Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3287, Outer Astral Wind


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Yang Kai and Hua Qing Si arrived in the Southern Territory nearby Orthodoxy Temple through the Space Array. After they stepped off, Yang Kai turned around and destroyed the array that he had spent quite some effort building.


Since he was going to set up a new Space Array within Orthodoxy Temple, this one didn’t have to be kept.


Following that, they entered the Temple together. After scanning the place with his Divine Sense, Yang Kai realised that many people were moving around inside the grounds, about a thousand in total. These people were all sent by Hua Qing Si to assist Nanmen Da Jun in surveying the area and arranging the new Sect Defending Array.


At this moment, Nanmen Da Jun was floating in mid-air as he looked around and gesticulated. He also seemed to be muttering something as he appeared focused.


Realising that a few people were approaching him, he turned to look at them and turned solemn in an instant, “Palace Master, Head Manager.”


After a nod, Yang Kai stood beside him and looked down at the view as he asked, “How is it?”


Nanmen Da Jun asked, “What do you mean?”


Yang Kai explained, “How long will it take before the new Sect Defending Array is set up?”


After giving it a thought, Nanmen Da Jun replied, “The Spirit Array of Orthodoxy Temple is already quite powerful, so we don’t have to tear it down and start from scratch. Just give me a month and I’ll be able to arrange a prototype array. Then, we’ll modify and adjust it within six months.”


“Good. You’re the expert in this field, so please take care of it. If you need anything, just ask our Head Manager.”


Nanmen Da Jun grinned at him, “Without the Head Manager’s support, I wouldn’t have been able to give you this promise.” He was the Chief Array Master in High Heaven Palace now, and whenever he was arranging Spirit Arrays for the Sect, Hua Qing Si basically gave him all the people and materials he needed; otherwise, it wouldn’t have been so easy to arrange new arrays for a top Sect.


Although Nanmen Da Jun was fairly famous in the Northern Territory in the past, he was only one man, so there were many things he couldn’t achieve despite the fact that he had the skills and knowledge. Now that he had the support of High Heaven Palace though, there were no Spirit Arrays in this world that he couldn’t arrange, unless it was beyond his imagination.


All of a sudden, Nanmen Da Jun felt that his life had been great so far. He could work towards achieving his goals, and nothing else gave him greater pleasure than that. Having stayed in High Heaven Palace for several years now, he had already decided to settle down permanently.


Even if Yang Kai wanted to chase him away now, Nanmen Da Jun would have to give it serious consideration before leaving; after all, without High Heaven Palace’s unlimited support, even an Array Master like him wouldn’t be able to achieve much alone. Going to another Sect was an option, but no other Sect in this world was able to give him the support High Heaven Palace could offer.


It was the same case for Hou Yu. In the past, after she was ‘captured’ by Yang Kai, she had attempted to flee many times. Nevertheless, as time passed, she had also decided to settle down in High Heaven Palace. That was because everyone in High Heaven Palace was polite to her and gave her enough respect and authority. She and Nanmen Da Jun were also fully supported in pursuing their respective fields. It would be hard for them to look for another employer that offered such favourable terms.


Both Nanmen Da Jun and Hou Yu had even taken in some disciples from High Heaven Palace to nurture them. They searched for the most talented people to inherit their skills, and as such, their connection with High Heaven Palace had become even tighter.


There were three special Spirit Peaks in High Heaven Palace now. Medicine Pill Peak, Artifact Peak, and Spirit Array Peak. Each peak had outstanding disciples studying on it. Taking those from Thousand Leaves Peak who cultivated the Dao of Puppetry into consideration as well, the disciples from High Heaven Palace were spoiled for choice. If they didn’t want to pursue the Martial Dao, they could still choose to follow the Alchemic Dao, Dao of Artifact Refining, Dao of Spirit Arrays, or Dao of Puppetry.


After motivating Nanmen Da Jun for a bit, Yang Kai left the place alone.


There were quite a few Restricted Areas in Orthodoxy Temple, but the most heavily guarded one was undoubtedly the Outer Astral Wind. This place was protected by layers of arrays, so anyone who tried to break into it would be severely injured or even killed.


Nevertheless, after Nanmen Da Jun arrived, he immediately cracked these Spirit Arrays; therefore, at this moment, Yang Kai was able to walk around the Restricted Area without any hurdles as he was amazed by the view. He had heard about how wondrous the Outer Astral Wind was, but this was his first time seeing it.


The Restricted Area was located in a long valley. Looking from above, one could see nothing else but a grey world that didn’t seem to have an end. Wind could be heard howling through the valley, and anyone would be horrified by just listening to it. Many marks were left on the cliffs that seemed to have been formed by sharp weapons, but in fact, these marks were all left by the Outer Astral Wind.


Yang Kai sized up the place with narrowed eyes for a bit before probing it with his Divine Sense. At that instant, he could feel countless blades cutting into him. The omnipresent Outer Astral Wind seemed able to slice his Divine Sense into dust, and if it weren’t for his Divine Sense being unusually strong, Yang Kai would have been injured already.


Without any hesitation, he stepped into the valley, after which, it seemed like he had entered a different world. The air around him was moving rapidly as it screeched. The invisible wind seemed to have turned into a million sharp blades that repeatedly slashed at him.


The clothes he was wearing couldn’t protect him at all, and even the Emperor Qi around him was useless as the wind passed right through it to cut his skin.


Yang Kai was amazed by this discovery. It was no wonder that this place was said to help temper the body. Even someone like Yang Kai was unable to protect himself with his Emperor Qi, let alone others. If anyone wanted to endure this pain, they would have to rely on the strength of their own body to do so. The question was, where did this Outer Astral Wind come from? 


Yang Kai had a sturdy physique, so he wasn’t afraid of these wind blades as he endured and stepped forward.


The further he went, the stronger the wind became. Holes of different sizes started appearing on the cliffs. The big holes could accommodate seven to eight people, while the small ones could only allow one person in.


Yang Kai deduced that these caves were left behind by the previous generations of disciples from Orthodoxy Temple. It was quite dangerous to cultivate here, so if a disciple realised that they couldn’t take it anymore, they could seek shelter in these caves to recuperate.


As Yang Kai proceeded further, the wind became more violent; however, he remained unperturbed as a glint flashed across his eyes. [This is indeed a good place. With this, the disciples from High Heaven Palace can conveniently practise Body Tempering. If they come here to cultivate for some time, their bodies will become robust, and as long as their bodies are strong, they will have an easier time cultivating and fighting.]


The valley was long. Yang Kai had been walking for an hour, but the end was still nowhere in sight. Nevertheless, the Outer Astral Wind around here was starting to feel a bit painful. Sometimes, it even caused some minor cuts on his skin, but such cuts would soon disappear thanks to his incredible restorative abilities.


Just then, a suppressed roar could be heard from the front. Yang Kai listened to it and put on a smile as he quickened his pace.


A moment later, a gigantic figure that was about 70 metres long and 50 metres tall came into sight. Lightning could be seen flashing around its body as it exuded a ferocious aura. This humongous figure looked like a rhino at first glance with a pointed horn on its head as it kept writhing about. As the wind whisked across it, blood was seen streaming down its huge figure, but it remained standing tall and roared in a deafening voice.


As the huge figure was panting heavily, it noticed someone approaching and immediately turned to look at him. Its eyes which were as large as two washbasins had turned bloodshot.


When their eyes met, Yang Kai nodded gently and stepped into the cave on the side. What was strange was that right after he entered the cave, all the wind attacking him seemed to disappear.


A moment later, a burly figure entered the cave as well. It was none other than Xi Lei. Appearing embarrassed, Xi Lei uttered, “Sir, what are you doing here?”


It was embarrassing for him that Yang Kai had accidentally seen his true form. He was from the Monster Race, but he had rarely revealed his true form since he gained the ability to assume Human Form. Only when he was in a life-or-death battle with mortal enemies would he revert to his Monster Beast Form.


Although he wasn’t in a battle against anyone just now, he still appeared battered as he had to resist the ravages of the Outer Astral Wind. Naturally, he didn’t want anyone to see him in such an embarrassing state.


“I’m here to see what the Outer Astral Wind is about,” Yang Kai put on a smile and hinted at him with his hand.


After that, Xi Lei sat down with his legs crossed as he shook his head and uttered, “This is a nice place. Sir indeed made a wise decision to take over this whole area.”


Yang Kai arched his brow, “You think this place is good?”


Xi Lei replied, “Of course. Given more time, my body will become even more robust.”


Yang Kai nodded, “If it’s also useful for a Monster King, then it’s indeed a good place.”


With a grin, Xi Lei uttered, “However, this place is quite dangerous. Anyone who tries to enter without enough strength is simply asking for death.” Upon finishing his words though, he appeared shocked as he recalled that Yang Kai had been standing not far from him earlier, but the latter appeared calm and collected, unlike how battered he was.


It was then he realised that Yang Kai’s body was much sturdier than his, which made him feel dejected. He was a Monster King from the Ancient Wild Lands, and his power was among the top three of the thirty-two Monster Kings, so it was inconceivable that his body wasn’t as strong as a Human’s.


The reason he, Ying Fei, and Xie Wu Wei regarded Yang Kai as their leader was that the latter was close to the Heavens Order’s descendant. After the Blood Gate reopened, they could probably get close to her through Yang Kai.


However, as they came into contact with Yang Kai more and more, they realised that he was no ordinary Second-Order Emperor Realm Master himself. If they got into a one-on-one battle with him, none of them were confident they could defeat him.


Furthermore, he had even subdued a woman from the Dragon Clan! At the thought of this, the three Monster Kings were convinced that he was truly powerful.


After a nod, Yang Kai replied, “Since this place is useful for you, then please stay here to cultivate and keep watch over it.”


A smiling Xi Lei said, “That’s exactly my intention.”


Suddenly, Yang Kai changed the topic by asking, “I’m only familiar with the three of you among the thirty-two Monster Kings of the Ancient Wild Lands. What are the temperaments of other Monster Kings like?”


Xi Lei stroked his chin for a moment before he replied, “Those guys… Are difficult to deal with. For example, Xiong Kai Shan might appear simple-minded, but in fact, he’s extremely sinister.” It seemed that he was conned by him before, so he appeared resentful of him. Then, Xi Lei put on a licentious grin, “Nevertheless, those female Monster Kings are attractive, especially Hu Fei. I heard that she has a Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox’s bloodline. Tsk…” 


Suddenly, his body shook as he straightened his face, “Sir, if you come across that devilish woman, you must be careful and not be deceived by her. Her skill in seduction is unrivalled in this world.”



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