Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3268, Lured Into a Trap


Translator: Silavin & Tia

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


[Fortunately, Lei Gu seems fixated on killing me. He has no intention of letting me escape, which honestly saves me some effort.] Yang Kai took some time to grab a handful of Spirit Pills and stuffed them into his mouth. Then, he cursed Lei Gu incoherently with his mouth full, “Are you sick in the head!? If you continue chasing me, I won’t hold back anymore!”


Lei Gu sneered, “Little brat, today next year will be your death anniversary! Are you satisfied with the burial place I chose for you?” While speaking, the ball hammer in his hand turned into many streams of light and shot out.


Yang Kai could only dodge those attacks awkwardly as he had no way of retaliating whatsoever. Those attacks brushed past his body dangerously on several occasions, and he only managed to evade them by using his Space Divine Abilities. Any other person with such a heavily injured body would not have been able to escape from the fury of a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master. Nevertheless, it was a miserable and pathetic sight to watch, which put Lei Gu in a good mood.


Back at Orthodoxy Temple, Yang Kai had summoned hundreds of reinforcements to surround Lei Gu. Now the tables had turned, and Lei Gu could finally rub it in Yang Kai’s face as to how unpredictable the future could be.


Still, he had to admit that Yang Kai’s survival skills were first-class. His Space Divine Ability was unpredictable when used and truly made one envious. If not for the fact that Lei Gu knew not everybody could cultivate Space Principles, he might have spared Yang Kai’s life in order to capture him alive and thoroughly interrogate him about his specific cultivation methods. It was also precisely because of this that Lei Gu’s determination to kill Yang Kai grew stronger and stronger. If he did not take the opportunity to kill Yang Kai now, he might not get another chance to do so again in the future.


Despite how long the cat-and-mouse chase had been going on, Yang Kai was still alive and kicking. The tenacity of his vitality was beyond imagination. Even so, Lei Gu could see that Yang Kai would cough up a mouthful of Golden Blood every time he used that instantaneous movement Secret Technique. It was too heavy a burden and Yang Kai was unable to withstand the cost for much longer.


“Little brat, this King can give you a painless death if you stop right now, but if you continue to run, this King will make you beg for death!” Lei Gu threatened while pursuing.


Yang Kai was so furious that smoke seemed to be coming out of his ears as he snapped back with a grievous look, “The world is vast, but if you don’t run now, you won’t get another chance to escape again! Did you really think I came here alone!?”


Upon hearing those words, Lei Gu looked shocked and involuntarily paused in the middle of controlling his Emperor Artifact. Nevertheless, he soon came back to his senses and roared in anger, “It doesn’t matter how glib-tongued you are! Don’t even think about escaping alive today!”


He believed that Yang Kai was merely bluffing. [I’m sure there were other pursuers behind us when we first left Orthodoxy Temple together, but it’s impossible that anybody managed to track us after all the effort I put in these past few days to erase my tracks. Even if we had pursuers, they would long ago have been thrown off my trail. This boy is simply trying to scare me! It’s obvious that he is a spent arrow that has reached the end of its flight!]


“Good, good, good! You don’t seem to believe me! Well, just you wait and see!” Yang Kai pressed his hand against his chest. Feeling a strong wind coming from behind, he hurriedly manipulated the Space Principles to repeat his same old trick again; however, when he attempted to teleport, an intense pain spread from his chest and left him feeling breathless. Even the Emperor Qi circulation in his body became chaotic, and as a result, he couldn’t use his Space Divine Ability.


This development shocked him greatly. His Embodiment had already laid out a trap with Liu Yan and the others up ahead and was waiting for him to lead Lei Gu into it, but if he was killed by Lei Gu in this place, all this effort would be in vain.


This was neither the first time Yang Kai suffered such severe injuries nor the first time he found himself in such a miserable state while being chased; however, this was his first time coming so close to death.


At the critical moment, he spun around abruptly and exhausted all his strength to slash the air with the Myriads Sword. All the colours in the world faded, and only the light of this sword remained. When the ball hammer smashed down, the sword wave collapsed and blood sprayed out. The sounds of bones breaking came from both Yang Kai’s arms, and his entire body was thrown backwards like a sack.


Despite adding new injuries on top of his old injuries, Yang Kai made the most accurate response at the most critical moment and managed to save himself from certain death. Borrowing the force of the ball hammer’s blow, he opened some distance between himself and Lei Gu. He then flicked his hand and brought out the two Wood Spirits from the Sealed World Bead.


It was obvious that Mu Zhu and Mu Lu did not understand what was going on and thus had blank looks on their faces when they appeared.


“Help me!” Yang Kai struggled to speak, a spurt of fresh blood coming from his mouth as he did.


Mu Zhu and Mu Lu were shocked by the sight but quickly turned to look at Lei Gu who was chasing them from behind. How could they not realize that Yang Kai was being hunted down after seeing all this? Glancing at each other, they did not hesitate to use a Secret Technique and their bodies suddenly dissipated into bits of light that gathered behind Yang Kai’s shoulder blades. A moment later, a set of delicate wings appeared behind him.


Whenever the Wood Spirits and the Stone Spirits fought together side by side, the Wood Spirits would use this method to assist the Stone Spirits, giving them the ability to fly, so this was not an unfamiliar tactic. With a flutter of those wings, Yang Kai shot forward with an incredible speed like an arrow shot from a string.


Lei Gu, who was chasing Yang Kai from behind, was startled at this sight and stared extremely suspiciously at the scene before him. [What was that? I was just about to kill him! How did he suddenly grow a pair of wings!? Preposterous! Worse, his speed increased dramatically now that he has that pair of wings!]


Furious, Lei Gu stowed away his ball hammer and pushed the Demon Qi in his body hard. It was unclear what Secret Technique he used, but he shot forward at a high speed in the next moment, stubbornly pursuing Yang Kai’s trail.


Mu Zhu and Mu Lu were clueless about the situation. All they knew was that Yang Kai was evading capture, so they used all their strength to fly. Unfortunately, Lei Gu was determined to kill Yang Kai, so how could they shake him off their trail? The distance between the two sides quickly narrowed, causing the two Wood Spirits to feel anxious. In response, the wings they transformed into flapped faster and faster.


Yang Kai weakly directed them towards a certain spot before closing his eyes to circulate his Secret Art and refine the medicinal efficacies of the Spirit Pills he swallowed a moment ago. A quarter of an hour passed as the cat-and-mouse chase continued. When they passed a valley surrounded by mountains though, Yang Kai suddenly opened his eyes.


Behind them, Lei Gu felt alarm bells ringing in his heart all of a sudden when he flew into the mountain valley. His entire body was practically screaming with a sense of extreme danger and crisis, which caused him to stop suddenly and look around with a vigilant expression.


A thousand meters away, Yang Kai also came to a halt and turned around, spat out a mouthful of blood, and stared at Lei Gu leisurely, “Go on; chase me! Why aren’t you chasing me anymore?”


A quarter-hour of recovery combined with his own powerful restorative abilities gave him some slight relief, and although he was still far from healed, he was not as weak as he had been before.


Lei Gu looked at Yang Kai coldly when he heard the words before hurriedly turning around to leave, but at that moment, a figure shot out from behind him. Fan Wu blocked Lei Gu’s path of retreat, standing there with his hands behind his back as he flatly declared, “This path is closed.”


Lei Gu’s eyes narrowed.


Without breaking a stride, he swerved to the left only to have the same thing happen again. Another figure appeared in that direction. It was a woman dressed in white palace clothes. 


Lei Gu looked to the right and similarly saw a man with a lean body and short stature appear as silently as a ghost.


His heart sank deep into the abyss at the sight of these three. He knew who they were as Yang Kai had specially introduced them to him a few days earlier. These three were all Divine Spirits.


[How is this possible!? They were waiting to ambush me here! Judging from Yang Kai’s previous actions, I was truly foolish to allow him to lead me directly into a trap like this.] There was only one thing he couldn’t understand. [How did they communicate with each other in secret? I didn’t see Yang Kai taking out any communication artifacts nor did I detect any traces of Yang Kai leaving behind clues.]


[Three Divine Spirits…] Lei Gu couldn’t even bring himself to smile bitterly. One Divine Spirit was already too much for him, much less three of them. At that moment, even his guts were filled with regret. [If I had known this was going to happen, I would have escaped directly into the Southern Swamp. Why would I have tried to hunt Yang Kai down? Now what? I fell headfirst into his trap and won’t be able to escape anymore…]


Even at such a critical juncture where his life was at stake, Lei Gu remained decisive. There were Divine Spirits to his left, right, and behind him. All three of them were not opponents he could win against. Thus, he rushed forward as it was the only path he had left if he wanted to survive. Yang Kai in his current state was certainly no match for Lei Gu at all.


Yang Kai remained motionless as Lei Gu rushed at him aggressively; however, a sardonic smile lifted the corner of his lips.


Lei Gu immediately had a bad feeling as he realized that Yang Kai was hiding a trump card still, but he was an arrow released from its string already and could not stop anymore. The Demon Qi around him flared and transformed into a giant palm that tried to grab Yang Kai.


[As long as I capture this boy, I can make those three Divine Spirits hesitant to act. That way, I can do the same thing as before and get away from here safely.]


The giant Demon Qi palm swept through the air, but just as it was about to capture Yang Kai, a petite figure suddenly appeared from behind his back. That figure was a seven-or-eight-year-old girl that was beautiful and adorable. However, what the little girl did next scared Lei Gu so much that his soul nearly escaped from his body.


Opening her mouth, the little girl blew out a breath of raging flames that seemed capable of burning everything in the world to ashes. When the giant Demon Qi palm came into contact with those flames, it was reduced to cinders. That wasn’t all; the flames turned into fire blades mid-air and struck Lei Gu.


An aura of death enveloped Lei Gu, and his expression changed drastically. Although he couldn’t figure out what kind of fire this was, he knew that he could not afford to be touched by it.


Summoning out his ball hammer again, Lei Gu made it expand to the size of a house and used it to block above his head. The fire blades slashed against the ball hammer but failed to break through its defences. However, Lei Gu noticed that a small flame was still burning on the ball hammer when he withdrew his Emperor Artifact, and no matter how much energy he poured into it, he couldn’t put out that fire. That fire continued to burn the ball hammer until it wildly flashed.


“I told you; I won’t hold back anymore if you continue chasing me, but you refused to listen to *Cough, cough, cough…*” Yang Kai clutched at his chest as he choked. He wanted to taunt Lei Gu a little more, but unfortunately, his body refused to do what his head wanted, and he had no choice but to give up on that thought.


Lei Gu’s face turned ashen. He, too, knew that there was no way he could escape from this place alive. The hatred in his heart was so strong that nothing could ever soothe it.


“Kill him!” Yang Kai waved his hand gently.


Four figures rushed towards Lei Gu from all sides, their thick murderous intent locking him in place.


Cornered, Lei Gu held up the ball hammer and roared, “The Demon Race shall never die!”


With that defiant shout, the Demon Qi in his body surged wildly and his body swelled up rapidly.


When Fan Wu and the others saw this, they all stopped in their tracks and hurriedly retreated.




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    1. It wasn’t mentioned what happened to them but they were a flight artificat in the dao realm so I think they became useless once he became an emperor and could fly faster without them

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