Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3290, I’ll Need Three More Monster Kings


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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“Do you have nothing better to do?” 


Luan Feng only decided to meet Yang Kai in the side hall after a month. With a cold expression, she asked, “I heard that you have High Heaven Palace in the Northern Territory. As a Palace Master, shouldn’t you be taking care of your Sect instead of coming to the Ancient Wild Lands?”


Yang Kai replied with a grin, “It’s business as usual in the palace, so it makes no difference if I’m not there.”


Luan Feng went on to question, “What about the Southern Territory? What happened there had some serious implications, as even Demons appeared. Perhaps there’s a secret plot brewing. Don’t you want to get to the bottom of it?”


Yang Kai slowly shook his head, “My foundation is in the Northern Territory, and what happened in the Southern Territory was just a coincidence. Whatever plot is brewing over there, I’m sure the Masters of the South will deal with it, so I don’t have to worry about it.”


Luan Feng glowered at him, “Spill it. What do you want?”


“Let’s drink some tea first,” Yang Kai lifted his teacup and hinted at her.


She grunted, “Stop beating around the bush! I have no time to waste on you!”


After taking a sip, Yang Kai put the cup down and appeared hesitant, “Lady Feng, if you insist, I’ll tell you the truth.”


Luan Feng sneered and had the urge to curse at him, but she eventually managed to hold it in thanks to her noble temperament. She had never met such a shameless person before and even suspected that his skin was thick enough to fend off her Innate Divine Abilities.


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai replied, “The reason I’m here is that I have a request for you.”


“Out with it already,” Luan Feng closed her eyes and waited for him to make some ridiculous demand, desperately trying to contain her urge to roast him alive with her World Extinguishing Black Flames.


“I need to borrow some people from you,” Yang Kai uttered.


“Who do you want to borrow? How many people?” Luan Feng narrowed her eyes.


Yang Kai directly said, “I want to borrow some Monster Kings. Just three of them will do. There are three Divine Venerables, so you each only need to lend me one. I guess it should be alright.”


“Haha…” Luan Feng laughed.


With a straight face, Yang Kai asked, “What are you laughing at?”


Luan Feng replied seriously, “If I don’t laugh, I might not be able to contain the urge to kill you.” Despite her smiling face, her tone was horrifying.


“En,” Yang Kai uttered.




Luan Feng broke the table in front of her with her palm as the tea splattered everywhere. After that, she said through gritted teeth, “Yang Kai, don’t go too far! Do you think you can do whatever you want in the Ancient Lands just because you have the support of that Heavens Order’s descendant?”


Yang Kai rubbed his nose, “That’s not what I think…”


“How dare you say so!” Luan Feng was exasperated, “If that’s not what you think, why do you have no regard for this Queen and the Ancient Lands at all? Humans have always been prohibited from entering this place, but you just come and go as you please! You’ve even left a Space Array here so you can appear at any time! I can ignore all that, but how can you break into this Queen’s palace and squat here like it’s your own house!? Do you have no regard for this Queen at all!?”


Yang Kai just hung his head low and waited for her to vent out her anger. After she calmed down, he flashed a grin at her, “Lady Feng, it isn’t as serious as you think. That’s not what I meant. I truly respect you.”


Luan Feng sneered, “Do you think I will believe you?”


A solemn Yang Kai replied, “I only speak the truth.” As he said so, he patted his own chest as if he wanted her to believe that he was sincere.


Luan Feng’s chest heaved as she had the urge to slap him to death. She wouldn’t have been so enraged if she could do just that of course. Earlier, she said that Yang Kai was arrogant because he had the support of Heavens Order’s descendant, but she simply said that out of anger. In reality, she knew that even without that Heavens Order’s descendant, she still wouldn’t be able to expel him.


During her last meeting with Ying Fei and the others, she had heard a shocking piece of news. Yang Kai seemed to have gotten together with a Pureblood Dragon Girl. Furthermore, he had visited Dragon Island and come back alive.


Luan Feng had no idea what had happened on Dragon Island, but the fact that Yang Kai was even still alive meant that he couldn’t be taken lightly. After a snort, she swung her sleeve and uttered, “Whatever you say, this Queen will never grant your request.”


With a bitter expression, Yang Kai said, “Lady Feng, please don’t be so stingy. I just need three more Monster Kings. There are still 29 Monster Kings in the Ancient Lands. If you lend me three more, there’ll still be 26 of them. This is just a small favour, and it wouldn’t affect your rule over the Ancient Lands.”


Luan Feng was so angered she started laughing, “How do you have the nerve to say that you just want three more? We already lent you three previously! What do you regard Monster Kings as? The Ancient Wild Lands is vast, but we only have 32 Monster Kings in total, if you keep asking for more, we won’t have any left in the end! No, I’ll never lend you more of them!”


Yang Kai cupped his fists, “This is the last time I’ll borrow them from you, I swear. If I come here to make such a request again in the future, you can call me a liar or whatever you want.”


Luan Feng shot him a glare as she didn’t believe him before suddenly asking, “This Queen is curious about why you need three more Monster Kings. Aren’t Xi Lei and the others enough to help guard High Heaven Palace?”


After a sigh, Yang Kai explained, “They are enough to help protect High Heaven Palace; however, you already know what happened in Orthodoxy Temple. I happened to take over its lands in the Southern Territory after that incident and plan to make it into a Branch Sect of my palace. Therefore, I need more Monster Kings to assist me in ensuring its security. If this wasn’t the case, I wouldn’t have come over to bother you.”


A shocked Luan Feng asked, “You’ve taken over Orthodoxy Temple? How did those from Star Soul Palace even agree to it?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “It’s just a plot of land with no owner, why would they be unwilling to let me have it?”


After a nod, Luan Feng uttered, “Boy, you’re quite ambitious. You’re doing well in the Northern Territory, but now you’re even expanding your power to the Southern Territory.”


A helpless Yang Kai replied, “I’m left with no choice.” In this, he was telling the truth. If it weren’t because there were too many disciples in High Heaven Palace, he wouldn’t have tried to acquire Orthodoxy Temple.


Seeing that Luan Feng was showing some signs of compromise, he hurriedly went on to persuade her by saying, “That’s what happened. Lady Feng, please agree to my request. I only need three more Monster Kings.”


Luan Feng replied dispassionately, “This Queen has made herself clear, I will never agree to it. You’ve already asked so much from us, and each time we’ve agreed, don’t go overboard!”


Realising that she was determined, Yang Kai frowned, “Are you really not going to lend them to me?”


She uttered coldly, “Don’t make me repeat my words.”


After a nod, Yang Kai replied, “Since you’ve said so, I won’t force you.”


Luan Feng was suddenly at a loss for words, as she didn’t expect that he would back down so easily. Before she could even celebrate her victory though, Yang Kai asked, “By the way, who were the Monster Kings that had sworn allegiance to Divine Venerable Shi Huo in the past?”


“Why are you asking…” Before Luan Feng finished her words, she suddenly thought of something, and with that, she narrowed her eyes and clenched her teeth.


Yang Kai grinned at her as he summoned out his Embodiment, who played along with him and carried himself in a majestic manner. Yang Kai pointed at him and said to Luan Feng with a smile, “Although Shi Huo is dead, his inheritor is right here, and he intends to regain control of the northern part of the Ancient Wild Lands. Please help me inform Fan Wu and Cang Gou about it. Also, tell those Monster Kings and Monster Commanders who are originally from the North to return.”


The Embodiment grinned at Luan Feng at the right moment, and when she saw this, her expression darkened as she said through clenched teeth, “So, this was your plan.”


After a sigh, Yang Kai replied, “I’m left with no choice. Please forgive me.”


Luan Feng raised her blemish-free chin and said, “But so what? Do you think he can gain a footing here in the Ancient Lands just because he has refined Shi Huo’s Source? Yang Kai, don’t be so naive.” If she gave in to him now, those from the Ancient Lands wouldn’t have the courage or strength to ever oppose him again. That was because their persistence and defence had been repeatedly shattered by him.


Yang Kai said impassively, “This King is eternally grateful to the Ancient Lands and the three Divine Venerables for your help in the battle against Orthodoxy Temple, and I am willing to be on good terms with you all; however, if you insist on hindering me, then don’t blame me for being ungrateful. Everyone in this world strives to achieve greater heights. I’m curious to find out how the other 29 Monster Kings will react once they find out that you three are stopping them from reaching a brighter future.”


Luan Feng was incensed as the colour drained from her alluring face, “Do you have no conscience at all? How dare you threaten me!?”


Yang Kai went on to remind her, “Lady Feng, I only need three Monster Kings to help protect my Branch Sect in the Southern Territory. I don’t think that’s too much to ask for.”


Luan Feng was lost for words as she darted her gaze between Yang Kai and the Embodiment. Feeling bitter in her heart, she knew that she would be unable to stop him. Yang Kai had threatened her with this Shi Huo inheritor, who did have the right to occupy the northern part of the Ancient Wild Lands. Once that happened, if Yang Kai demanded that the eight Monster Kings return to the North, Luan Feng and the others were powerless to stop him. Moreover, to the Monster Kings, working under Yang Kai would mean a better future for them. If the Divine Venerables insisted on hindering them, they would be displeased, and it’d be disastrous for the Ancient Lands.


Seeing as her expression had flickered, Yang Kai knew that he had achieved his goal and said with a grin, “Lady Feng, there’s something I’m not sure if I should tell you.”


Luan Feng bellowed, “You’ve delighted in slighting this Queen all along! Is there anything in this world that you don’t dare to this Queen!?”


After a cough, Yang Kai replied, “It seems that you have some misunderstandings about this King. In any case, I’m sure you’ll come to recognize my sincerity as time goes by. Let’s stop talking about me and discuss Tian Long.”


Luan Feng’s expression turned cold in an instant as murderous intent exuded from her figure, “If you dare to do anything to her, this Queen will never let you off!”


She could give in to him on many issues, but her daughter was her reverse scale. The fact that Yang Kai even mentioned Tian Long was enough to enrage her.


Yang Kai threw his hands in the air and uttered, “Lady Feng, please don’t misunderstand. I don’t intend to do anything to Tian Long. No matter how despicable you think I am, I would never threaten a mere child. I just think that even though she was born by you, it’s not guaranteed that she’ll be able to inherit everything from you. Yes, she has a noble bloodline, but there are exceptions to everything in this world, right?”


Luan Feng said in a haughty manner, “She is this Queen’s daughter, so there’s no way she’ll turn out to be weak.”


After a nod, Yang Kai went on to say, “Good, but even if Tian Long was able to inherit everything from you, would that truly satisfy you? Don’t you want her to stand on your shoulders and achieve even greater heights?”



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  1. Smh, exactly what I said in the last arc.
    He didn’t use dragon transformation despite the dicey situation, even when he was alone with Lei gu and getting beat up.
    Because the writer doesn’t want the Divine spirits to know about his Dragon heritage as that would make them treat him differently

  2. He didn’t use it with lei gu because he couldn’t and was already injured all using it would do is expand his injuries in size and make him slower, it’s already mentioned that using his space force on large objects requires far more effort and power making his already depleted reserves run out even faster.

    I swear it like people don’t even bother to read the authors explanations on how each power works and their drawbacks.

    1. Lei gu made that injury. If he was in dragon form he could still take elder gao. And not become so injured. And could even easily kill lei gu. The fact he had trouble with lei gu is what’s insane. He could just use the bell and win easily.

  3. YK is shameless AF…
    I wouldn’t mind if he acknowledged it himself and behaved consistently as such, but no, the author just keeps portraying him as some delusional idiot with no self awareness….
    He even promised the LF a favor for helping with the demons and this is how he repays it….

    1. yeah the same people that almost killed him lol, he should treat them like kings and queens that they are, maybe even make their beds and wash their clothes.

  4. Fan Wu uttered solemnly, “Moreover, I don’t think we can easily kill him now.”
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  5. Why does he even need monster kings. Why is 3 not enough to protect both places? That’s the word thing. It’s already strong enough. He could also ask for monster generals. Those are emperor realm 1st and second order. I mean the sect defending array would stop any force long enough to get the 3 to the location being attacked. And only emperor realm sects are strong enough. And if those attack 3 more will not matter. Now asking for the daughter to accompany Liu Yan is a good goal.

    1. My exact thoughts! I guess he’s just being greedy and thinks he has the right for some more because of Shi Huo and the Embodiment, but that’s pretty egoistic.
      I mean, if you compare the amount of 3rd Order Emperors in every sect of the entire northern territory besides High Heaven Palace (and probably Wondrous Pill Great Emperor’s force, but even they might not have a 3rd Order Emperor since they focus on alchemy), then that would probably only be the three leaders of the other 3 top sects, of which 2 are close friends with Yang Kai. So the Monster Kings aren’t really needed in the north.
      And in the south they are needed even less, since he’s being seen as their saviour, so there should be no danger even without a Monster king. Especially since he is also an Elder of another top force there and one top force was just destroyed, so there would also only be the great emperor sect (where no amount of monster kings would help if the great emperor attacked them) and another sect with a 3rd Order Emperor there.

      And even if one site was attacked, then the monster kings could easily travel there because of the space arrays. And even if High Heaven Sect is being attacked on both sides by multiple top sects, 3 monster kings in total combined with Yang Kai, Liu Yan and the Embodiment should be more than enough even if the sect is in two territories.

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