Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3279, Publicity


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Half a day later, Yang Kai finished touring the entire Luo Sha Sect. Then, he headed straight out the main gate, bringing Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran outside with him.


Inside the main hall, the five remaining Dao Source Realm Masters of Luo Sha Sect were busy preparing for the Grand Canonization Ceremony. All of a sudden, a female disciple walked in, came to Qin Pei, and whispered a few words to her regarding the traffic and the main gate.


Qin Pei waved the female disciple away and let out a light laugh, “Our High-Rank Guest Elder sure isn’t one to sit around idly.”


Tao Ying Ruo asked, “What happened?”


Qin Pei replied, “He went out with two disciples.”


Tao Ying Ruo’s eyes lit up when she heard those words, “Where did he go?”


Qin Pei explained, “Supposedly, he is just taking a stroll around. He probably headed towards Luo City.” 


Luo City was a city within the jurisdiction of Luo Sha Sect with a population of about a million. Most of Luo Sha Sect ’s income came from this city.


“He went to Luo City…” Tao Ying Ruo fell silent for a moment, thinking hard. A moment later, her beautiful eyes became brighter, and she nodded, “Good. That’s good.”


Several Dao Source Realm Masters looked at her with curious expressions while Qin Pei asked, “Senior Sister, what do you mean…”


Tao Ying Ruo put down the invitation card in her hand, took a sip from her teacup, and said, “We are taking such great pains to prepare for the Grand Canonization Ceremony and sending out so many invitations for what reason?”


Qin Pei thought for a while before commenting, “To build up publicity.”


After their Sect Master, who was the only Emperor Realm Master they had, passed away, Yang Kai had voluntarily asked to become their High-Rank Guest Elder. How could Luo Sha Sect not take advantage of such a good opportunity? They had to create as much momentum as possible right now so that none of the great forces surrounding Luo Sha Sect dared to look down on them in the future.


Tao Ying Ruo nodded, “Yes, and all of this is based on Elder Yang’s reputation. The ceremony is simply us borrowing his name to create a shield for ourselves, but it is different if he makes an appearance on his own. Elder Yang’s trip to Luo City is equivalent to announcing his relationship with Luo Sha Sect in advance. Let’s see who dares to look down on our Sect after today?”


When the Dao Source Realm Masters heard that, their eyes lit up and Qin Pei asked, “Senior Sister, are you saying that Elder Yang is doing this on purpose?”


Tao Ying Ruo nodded and smiled, “If not, why didn’t he just take a good rest after arriving here? It seems we’ve received another huge favour from him.”


When realization dawned on the others, they all had looks of gratitude on their faces.


Two days later, Yang Kai returned with Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran. Since then, he stayed on Luo Sha Peak to cultivate in retreat and did not come out again. Even so, the effect of his little trip soon became apparent. Although Luo City was managed by Luo Sha Sect, most of the shops in the city were not owned directly by them. Many of the great forces in the surrounding areas had established businesses in the city, so when Yang Kai took Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran with him for a stroll through town, those with ears and eyes couldn’t ignore the trio even if they wanted to and it was only natural that they report such news back to the forces behind them.


Meanwhile, the disciples of Luo Sha Sect who returned after delivering invitations reported back that the various great forces that received them all treated them with the utmost courtesy. Those forces all stated that they would attend the Grand Canonization Ceremony and some of them even sent out their Emperor Realm Masters to personally accept the invitations. All these signs indicated that the crisis Luo Sha Sect had been facing was over. With Yang Kai’s protection, nobody else dared to target Luo Sha Sect again.


When the news was reported back to Luo Sha Sect, Tao Ying Ruo and the others were beside themselves with joy. They poured even more effort into preparing the Grand Canonization Ceremony, so much so that their preparations for this event were grander than the succession ceremony of the Sect Master. Then again, Luo Sha Sect had no leader right now. They had no Emperor Realm Masters among their ranks and there was nobody with the qualifications to become Sect Master either. For the time being, Tao Ying Ruo was temporarily taking on the duties of the Sect Master as the strongest among them and only when she became an Emperor would she officially assume the position of Sect Master.


One day, Tao Ying Ruo was busy with something when Yang Kai suddenly came over uninvited. She did not dare to be disrespectful toward the great hero who saved Luo Sha Sect; thus, she hurriedly invited him in and personally served him tea.


After taking her seat, Tao Ying Ruo asked, “Elder Yang, have you gotten used to living here? Are there any issues with how our disciples’ service?”


Yang Kai smiled and waved his hand casually, “I’m used to roaming the world, so where I live makes no difference to me. Yi Rou and Ke Ran are also very hardworking.”


“That’s good.” Tao Ying Ruo smiled, “If there is anything you need, please don’t hesitate to let them know.”


There was one thing Tao Ying Ruo was rather curious about though. According to the daily reports from Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran, Yang Kai had been cultivating ever since he returned from Luo City the other day and had not met them at all since that day.


It seemed men who were indifferent to the beautiful women in front of them really existed in this world! Just this point alone was enough to gain Tao Ying Ruo’s respect and admiration. She was certain that Yang Kai understood her intentions behind sending Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran to him and nothing would stop him if he had the desire to possess them. Be it Ran Yi Rou, Yu Ke Ran, or the other female disciples, none of them would have resisted his advances.


As time passed, however, Tao Ying Ruo became more and more satisfied with this High-Rank Guest Elder. Despite giving them so much, he did not ask for anything in return. What else but gratitude could she have towards somebody like that?


“I came here today because I wanted to ask you something, Acting Sect Master.” Yang Kai had a solemn expression.


Tao Ying Ruo replied, “Elder Yang, please don’t hesitate to speak freely. Everyone in Luo Sha Sect will comply with your wishes.”


Yang Kai laughed heartily, “It’s not such a big deal. It’s just that I wish to leave something behind in Luo Sha Sect.”


“Something?” Tao Ying Ruo was curious.


Yang Kai explained, “I’m sure Acting Sect Master has heard about how this King cultivates the Dao of Space and can arrange Cross-Territory Space Arrays, yes?”


Tao Ying Ruo nodded in response. This information was no longer a secret after the incident at Orthodoxy Temple. Yang Kai had brought in more than two hundred Emperor Realm Masters, three Divine Spirits, and thirty-two Monster Kings as reinforcements in the span of a day, and what allowed him to do that was a number of Cross-Territory Space Arrays. If not for this, how could Yang Kai have travelled back and forth between the Eastern Territory, the Northern Territory, and the Southern Territory in just one day?


When Tao Ying Ruo heard Yang Kai mentioning this though, she couldn’t help but brighten up suddenly and excitedly say, “Elder Yang, you don’t mean…”


Yang Kai nodded, “En. I would like to set up a Space Array in Luo Sha Sect that connects directly to High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory. As you know, I can’t stay here year-round. I will be leaving once the Grand Canonization Ceremony is over, so Luo Sha Sect will have to rely on itself in the future. Still, it is better to plan ahead. If Luo Sha Sect runs into any kind of danger one day and I am not around to help, you might not be able to defend yourselves on your own. But, it will be a different story if you have a Space Array here. You will be able to go to High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory to ask for help at any time.”


Even though Tao Ying Ruo had some guesses, she still felt extremely grateful when she heard Yang Kai speak about this. If she was being honest with herself, it wasn’t as if she had not considered this possibility before. Since Yang Kai was willing to come and serve as the High-Rank Guest Elder of Luo Sha Sect, she felt there was also a chance she could successfully ask him to connect Luo Sha Sect and High Heaven Palace for long-term and effective protection. Unfortunately, she did not know what it took for Yang Kai to arrange such a Space Array. In her mind, something as mysterious as a Cross-Territory Space Array would surely consume a massive amount of resources and it might be so costly that even selling the entire Luo Sha Sect would not be enough to cover the expense. More importantly, she did not want to give Yang Kai the impression that she was being excessive or greedy.


She could never have imagined that Yang Kai would bring it up himself, and for that reason, she immediately exclaimed happily, “Elder Yang, you really are a good person!”


Yang Kai laughed out loud, “It’s no big deal. It’s just that I still need your agreement to do this, Acting Sect Master.”


“Of course! Of course, you can!” Tao Ying Ruo quickly nodded, nearly losing all the composure she gained after so many years of cultivation. At this moment, she looked like a child who had just received a new toy and wanted to show off and celebrate. But then, she suddenly thought of something and asked, “But, what will you need, Elder Yang? Please write up a list of materials and supplies and I will have my people collect them.”


“I don’t need much. It’s enough if you can bring me some Space Spirit Crystals or Space Spirit Jades.” He had gathered a lot of the materials required to arrange Space Arrays and in fact had more than enough to set up a hundred of them in his possession. Even so, he felt it would be for the best if he accepted some of their kindness since they offered it.


“Good, I will think of a way to gather these two items.”


“There is one more thing. Do you have any suggestions regarding where I should arrange the Space Array?”


The place chosen as the location of the Space Array should be a place that was tightly guarded.


Tao Ying Ruo understood this and asked, “Where do you think would be suitable to set up the Space Array, Elder Yang?”


Yang Kai pondered for a moment before replying, “I’ve toured the entire Luo Sha Sect, and the most suitable place to arrange the Space Array would be in the Restricted Area behind Luo Sha Peak… but that’s a Restricted Area after all…”


Tao Ying Ruo immediately waved her hand, “If Elder Yang thinks that place is suitable, then please proceed, this Mistress has no objections.”


She agreed to it so readily that Yang Kai was taken aback but still nodded, “Good. I’ll arrange it there then.”


All of a sudden, Tao Ying Ruo broke out into a wide smile and asked, “Elder Yang, since you visited the Restricted Area before, were you perhaps disappointed?”


Yang Kai looked slightly embarrassed as he coughed, “I’m not disappointed per se, I’m just a little curious about it.”


Tao Ying Ruo pursed her lips in amusement and nodded, “It’s normal to feel disappointed. There is generally nothing special about the Restricted Area, but if you really want to know its secrets, Elder Yang should visit it on a night with a full moon.”


Yang Kai raised his brow, “The night of a full moon?”


Shaking her head, Tao Ying Ruo explained, “I don’t know the exact details either. I only heard Sect Master mention it once when she was still alive. Only during the night of the full moon will unimaginable changes occur in the Restricted Area. Elder Yang, if you wish to learn more, there will be a full moon in five days.”


“En, then I’ll have to take a good look when the time comes.” He suddenly became interested. When he investigated the Restricted Area previously, he had been greatly disappointed at the results, but to his surprise, there was a special condition behind the Restricted Area and it would not reveal its mysteries unless those conditions were met. This immediately aroused his curiosity, so he made up his mind to take a closer look at the Restricted Area on the night of the full moon five days later.


It could be seen that Luo Sha Sect had left itself completely unguarded to him in order to repay the favour they owed to him. Putting himself in their shoes though, he could understand their thoughts; after all, a one-way relationship where only he kept giving could not be sustained for long.


After asking a few more questions, Yang Kai was surprised to learn that Tao Ying Ruo herself had never been to the Restricted Area during a full moon; therefore, she had no idea what would appear. It seemed Yu Luo Sha was the only one qualified to step foot into the Restricted Area of Luo Sha Sect.


Yang Kai said his goodbyes to Tao Ying Ruo and went directly to the mountain valley of the Restricted Area. He proceeded to take out a large number of materials and got to work. Half a day later, the Space Array was completed and he casually refined a Transmission Token before calling both Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran over. Telling them the purpose of the Transmission Token, he taught them the method to activate the Space Array then told them to report everything to Tao Ying Ruo.


With this Space Array in place, Luo Sha Sect had nothing to worry about anymore. Once Tao Ying Ruo received the Transmission Token, she immediately came to thank Yang Kai in person and he decided to let her experience the cross-territory teleportation, sending her directly to High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory. 


The experience amazed her so much that she couldn’t calm down for a long time.



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