Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3294, You are?


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


There were two islands on the East Sea, Dragon Island and Spirit Beast Island. Both islands were elusive, so without a rare opportunity, the average person would never be able to see them no matter how hard he tried to look for them.


Most thought that these places where incredibly powerful cultivators lived were indeed two islands; however, Yang Kai knew that Dragon Island was actually a Small World, and the entrance was beneath a particular area of the sea. Previously, if Yang Kai didn’t have Li Jiao as a guide, he wouldn’t have been able to reach the island at all.


This trip to Dragon Island was dangerous, as Yang Kai didn’t know how he would be treated when he returned. Perhaps he’d be regarded as an enemy; therefore, he had to pay a visit to Spirit Beast Island first.


What rendered him speechless was that after he visited some towns and asked around, he realised that no one knew where Spirit Beast Island was.


Then, he headed east and reached the seaside, but he still couldn’t get any useful information.


In a certain magnificent city that was built along the incredibly long coastline, many cultivators were seen walking to and fro.


Inside a restaurant, Yang Kai took a seat by the window on the third floor as he drank some wine on his own. Frustrated, he wondered where he could get Spirit Beast Island’s location from.


Just then, he caught a whiff of a woman’s fragrance as she took a seat across from him.


Yang Kai frowned and raised his head, only to see a woman with a smiling face that was as beautiful as a flower. Her fair skin made her look even more alluring and her tight-fitting blue clothes perfectly outlined her slim and delicate figure.


When their eyes met, Yang Kai’s gaze brightened up as he flashed a smile at her, “You are…”


“Brother Yang, it’s taken me some effort to look for you.” The woman across the table smiled at him.


“Sister Lan He!” Yang Kai finally recalled her name and felt elated as he had come across a familiar face in a foreign place, asking heartily, “Why are you here?”


Upon finishing his words, he smacked his head in frustration, “Oh! I’d forgotten that you’re from the Eastern Territory.”


Yang Kai would have forgotten Lan He if she hadn’t appeared all of a sudden. He didn’t have many friends in the Eastern Territory, as he had mostly stayed in Northern Territory and Southern Territory in recent years. Nevertheless, he had come into contact with some rising stars from other territories in the Shattered Star Sea.


Naturally, he had come across Lan He in the Shattered Star Sea as well. She was from Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Eastern Territory. In the past, Yang Kai had lent her a hand in the Shattered Star Sea. Later, both of them had fallen into a Void Crack at the same time, and it was Yang Kai who helped her escape. Otherwise, given her cultivation at that time, she would’ve become lost in the Void Crack forever. After that, Yang Kai had asked her to help look after a certain woman.


That woman was Ling Yin Qin, who left the Solitary Void Sealed World together with Yang Kai.


The Solitary Void Sealed World was where Bing Yun had been trapped for thousands of years. 


Ling Yin Qin and a man came across each other there and fell in love in the Solitary Void Sealed World. Unfortunately, her husband passed away in an accident. Before being trapped in the Sealed World, Ling Yin Qin’s husband had belonged to Heavenly Wolf Valley, which was the same Sect Lan He hailed from. After Ling Yin Qin escaped the Solitary Void Sealed World, she didn’t join Yang Kai and Bing Yun and instead opted to travel to Heavenly Wolf Valley in order to return her husband’s ashes to his birthplace.


Many years had passed since that time, so Yang Kai didn’t remember all the details; however, he remembered that Ling Yin Qin was a hospitable person. After Yang Kai and Liu Xian Yun fell into the Solitary Void Sea, Ling Yin Qin was the first person they bumped into. In addition to shelter and passage aboard her ship, Ling Yin Qin had even loaned Yang Kai a High Grade Spirit Purifying Array, a precious memento of her husband, to use when he was in need.


After leaving the Solitary Void Sealed World, Yang Kai didn’t meet Ling Yin Qin again; after all, they were quite far away from each other. However, after meeting Lan He from Heavenly Wolf Valley in the Shattered Star Sea, Yang Kai asked her to look after Ling Yin Qin. Of course, Yang Kai didn’t even know if Ling Yin Qin had made it to Heavenly Wolf Valley at the time, so it really was just in case.


Yang Kai had never expected that he would have the chance to bump into Lan He again, so now that he had, with a faint smile, he uttered, “What a coincidence. Sister Lan, we haven’t met for ages.”


Nonetheless, Lan He shook her head, “I’m specifically here to look for you.”


“Really?” Yang Kai arched his eyebrows in surprise, “How did you know I was in the Eastern Territory?”


Lan He replied, “I’ve heard some news about you. Some people mentioned your name and said that you are looking for the route to Spirit Beast Island, so I knew that you would be somewhere close to the sea, which is why I came to this place to wait for you. It seems that I guessed right and you really did wind up here.”


Yang Kai blinked, “You heard news about me, and my name was mentioned specifically? That’s quite interesting. Sister Lan, where did you hear it from?” What Lan He had said contained some information that Yang Kai was concerned about, as he didn’t expect that some people were discreetly inquiring about him after he arrived in the Eastern Territory.


Lan He shot him a glare, “Are you just pretending to be clueless or are you really that ignorant?”


Yang Kai replied with a smile, “If I knew, I wouldn’t have asked.”


Lan He sized him up for a moment before sighing, “Good. Do you know that you’re in a perilous situation right now?”


A shocked Yang Kai asked, “What do you mean I’m in a perilous situation?”


After another sigh, Lan He explained, “I didn’t know you were this clueless. Let’s put it this way. Do you remember Brahma Holy Land?” Seeing that he appeared puzzled, Lan He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “You killed two of their Holy Sons in the Shattered Star Sea, how could you even forget about it? One of them was called Zhang Hao, and the other was Zhang Xian. Both of them were fellow brothers as well as rising stars of Brahma Holy Land.”


Yang Kai touched his chin, “Hmm, now that you’ve mentioned it, it does ring a bell.”


The corner of Lan He’s mouth twitched. [He can’t even remember who he killed! If Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian found out about this in Hell, they’d probably blow die all over again from anger.]


Yang Kai grinned at her, “I killed too many people in the Shattered Star Sea, so why would I remember these two specifically?” He was speaking the truth, as he had murdered countless rising stars in the Shattered Star Sea, each one of them possessing powerful backgrounds. Yang Kai naturally didn’t bother to remember all their names.


After giving it a thought, he uttered, “Sister Lan, you mean that those from Brahma Holy Land are searching for me?”


With a straight face, Lan He replied, “It’s not just Brahma Holy Land. Let me ask you, what kind of grudge do you have with Netherworld Sect? They’ve made a move as well.”


[Netherworld Sect? Tsk them again!] Yang Kai felt sick at the mere mention of that Sect. There were too many grudges between Netherworld Sect and him. Many years ago, Yin Le Sheng ambushed Chi Yue and him in the Starlight Corridor, and after that, he would find fault with Yang Kai whenever possible. When they met in the Shattered Star Sea, in order to find Xiao Xiao’s whereabouts, Yang Kai made a deal with Yin Le Sheng and spared his life. After getting information from Yin Le Sheng, Yang Kai went to the Ancient Wild Lands to look for Xiao Xiao. Following that, Yin Le Sheng appeared and joined forces with a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master from Netherworld Sect to ambush Yang Kai outside the Ancient Lands Passageway. 


Serene Soul Great Emperor’s Daughter, Yao Lin, was there as well. Despite that, Yang Kai was still able to escape with his life and had even killed Yin Le Sheng.


Yin Le Sheng was the former Sect Master of Netherworld Sect in Grand Desolation Star Field, and thanks to his own hard work, he had achieved a breakthrough and entered the Star Boundary, after which he joined Netherworld Sect’s main Sect in the Star Boundary. Sect Master Fu Bo had high hopes for Yin Le Sheng and even took him in as his Disciple. However, Yang Kai had killed Yin Le Sheng and a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master Elder of their Sect, which was why a blood feud had been formed between them.


Furthermore, Yang Kai had destroyed Netherworld Sect in Grand Desolation Star Field, so the feud was basically unresolvable now, only the destruction of one side or the other would end things now.


Lan He put on a helpless smile, “Brother Yang, you’re really something. Of the three top Sects in the Eastern Territory, you’ve offended two of them.”


Anyone else who had offended such great forces would never dare to show up in the Eastern Territory again. Fortunately, Yang Kai wasn’t from the Eastern Territory, so even though those from Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect wanted to kill him, they couldn’t get the chance to do so. Now that Yang Kai had shown up in the Eastern Territory, however, they wouldn’t be able to hold back anymore. If they let this chance slip through their fingers, it would be hard to look for Yang Kai again in the future.


Therefore, after getting the news, the two great forces immediately went all out as they intended to kill Yang Kai in order to protect their reputation.


Yang Kai grinned, “If they don’t provoke me, I won’t provoke them. By the way, what’s the last top Sect in the Eastern Territory? Is it your Heavenly Wolf Valley?”


Lan He shook her head, “We only have two Second-Order Emperor Realm Masters, so we can’t be considered one of the top Sects. The last one is Ahan Temple.” Upon finishing her words, she suddenly looked at him in shock, “Please don’t tell me that you’ve also offended Ahan Temple. I’ve heard that Chi Gui is looking for you as well.”


Yang Kai gazed at her and said, “Do I look like I love to stir up trouble? Also, who is Chi Gui? Is he some kind of ghost?”


Lan He burst into laughter, “He’s not a ghost, but a rising star in Ahan Temple. He reached the Emperor Realm in the Shattered Star Sea, so you should have met him before. He’s a hot-tempered guy with long red hair.”


After pondering on it for a moment, Yang Kai seemed to recall that he had met such a person before. It was difficult to forget such flaming red hair after all. However, he soon shook his head, “There are no grudges between us.”


Lan He went on to say, “Then, maybe he just wants to have a fight with you. He’s a battle addict. In the past, he’d frequently look for Yin Le Sheng, Zhang Hao, and Zhang Xian to battle against. Now that all three of them were killed by you, Chi Gui has no more opponents in the Eastern Territory. Perhaps he wants to prove something by defeating you.”


Yang Kai snorted, “He’s targeted the wrong guy, then.”


Lan He uttered, “It’s not the right time for a small talk. Brother Yang, we shouldn’t stay here for too long. Two top Sects from the Eastern Territory have joined forces to search for you. Fortunately, you’re pretty fast and you’ve never stayed in one location for too long; however, the news that you’re here will quickly spread. If you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to do so after they arrive.”


Yang Kai sighed, “I just want to live a peaceful life, but these people just keep bothering me.”


Lan He was exasperated as she said forcefully, “This is an urgent matter. You need to leave with me now!”


Yang Kai questioned, “Huh? Where are we going?”


Lan He replied matter-of-factly, “Of course to Heavenly Wolf Valley. Where else can we go? I’ll bring you back to avoid them.”


Yang Kai was startled for a moment before he said with a smile, “Sister Lan, many thanks for your good intentions, but I won’t leave with you. Heavenly Wolf Valley is located in the Eastern Territory, so I don’t want your Sect to fall into trouble because of me.” 


There was no way Heavenly Wolf Valley was able to go against two top Sects of the Eastern Territory.


After he finished speaking though, he frowned and shot a look at a certain woman who had just come up to the third floor. The woman quickly looked away and took a seat at another table.


Silavin: Original Title – Lan He From Heavenly Wolf Valley

Chi Gui – The character used for Gui is ghost.


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