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Martial Peak – Chapter 3285, The Weight Of One’s Words


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Tao Ying Ruo only came out after a long time.


Yang Kai turned to look at her, and he was surprised to see that her face radiated a healthy glow, as if something good had happened to her.


A curious Yang Kai asked, “Why does Acting Sect Master look so happy?” He wondered in his heart what Sheng Yu Zhu had told her that made her appear so elated.


Without answering his question, Tao Ying Ruo saluted him elegantly and uttered, “Many thanks, Elder Yang, you are truly the greatest fortune of Luo Sha Sect.”


Yang Kai rubbed his nose and asked doubtfully, “What do you mean?”


A smiling Tao Ying Ruo replied, “Elder has brought our Ancestral Founder back with you, so you are truly our lucky star.”


“A-Ancestral Founder?” Yang Kai was shocked, while Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran widened their mouths in disbelief. They didn’t understand why an Ancestral Founder had appeared out of nowhere. Wasn’t the Ancestral Founder of Luo Sha Sect the previous Sect Master, Yu Luo Sha?


While they were puzzled, Yang Kai immediately understood what had happened. If he wasn’t mistaken, all the cultivation techniques of Luo Sha Sect were passed down to them by Sheng Yu Zhu. Although she had only intended to attract others’ attention to save herself, the inheritance she had passed down was undeniable. Yu Luo Sha was considered her disciple, so all the people in Luo Sha Sect were her descendant disciples as well.


Nevertheless, Yu Luo Sha wasn’t aware of this fact.


The reason Sheng Yu Zhu pointed it out to Tao Ying Ruo was that she wanted to make use of this place to restore her strength. Although Luo Sha Sect wasn’t powerful, it was still a Sect, and with the support of so many people in the Sect, she would be able to restore her power quicker.


“This Mistress has confirmed that Senior is indeed the source of all the Secret Arts and Secret Techniques of our Sect. Previously, Senior was trapped inside the Restricted Area by some wicked criminal. Although our previous Sect Master learned all her techniques, she couldn’t find out where Ancestral Founder was held captive, which caused her to have to keep suffering hardship for many years. Elder Yang, it is thanks to you that Ancestral Founder was saved. All of us from Luo Sha Sect are grateful to you.”


Nothing else in a Sect was more reliable than the relationship between a Master and Disciple. Tao Ying Ruo had confirmed that their previous Sect Master, Yu Luo Sha, was able to reach the Emperor Realm because she had learned techniques from Sheng Yu Zhu. Thus, the fact that Sheng Yu Zhu was the Ancestral Founder of Luo Sha Sect was undeniable. Therefore, even though it was the first time they met, and Sheng Yu Zhu appeared very frail, Tao Ying Ruo still immediately acknowledged her identity and treated her politely as their Ancestral Founder.


“It’s just a coincidence. Congratulations,” Yang Kai put on a smile.


“To you as well.” Tao Ying Ruo winked at him, “Elder Yang is also a part of our Luo Sha Sect.”


“Quite right.” Yang Kai guffawed. After the Grand Canonization Ceremony, Luo Sha Sect’s Brand had been imprinted on him, and no one could deny this fact.


Following that, Tao Ying Ruo turned solemn and uttered, “I hope that Elder Yang can keep this whole matter a secret. Our Ancestral Founder doesn’t have much strength at the moment, and it will take her a long time before she can restore herself.”


“Of course,” Yang Kai nodded and secretly heaved a sigh of relief. Initially, he was worried that if he left Sheng Yu Zhu in Luo Sha Sect, Tao Ying Ruo and the others might be against it. He had planned that if Tao Ying Ruo showed any signs of displeasure, he would send Sheng Yu Zhu to High Heaven Palace for her to recuperate; however, he didn’t expect that Sheng Yu Zhu would play such a card and make it known to them that she was their Ancestral Founder. It seemed that she was willing to stay in this place as well.


Certainly, there was no way Luo Sha Sect wouldn’t welcome her now. Tao Ying Ruo must have realised that since Sheng Yu Zhu was able to help someone reach the Emperor Realm despite the fact that she was going through such hardship at that time, her cultivation must have reached the top of this world. If she was willing to give them a hand, Luo Sha Sect would definitely rise rapidly and in the future, they would even grow into one of the top Sects.


“The two of you are forbidden to speak of what you’ve seen and heard here today on pain of death!” Tao Ying Ruo turned around and shot a glare at Ran Yi Rou and Yu Ke Ran.


“Yes,” They immediately saluted her as they wouldn’t dare to disobey. At the same time, they realised that they had stumbled upon possibly the greatest secret of their Sect.


After chatting with Yang Kai for a bit, Tao Ying Ruo hurriedly left this place. She was probably going to share this news with the other Dao Source Realm Elders. This was indeed top secret, but Luo Sha Sect had only five Dao Source Realm Masters now, so while some secrets must never be revealed, some matters needed to be known.


After Yang Kai was done with the matters in Luo Sha Sect, he didn’t have the intention of remaining any longer. Although it would take Sheng Yu Zhu a long time to recover, everyone knew that Luo Sha Sect was under his protection, so no one would dare to find fault with them.


The next day, he bid farewell to Sheng Yu Zhu and Tao Ying Ruo.


What surprised him was that after only one day, Sheng Yu Zhu’s condition had improved tremendously. Although she still looked skinny, and her vitality was still weak, she already looked much better than one day ago. The relationship between Luo Sha Sect and her ensured that Yang Kai could leave this place with peace of mind.


Since Sheng Yu Zhu had acknowledged that she was the Ancestral Founder of Luo Sha Sect, she certainly wouldn’t harm this place.


Yang Kai then returned to High Heaven Palace in Northern Territory.


Atop High Heaven Peak, Yang Kai summoned Hua Qing Si and asked her about the recent situation in the Sect and the Northern Territory. He was told that it was business as usual in the Sect, and the more than one hundred thousand disciples had been diligently cultivating. Although they had brought some people to assist the Southern Territory previously, High Heaven Palace only sent a small number of individuals; therefore, many of them were not even aware of what had happened.


On the other hand, after those who were hesitating still in the Northern Territory witnessed Yang Kai’s inconceivable influence, none dared to oppose him anymore.


Previously, Yang Kai had joined forces with the other three top Sects to establish dominance over the Northern Territory. Given their incredible power, they were able to suppress all those unwilling with ease, but many people were still unresigned. However, after what happened in Southern Territory, these people wouldn’t dare to make a fuss again, though they were still unresigned. Now, almost everyone in the Northern Territory had kowtowed to Yang Kai and it could be said that High Heaven Palace was the only superpower in the Northern Territory right now.


Meanwhile, Dragon Tiger Sect and Profound Cloud Pavilion had been wiped out.


These two Sects were on par with the former Luo Sha Sect in terms of strength, each having a single Emperor Realm Master as their leader with about one or two thousand disciples each. They were considered second or third class Sects; however, one month ago, both of the Sects were uprooted. The Emperor Realm Masters and their disciples were all killed.


“Was this our doing?” Yang Kai gazed at Hua Qing Si seriously and asked.


With a helpless smile, Hua Qing Si shook her head and replied, “It has nothing to do with High Heaven Palace directly, but it is somewhat related to you.”


Yang Kai repeatedly blinked, “Me? Why don’t I even know that it has something to do with me?” 


He had been staying in the Southern Territory during this period of time, and he had not returned to the Northern Territory, so what did these people’s deaths have to do with him? If it was someone else who told him this, he would have refuted them immediately; however, the person who spoke was Hua Qing Si, and she wasn’t someone who would spout nonsense.


Hua Qing Si went on to explain, “Palace Master, don’t you remember that when the Emperor Realm Masters in the Northern Territory gathered up some time ago, the people from those two Sects were absent? At the time, you said that they never needed to appear again if they were reluctant to do so.”


Yang Kai touched his chin and mumbled, “Did I say that?”


At that time, he was in quite an anxious state, enraged by the fact that Yu Zhuo was dead, so it wasn’t strange that he had said something out of anger; however, he really didn’t remember what he had said at that time. Moreover, even if he had said so, it shouldn’t be an issue. The people from those two Sects were able to reach High Heaven Palace within the time limit, but they didn’t show up, which went to show that they had no regard for his orders at all. They had practically disobeyed High Heaven Palace’s command even though they had sworn to do so just before.


Yang Kai had indeed intended to settle accounts with them after everything was settled, but that was just his personal thoughts and he had not given any orders regarding it. At this point, he had even forgotten about it, but he had never expected that the two Sects had been already destroyed.


Hua Qing Si continued, “About a month ago, Mi Qi rallied the forces of more than ten Sects of different sizes to uproot the two Sects. They even beheaded the two Emperor Realm Masters and sent us the wealth that the two Sects had accumulated over the years.”


“What!?” Yang Kai bellowed, “Who told him to act so boldly!?”


Hua Qing Si hung her head low and replied, “Palace Master, even though you might not really have meant it when you said those words, some people might have taken them seriously.”


At that, Yang Kai was lost for words. If that was the case, the two Sects had indeed been destroyed because of him.


Hua Qing Si went on to ask, “So, you didn’t intend to settle accounts with them and Mi Qi was simply overstepping his bounds? Do you think we should punish him?”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched, “How should I punish him?”


She replied, “That’s up to Palace Master. If you think Mi Qi has crossed the line, you can cripple his cultivation and make him apologise to bring justice to the deceased. Or, we can release an official statement to say that this matter has nothing to do with High Heaven Palace, and it was all Mi Qi’s doing.”


Yang Kai uttered dispassionately, “What’s the point of cultivating if apologies are useful? Moreover, Mi Qi has already done it, so if we cripple his cultivation now, it’s akin to telling everyone that we were in the wrong.” He paused for a moment, “Sister Hua, you seem somewhat displeased.”


Hua Qing Si lowered her head and replied, “I wouldn’t dare to. Nevertheless, thousands of people lost their lives.”


With a frown, Yang Kai said, “Sister Hua, please don’t beat around the bush. You’re making it look like we’re not close to each other.”


After a sigh, Hua Qing Si raised her head to look at him and uttered, “Palace Master, you’ve made a name for yourself since young, and your cultivation is powerful. Now, you’re also the leader of the entire Northern Territory, so I’m worried that you’ll be blinded by your successes and fail to adjust your mindset appropriately. Just like what has happened this time, you might believe that the deaths of those people have nothing to do with you.”


Yang Kai quietly listened without interrupting her.


Seeing this, Hua Qing Si went on to explain, “In truth, those people were killed because of you, even if you didn’t mean what you said. Do you now understand the weight your words carry through this incident?”


Upon hearing this, Yang Kai was stunned.


Just like what she had said, he didn’t think that the demise of those two Sects had anything to do with him. He simply felt that Mi Qi had crossed the line by misinterpreting what he had said; however, upon listening to Hua Qing Si’s explanation, he realised that he was at fault as well.


Given his current power and prestige, a simply off-handed comment from him was enough to destroy two Sects and kill thousands of people. Nevertheless, he couldn’t accept the fact that so many had lost their lives just because of what he had said. At that instant, it was as if he could see that his hands were drenched in the blood of innocents.


Hua Qing Si then uttered, “Palace Master is now a leader of so many, so I hope that you’ll be more careful with your words and meticulous in your work in the future. Please take this incident as a learning experience.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed as he replied, “I’ll take your words to heart.”



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