Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3255, Do Me a Favour


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Some time ago, Yang Kai set up many Space Arrays across the whole of the Northern Territory so that it would be easier to travel around; otherwise, how could they gather help in just half a day? An hour later, more than half of the Northern Territory was in pandemonium over an order from High Heaven Palace. Countless Emperor Realm Masters were anxious and uneasy, wondering why High Heaven Palace had suddenly called upon them.


[Are they trying to burn all bridges? But, how will that benefit High Heaven Palace?] Needless to say, many wanted to fake being sick or make up excuses so that they could skip this. Unfortunately, the message from High Heaven Palace made them too afraid to not go. Yang Kai had already threatened them with annihilation, so who would dare to blow him off after that? He was the one who wiped out Seeking Passion Sect. The place where High Heaven Palace was currently occupying was where Seeking Passion Sect used to be. Nobody wanted to be the second Seeking Passion Sect; after all, if Yang Kai truly wasn’t joking about this matter, he was perfectly capable of destroying anyone he wanted to.


There was a constant stream of people teleporting to High Heaven Palace through the Space Array. It started out with three people, followed by five, ten, then twenty… The hall gradually began to fill with people and became overcrowded. A few latecomers instantly felt relief upon seeing so many other Emperor Realm Masters from the Northern Territory gathered here. It would seem that High Heaven Palace was not planning to get rid of them after achieving its goals; otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many Emperor Realm Masters gathered in one place.


Some people gathered around Bian Yu Qing to ask about the situation, but unfortunately, she was as clueless as they were. Yang Kai had rushed back here, issued some orders, and then left again in a hurry; therefore, she had no idea what was going on either. Being completely bewildered herself, she could only ignore their questions. Lucky for her, nobody dared to act aggressively here, so when they saw that she was ignoring them with a cold expression, they had no choice but to retreat and even smile at her ingratiatingly.


Bian Yu Qing couldn’t help feeling a little amazed at this. The Emperor Realm Masters she had to look up to in the past were now the ones that had to act in accordance with her will. This kind of respect was something Blue Feather Sect could never have given her. She knew better than anybody that these Emperor Realm Masters were not afraid of her as she was just a First-Order Emperor and many of these Emperor Realm Masters in this room were more powerful than her. If not for the name ‘High Heaven Palace’ behind her, such a situation would never occur. Thus, she felt a little proud and honoured.


Whilst High Heaven Palace was in a tumultuous condition, Yang Kai had already teleported to the Ancient Wild Lands. He stepped out from inside the small Tree Cave just in time to see a Stone Spirit probingly looking in this direction. Since he had no idea which Stone Spirit this was, he could only ask, “Is Elder around?”


The Stone Spirit raised his hand and pointed at the Tree Cave where Elder lived, and Yang Kai rushed over in that direction. It didn’t take long before he saw Elder inside the Tree Cave.


Elder glanced at Yang Kai in astonishment and asked, “Little Friend, why are you here again?”


It had not been long since Yang Kai left this place, less than two months in fact, but Yang Kai did not have any time to waste so he simply bowed solemnly and declared, “I came to ask the Stone Spirit Clan for help.”


Elder nodded, “Good.”


Yang Kai was stunned, “Elder, are you not going to ask what this is about?” 


He did not expect Elder to agree so readily.


Elder chuckled, “From the way you look, it seems as if you have run into something troublesome. The Stone Spirit Clan doesn’t have many friends, so how can we stand by and do nothing when one of those few are in trouble?”


Yang Kai bowed deeply, “Many thanks for fulfilling my request, Elder. But, I must let you know that this matter is occurring in the Southern Territory!”


“The Southern Territory?” Elder raised his stone brow. The Ancient Wild Lands was located in the Eastern Territory, so a matter in the Southern Territory seemed a little out of their reach, but thinking back on the Space Array arranged by Yang Kai, he instantly understood.


“This matter also involves the Demon Race!”


“The Demon Race!?” Elder exclaimed in shock.


Yang Kai glanced at Elder and asked thoughtfully, “Elder, do you know about the Demon Race?”


Elder replied with a stern expression, “Aside from the Divine Spirits, there is no one else in this world that has a deeper understanding of the Demon Race than the Stone Spirit Clan.”


The Divine Spirit had their Source Inheritance, which not only granted them incredible power, but also a certain amount of memories and experience from all previous Divine Spirits who carried this source in the past. As such, all Divine Spirits, regardless of what kind, had inherited memories of their ancestors. For that reason, they had some knowledge of the Demon Race even though the matters involving the Demon Race had occurred a very long time ago.


The Stone Spirit did not have the convenience of receiving such an inheritance, but they had extraordinarily long lifespans. Elder himself had experienced the changes of several eras and even personally fought against the Demon Race in the past, so how could he not know the horrors of the Demon Race and what formidable enemies they were?


“The Demon Race appeared in the Southern Territory?” Elder asked gravely.


Yang Kai said, “A Demon Cave appeared in the Southern Territory more than ten years ago and somebody broke the seal on it, releasing thousands of Demon Spirits. Those Demon Spirits were capable of possessing the bodies of cultivators, making them very difficult to defend against. For more than ten years, the Southern Territory has been hunting down these Demon Spirits and it was thought that they had been wiped out, but last night it became clear that was not the case. Apparently, many more Demon Spirits had been hiding in the dark and they set up a huge trap, targeting the cultivators of the Southern Territory. All the major Sects in the Southern Territory, including hundreds of Emperor Realm Masters and tens of thousands of elite disciples have been caught in this trap. I was fortunate enough to escape their clutches, but I need to rush back to rescue them as soon as possible; otherwise, it will be too late!”


“Such a thing happened…” Elder was shocked. Although he had not witnessed it with his own eyes, he couldn’t help being shocked when Yang Kai mentioned the involvement of hundreds of Emperor Realm Masters and tens of thousands of elite disciplines in the Southern Territory in the matter. 


“Any matter involving the Demon Race isn’t just an issue for the Southern Territory, it affects the entire Star Boundary. The Stone Spirit Clan might live in seclusion, but we cannot stand idly by in this situation. This matter is extremely urgent. Let us depart now.”


“Many thanks, Elder!” Pleasantly surprised, Yang Kai nodded and quickly led the way.


Upon leaving the Tree Cave, Elder pounded the cane in his hands against the ground a few times and the Stone Spirits immediately walked out of their respective Tree Caves while many Wood Spirits flew over.


Elder conveyed Yang Kai’s message with a few simple sentences, horrifying both the Stone Spirits and the Wood Spirits. It was clear that they knew the terrors of the Demon Race. Without wasting any time, they filed into the small Tree Cave under Yang Kai’s lead and stepped onto the Space Array.


Yang Kai had made special preparations when he arranged this Space Array two months ago. He intentionally made it very large in preparation for the day when the Stone Spirits would need to make use of it. Nevertheless, he never expected this day to come so quickly.


The Stone Spirits were so large that Yang Kai could only teleport them one at a time, but he worked quickly to organize this deployment. Then, he turned to Elder and said, “For the time being, please don’t act rashly when you arrive at that place. I don’t know how many Demon Race there are or whether they have reinforcements. For now, please stand guard around the Space Array while I arrange more reinforcements; after everyone is assembled, we will defeat the enemy in one fell swoop.”


“Good. Rest assured, Little Friend, we will not disappoint your trust,” Elder nodded as he stood by the Space Array.


After sending off all the Stone Spirits besides Elder, Yang Kai soared up into the sky and rushed straight towards a certain direction. His Emperor Qi flowed freely as he completely ignored his consumption, teleporting over and over again, causing his figure to repeatedly flicker across the sky.


In less than an hour, the towering palace appeared in his field of vision. It was none other than the palace belonging to Luan Feng, the South Divine Venerable of the Ancient Wild Lands.


Before Yang Kai could land on the ground, he heard an angry shout, “Who goes there!?”


A charming woman flew towards him from the front. She was dressed very revealingly, and the Monster Qi around her was extremely powerful. She clearly had the strength of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, not weaker than Ying Fei and the others.


Yang Kai glanced at this woman and felt that she was a little familiar. Although he was certain she was one of the thirty-two Monster Kings, he could not remember which Monster King she was, and right now he didn’t care as he was in no mood to deal with her, so he flicked his sleeve angrily and shouted, “Move aside!”


This Monster King was furious. She might be a subordinate of the Divine Venerables in the Ancient Wild Lands, but no one had ever dared to talk to her in such a manner. Even the other Monster Kings did not dare to do so as they knew how terrifying it was when this woman became enraged. She was just about to teach Yang Kai a lesson when she noticed that this person seemed a bit familiar. Upon a closer look, she became both surprised and happy all at once. [Isn’t that him!?] 


Her furious expression instantly transformed into a smiling one as she called out, “So it is…”


Halfway through her sentence though, Yang Kai brushed past her and rushed forward. He landed directly in the middle of Luan Feng’s palace and turned to look around his surroundings. Then, under the shocked gaze of the many maids, he shouted loudly, “Luan Feng!”


That Monster King was completely ignored but did not dare to lose her temper at him. Everybody knew that this Human was related to the Blood Gate and the Divine Spirit Sources inside. She couldn’t wait to get into his good books, so how could she dare to offend him so easily? [I wonder what kind of luck Ying Fei and the other two have for them to be able to follow him around all the time. It makes me so envious of them! My cultivation is no worse than Ying Fei and the others; moreover, both my looks and figure are outstanding. I might be able to get into a favourable and advantageous position if I can take the opportunity to get closer to him…]


Those thoughts were swirling around in her head when she heard Yang Kai’s furious roar and her expression twitched violently, quietly thinking to herself. [What is wrong with this guy today? He looks like he is here on a punitive expedition. I wonder what his purpose is.]


Uncertain, she didn’t dare to approach him rashly, choosing to hover nearby and observe anxiously, feeling extremely conflicted. [If he starts fighting with the Divine Venerable, should I help… I will suffer if I offend the Divine Venerable, but if I offend him… I can forget about obtaining my Ancestral Source and awakening the power of a Divine Spirit.]


“Why are you being so loud?” A cold voice rang out. Luan Feng appeared not far away from Yang Kai with a frosty expression. Her eyes were so cold that ice was practically forming on her face; furthermore, her expression was filled with disgust and repulsion when she looked at him. 


She secretly felt extremely troubled. [Why is this brat here again? Is he still unsatisfied after taking advantage of us and robbing us blind? Isn’t his greed a little too much!?] 


She was annoyed, and her tone reflected her annoyance; however, she couldn’t help feeling worried when she saw his expression. [I didn’t provoke him, right?]


“I have a favour to ask of you!” Yang Kai didn’t bother beating around the bush and went straight to the point.


[So, he’s here to ask for a favour.] Upon hearing those words, she immediately felt more confident again. [It’s all fine as long as he is not here to cause trouble for me.] 


Luan Feng lifted her hand and adjusted her sleeves while calmly asking, “Is this the attitude of somebody asking for help?”


[Coming to my palace and making such a ruckus… It’s clear that he is looking down on me. Besides, how dare he ask me for a favour in such an arrogant manner!?] Although she was afraid of the power behind him, that did not mean she could give up on her dignity as a Divine Spirit. She secretly decided to take him down a peg or two, lest he remained so defiant in the future.


“Just tell me if you’ll help me or not!” Yang Kai completely ignored her complaint and continued in an extremely aggressive and harsh tone.


Yang Kai’s response left Luan Feng feeling both furious and amused, “You don’t even say what it is that you want my help with. How can I respond to your request? You can’t expect me to agree if you ask me to die, right?”


“Of course what I’m asking for is within your abilities.”


Luan Feng spat disdainfully, “This Queen doesn’t owe you anything, does she?”


“That’s why I said I’m asking you for a favour!”




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  1. YK do be a little rude. Surely he can’t expect her to agree when he’s being rude and not explaining. He should’ve ignored what she said and immediately mentioned the Demon Race.

  2. The difference btw true friends can be plainly seen here, the Stone clan elder agree readily without much question while Luan Feng still need ppl to stroke her ego b4 she willing to do anything

    1. That’s not really fair. If a friend of mine came to my house, screamed at me and asked me a favour so agressively, I would at least ask him what is wrong because something is clearly wrong.

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    1. I say it again. Yang Kai should’ve been easily able to destroy the barrier. The only reason he couldn’t is for the author to create this dramatic scene.

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