodoxy Temple, “We’ll do our best!”


Another person’s voice rang out, “Little brat, why are you still wasting time here!? Hurry up and go to Star Soul Palace!” It was the voice of Ma Qing, the Holy Master of Heavenly Martial Holy Land. He sounded a little frustrated as it was clear that he had not expected Yang Kai to still be procrastinating here without leaving.


Yang Kai stared at Lei Gu deeply before he shouted, “Good. Everyone, stay strong! Give me one day and I will save you all from this disaster!”


After saying that, he turned to leave. Catching a glimpse of a certain cold corpse lying on the slope out of the corner of his eye, Yang Kai felt an inexplicable pain in his heart, as though it was being gripped tightly by a giant hand.


With a flicker, Yang Kai disappeared from Lei Gu’s field of vision. Following Yang Kai’s departure, Lei Gu stopped injecting his Qi into the Array Jade and the flashing light of the Sect Defending Array gradually subsided in response. Then, he turned to look at the Embodiment and called out, “Divine Spirit Shi Huo?”


The Embodiment stood tall, looking down at Lei Gu across the Spirit Array. His eyes were burning flames that danced continuously. He was connected to Yang Kai’s mind, so there was no need for much communication between them for him to understand what Yang Kai was planning. At the same time, he was also filled with fury and guilt over Yu Zhuo’s death. He stayed behind to divert Lei Gu’s energy so that the latter was unable to focus on attacking Wen Zi Shan and the others. The other reason he stayed behind was to wait for an opportunity to destroy the Sect Defending Array. It would be great if he could destroy it before Yang Kai returned, but even if he couldn’t, he could reduce some of its power as preparations for the next part of the plan.


Seeing that the Embodiment was not speaking, Lei Gu shouted solemnly, “Aren’t Divine Spirits supposed to be noble beings who stand above all others? Since when have they become mere servants to the whims of a Human? You are the greatest embarrassment to Divine Spirits possible!”


If the Embodiment was truly Shi Huo, he might have been angered by those words; however, his base was Yang Kai’s Soul Clone, so why would he be affected by such empty provocations?


When the Embodiment did not react, Lei Gu frowned and gave up on this useless effort before turning around to head back inside.


Before Lei Gu could leave though, the Embodiment ignited his flames again, sending them crashing against the Sect Defending Array.


The corner of Lei Gu’s face twitched as he hurriedly controlled the Array Jade in his hands to reinforce the Spirit Array and resist the power of the flames.



A short distance away, Yang Kai’s figure navigated through the sky. It only took a moment for him to return to the mountain peak where he had been attacked before where he saw the white-haired elderly man meditating and adjusting his breathing. The four others still wrapped in Demon Qi remained unconscious on the ground around him.


Upon noticing motion, the elderly man opened his eyes to see that Yang Kai had returned and was overjoyed, “Elder Yang!”


“Quickly go to Star Soul Palace to seek help. Report to them about what happened in Orthodoxy Temple and ask the Great Emperor to take action; otherwise, the entire Southern Territory will be in danger,” Yang Kai said anxiously.


“Ah…” The white-haired elderly man was taken aback for a moment but quickly nodded, “Good.” 


Pointing to the four people, he added, “What about them…”


“Go!” Yang Kai turned around and glared at the elderly man with a gaze that was akin to the eyes of an enraged beast that was about to swallow its prey.


The elderly man did not dare to say anything else in the face of that vicious glare. He realized that time was precious and hurriedly summoned his flight type artifact, ascertained the direction, and headed directly towards Star Soul Palace.


After the old man left, Yang Kai waved his hand and transported the four unconscious people affected by Demon Qi into the Small Sealed World. He suppressed them at a certain spot there before subsequently bringing out a large pile of materials and getting to work.


Going to Star Soul Palace to inform them about the news and asking the Great Emperor for help was certainly one of the ways to resolve this incident; however, Yang Kai was not optimistic about the prospects for that solution. It wasn’t that he did not trust in the Great Emperor’s strength, it was just that it would take too much time. The dust would have settled by the time the Great Emperor arrived. If he wanted to resolve this catastrophe and avenge the dead with certainty, he had to rely on other things. Fortunately, Yang Kai had other options.


The image of that corpse lying on the cold, hard ground kept flashing through his mind. Those dim and lifeless eyes felt like they were carved into the depths of his soul, staring at him, making him suffer with every breath he took.


Strictly speaking, they had only known each other for less than a month and didn’t even have a deep friendship between them. Killing was very normal in the pursuit of the Martial Dao, and the death of one person should not have caused such a large emotional fluctuation in him. Unfortunately, Yang Kai was filled with endless remorse at this moment. Her action of turning around to wave at him goodbye turned out to be a final farewell.


Quickly, a giant Space Array was constructed as many materials were smelted and fused atop the mountain peak, and in less than half a day, it was completed.


Yang Kai did not have time to do any extra inspections of the Space Array as he hurriedly stepped onto it, glanced in the direction of Orthodoxy Temple, and activated it. A light flashed brightly, and his figure disappeared.


A moment later, he appeared on top of the Space Array at High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory, frightening the person on guard duty.


Bian Yu Qing was guarding the Space Array as usual, and when she saw Yang Kai, she immediately got up and cupped her fists, “Palace Master!” 


Then, her eyes focused on a spot around his waist and exclaimed in horror, “Palace Master, are you hurt!?”


Although the wound caused by the black shadow’s sneak attack was no longer an issue, the bloodstains remained and could not be concealed from her eyes.


“Where is the Head Manager?” Yang Kai turned and asked.


Bian Yu Qing was slightly taken aback by his sharp tone and she could tell that something was a little off about him today. He was giving off an aggressive aura and there was an air of danger about him. It was as though he was a volcano that was about to erupt, and it frightened her greatly. She did not know who had injured him or provoked him, but it was her first time seeing him in this state. Thus, she hurriedly replied, “Head Manager just returned yesterday and should be resting right now.”


“Call her over.”


“Yes.” She quickly took out her communication artifact and poured her Divine Sense into it. Lifting her head a moment later, she said, “Please wait for a moment, Palace Master, Head Manager will be here soon.


No more than a dozen breaths later, Hua Qing Si appeared from the outside and glanced at Bian Yu Qing suspiciously. Just moments ago, Bian Yu Qing had called her and asked her to come to the Space Array Area immediately. Since Bian Yu Qing had sounded terribly anxious, Hua Qing Si didn’t dare to delay and rushed over as quickly as she could. Nevertheless, she couldn’t hide her astonishment when she saw Yang Kai standing there with such a dark expression.


Before Hua Qing Si could say anything, she heard Yang Kai’s voice asking her a question, “How many Emperor Realm Masters can we mobilize right now?”


Blinking once, Hua Qing Si organized her thoughts and asked in return, “Palace Master, are you referring to High Heaven Palace alone or the entire Northern Territory?”


“The entire Northern Territory!”


“May I know why you want to mobilize them, Palace Master?”


“Murder, revenge, and annihilation!” He coldly spat out a few words through gritted teeth.


Shocked, Hua Qing Si realized that something serious was happening; otherwise, Yang Kai wouldn’t be giving off such tremendous murderous intent, so she solemnly replied, “With enough time, we can easily gather three or four hundred.”


High Heaven Palace had been leading the other three top Sects during this period as they continued their efforts to subordinate all other great forces in the Northern Territory. Although it had not been long since they started, many Sects had already chosen to submit. There was no other choice; the top four Sects in the Northern Territory had joined hands in this endeavour, so who else in the Northern Territory could stop them? Since they had chosen to surrender, they had to obey whatever orders High Heaven Palace had for them, whether they were willing to or not.


“Good. You have half a day. Mobilize all the Emperor Realm Masters you can muster and have them gather here. I will return to mobilize them at that time.” Yang Kai turned around and stepped onto the Space array again, but after a moment of silence, he said in a solemn tone, “Tell them that if they dare make excuses or refuse to cooperate in any way, I will wipe their forces from the face of the Northern Territory!”


“Yes!” Hua Qing Si’s complexion paled. She wanted to ask for further details, but before she could, his figure had already disappeared from the Space Array.


Afterward, both Hua Qing Si and Bian Yu Qing glanced at each other in confusion with the former asking, “What happened to Palace Master?”


Bian Yu Qing shook her head, “I don’t know either. He didn’t say anything.”


Hua Qing Si frowned slightly. She had the vague feeling that Yang Kai had encountered a very troublesome matter; however, what could cause such a huge issue that he needed to mobilize so many Emperor Realm Masters to deal with it? She had noticed the bloodstain on his body of course, and although she was not clear on the state of his injuries, it could be seen from that alone that their enemy this time was very powerful.


Therefore, she did not dare to treat this matter lightly. After a brief discussion with Bian Yu Qing, they both took out their respective communication artifacts and began spreading the word. After that, the both of them stepped onto the Space Array, one after the other, to begin rallying the Masters from all over the Northern Territory.




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      Imagine YK rallying those forces in the southern territory that even star palace would be threatened from the sight!

      1. If YK were GE or at least Psuedo GE than they might, but sadly he’s not. He isn’t strong enough to threaten a Great Emperor sect yet.

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    Give me Game of Thrones vibes when the northern army marched onto the south’s Kings Landing .

  2. I’m not going to say this is all Yang Kai’s fault, but he is the most knowledgeable person alive on ancient demons as well as the only person who knows how to exorcise them. Leaving ten years ago without giving any significant info or help was definitely not the best idea. Even just teaching people a modern version of burning your blood essence would’ve been great.

  3. Yeah this really is Yang Kai’s complacency and
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    1. Did you read what I put in brackets or not lol?

      She’s obviously a plot device but I’m asking if anyone else has died who’s been important enough -to YK- to put him in that level of rage.

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