Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3288, Supreme Treasure


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One hour later, Yang Kai stepped out of the cave and continued moving forward.


Xi Lei watched him from behind until the latter disappeared from his sight, after which he heaved a sigh.


In this valley Restricted Area, the further one went, the more pressure one would feel. The pressure in the place he sat was the maximum of what Xi Lei could endure; otherwise, it wouldn’t be useful to temper his body. Nevertheless, he wasn’t strong enough to go any further.


On the other hand, Yang Kai was still able to amble into the distance and leave him behind, so it was apparent that his body was unbelievably robust. Xi Lei secretly heaved a sigh of frustration; after all, he was a Monster King, but he was no match for a Human. Stimulated, he growled and stormed out of the cave before he turned back into his true form and continued resisting the ravages of the Outer Astral Wind.


In the deepest part of the valley, Yang Kai was bleeding incessantly from innumerable cuts on his skin. Nevertheless, the wounds healed quickly thanks to his amazing restorative power, forming an endless cycle. 


As he explored further into the valley, there were no more caves on the cliffside. He made a guess that no one had actually reached so far into the valley since the founding of Orthodoxy Temple, so it was not strange that there were no more caves.


After walking for one more hour, he reached the true end of the valley. At that instant, Yang Kai could feel a strange fluctuation of Space Principles coming from the front.


Realising something, he raised his head, only to see that a thousand metres away from him, there was a Void Crack that was several tens of metres long hovering above the end of the valley. It looked like a scar in the world that could never be healed.


Horrible wind could be felt coming from the Void Crack as it stormed towards the valley.


Yang Kai realised where the Outer Astral Wind in this Restricted Area was coming from: It blew out of this Void Crack. The World Principles were self-restorative, for example, if Yang Kai tore space apart, the torn space would be rapidly healed by the World Principles.


However, the Void Crack before his eyes seemed to have been around for a very long time, and it wasn’t clear what place it was connected to. The Outer Astral Wind just kept blasting out of it, and World Principles here weren’t even able to repair this tear, which allowed the Void Crack to remain indefinitely.


The sight amazed Yang Kai and he had the urge to go in and explore. He wanted to find out what place the Void Crack was connected to that allowed this harsh wind to keep blowing out of it incessantly.


Having made up his mind, Yang Kai manipulated the Space Principles and appeared before the Void Crack before plunging in without hesitation.


A short moment later, he rushed out of the Void Crack, his entire body drenched in blood. Golden blood splattered mid-air as Yang Kai retreated several thousand metres before he finally felt safe again. Turning to look at the Void Crack, he was still reeling from the shock, but at the same time, he was extremely excited.


After he rushed into the Void Crack earlier, he realised that it was filled with Outer Astral Wind, and the power of this wind was more potent than what filled the valley. As soon as he came into contact with the wind, Yang Kai was severely injured. If he hadn’t immediately retreated, all his flesh would’ve been peeled from his bones in a short moment. Regardless of how sturdy his body was, he would have lost his life if that happened.


Although he only remained in the Void Crack for a moment, Yang Kai could feel an extraordinary aura inside. It was an aura that seemed able to destroy everything in this world, and it was clearly the source of the Outer Astral Wind.


Orthodoxy Temple had been around for more than ten thousand years, and the Outer Astral Wind existed far before the founding of the Sect. Nevertheless, everything happened for a reason in this world, and it was the same for the Outer Astral Wind. There was no way it would blow through the valley for tens of thousands of years without a reason.


The source of the wind was hidden in the Void Crack.


Unfortunately, Yang Kai wasn’t even sure what this source was, nor did he have the ability to seize it. However, undeniably, that must be a supreme treasure inside that might even be able to make Great Emperors wary.


Yang Kai was tempted to take it out, but after evaluating his own power, he still decided to leave in a dejected manner. He wasn’t powerful enough to take the treasure out. Perhaps he had to wait for his cultivation to reach the peak of this world sometime in the future before he could do that.


A moment later, he returned to where Xi Lei was. Seeing him, a shocked Xi Lei asked, “Sir, what happened to you?”


At this moment, Yang Kai appeared battered as his dried Golden Blood was caked around his body like a layer of gold. Even his aura was unstable, making it apparent that he was injured.


Yang Kai coughed lightly and replied, “Just a small accident happened. It’s too dangerous further down the road, so I suggest that you be extra careful.” Upon finishing his words, he snuck into a nearby cave and adjusted his breathing. 


Xi Lei appeared solemn and didn’t suspect his words at all. Even Yang Kai had suffered such a setback up ahead, so what would happen to him, an individual weaker than Yang Kai? 


After Xi Lei was warned, he decided not to move further into the valley before he was fully prepared.


Half a day later, Yang Kai stepped out of the cave in a clean set of clothes and left the Restricted Area in a crestfallen manner after bidding Xi Lei farewell.


Upon meeting Hua Qing Si and Nanmen Da Jun, they chose a suitable location in Orthodoxy Temple to set up a Space Array. A passionate Nanmen Da Jun decided to assist him and put aside his own task.


In the past, the reason Nanmen Da Jun decided to stay in High Heaven Palace was that he had witnessed how Yang Kai was able to arrange a Cross-Territory Space Array, so he wanted to study under him. Unfortunately, even though he had grasped the basics of arranging a Space Array, and he could make a proper-looking one, the array wasn’t able to transport people through the Void.


Nanmen Da Jun only realised that he had fallen into a pitfall after years of studies, that only Masters in the Dao of Space were able to arrange functional Space Arrays.


Nevertheless, this didn’t dampen his enthusiasm to study it. On the Grand Dao, one principle led to many others. An Array Grandmaster like Nanmen Da Jun was able to figure out many things from seemingly unrelated studies and the experience and information he gained were useful to him in many ways.


With his help, the Space Array was arranged far more easily. Since this place would be the Branch Sect of High Heaven Palace, and more than fifty thousand disciples would stay here, the Space Array couldn’t be too small. Yang Kai consumed countless Space Spirit Crystals and Space Spirit Jades to build a large-scale array that could transport more than a hundred people at once.


It took Yang Kai an entire day to get everything done, and after he connected the Space Array to the network, he bid farewell to Hua Qing Si and Nanmen Da Jun.


When his figure appeared again, he was already in the Ancient Wild Lands. After leaving the humble Tree Cave, he paid a visit to Elder and Mu Na to thank them for their help previously. At the same time, he had also brought many gifts for the two clans.


In the war against Orthodoxy Temple, the Stone Spirit Clan and Wood Spirit Clan had made tremendous contributions. During the initial perilous situation, they tracked down and killed a number of Demon Spirits, causing the other demonified cultivators to lose their ability to act. After the battle ended, the Wood Spirit Clan also used their Secret Techniques to suppress the Demon Qi within the bodies of more than ten thousand demonified cultivators, which allowed Yang Kai purify the Demon Qi corrupting them and save many of the top cultivators in the Southern Territory.


These two clans were peace-loving, so if it weren’t for Yang Kai’s request, they wouldn’t have stepped out of this land place where they had been living for generations and gotten involved in such a conflict. Certainly, Yang Kai would never forget this favour of theirs.


After some small talk, he got to the main topic. “Elder, you’re a knowledgeable man, so I want to ask you about someone.”


Elder replied with a smile, “I’ve merely lived for a long time. Who is it that you wish to know about?”


“Elder, have you heard the name Sheng Yu Zhu before?” Asking about Sheng Yu Zhu wasn’t the main reason for Yang Kai’s visit, but he believed that he should inquire about her anyway. Although he didn’t think Sheng Yu Zhu was a wicked person, he still had to be careful; after all, she had made him some promises so finding out more about her would also be beneficial for their future cooperation.


Stone Spirit Clan members enjoyed a very long life, and Elder could even be said to be the oldest living being in the entire Star Boundary, which was why Yang Kai decided to ask him about it.


“Sheng Yu Zhu?” Elder repeated the name and shook his head. “I’ve never heard of her name before.”


“You’ve never heard of her?” Yang Kai was stunned.


Elder replied, “If it’s a unique name that shook the world, as long as I had heard of it before, I will never forget it. What’s special about her that makes you so concerned?”


After a sigh, Yang Kai uttered, “This is what happened…”


He went on to tell them what happened in Luo Sha Sect, but he left out the promises Sheng Yu Zhu had given to him. Despite that, Elder and Mu Na were still startled upon hearing his narration.


A shocked Elder exclaimed, “I can’t believe such a person exists in this world!”


An amazed Mu Na covered her mouth and said, “She survived in the Void Crack on her own for tens of thousands of years? That’s very shocking indeed.” She paused for a moment, “She’s quite pitiful…”


After a nod, Yang Kai uttered, “I find it shocking as well, that’s why I’ve decided to ask Elder about it.”


Elder shook his head, “I’ve indeed never heard her name before though.”


A glint flashed across Yang Kai, “Elder, you mean something is off about her background?”


Elder, however, chuckled and replied, “Not really. Although I’ve lived for a long time, I don’t know everything in the world. Since who knows how many years ago, our Clan have been living in seclusion in the Ancient Lands. I don’t know much about the struggle to reach the peak of the Grand Dao, as I’ve only heard of some rumours about it. I don’t even know who took part in the battle at that time. However, since she was able to name several Great Emperors, she is probably not lying. So, she might really be from that period of time. Do you think she’s a good or evil person?”


After shaking his head, Yang Kai replied, “I can’t sense any ill intentions from her.”


Elder uttered with a smile, “It’ll be alright, then. She’d been confined for several ten thousand years, so I’m sure not much of her cultivation is left. Even if she’s an evil person, she’s still not a Great Emperor. If she dares to commit any outrageous crimes, those who stand higher than us will deal with her.”


Yang Kai bowed his head, “That’s what I thought as well, which was why I decided to bring her out of that place; otherwise, I wouldn’t have dared to do such a thing. I would have tried to find out more about her first.”



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