Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3292, Establishing His Authority


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Chi Lian licked her scarlet lips as her eyes beamed with a radiant glow, “Sir, you do have an incredible memory. I never expected that you would recognise this Mistress as well.”


“Aha.. ha…” Yang Kai put on a hollow laugh and swept a glance over these three female Monster Kings.


They were all alluring women who were clad in revealing clothes. Their fair skin, plump peaks, and long legs were all greatly exposed, and the way they looked at Yang Kai suggested that they were eager to ‘eat’ him.


As a chill ran down his spine, Yang Kai turned to look at the smiling Luan Feng, who was clearly enjoying the good show, and asked, “Lady Feng, can I have a word with you?”


Luan Feng rolled her eyes as she went to the other side with him and questioned in an annoyed manner, “What’s the matter?”


A frustrated Yang Kai asked, “Lady Feng, are you all messing with me?”


Luan Feng put on a frivolous smile, “Whatever do you mean?”


Yang Kai stole a glance at the Monster Kings, “I ask you to lend me three Monster Kings, but… why did you send these particular three to me?”


Pretending to be clueless, Luan Feng asked, “Are you not satisfied with them? They’re considered quite powerful among the thirty-two Monster Kings. They might not be as powerful as Xi Lei in close combat, but you can ask Xi Lei to try battling against them and see who will turn out to be the winner.”


“I believe they’re strong, but this isn’t… appropriate.”


Luan Feng’s expression turned cold, “What do you mean? Even after this Queen took great pains to summon these three for you, now you don’t want them anymore? If that’s the case, you have to tell them about it yourself and see whether they’ll let you off.” 


In the meantime, she was elated in her heart. [This is the price you have to pay for oppressing us. Do you think I have no way to deal with you?]


“Please.” Yang Kai cupped his fists, “I know you’re a kind-hearted woman. Please replace them with the more… ordinary Monster Kings. The three of them are really too… Outstanding…” Even he found it hard to resist their charm and it was taking a good deal of his focus to ward off their seduction, so what else need be said about others? If Yang Kai really brought these three back with him, High Heaven Palace would descend into chaos. The male disciples would never be able to focus on cultivating.


Luan Feng shot him a glare, “This Queen found you three Monster Kings as you requested, but now you want to exchange them for others? Don’t you think your behaviour is too outrageous?”


After giving it a thought, Yang Kai muttered, “Perhaps… just a bit…”


“Scram back to your place if you don’t want them!” Luan Feng snorted and declared.


Yang Kai parted his lips, but he couldn’t bring himself to say anything in the end. As he looked at the three Monster Kings, who were staring hungrily at him, he heaved a sigh, “Nevermind. I’ll take them.”


Luan Feng scoffed, “You’re making it sound like you’ve been taken advantage of.”


She paused for a moment, “I’ve fulfilled your demand. Now, leave this place with them and don’t come back again unless it’s a truly urgent matter. After that Heavens Order’s descendant comes out of the Blood Gate, I’ll send someone to inform you.”


She seemed eager to chase him away, as she was truly incensed by his very presence. She could only feel at ease once he was gone.


Dawdling no further, Yang Kai clasped his fists together and uttered, “Please take care of my wife, then.” He didn’t look for Shan Qing Luo this time as he knew that she was going through intensive cultivation. Bothering her at this point wouldn’t do her any good.


“Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that no one harms her,” Luan Feng impatiently waved her hand.


After bidding her farewell, Yang Kai and the three Monster Kings flew towards the place where Stone Spirits lived. It was then he realised that it was truly unbearable to have these three beautiful women around him. These three Monster Kings were extremely forward, and every word they uttered and every move they made seemed to be specifically to seduce him. Hu Fei, who had the Nine-Tailed Heavenly Fox’s bloodline, was especially attractive as her every move or smile was able to enthral any man.


Du Mi’er and Chi Lian were not easy to deal with either. While one was tender and affectionate, the other was insidiously cold. Surrounded by these three different types of women, Yang Kai felt as if he was suffocating. If he wasn’t loyal to his wives, he would’ve looked for a place and bedded these three right away.


After they arrived at the place where the Stone Spirits lived, a group of Stone Spirits gazed at the three women with widened eyes and then took a look at Yang Kai. Following that, they gave him a look that only men would understand.


Their actions made Yang Kai feel embarrassed, as this wasn’t the outcome he had expected. The reason he came to the Ancient Wild Lands this time was to borrow three Monster Kings to keep watch over Orthodoxy Temple; however, it had never crossed his mind that he would bring three enchantresses with him.


After giving it a thought, he realised that Luan Feng was up to no good. She must have intended to make these enchantresses devour him and then threaten him to get him to do whatever she told him to do.


He remained embarrassed when he returned to Orthodoxy Temple and, under the stunned gaze of Hua Qing Si, he introduced the Monster Kings to her and told her to help them settle in.


Before he left, he turned solemn and swept a glance over these three alluring women as he uttered, “After I’m gone, you have to listen to Manager Hua. The Human world is unlike the Ancient Wild Lands, and you won’t be able to be so carefree anymore. Since you’ve come to my territory, you’ll have to follow the rules. If you make any mistake, you will not be spared from punishment.”


Hu Fei smiled tenderly at him, “Sir, what are you talking about? We’re all very obedient.” 


As she spoke, she exuded a faint charming intent. Any other man would immediately be enchanted by her and wouldn’t be able to say any harsh words to her.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai had his guard up all along, as he had the intention to establish his authority here. As the golden pupil in his left eye started glowing, his Spiritual Energy surged towards Hu Fei and erased all her charming intent.


The expression on Hu Fei’s fair face changed drastically and after a grunt, her face became pale. Du Mi’er and Chi Lian quickly looked away as well as their watery eyes showed a sense of surprise.


At the same time, Yang Kai silently activated his Golden Divine Dragon Source Strength and engulfed the three of them in his Dragon Pressure. Following that, he extended his hand to touch Hu Fei’s delicate face.


Hu Fei widened her eyes in an instant as the sight before her eyes was inconceivable. Yang Kai was standing in front of her, but it was as if she was seeing a giant Dragon extending its Dragon Claw towards her, seemingly preparing to shred her to pieces. Faced with the claw, all her defence seemed as fragile as paper.


She couldn’t help trembling as the colour drained from her face.


Feeling the change in Yang Kai’s aura, Du Mi’er and Chi Lian appeared fearful as if they were facing a formidable enemy.


It seemed to be just a short moment, but also seemed to last forever before the three enchantresses felt that terrifying aura disappear. With a grin, Yang Kai pinched Hu Fei’s cheek, enjoying the soft feel of her skin as he said light-heartedly, “Be good girls now and help me protect this place. Do a good job and I’ll definitely reward you handsomely.”


The stunned enchantresses obediently nodded.


Yang Kai sniffed his own fingers then winked at Hu Fei before he laughed heartily and turned to leave.


After he was gone, Hu Fei and the others were finally able to heave a sigh of relief. Gazing around, they could see the shock in each other’s eyes. Earlier, they had followed Yang Kai all the way to this place and realised that he was quite mild-mannered, which was why they had become a little presumptuous; however, it wasn’t until what happened just now that they realised that Yang Kai was truly a horrifying monster. If they infuriated him, he would probably not go easy on them. The pressure just now was able to make them suffocate, a sensation they had never experienced even from the Divine Venerables.


After calmly watching everything that had happened, Hua Qing Si chose this moment to speak up, “This Mistress is Head Manager of High Heaven Palace Hua Qing Si. May I ask for your names?”


Hu Fei and the others snapped back to their senses upon hearing that with Du Mi’er answering first. They didn’t take Hua Qing Si lightly just because the latter was weaker than they were and instead appeared quite submissive.


Hua Qing Si memorised their names as she understood the reason they appeared so meek was that Yang Kai had managed to instil a sense of fear in them. Otherwise, it would be a pain in the backside for her to deal with these Monster Kings. 


The only people in High Heaven Palace that could rival them were Ying Fei, Xi Lei, and Xie Wu Wei. However, those three were Monster Kings from the Ancient Wild Lands as well, so they were all definitely familiar with one another. Hence, there was no way Hua Qing Si could make use of Ying Fei and the others to intimidate these three female Monster Kings.


Now that Yang Kai had disciplined them though, it would be much easier for Hua Qing Si to manage them. She had even decided that if they wouldn’t listen to her commands, she would tell Liu Yan to deal with them.


Liu Yan was second only to Yang Kai in High Heaven Palace. Even the Monster Kings were no match for her.


Now that they were joined by three more Monster Kings, they had enough people to protect their foundation. After Nanmen Da Jun was done with arranging the new Sect Defending Array, they could start relocating disciples to this place.


On the other hand, after Yang Kai left Orthodoxy Temple, he actually returned to the Ancient Wild Lands.


Upon leaving the place where the Stone Spirit Clan lived, he went to the location where Blood Gate had appeared in the past. This place was familiar to him, as he had a life-or-death battle against Shi Huo here, one where he was almost beaten to death. It was only thanks to the awakening of Zhang Ruo Xi’s bloodline and the fact that she had taken away Shi Huo’s Divine Spirit Source that the crisis was averted.


Following that, Zhang Ruo Xi and Xiao Xiao entered the Blood Gate, which disappeared afterwards. There had not been any news about them since then.


Some Monster Commanders had been stationed around the Blood Gate year-round. Yang Kai was interrogated when he arrived at this place, but after he told them his name, they all became obsequious.


He then went on to probe the area for a long time, but he couldn’t sense the Blood Gate’s aura whatsoever. Left with no choice, he could only put the matter aside for now.


The Blood Gate was connected to a Sealed World that was created by Heavens Order in the past. There was the Heavens Order Palace inside it where many Ancient Divine Spirit Sources were stored. Divine Spirits were rare these days, but they were much more common during ancient times. These Divine Spirits were born powerful, so they also tended to be reckless and brought chaos to the world.


According to ancient records, Heavens Order was born all of a sudden, after which she waged a great war. With the Heavens Order Sword in her hand, she slew countless Divine Spirits, including Dragons and Phoenixes. She was born from nature by coincidence, and it seemed that she was the archnemesis of all Divine Spirits.


During the era when Heavens Order lived, no Divine Spirit dared show its face, which allowed Humans to peacefully develop their civilization.


On the other hand, the Divine Spirits that were killed by Heavens Order had their Sources extracted and sealed within Heavens Order Palace, which was why the number of Divine Spirits had dwindled. These days, it was pretty rare to find any of them. Although many members of the Monster Race had inherited their ancestors’ ancient bloodlines, they couldn’t awaken their ancestors’ glories without their ancestors’ Sources.



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