Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3278, Luo Sha Sect’s Restricted Area


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The voices of these two women were a reflection of their temperaments. One was elegant and graceful while the other was sweet and pleasant. Yu Ke Ran’s voice, in particular, made Yang Kai feel as though his bones became lighter and it filled his entire body with a sense of ecstasy.


The cultivation of both women was not high, but it was not bad either. They were both in the Third-Order Origin King Realm, which was only one step away from the Dao Source Realm. With the current condition Luo Sha Sect was in, those in the Dao Source Realm were truly the pillars of the Sect. Tao Ying Ruo’s willingness to ‘offer’ these two women went to show just how much importance she attached to Yang Kai. She could not act indifferent to him; after all, the safety of the Sect was tied to him. Forget these two disciples, she would even offer herself up to him if he really had any intentions.


Yang Kai nodded, “You must be aware of this King’s circumstances, so there’s no need to be so formal. Let’s get along with each other, okay?”


“We dare not,” Both women lowered their heads.


Yang Kai smiled slightly but did not force them, simply turning around and heading inside. When Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran saw him enter the palace, they quickly followed after him while the rest of the disciples remained outside.


Upon entering the palace, the two women followed Yang Kai wherever he went. They only spoke when he asked them something and at other times, they remained silent and assumed an attitude suitable for disciples. Although Ran Yi Rou acted warm and friendly on the outside, Yang Kai could feel the tension and anxiety coming from both of them.


These two women had been ordered to serve Yang Kai, and before coming here, they had received a direct order from Tao Ying Ruo in no uncertain terms that they could not refuse any request Yang Kai might make of them. They were no longer children, so they naturally understood what Tao Ying Ruo meant. They had grown up in Luo Sha Sect, and although they encountered some men on their travels outside, those men had all made them feel extremely uncomfortable. The looks those men gave them were lustful and possessive; moreover, none of those men fit their ideals. They even formed an instinctive rejection of other men as a result. However, Luo Sha Sect was their home and they could not stand idly by when it was in peril.


When they accepted this task, they had resigned themselves to their fate. How could they treat an Elder who could do anything he wanted with them at any time as an equal? It was only natural that they were cautious of him.


This place used to be where Yu Luo Sha, the late Sect Master of Luo Sha Sect, had lived; therefore, the décor was on the feminine side. Be that as it may, most of these traces had been removed under Tao Ying Ruo’s instructions. Most of the items inside the palace should have been newly purchased, though a faintly feminine scent still lingered around the place.


It didn’t take long before Yang Kai finished touring the palace, and afterwards, he leisurely walked out again, leading the two young women around Luo Sha Sect as he explored aimlessly. Although it had been a long trip here, Yang Kai had not found it strenuous so he was in no hurry to rest. Since he was going to be shielding Luo Sha Sect from now on, he had to learn more about this place. Besides, it was also a kind of life experience to appreciate a different scenery and custom once in a while.


There were twenty-six Spirit Peaks, large and small, in Luo Sha Sect, each one having its own specialty, so Yang Kai started with Luo Sha Peak where he was staying.


While he was touring, Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran accompanied him. They answered all his questions but did not speak unless spoken to. It wasn’t until they reached a certain place that Ran Yi Rou had to speak up, “The Restricted Area is located up ahead. We disciples are unable to accompany Elder Yang inside. Please forgive us.” While speaking, she and Yu Ke Ran both stopped walking.


“Restricted Area?” Yang Kai stopped and looked up ahead, but could not detect anything special about this place. Nodding, he continued, “Let’s go somewhere else then, since this is a Restricted Area.”


Every Sect had its own Restricted Areas, and Luo Sha Sect was no different. Most ordinary disciples had no right to enter such places.


Yu Ke Ran followed up, “Elder may enter if he wishes to.”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before commenting, “Would that not be inappropriate?” 


[They already mentioned that this is a Restricted Area, so how could I just stroll inside?]


Yu Ke Ran smiled sweetly, two small dimples appearing at the corners of her mouth, “It’s okay. Martial Aunt Tao has already said that Elder Yang is allowed to go anywhere he wishes in Luo Sha Sect.”


Since they had already said so, Yang Kai didn’t hold back. In any case, whatever secrets Luo Sha Sect might be hiding probably wouldn’t be of much interest to him, so he might as well casually check out what the Restricted Area was like. Nodded, he instructed the two women, “Wait for me here. I’ll be right back.”


“Understood!” The two women respectfully bowed, but by the time they looked up again, Yang Kai was gone. Turning to look at each other, the two of them secretly felt stunned. Although they could not say they met many Emperor Realm Masters in the past, they had at least encountered a handful before. Even so, none of those Emperors had ever given them such a profound and mysterious impression. Compared to Yang Kai, their late Sect Master didn’t even feel like she was on the same level.


With that thought in their hearts, Yu Ke Ran secretly sent a Divine Sense transmission, “Senior Sister, Elder Yang seems to be quite amicable.”


The two of them had been on edge for the past few days; after all, Tao Ying Ruo had suddenly assigned them to serve the new High-Rank Guest Elder who would be arriving soon at Luo Sha Sect. In addition, she had warned them about many things. They had been somewhat worried that the person coming here might be a rough-tempered and violent man. It wasn’t until they met Yang Kai that they realized he was completely different from what they were imagining. He was not ugly, rather, he was on the handsome side. Plus, his personality seemed to be extremely relaxed and easy-going.


“Elder Yang might be easy to get along with, but we must not overstep our boundaries,” Ran Yi Rou replied with a stern expression, “You better stop talking so much as well, or, if you must, then you should change your voice a little. Otherwise, Elder Yang might think that you are trying to seduce him.”


Yu Ke Ran blushed at those words and looked like she was about to cry, “But this is how I naturally speak! What should I do?”


Ran Yi Rou looked at Yu Ke Ran with a troubled expression, “You’re doing it again…” [Forget a man, even I feel my heart racing when I hear her voice!]


That sweet and gentle melody was like an invisible little hand that continuously stroked at a person’s heart.


Yu Ke Ran lowered her head with an anxious look, “Good. I won’t talk in front of Elder Yang anymore.”


Ran Yi Rou sighed, “The Sect is currently taking shelter under Elder Yang’s protection, while you and I have been assigned to serve him. We are currently representatives of the Sect. Of course I know what you are like since we have been sisters for so long, but Elder Yang has only been here for a day, so if he misunderstands your actions, he might look down on both you, me, and the Sect.


“En en, Senior Sister is right.” Yu Ke Ran looked up and nodded repeatedly. Stretching out her hand, she pinched her lips and muttered, “I will act like a mute from now on!”


Ran Yi Rou shook her head, “You don’t need to go that far. If Elder Yang asks you anything, you should still answer him.”


“Good,” Yu Ke Ran nodded vigorously like a chicken pecking at rice. Then, she suddenly thought about something, bit her red lip softly, and whispered, “Senior Sister, there’s something I want to ask…”


“What is it?” Ran Yi Rou saw the strange expression on Yu Ke Ran’s face and suddenly got a bad feeling.


Yu Ke Ran hesitated for a moment, clearly feeling shy, before she eventually stuttered, “W-When night comes… if Elder Yang really… really…”


She couldn’t bring herself to finish her sentence anymore.


Ran Yi Rou was also blushing furiously and she swiftly reached out and poked Yu Ke Ran in the head, speaking to her through gritted teeth, “You silly girl! What are you thinking!?”


Yu Ke Ran clutched at her head with both hands, “But, Martial Aunt Tao said all that! Besides, it’s not like you don’t know… Those Emperor Realm Masters have countless wives and concubines, and I heard that every night, they…”


“Every night, they… What?” Ran Yi Rou’s voice trembled slightly. She could feel her cheeks burning like they were on fire when she asked that question.


“Aren’t satisfied unless they have a woman beside them…” Yu Ke Ran lowered her head and blurted out a few words.


Ran Yi Rou fell silent. Yu Ke Ran looked up and tilted her head to look at her Senior Sister before reaching out her hand and waving them in front of Ran Yi Rou, calling out, “Senior Sister…”


Ran Yi Rou chuckled faintly, “The joining of Yin and Yang is a part of the Grand Dao, pure and natural. If it really comes down to that, is he not worthy of us given his status and position? In fact, we would be the ones seeking that which is beyond our station!”


Yu Ke Ran’s eyes suddenly twinkled with stars as she directed a look of admiration towards Ran Yi Rou, “Wow! Senior Sister, you are so open-minded!”


Ran Yi Rou reached out and pinched Yu Ke Ran’s cheeks. Gritting her teeth slightly, she chided, “It’s all because you keep asking so many silly questions! You are not allowed to ask any more! Don’t talk about this anymore either.”


Yu Ke Ran’s eyes were watery as she was in so much pain that her tears threatened to fall as she begged, “Senior Sister, please forgive me! I’m sorry, okay?”




The so-called Restricted Area was just a mountain valley located behind Luo Sha Peak. Yang Kai walked around and found nothing worthy of attention. The World Energy here was not much richer than any other area, and there was nothing in the mountain valley that could increase one’s cultivation progress. That made him feel rather curious. If it was a Restricted Area, then it must have some sort of secret hidden within. However, the mountain valley seemed completely ordinary no matter how he checked.


Glancing around, his eyes eventually landed on a certain cliffside. If there was anything worthy of attention in this mountain valley, then it could only be this cliff. The cliff was as smooth as a mirror and it was hard to imagine how it could have been formed.


Yang Kai stepped forward and knocked on the cliff lightly, quickly determining that this was not the work of man, but a mystery of nature. Thus, he couldn’t help marvelling at the formation of the cliff. Nevertheless, the cliff was just an ordinary cliff and he did not discover any hidden barriers or alcoves.


It wasn’t that he was deliberately prying into Luo Sha Sect’s secrets, it was purely out of curiosity. Besides, Tao Ying Ruo had said that there was no place in Luo Sha Sect off-limits to him, so there was no reason to restrain himself when they were being so generous.


After investigating for a while though, Yang Kai returned to where he came from with a sullen expression. He was certain that the mountain valley was just an ordinary mountain valley, and the cliff was also just an ordinary cliff. There were no secrets to speak of in there.


[Why is such a place a Restricted Area?] He was puzzled. Needless to say, he could probably learn the truth if he asked Tao Ying Ruo about it. Briefly considering for a moment though, he decided to forget it. [What I can find depends on my own ability. If I deliberately ask about it after I’ve failed to discover anything, won’t it seem like I am coveting their secrets?]


When Yang Kai returned, Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran were still standing in the same spot where he left them earlier, but when he walked up to them, he couldn’t help giving them a second glance as both women were blushing and there was an unusual air about them. It made him reluctant to look away. They were obviously aware of this too and seemed a little apologetic.


Afterwards, Yang Kai continued to tour Luo Sha Sect under the guidance of the two young women. They occasionally encountered disciples patrolling along the way, most of whom had seen Yang Kai before while those who hadn’t could infer his identity from the attitudes of Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran, so it was only natural that they were allowed to move freely without any hindrance.



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