Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3256, Gathering the Monster Kings


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[This rotten brat is becoming more and more hateful!] Luan Feng ground her teeth, “What will happen if I help? What will happen if I don’t help?”


“If you help me this time, I will owe you a favour. If you won’t help, then I’ll leave immediately.”


She sneered, “Why would I want a favour from you?”


Yang Kai looked at her coldly, nodded in acknowledgment, and took off into the sky.


She was taken aback. [Is he really going to leave? Just like that? Why is he acting simply on what I say? Is he crazy!? He didn’t even give me any time to consider!] 


Although she hated his arrogant attitude, it would be bad if he held a grudge against her in the future; thus, she could only lift a hand and shout, “This Queen’s palace is not a place you can come and go as you please!”


“What do you want then?” Yang Kai paused mid-stride and turned back to look at her, his gaze so cold that the chill was almost tangible.


When their gazes met, Luan Feng’s heart jumped to her throat and she suddenly realized that something seemed to be wrong with him today. He might have been somewhat annoying before, but he had always been reasonable. This time, he almost seemed like a different person altogether. [It looks like he is really in great trouble. Moreover, it’s something that has greatly infuriated him.]


“Where are you going?” she asked.


“It’s none of your damn business!”


[That is not the attitude one should be taking when asking for a favour!] Luan Feng was so livid that she was tempted to slap him hard. Unfortunately, she knew that he was not weak and she might not be strong enough to kill him if she really forced his hand. More importantly, the consequences of confronting him was not something she could afford to bear. Gritting her teeth bitterly, she shouted, “There won’t be a next time!”


That meant that she agreed to help.


Yang Kai didn’t waste any more time and got straight to the point, “Call Fan Wu and Cang Gou over, and summon the other twenty-nine Monster Kings from the Ancient Wild Lands.” He turned around and landed back in the palace, standing not too far away from her.


Luan Feng was shocked, “What are you planning to do!?”


She initially thought that he was only asking her for help, but how could she have known that he would make such an outrageous demand? [He not only wants Fan Wu and Cang Gou, but the twenty-nine Monster Kings too!? That’s the most powerful force the entire Ancient Wild Lands can gather! Could this bastard be trying to start a war against a Great Emperor!?]


As soon as the thought crossed her mind, Luan Feng felt a chill running down her back. She might be a Divine Spirit, but she was aware of her own limits. There were only so few Great Emperors in total, and each of them was an existence acknowledged by the World itself. If they really fought against a Great Emperor, not many from the Ancient Wild Lands would survive the battle. Not to mention, Great Emperor Sects had deep and profound heritages.


She felt a jolt of fear as she looked into his eyes. [I have always known that this boy is incredibly reckless and fearless, but isn’t this being a little too bold?]


Of course, she was overthinking things.


“What are you standing around gawking for!? I want to see them all here within an hour! Hurry up and contact them!” Yang Kai suddenly felt annoyed when he saw Luan Feng standing there stupidly. He had given High Heaven Palace half a day so he also needed to finish things up here in less than half a day. He didn’t have the time to care about anything else anymore.


Suppressing the panic in her heart, Luan Feng was no longer in the mood to care about how rude he was being and her beautiful brow knit together, “Just what do you want us to do? You can at least tell me that, right?”


“Kill some, rescue others!”


“Who is the enemy?” After asking this question, Luan Feng felt her heart pounding violently again. She was very afraid that the name of one of the Great Emperors would come out of his mouth.


Unexpectedly though, he lowered his gaze as three words came out of his mouth, “The Demon Race!”


“The Demon Race!?” Luan Feng’s expression changed greatly as she asked, “Has the Demon Race invaded!? When did that happen?!” 


Although she had never seen a Demon herself, she had some understanding of the Demon Race from the Source Inheritance she received. [More than a hundred thousand years have passed since this land last saw a member of the Demon Race. Where did they pop out from again?]


Yang Kai, however, just lifted his gaze and glared at her, “Are you going to keep wasting time here with me? I want to see those two and the twenty-nine Monster Kings here within an hour! If they can help me, I promise to allow all of them to inherit Divine Spirit Sources in the future!”


Luan Feng was stunned for a moment before she gritted her teeth with a pained and bitter expression. It would be fine if nobody ever learned about what he just said; however, the twenty-nine Monster Kings would throw themselves at his feet if they so much as got wind of this news. Even the Three Great Divine Venerables stepping forward together would not be able to control them. On the other hand, those twenty-nine Monster Kings would bear a grudge against her forever if she refused his request today. It would be a huge embarrassment for them when that happened.


“You’re too ruthless!” She coldly snorted before commenting, “An hour is not enough. Some of the Monster King’s territories are too far from here so they won’t be able to reach this place in an hour’s time.”


“How long?”


“Four hours!”


“Fine. Then, I will wait here for the next four hours!” After saying that, Yang Kai closed his eyes and remained where he stood, refusing to budge.


Luan Feng glared at him before heading into the depths of her palace. He did not know what she was busy doing, and he had no intention of monitoring her either. In any case, there was nothing else to say. If Luan Feng knew what was best for her, she would definitely help him to the best of her abilities. If not, it wouldn’t be too late to make her pay for this at a later date. Besides, the Northern Territory was still assembling and would need some time to finish their preparations as well, so this was not going to slow down his plans.


Luan Feng was clearly mad at him, and when she departed, she dismissed all the servants in the surrounding areas and left him standing there like a lone javelin. Not a single person came to serve him tea or even offer him a chair. The meaning behind their lack of hospitality was obvious.


A moment later though, a fragrant scent wafted over. Somebody landed next to Yang Kai, and noticing the movement, he opened his eyes to look only to see a seductive and charming woman looking at him with a smile on her face. It was none other than the Monster King he met earlier.


When their eyes met, that seductive woman smiled and politely said, “Du Mi’er greets you, Sir.”


She was already dressed in rather revealing clothes, and now she was intentionally or unintentionally showing off her assets. She was using everything she had to fawn over him, and her smile was brighter than a flower.


“What do you want?” Yang Kai glared at her coldly.


Du Mi’er waved her hand nonchalantly, “It’s nothing. This Mistress is a Monster King serving under the South Divine Venerable and has long admired Sir Yang’s power. Now that I meet you, I can see that Sir really deserves his reputation.” While speaking, she gave a wave of her hand and took out a chair from her Space Ring. 


She diligently said, “Sir, please have a seat.”


He gently nodded and the frosty expression on his face reduced slightly as he adjusted his robes before taking a seat.


Leaning in suddenly, Du Mi’er softly said, “Lady Divine Venerable has a bit of a short temper, so please don’t blame her for neglecting you, Sir.”


She exhaled an orchid scent while she spoke, and a delicate fragrance lingered around the tip of Yang Kai’s nose, making the murderous aura and rage he was exuding soften considerably. His tumultuous emotions also gradually calmed down too.


Turning his head around, he looked at her calmly, “What if she heard you speaking badly about her behind her back?”


Du Mi’er’s expression stiffened for a moment. Then, she shyly said, “I was only saying it to you, Sir. I’m sure you won’t spread it around.”


Yang Kai swept his eyes over her and asked curiously, “What is your original form?”


She pursed her lips and smiled, “I am a Flower Monster, Sir.” 


Lifting her hand mid-sentence, she snapped her fingers and a golden-yellow flower instantly appeared between her fingers. It gave off a strong fragrance that was very intoxicating.


Yang Kai nodded in response, “It’s very rare for plants to gain sentience.” It was much more difficult for plants to become Monsters compared to creatures with flesh and blood bodies. He never imagined that the Monster King in front of him would be a Flower Spirit. In addition, she managed to cultivate to become a Monster King. It was truly an extremely rare case.


Du Mi’er murmured bashfully, “Sir praises me too much. I also experienced a lot of hardship and it took many years for me to achieve the success I have today.” 


At the same time, she secretly observed his reactions, and seeing that he had no intention of continuing the conversation, she bit her lips and tried another approach, “Sir, I heard that Ying Fei, Xi Lei, and Xie Wu Wei are working as your subordinates. Is that true?”


“Why ask something you already know?”


She pouted, “What can three smelly men do? I’m sure they can’t even do their job of serving you well. I don’t know what the Divine Venerables were thinking. They should have sent a woman to take good care of you instead. At the very least, a woman can take care of your daily life, Sir.”


“Are you very good at taking care of people?” He gave her a sideways look.


To which Du Mi’er eagerly said, “Sir, would you like to try? You look pretty frustrated and bogged down with troubling matters. This isn’t good. With a battle approaching, it’s best if you can empty your mind so you can focus your strength. If Sir is willing, this Mistress can display a few of her skills.” 


After saying that, she looked at him eagerly while waiting for his reply.


However, she didn’t get any reaction from him even after a long time, so gritting her teeth, she made up her mind, walked behind him, placed both hands on his shoulders before leaning close to his ear, “Sir, just relax. You can leave the rest to me. I’ll definitely satisfy you.”


A soft fragrance in the wind tickled his ears like an invisible hand, causing his emotions to ripple. It also calmed the anger and various negative emotions that he had been suppressing.


Two delicate, seemingly boneless hands pressed against his shoulders and head, kneading with a gentle pressure. An almost imperceptible Monster Qi and Spiritual Energy also fluctuated, quickly making Yang Kai feel as if he was floating in a sea of flowers. The world was vast, the sea of flowers was boundless, allowing his mind to obtain peace.


Seeing Yang Kai’s tense expression gradually softening and the aura around him slowly stabilizing, Du Mi’er smiled and became even more attentive than before.


After Luan Feng relayed her message, various figures came out from all directions of the Ancient Wild Lands. Each one of them had impressive Monster Qi that surged strongly. Many Monster Commanders looked up into the sky, not understanding the reason why their Kings were being summoned.


An hour later, more than a dozen Monster Kings had gathered in Luan Feng’s palace while the rest were on their way. It would not take long for all of them to gather here. A group of Monster Kings had come to the courtyard where Yang Kai was in and were either sitting or standing, staring directly at Yang Kai and Du Mi’er.


Despite being surrounded by so many people, Du Mi’er didn’t feel the slightest shame. Instead, she became even more attentive towards Yang Kai as she massaged him. Her long and slender neck held high like a proud rooster.


“Bitch! Slut! Shameless woman!” Looking at the way Du Mi’er was acting, a glamorous female Monster King couldn’t help scolding Du Mi’er with a disdainful expression.


A furry male Monster King standing next to her smiled and added, “You can join her.”


She snorted coldly, “I am not that immoral.”


Looking her up and down, that male Monster King sneered, “Why are you pretending to be so innocent? Which Monster King from the Ancient Wild Lands has not gotten a taste of you before?”


She raged, “I’ll rip your mouth off if you speak again!”


He reached out to hug her, “What will you use?”




“Alright, stop making a fuss. Does anybody know why the Divine Venerable called us here?” Another Monster King stepped forward and asked with a puzzled expression.





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  1. “Yang Kai nodded in response, “It’s very rare for plants to gain sentience.” It was much more difficult for plants to become Monsters compared to creatures with flesh and blood bodies. He never imagined that the Monster King in front of him would be a Flower Spirit. In addition, she managed to cultivate to become a Monster King. It was truly an extremely rare case.”

    Hope we will get to see the yang tree again. Wonder if he came with them to the star boundary

  2. “Although she had never seen a Demon herself, she had some understanding of the Demon Race from the Source Inheritance she received. [More than a hundred thousand years have passed since this land last saw a member of the Demon Race. Where did they pop out from again?”

    Till yang Kai brought the ancient demon race from tong Xuan realm here from a lower star field

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