Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3289, Scram As Far as You Can


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After bidding farewell to Elder and Mu Na, Yang Kai headed to Luan Feng’s palace.


Outside Phoenix Nest Palace, two majestic-looking Monster Commanders were guarding the place as they exuded thick malevolent aura. All of a sudden, a figure flashed across their eyes and landed on the ground in front of them.


Upon seeing that, one of the Monster Commanders, who had a large mouth and nose, growled, “Who goes…”


He gulped down what he was about to say though as he made out Yang Kai’s face.


Yang Kai was a famous figure in the Ancient Wild Lands. Besides the Monster Kings, their subordinates such as Monster Commanders, Monster Generals, and other soldiers also knew who he was.


Furthermore, he had broken into Phoenix Nest Palace several times, but Luan Feng had never been able to do anything to stop him. That was why everyone in the palace was aware of a scourge like him.


Previously, after Luan Feng returned to the palace, she gave the order that if they saw Yang Kai again, they should kill him immediately while she would take full responsibility.


Despite her order, the Monster Commanders would never have the guts to do this. Even those who were able to battle against him wouldn’t dare to do so, let alone those who were no match for him.


Therefore, upon seeing Yang Kai, the two Monster Commanders, who were guarding the palace, directly ignored Luan Feng’s order and cupped their fists before one of them said with a fawning smile, “So it is Senior Yang.”


If Luan Feng saw this sight, she would probably be enraged.


After a grunt, Yang Kai put his hands behind his back and calmly walked past them. If any outsider saw this, they would have thought that Yang Kai was just returning to his own home.


Seeing this, the Monster Commander who spoke earlier hurriedly raced after him and uttered in a fawning manner, “Sir, what might be the purpose of your visit?” 


As he spoke, he quickly hinted at the other Monster Commander with his gaze, telling him to immediately inform Luan Feng about this.


The problem was that Yang Kai would always come to Phoenix Nest Palace every time he arrived in the Ancient Lands, and his arrival would certainly mean disaster. Luan Feng was still raging over what had happened during his previous visit, so they didn’t expect that Yang Kai would come again after only a short period of time. Hence, they were worried that he would stir up trouble again.


Although Yang Kai wasn’t afraid of Luan Feng, it didn’t mean that they were just as fearless. If Luan Feng decided to vent her anger, they were the ones who would suffer.


“Why should I tell you?” Yang Kai shot him a look and pushed him away as he walked forward. Upon being pushed, the Monster Commander almost fell to the ground, but he didn’t dare to get mad. Left with no choice, he followed Yang Kai around and tried to delay him as much as possible.


Naturally, he wasn’t able to hinder Yang Kai, but this Monster Commander’s attempts still angered Yang Kai who grabbed his collar and hurled him away. A group of maidservants who were coming over when that happened saw this and widened their eyes as they scattered away in all directions as they screamed.


Yang Kai rubbed his nose and muttered with a dark expression, “What’s wrong with them?” 


He looked around and realised that no one else was in sight, so after a sneer, he inhaled deeply and shouted, “Lady Feng, this Yang has come to see you!”


His loud and clear voice spread across the entire Phoenix Nest Palace. Anyone who wasn’t deaf should be able to hear him; however, it was apparent that Luan Feng didn’t want to see him, so she didn’t reply.


With a grin, Yang Kai darted his gaze around and checked the surroundings with his Divine Sense. Following that, his figure flickered and he appeared again in a certain courtyard.


In the courtyard, a delicate-looking young girl was playing by herself. Noticing something, she looked up to see Yang Kai staring at her with a grin and was shocked. Upon closer inspection though, she uttered, “Oh! I know you!”


After a nod, Yang Kai replied with a smile, “I remember you as well. Nice to see you again little girl.”


The young girl before his eyes was none other than Luan Feng’s daughter. In the past, not long after he arrived in the Star Boundary, Yang Kai had to flee from Blue Feather Sect to Maplewood City. Sometime after, while hunting for treasure, he happened to come across Luan Feng’s daughter, who was surrounded by a group of people. It was when he witnessed the power of Divine Spirits and saw Luan Feng’s true form for the first time, which left a lasting impression on him.


However, Yang Kai had never expected that their fates would be intertwined in such a way, as they were still in regular contact with each other now. Luan Feng was noble and aloof existence in the past, but now, they could be considered equals.


It had been several dozen years since the incident, but Luan Feng’s daughter still hadn’t grown up. It wasn’t that she was suffering from arrested development but rather that it would take her a long time to reach maturity as a Divine Spirit.


Yang Kai had always wondered who her father was, as he had never heard that Luan Feng had a partner. The question now was where her daughter came from. It wasn’t like she broke out from a boulder.


“Your name is Tian Long, right?” Yang Kai asked her with the best kindly smile he could manage.


Tian Long nodded and pointed at him, “Your Yang Kai, the wickedest evilest bad bad man in the world!”


Yang Kai’s smile froze as his face twitched, “Who told you such nonsense!”


“Mother told me!” Tian Long replied with an innocent expression.


A frustrated Yang Kai uttered, “She was spouting nonsense. How am I the evilest bad man in this world?”


Tian Long tilted her head and grinned at him, “Mother told me that when I grow up strong I have to beat you up. Are you powerful?”


Yang Kai drew a deep breath. [Don’t mind her. She’s just a child… But Luan Feng, just you wait!] 


He replied with a forced smile, “You’ll find out whether or not I’m strong when you grow up.” His eyes flashing a cunning light, he swiftly changed the topic, “Are you on your own?”


Tian Long darted her gaze around and replied with a beam, “Do you have your eye on me or something? You better be careful or I’ll burn you!”


Pretending to be shocked, Yang Kai exclaimed, “Oh no no! I might be burned to death!”


“Hehehe!” Tian Long covered her belly and giggled, “You look funny when you lie!”


The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched as he thought he was indeed foolish. Tian Long might appear to be a little girl, but she had actually lived for several dozen years, so he only had himself to blame for the humiliation he received by treating her as if she was an ordinary kid.


After a nod, he uttered, “Tian Long, you come from a noble background, and you have a bright future ahead of you. However, you’re still a child now so you really should have a companion to play with. Why don’t I help you with that! I have a little friend who could play with you, so you won’t feel lonely anymore.”


Tian Long curled up her lips and replied in a haughty manner, “That will depend on whether she’s qualified or not.”


A smiling Yang Kai said, “Would a Fire Phoenix be qualified?”


Tian Long was stunned for a moment before she replied with a smile, “You’re lying. How are you able to look for a Fire Phoenix to keep me company?”


Yang Kai shook his head, “I’m not lying to you. We have a Fire Phoenix in High Heaven Palace. She’s a little girl who is about the same age as you, so I believe both of you will have many common interests; after all, you two come from the same Race.”


“Is that true?” Tian Long appeared tempted.


“Of course.”


After giving it a thought, Tian Long pressed her lips together, “I know what you’re up to; however, if what you’ve said is true, I’ll forgive you.”


“You’ll find out whether or not it’s true after you follow me to High Heaven Palace.” Yang Kai kept persuading her, “We have a lot of fun stuff in High Heaven Palace as well.”


Tian Long grunted, “I’m not interested in playing games, but…” She appeared hesitant. Apparently, she was attracted to the idea of meeting the Fire Phoenix he had just told her about.


“Enough!” A cold voice suddenly shouted. Hearing that voice, Tian Long raised her head before leaping up and throwing herself at the beautiful woman, who was clad in an imperial dress, with a grin. After wrapping her arms around the woman’s thigh, she lifted her head and called out, “Mother!”


Luan Feng’s expression was so cold that it was as if a layer of frost could be scraped off her face. As she stroked her daughter’s head, she shot a contemptuous look at Yang Kai, “You would even target a child? How can you be so shameless!?”


Yang Kai replied with a faint smile, “Lady Feng, what are you talking about? I didn’t do anything to little Tian Long. I just think that she’s quite lonely, so I want to get her a playmate.” Then, he turned to look at Tian Long, “You can ask your mother whether what I’ve said is true or not.”


As expected, Tian Long turned her eyes up and asked, “Mom, he said that there’s a Fire Phoenix in his palace that’s about my age. Is that true?”


An infuriated Luan Feng bellowed, “He’s a vile liar! How can you believe him?”


Yang Kai’s expression darkened, “Lady Feng, I can’t pretend that I didn’t hear that. You know the truth as well. It’s not like you haven’t met her before. Apart from you, the Monster Kings from the Ancient Lands, Brother Fan, and Cang Gou have all seen her. It’s fine if you want to educate your child, but you shouldn’t slander me to do so.”


Luan Feng said through clenched teeth, “You only have yourself to blame!”


Yang Kai replied, “If I hadn’t done this, how would I be able to meet you? You’ve decided not to see me this time, right?”


Luan Feng was so enraged that her chest was heaving, “Do you think you can bully me just because I’m a woman? Is that why you come to Phoenix Nest Palace every time?”


A surprised Yang Kai asked, “What do you mean? I feel like we are good friends and have many common interests, which is why I always come to see Lady Feng first.”


Luan Feng yelled, “Who is friends with you!? Go bother Fan Wu or Cang Gou if you want to make friends!” She was exasperated at the fact that during Yang Kai’s previous visits to the Ancient Wild Lands, he had always headed to Phoenix Nest Palace instead of going to look for Fan Wu and Cang Gou, so she couldn’t tolerate it anymore.


After a sigh, Yang Kai continued, “I’ve always been sincere to you, but you just don’t seem to treasure our friendship.”


To that, Luan Feng snorted disdainfully, “Haha…”


Yang Kai straightened his face and uttered, “You shouldn’t get mad, it will ruin your beauty.”


Luan Feng bellowed, “It’s none of your damn business!” 


She was a Divine Spirit as well as a woman, but she was so enraged at the moment that she even uttered some foul language, which went to show how annoyed she was.


Yang Kai rubbed his nose, “I’ll have some tea served, then. We’ll talk about other things after you calm down.”


“Scram as far as you can! We don’t welcome you here!” Upon finishing her words, Luan Feng brought Tian Long away.


Yang Kai pressed his lips together and decided not to tell her about the purpose of his visit for now, as Luan Feng was on the brink of blowing her top. If he irritated her further, he might lose more than he could gain, as women could be unreasonable when they became enraged; therefore, he decided to wait for her to calm down first.


With this thought in mind, he went on to stay in Phoenix Nest Palace without any invitation. Nobody served him, as all the maidservants and guards in the palace stayed away from him as if he was air. Nevertheless, he was unperturbed as he entered a room to meditate and just waited.


After a few days, Luan Feng was still nowhere in sight, but Yang Kai wasn’t in a rush and would just take a stroll sometimes, as though this was really his home.


Naturally, Luan Feng couldn’t really ignore his presence and had instructed some people to keep an eye on him, but upon learning what he had been doing, she was truly incensed.



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    I used to be like that when I was growing up too… but I eventually caught on the gist… like when I was in my teens. YK is not a teenager anymore.

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