Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3274, So What if We Are Having an Affair


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“Elder Yang, it is Luo Sha Sect’s greatest blessing if you are willing to come and serve as the Honoured Guest of our Sect. It’s just that our Sect is slightly on the poorer side so we don’t have much in terms of income either. About what we can offer as compensation… It may be unfair to you, Elder Yang.” Qin Pei’s voice got softer and softer the more she spoke, blushing furiously by the end of her sentence. She was truly worried that they could not afford to hire Yang Kai. It would have been one thing if he had been an ordinary Emperor Realm Master, but the key point was that he was not an ordinary Emperor Realm Master. If they really hired him… It would be embarrassing to pay him too little, but Luo Sha Sect simply could not afford to pay him more.


Yang Kai held up the cloth bag in his hand that was filled with seeds and commented lightly, “This is enough.”


Qin Pei looked at him with a mixture of emotion and gratitude. That bag of seeds was nothing special and had cost her less than a hundred Source Crystals in total. She knew that Yang Kai would never have agreed to such a poor deal if not for his consideration towards Yu Zhuo. [It seems he really considers Yu Zhuo as his friend.]


Qin Pei felt both sad and grateful at the same time, [If Yu Zhuo was still alive, she would have been incredibly ecstatic to learn of this.]


Then, Qin Pei suddenly asked, “About Azure Sun Temple…” [He is an Elder of Azure Sun Temple, so will they allow him to be a High-Rank Guest Elder at Luo Sha Sect?]


To which Yang Kai replied, “It’s alright, Temple Master Wen won’t object to this.”


“Many thanks, Elder Yang,” She bowed deeply.


He raised his hand and said, “Bring your Sect members and find a place to rest for now. I will travel with you to Luo Sha Sect once I finish handling matters here.”


“Yes,” Qin Pei responded respectfully before leading the group of women away.


Afterwards, Yang Kai turned to Hua Qing Si and instructed, “Inform me when the Great Emperor arrives.”


Yang Kai had asked an elderly man to head to Star Soul Palace to report the situation and ask for assistance, and based on his estimations, it should be almost time for them to arrive. Xiao Yu Yang had already set off to meet up with the Great Emperor, so it would only take two days at most.


Hua Qing Si nodded before watching Yang Kai leave.


Things at Orthodoxy Temple were more or less settled by now. With Ah Wang’s ability to distinguish between Humans and Demons, there was no need to worry about the existence of more hidden Demons. Hence, it was not proper for the Emperor Realm Masters of the Northern Territory and the Monster Kings of the Ancient Wild Lands to remain here for much longer. Yang Kai summoned them over and led them back to where he had set up the Space Array before sending them all back.


The people from the Northern Territory were much more cooperative this time around, especially after seeing what kind of force Yang Kai was capable of summoning at whim. They stayed when he asked them to stay and left when he asked them to leave without any complaints whatsoever. On the other hand, the Monster Kings of the Ancient Wild Lands looked at him with reluctant gazes, as though he was a piece of meat pie that they didn’t want to let go of. If not for the three Divine Spirits watching nearby, they would have rushed over to try and win him over a long time ago.


When he was sending them away, the Monster Kings’ expressions became more and more resentful; meanwhile, the female Monster King, Du Mi’er, became more openly affectionate. She even brazenly teased him, “Sir, come over to the Ancient Wild Lands whenever you are free to visit me. I will miss you greatly.”


Luan Feng’s expression immediately darkened while Fan Wu and Cang Gou also had worried looks on their faces as they constantly sighed in their hearts.


It was a lot of work, but Yang Kai finally managed to send everybody off before he turned around and sighed, “Junior Sister Yao, why are you sneaking around? Do you take me for a blind man?”


Ji Yao appeared from behind a tree not far away and walked over to him. Not many people from Ice Heart Valley had joined this expedition, but when he sent those from Ice Heart Valley back, Yang Kai had not seen Ji Yao around. A slight check with his Divine Sense immediately told him that she was hiding close by, but he didn’t expose her until now.


When their gazes met, he asked helplessly, “Aren’t you going back?”


Ji Yao said, “I want to accompany you.”


While speaking, she took the initiative to take his hand and lead him in a certain direction with light movement. Her jade-white hand was so soft that it almost felt boneless to the touch, and it was extremely smooth and pleasant to feel. An enticing scent lingered at the tip of Yang Kai nose, making him relax involuntarily and feel refreshed. He did not know what Ji Yao wanted to do, but he did not resist and allowed her to pull him along.


They soon arrived on a certain mountain peak. Currently, Orthodoxy Temple was all but empty. The surviving cultivators who came to participate in Martial Gathering were mostly concentrated in the mountain valley while almost all of Orthodoxy Temple’s disciples were dead, so the buildings on top of this mountain were all deserted.


Yang Kai did not know whether it was a coincidence that Ji Yao chose this mountain or not, but it happened to be the place where the people from Azure Sun Temple had been staying previously.


Heading straight into one of the rooms, Ji Yao closed the door before she finally released Yang Kai’s hand. Then, she took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and just stood there. At the same time, her heart rate suddenly began to speed up.


Yang Kai turned to look at her, and seeing her posing as though she was at his mercy, he failed to stifle his laughter and asked, “What are you doing?”


Ji Yao opened her eyes and looked at him, answering his question with another question, “What do you want to do?”


Her expression seemed to say ‘you can do whatever you want with me.’


Yang Kai felt a little speechless all of a sudden. [You are the one who dragged me here, so why are you asking me what I want to do?]


Nevertheless, an idea suddenly came to mind and he guessed what she was thinking, the very thought warming his heart a little as he chuckled amusedly, “I’m not that weak.”


Ji Yao stared at him with wide eyes. He couldn’t tell whether she believed him or not, but he soon pulled her into his arms while her guard was lowered, and she instantly stiffened, exclaiming in shock, “Didn’t you say…”


To which Yang Kai grinned, “I’m not that weak, but since you’ve already offered a meal, it would be rude to not eat.”


He exerted some strength, and the two of them fell back onto the bed.


Ji Yao suddenly felt desperate to cry but was unable to shed any tears. Her entire body trembled, and she could feel a large hand fondling her body. Those fingertips felt like they were imbued with lightning and everywhere they touched became stimulated. It made her nerves that were already strained even tenser than before.


Hot and heavy breaths travelled upward from her lower abdomen, brushing against her chest and her neck. At last, his breath blew against her face. Ji Yao quickly closed her eyes, and her long lashes trembled uncontrollably. In the next moment, she felt her lips being violated unscrupulously as a suppressed voice escaped from her throat.


Yang Kai’s actions this time were extremely rough, clearly having no intention of being gentle. His hands kneaded her body so hard that she felt a slight tinge of pain and the force on her lips made her feel like she was going to suffocate. It felt as though she could die at any moment.


A long while later, their lips parted and Ji Yao gasped for breath. Although she had not opened her eyes, she could feel a sharp gaze drilling into her. It made her blush furiously as a result, and she did not dare to open her eyes to look at him. Just as she thought that it was impossible to escape from him, he unexpectedly lay down sideways, rested his head on her lower abdomen, and stopped moving for a while.


Ji Yao opened her eyes suspiciously, then sat up slowly and moved his head to her lap. Lowering her head to study his face, she met his gaze and he smiled at her, and she asked, “Are you feeling better?”


While speaking, she reached out and slowly tidied his slightly dishevelled hair that had gotten tangled. Her actions were as gentle as if she were caressing her lover.


Yang Kai stretched out his hand and grabbed her soft hands. Placing her cool hands into his palm, he gently patted her and said, “When we go back, I’ll go and talk to Senior Bing Yun.”


Ji Yao’s tender body trembled and she nervously asked, “Talk to her? What… for?”


Yang Kai lifted his gaze to look at her and answered matter-of-factly, “Of course, it’s about us. I believe Senior Bing Yun won’t be opposed.”


He was not willing to have so many lovers all over the place; however, his mentality had changed a little after the incident with Yu Zhuo. He no longer wanted to be indecisive and instead gained some extra determination.


The blush on Ji Yao’s face immediately faded and she became rather pale instead as she muttered, “Don’t.”


Yang Kai was surprised and asked back, “Don’t?”


She shook her head, “Don’t tell Honoured Master.”


Yang Kai was completely stunned for a moment, then he smiled again, “Do you think Senior Bing Yun is blind? I’m afraid she has seen through your feelings a long time ago. It’s just that if you really continue like this, then you will be the one who suffers. As you know, I still have Su Yan and the others…”


“I know. But, don’t tell the Honoured Master.”


Yang Kai was very curious now and couldn’t help asking, “Why?”


“There’s no why. In any case, you are not allowed to say anything.”


Yang Kai didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Things have already reached this point, so why do we need to hide it? We might as well come clean and be upfront? Won’t that be better?”


Ji Yao, however, kept silent and shook her head repeatedly.


Yang Kai’s heart sank, and he felt a little hurt as he asked, “Is it that you don’t want to be with me…”


“No, that’s not it.”


He continued, “Are you aware that what we are doing right now is considered having an…”


Out of consideration for her pride, he could not bring himself to finish his sentence.


But to his shock, she lowered her head at those words and muttered, “So what if we’re having an affair? Things are fine as they are right now…”


He stared at her in amazement, wishing fervently that he could open her head to see what was going on inside.


Seeing the way he was looking at her, Ji Yao suddenly responded coldly, “If you let anybody know about us, I will shut myself in retreat until I die and never meet with you ever again.”


Shocked, Yang Kai quickly tried to soothe her, “Alright, alright. I won’t say anything.”


Only then did her expression go back to normal. She sat there quietly, lowering her head to stare at his face, her eyes filled with tenderness in the silent room. Yang Kai lay on her supple thighs, his entire body was wrapped in a faint fragrance, feeling all the tiredness he accumulated over the past few days melting away. Both his body and mind were completely relaxed.


Yang Kai did not know how long had passed, but opening his eyes abruptly, he took out a communication artifact from his Space Ring and poured some Divine Sense into it. A moment later, he stood up, “The people from Star Soul Palace are here.”


“Your hair!” Ji Yao shouted.


His hair was currently a dishevelled mess, and if he went out looking like that, everybody would know what he had been up to. Thus, he hurriedly sat down on the edge of the bed. Kneeling behind him, Ji Yao tidied up his hair before pulling him to his feet and straightening out the wrinkles in his clothes with a serious expression, causing Yang Kai to smile and reach out to pull her into a hug.


In response, Ji Yao warily put her hand against his chest and frowned, “Business first.”


Before she could finish speaking though, he leaned down and kissed her, but only briefly. A short while later, the two of them walked out of the palace together and flew towards the mountain valley.


Somewhere in the mountain valley, Wen Zi Shan, Ma Qing, and the other leaders of the Southern Territory had gathered together. Xiao Yu Yang, who had previously gone to meet the Great Emperor, was back too. In addition, there was a burly elderly man who certainly could not be called young despite having a head of black hair and a dense aura surrounding him. There was also a white-haired elderly man with sharp and gleaming eyes. These two were none other than Great Elder Lei Hong and Second Elder Xue Zheng Mao of Star Soul Palace, both of whom were Third-Order Emperors. If they included Xiao Yu Yang, then there were three Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters in Star Soul Palace. It could be seen just how amazing the heritage of a Great Emperor Sect was from this alone.


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