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Martial Peak – Chapter 3276, Luo Sha Sect


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If anybody were to ask who had benefited the most from the incident at Orthodoxy Temple, it had to be Yang Kai. Practically all the Sects, large or small, across the entire Southern Territory now owed him a favour. It had also elevated his name and reputation to an unbelievable level.


Sect Masters and Patriarchs specially came forward to thank Yang Kai profusely. Ultimately, they would say something along the lines of, ‘Don’t hesitate to speak up if you need anything in the future. We will do our best to assist you.’ Regardless of if those words were sincere or not, all his future actions in the Southern Territory would never be hindered again with these promises.


After a busy period lasting for half a month, Orthodoxy Temple finally became peaceful again. Those that were supposed to leave, left and the enormous Sect suddenly became empty. It was hard to imagine that this place used to be bustling as one of the top three Sects in the Southern Territory.


At this moment, Yang Kai was already on his way to Luo Sha Sect with Qin Pei and the other young female disciples. It was only natural that he did not delay matters since he had promised to become their High-Rank Guest Elder, and now that he was in the Southern Territory, he might as well settle this matter first. He was originally a High-Rank Guest Elder of Azure Sun Temple, and now, he was going to serve as the High-Rank Guest Elder of another Sect as well. In theory, what he was doing was rather inappropriate.


There had never been any known precedent of any other Emperor Realm Master doing this before.


However, Wen Zi Shan was not particularly bothered by this. He probably heard something from somewhere. On the contrary, he even told Yang Kai not to hesitate if there was anything he could help with, which Yang Kai was naturally very grateful to hear.


Compared to a top Sect like Azure Sun Temple, Luo Sha Sect could only be regarded as second-class or even third-class in the Southern Territory. Even so, it was stronger than the previous Blue Feather Sect or Thousand Leaves Sect because it had an Emperor Realm Master overseeing it. However, everything was different now that the Sect Master of Luo Sha Sect had fallen and many of its elite disciples in the Dao Source Realm had been killed, leaving its overall strength greatly reduced. It could almost be said that if Yang Kai had not intervened, the Sect would not last for more than half a year before being swallowed up by another great force nearby.


The cultivation among this group of women was uneven so some would obviously be able to fly faster than others. Since Yang Kai did not want to waste too much time, he decided to take out his Flowing Clouds Shuttle and brought everyone aboard to head towards Luo Sha Sect. The Flowing Clouds Shuttle was a flight type Emperor Artifact that Hou Yu had tailored for his use; therefore, there was no need to explain just how fast it was.


After flying for seven days, a Spirit Mountain appeared in the distance and Qin Pei pointed to the front to announce, “We’re here.”


Yang Kai looked around and discovered that the place occupied by Luo Sha Sect was not bad. Needless to say, it could not compare with Orthodoxy Temple or High Heaven Palace; however, it was more than enough for a small force like Luo Sha Sect.


After everyone disembarked, Yang Kai put away the Flowing Clouds Shuttle. When the women saw the familiar sight, and smelt the scent of home, they felt relaxed, but soon recalled their fellow Sect Sisters that had died and their own near-death experiences. Each and every one of them couldn’t help feeling as though they had passed through a great trial and a sense of sorrow washed over them, nearly causing them to burst into tears again.


Yang Kai felt troubled when he saw this as he was quite helpless to do anything about a woman’s tears; as such, he hurriedly changed the topic, “It looks like news of your Sect Master’s death has spread.”


Qin Pei was taken aback by his words for a moment, but she immediately understood what he meant after taking a look at the surrounding area. At this very moment, Luo Sha Sect’s Sect Defending Array was activated. In addition, many stealthy figures were hiding among the trees outside the Spirit Array. Qin Pei could sense the auras of many Dao Source Realm Masters among those figures.


Feeling a bit startled, Qin Pei realized that what Yang Kai said was true. News of the Sect Master’s death had truly spread and the surrounding great forces that used to be allies of Luo Sha Sect couldn’t wait to get their hands on their property. Otherwise, why were the mountains and forests crawling with so many spies?


Qin Pei felt a great disgust in her heart seeing this; after all, many disciples of Luo Sha Sect had married into these great forces that used to be their allies. When the Sect Master had been alive, they often interacted with each other and helped one another; however, those ugly faces were revealed so quickly the moment the Sect Master died. It was extremely hurtful and made her heart turn cold, leaving a bad taste in her mouth.


While her thoughts were drifting though, Qin Pei suddenly felt a terrifying aura burst out of Yang Kai. That invisible and intangible aura radiated through the surroundings, covering a vast region in an instant. The aura was majestic, but also filled with a cold murderous intent that sent chills down one’s back. The dozen or so young women shivered in unison when they were covered with this aura and couldn’t help staring at Yang Kai in fear.


After interacting with each other for so many days, these women had thought that Yang Kai was very different from the Emperor Realm Masters they had heard about in rumours. He was approachable and easy to talk to. A few female disciples also asked him some questions regarding cultivation and he had answered them with great patience; thus, the disciples of Luo Sha Sect had benefited greatly from just talking to him. Worried that he might not have time to rest, Qin Pei had issued a strict order so that the disciples did not disturb him. If not for that, Yang Kai would not have had any time to rest whatsoever during their return trip.


But, at this moment, that amiable young man had turned into an existence similar to a bloodthirsty and vicious devil. Just the aura leaking out of him made it hard for them to breathe while at the same time, their hands and feet grew cold with fear. Only then did they realize that an Emperor Realm Master would always be an Emperor Realm Master, no matter how friendly they were with each other. They were people they could only look up to.




The birds in the forest took flight in alarm, but despite fluttering their wings, they couldn’t move. It was as though an invisible force had stolen their ability to fly from them and they all crashed to the ground.


At the same time, the figures hidden in the forest retreated, one after the other, as though they were facing a great enemy. They didn’t even bother to remain hidden anymore and immediately activated their Movement Skills to flee from this place.


News of the Sect Master of Luo Sha Sect’s death in Orthodoxy Temple had spread throughout the area; after all, much time had passed since it first happened. It was impossible to conceal that fact with so many witnesses. Many had also heard that an Emperor Realm Master had agreed to serve as a High-Rank Guest Elder of Luo Sha Sect. What’s more, that Emperor Realm Master seemed to be the Second-Order Emperor Yang Kai, who became famous during the Orthodoxy Temple incident.


It was just that nobody knew the authenticity of the news. That information came from within Luo Sha Sect itself, so it was not trustworthy. It might have been a rumour Luo Sha Sect spread in order to protect itself; therefore, it was only natural that they came to verify the information. If the news turned out to be true, then it wasn’t too late to make adjustments to their plans. If the news turned out to be fake, then Luo Sha Sect was a juicy piece of meat that everybody wanted a bite of. Luo Sha Sect did not have a long history, but it still had nearly a thousand years of accumulation. The Sect would certainly have built up a small fortune by now. Not to mention, the thousand or so female disciples themselves were a huge source of wealth.


Unfortunately, upon feeling Yang Kai’s Emperor Realm aura, all their delusions and dreams were destroyed in an instant. These spies realized that the news was true and that the man known as Yang Kai, who had shined brightly in the Orthodoxy Temple incident, had come to Luo Sha Sect. Whether he was here to be the High-Rank Guest Elder or not, nobody would dare to lay a hand on Luo Sha Sect with him around.


These spies couldn’t help feeling a little jealous. Luo Sha Sect was an all-female Sect, and Yang Kai was a man who managed to get his foot in the door. That was the most tantalizing fantasy a man could ever have.


Looking down at the figures below them that were fleeing like stray dogs, Qin Pei’s expression became extremely complicated. She even saw several familiar figures among them. She knew the names of those people and which great forces they came from. When the Sect Master was still alive, she had interacted with those people and built up some friendships with them. Even so, it was precisely these ‘friends’ that couldn’t wait to lay their hands on Luo Sha Sect after learning of its misfortune. Clenching her fists tightly, Qin Pei had a sudden realization: Only the strong are qualified to survive in this world!


“Let’s go,” Yang Kai’s voice brought her back to the present. The terrifying aura around him had vanished at some point in time and he was back to his former friendly and warm self.


Some of the female disciples with lower cultivation straightened their backs and gently patted themselves on the chest in relief. Glancing at each other, they stuck out their tongues but looked at Yang Kai’s back with a little more awe than before.


“Sir, please wait for a moment. I will ask Great Elder to open the Spirit Array immediately,” Qin Pei said as she took out a communication artifact and contacted somebody.


Several moments later, the Sect Defending Array gradually deactivated and Qin Pei quickly led the group inside, heading towards an open square on top of a certain mountain.


A charming woman who looked to be in her thirties stood on the platform. She had a curvy figure and a dignified temperament. She was the prime example of a noble lady. The pale blue dress she was wearing was extremely simple, but that only emphasized the lines of her body even more. The aura around her indicated that she was a Third-Order Dao Source Realm Master.


She was the Great Elder of Luo Sha Sect, Tao Ying Ruo, and behind her stood hundreds of girls wearing pink uniform dresses. They were split into two sides, and every one of them was beautiful; however, they were all silent. At this moment, they were looking up at the sky with wide and beautiful eyes full of expectation and curiosity.


Yang Kai landed with Qin Pei a moment later and, sweeping a glance around, he smiled slightly. [Luo Sha Sect sure values me highly. There are only a thousand disciples in the Sect, but they mobilized more than 70% of them just to welcome me. It looks like everybody is here, except for those in retreat and those with duties to fulfil.]


While he was busy settling all sorts of matters back at Orthodoxy Temple, a disciple in the Dao Source Realm had hurriedly returned to Luo Sha Sect to report that Yang Kai had offered to serve as a High-Rank Guest Elder, allowing Luo Sha Sect to make preparations in advance.


Qin Pei stepped forward and spoke to Tao Ying Ruo quietly, after which Tao Ying Ruo strode forward and gave an elegant bow, “Luo Sha Sect’s Tao Ying Ruo greets Senior. Many thanks for coming today.”


Yang Kai raised his hand and smiled, “Great Elder, please don’t stand on ceremony, we will all be one family in the future.”


Upon hearing those words, Tao Ying Ruo finally breathed a sigh of relief. Even though she had long heard that he was coming to serve as their High-Rank Guest Elder, she still couldn’t quite believe it. He was a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, a man whose influence spread across the entire Southern Territory. Even if it was because of Yu Zhuo, there was no need for him to come to Luo Sha Sect to take on this burden. For that reason, Tao Ying Ruo had been extremely uncertain before meeting Yang Kai in person and couldn’t help wondering if he had any other intentions towards them. Many had their eye on Luo Sha Sect after all, and they would have no way to resist if he had malicious intentions.


Now though, Tao Ying Ruo felt much more assured when she saw that he was polite, courteous, approachable, and genial.



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