Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3277, Warm Hospitality


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“I’m sure you know the reason for me coming here,” Yang Kai went straight to the point.


Tao Ying Ruo nodded, “Sect Master unexpectedly passed away, leaving Luo Sha Sect without a leader. Sir, thank you for coming to serve as a High-Rank Guest Elder of our Sect and protect its foundation at this time. It is a great blessing for Luo Sha Sect and our greatest honour. This Mistress and all Luo Sha Sect disciples are eternally grateful and will forever obey Sir’s commands.”


While speaking, she gave another low bow again.


Yang Kai, however, waved his hand casually, “That’s not necessary. From now on, you can continue administering Luo Sha Sect as you have been, I am simply lending you my name.”


Lifting her gaze to look at him, Tao Ying Ruo looked like she was about to speak again when he cut her off, “I know the current crisis Luo Sha Sect is facing, but I am not familiar with Luo Sha Sect’s inner workings. It would be inappropriate for me to suddenly start dictating how the Sect operates. That’s all there is to it. Great Elder, there is nothing more to say.”


Upon hearing those words, Tao Ying Ruo finally understood that Yang Kai really had no interest in interfering with Luo Sha Sect whatsoever. It was only because of his guilt towards Yu Zhuo that he came all the way out here to protect them.


Tao Ying Ruo felt extremely grateful and any residual worries she had disappeared. She was not afraid that Yang Kai was planning some elaborate plot to gain their trust before taking advantage of them; after all, his cultivation was no secret. If he really wanted something from them, no one in Luo Sha Sect could resist. Combined with his current reputation, nobody in the Southern Territory would stand up for them even if he did do something excessive to them. 


[There really is such a man in this world…]


For a moment, a strange look crept onto Tao Ying Ruo’s face as she studied him. She had intentionally phrased her words in a suggestive manner just now to subtly probe Yang Kai’s intentions, but the results were quite surprising to her.


At that moment, Qin Pei suddenly spoke up in reminder, “Great Elder, we should invite Sir inside to rest. He has had an arduous journey here.”


A trace of embarrassment appeared on Tao Ying Ruo’s face as she embarrassedly spoke, “This Mistress has been negligent. Please come inside, Sir.”


While speaking, she stepped to the side to give way.


Yang Kai nodded and strode forward with his gaze fixed straight ahead. Hundreds of female disciples on either side of the road turned their gazes on him, their beautiful eyes filled with curiosity and scrutiny. Meanwhile, Tao Ying Ruo secretly observed him and saw that he walked with a powerful gait and gave off a naturally imposing aura. But the most remarkable thing was that he didn’t even glance at any of the female disciples here, not even in the slightest. This wasn’t due to arrogance or feigned indifference, he simply wasn’t moved in the slightest even when faced with so many readily available beauties. At that moment, Tao Ying Ruo finally managed to put her heart back into her chest and stop worrying.


After inviting Yang Kai into the palace to talk, Tao Ying Ruo had tea served. The few remaining disciples in the Dao Source Realms also accompanied them so that they could get to know each other better. Luo Sha Sect used to have one Emperor Realm Master and thirteen Dao Source Realm cultivators, but after the incident at Orthodoxy Temple, they lost their Sect Master, who was their only Emperor, and more than half of their Dao Source Realm cultivators.


At present, there were only five Dao Source Realm Masters left. Tao Ying Ruo, who was in the Third-Order, had the strongest cultivation among the five, followed by Qin Pei and another in the Second-Order Dao Source Realm. The remaining two were only in the First-Order Dao Source Realm. With its current strength, Luo Sha Sect couldn’t even compare to the past Blue Feather Sect, so it was only natural that the surrounding great forces couldn’t wait to conquer or assimilate them.


Yang Kai truly knew nothing about Luo Sha Sect other than what Qin Pei had told him during their trip here. Luo Sha Sect did not have a long history as its founder was none other than the late Sect Master, Yu Luo Sha. Its entire history was less than a thousand years, which for a Sect, was quite short.


Most of the disciples were orphans who had basically been brought back by disciples who were travelling outside. Generally, the atmosphere in the Sect was rather harmonious as the relationship between Senior Sisters and Junior Sisters was kind and friendly. Even if they had minor disputes with each other, it was nothing serious. In addition, Luo Sha Sect held jurisdiction over a nearby city, and most of the Sect’s income came from there along with a local mineral lode.


Since Yang Kai was going to become a High-Rank Guest Elder of Luo Sha Sect, Tao Ying Ruo naturally wanted him to know more about it; therefore, she prepared a full inventory of the Sect’s holdings and began explaining many things to him, one by one. Under normal circumstances, the position of a High-Rank Guest Elder was inferior to that of an actual Elder; however, Yang Kai’s cultivation was so much higher than hers and Luo Sha Sect would be taking shelter under his protection in the coming future, so they subconsciously considered themselves lower in status than him. If he was not a man, they might have even asked him to assume the position of Sect Master.


There were so many reports, however, that Yang Kai soon became sleepy just from listening to them, and when Tao Ying Ruo saw this, she couldn’t help sighing in her heart as she truly realized how overly suspicious and pessimistic she had been before. Just looking at Yang Kai, it was clear he thought it was nothing but a bother to control Luo Sha Sect. It made it seem her previous worries about him having malicious intentions were utterly ridiculous.


Nevertheless, it was precisely for this reason that Tao Ying Ruo was feeling more and more at ease with Yang Kai. With a man like him, who wanted nothing from them, protecting Luo Sha Sect, there was no need to fear that they would not be able to revitalize the Sect given enough time. Tao Ying Ruo paused her reports and tentatively asked if he wanted to be an official Elder at Luo Sha Sect, but he quickly declined the offer; thus, she immediately gave up on the idea.


“We have made preparations for the Grand Canonization Ceremony in advance. This Mistress was planning to hold the ceremony in half a month. Can you wait that long, Elder Yang?” Tao Ying Ruo asked.


Yang Kai pondered for a moment after hearing those words then nodded, “Good.”


He could guess her intentions. It was nothing more than wanting to make a grand statement with this Grand Canonization Ceremony; after all, Tao Ying Ruo had ordered people to spread the news that he was coming to serve as a High-Rank Guest Elder of Luo Sha Sect already. Unfortunately, those were nothing but words and nobody believed what she said entirely. On the other hand, a Grand Canonization Ceremony was different. It was an extremely formal event and as soon as it took place, it would show definitively that Yang Kai was part of Luo Sha Sect.


Yang Kai had the feeling that Tao Ying Ruo was going to send out many invitations and invite many people over to witness the ceremony. This wasn’t a big deal for him though, so he left it up to her. Her actions carried no malicious intentions nor greed after all, she was simply doing it for the sake of protecting Luo Sha Sect.


Seeing that Yang Kai had no objections to her plans, Tao Ying Ruo smiled and stood up, “In that case, please rest here for a few days, Elder Yang.”


After saying that, she signalled Qin Pei with a look.


Qin Pei immediately stood up and said, “Elder Yang, please follow me.”


Yang Kai nodded, stood up, and said his goodbyes to the others before following Qin Pei out of the palace.


Luo Sha Sect might not occupy a large area, but it was not small either. It was naturally not as grand as High Heaven Palace which had over a hundred Spirit Mountains, but even so, it had about twenty or thirty Spirit Peaks. Yang Kai followed Qin Pei, flying all the way to the highest Spirit Peak with the densest World Energy. They landed lightly in front of several beautiful buildings atop the Spirit Peak where more than ten female disciples immediately stepped forward to greet him.


Qin Pei waved at them to indicate for them to forgo the formalities. Then, she pointed to Yang Kai and said, “This is our Luo Sha Sect’s High-Rank Guest Elder, Elder Yang. Serve him diligently in the future.”


“Yes!” The dozen or so female disciples replied respectfully with one of the more courageous young women among them sneakily raising her gaze to peek at Yang Kai before quickly lowering her eyes.


Only then did Qin Pei turn around to look at Yang Kai, “This used to be the place where Sect Master lived. When Senior Sister Tao heard that Elder Yang was coming, she ordered it cleaned up. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if you find anything undesirable and I will do my best to fix it.”


Yang Kai was slightly surprised and asked, “The place where your Sect Master used to live? Isn’t this a bit inappropriate?”


This was their Sect Master’s residence, so how could he, a mere High-Rank Guest Elder, stay here? Although Yu Luo Sha was gone, it would certainly appoint a new Sect Master in the future. Wouldn’t he be usurping something that rightfully belonged to another by staying here?


Pursing her lips, Qin Pei smiled, “This was what Senior Sister Tao decided. Elder Yang, please don’t refuse.”


Yang Kai pondered in silence for a moment before he nodded, “Very well. Many thanks, Junior Sister Qin.”


Hearing him addressing her in such a manner, Qin Pei couldn’t help being stunned for a moment. Nevertheless, she soon broke out into a wide smile, “Senior Brother Yang, please have a good rest. If you require anything at all, please let these disciples know and they will fulfil all your needs.”


After bowing, Qin Pei took her leave. Even so, Yang Kai couldn’t help but get the feeling that the way she looked at him just before she left spoke volumes. Moreover, the last sentence she spoke was extremely enticing. A group of female disciples serving him who would meet all his needs… It was difficult not to overthink things.


Rubbing his chin, Yang Kai turned and glanced at the dozen or so female disciples standing before him. His gaze caused them to lower their heads immediately in response, while on the contrary, his eyes lit up brightly.


Leaving aside the cultivation of these young women, each and every one of them had exquisite beauty and a voluptuous figure. This was no surprise as Luo Sha Sect was an all-female Sect, so finding a few pretty faces among them was not a problem.


Yang Kai had not noticed before, but now that he got a closer look, he realized that these disciples each had a different flavour of beauty. Some were dignified, some were seductive, some were vivacious, some were innocent. The most notable were the two women standing at the head of this group. One of these young women had watery and lovely eyes, as though they were inherently covered in a layer of mist. When he fixed his gaze on her, she quickly lowered her head shyly while biting her red lip. Her every movement exuded a strong sense of allure, tempting a person to hold her in their arms and make her their own.


Yang Kai had seen many people who possessed innate charm, but this young woman was quite outstanding even among them, only second to Shan Qing Luo, his Beguiling Demon Queen. This woman was not deliberately trying to act seductive and enchanting, but instead had a kind of naturally overflowing allure that stimulated a man’s desire.


Yang Kai was somewhat surprised. He had no idea if Luo Sha Sect had Charm Techniques in their library, but if it did, then this girl would obtain twice the result with half the effort if she cultivated them.


Meanwhile, the other lead woman gave Yang Kai a sense of purity. Her entire person seemed to contain no trace of mortal trappings, making her appear weak and gentle, arousing an instinct to protect her. It was as though just looking at her was blasphemy. Unfortunately, it was precisely this level of purity that made a man want to defile her.


Needless to say, all of these young women had clearly been carefully selected from among the disciples of Luo Sha Sect, with the two in front probably being the most attractive out of all the thousand female disciples in Luo Sha Sect.


Realizing what was happening, Yang Kai smiled wryly to himself. [It looks like Tao Ying Ruo took great pains for my sake.]


Tao Ying Ruo arranged for these two seductresses to be sent here and supplemented the idea with the words Qin Pei uttered before she left. If he had the slightest inclination, he could easily sleep with these two disciples, and if anything more were to happen between them… He would surely give more consideration to Luo Sha Sect in the future.


[Women… They really like to overthink things.] Nevertheless, he could understand Tao Ying Ruo’s and the upper management of Luo Sha Sect’s thinking; after all, from a purely practical standpoint, there was nothing worthy of Yang Kai’s attention or interest in Luo Sha Sect aside from their beauty.


This could be said to be a trap to ensnare him with a beautiful woman; however, Yang Kai could not blame them for doing this. Besides, it was better to have so many beautiful women accompanying him than being all alone or having a bunch of old men serving him. At the very least, it was very pleasing to the eye.


“Disciple Ran Yi Rou greets Elder Yang,” The pure female disciple bowed generously.


Immediately following that, the other woman, who was so charming that she was practically dripping with it, hurriedly bowed too, “Disciple Yu Ke Ran greets Elder Yang.”




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