Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3295, Found the Way to Enter Spirit Beast Island


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Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “Sister Lan, how is your reputation in the Eastern Territory?”


Lan He questioned, “What do you mean?”


“Do you have many friends?”


With an elegant smile, Lan He replied, “En, I do have some friends.” She was a reputable person in the Eastern Territory. Although she wasn’t as famous as Chi Gui, she was one of the rising stars of this territory; otherwise, she wouldn’t have qualified for a chance to enter the Shattered Star Sea.


Furthermore, after Yin Le Sheng from Netherworld Sect and the two Holy Sons from Brahma Holy Land were killed by Yang Kai, Lan He had garnered even more attention. Now that she was a First-Order Emperor, naturally, many knew who she was.


“This will be troublesome then,” The corner of Yang Kai’s mouth twitched.


“What do you mean?” Lan He was puzzled.


Shaking his head, Yang Kai replied, “Nothing.” 


He wasn’t afraid of Netherworld Sect or Brahma Holy Land. He could ignore them if they didn’t come at him; however, if they dared to find fault with him, he would make it known to them that they had offended someone they couldn’t afford to provoke. However, now that Lan He had come all the way here to give him a warning in public, some people might see them together and inform his enemies about it.


Certainly, he could just leave, but Lan He’s actions had invited trouble to Heavenly Wolf Valley. If his enemies couldn’t find him, they might go over to Heavenly Wolf Valley to ‘ask’ about him, and Lan He would fall into trouble.


Naturally, Yang Kai couldn’t let her face such dreadful consequences as she was well-meaning. He couldn’t bring himself to tell her that she had made a mistake even though her intentions were good; therefore, he could only try to come up with a solution to make sure that Heavenly Wolf Valley could stay out of this mess.


While he was deep in thought, Lan He uttered, “Brother Yang, you have been inquiring about Spirit Beast Island, yes? Do you want to go there?”


Yang Kai’s gaze brightened up when he heard that, “Sister Lan, do you know how to get there?”


Lan He flashed a smile at him, “The location of Spirit Beast Island is top secret, so I’m not sure about it either; however, our Valley Master should know where it is.”


“Is there any connection between Heavenly Wolf Valley and Spirit Beast Island?”


Lan He explained, “Our inheritance is related to the Divine Spirit Howling Moon Heavenly Wolf. Many years ago, our Ancestral Founders found and raised a Howling Moon Heavenly Wolf’s descendant. Unfortunately, its blood wasn’t that pure, so it couldn’t showcase its ancestor’s glory. Somehow, those from Spirit Beast Island found out about it and sent a Beast Seeker to obtain that descendant from us. In exchange, that person gave us a Faith Token and told us that if there was ever a crisis we couldn’t resolve, we could take this token to Spirit Beast Island on the East Sea to seek help.”


“A Faith Token…” Yang Kai was elated upon hearing this, as he had finally found a way to enter Spirit Beast Island after a long time of searching. Just when he was clueless about how to head to the island, he unexpectedly got the information from Lan He.


The Beast Seeker she had just mentioned must be someone like Old Tao that he had come across in Full Sky Sect previously. Their job was to look for precious Monster Beasts around the world and bring them back to Spirit Beast Island to be nurtured.


Although it wasn’t a pureblood Howling Moon Heavenly Wolf that Heavenly Wolf Valley found, it was good enough for Spirit Beast Island to take it in. Those from Heavenly Wolf Valley were unable to nurture it, but that didn’t mean that those from Spirit Beast Island couldn’t.


Nevertheless, they didn’t take the Monster Beast for free. The Beast Seeker had left behind a Faith Token as compensation. To Heavenly Wolf Valley, this token was probably the greatest piece of their heritage. With this token in their hands, even the three top Sects of the Eastern Territory wouldn’t dare to harass them openly. That was because if Spirit Beast Island became involved, both Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect would be in trouble.


Lan He put on a smile, “Brother Yang, do you understand why I’ve invited you to Heavenly Wolf Valley to take shelter now? I know you’re worried that I might bring trouble to my Sect, but everyone in the Eastern Territory knows that we have a connection with Spirit Beast Island. Even if they find out that you’ve gone to Heavenly Wolf Valley, there’s nothing they can do about it.”


Yang Kai nodded, “It seems I was indeed overly worried. Since that’s the case, this Yang will thank you for your help in advance.”


Lan He shot him a glare, “Brother Yang, do you not see me as a friend? If it weren’t for you, I would have lost my life in Shattered Star Sea and couldn’t have achieved the success I have today. I’ll always remember those who have helped me, not to mention that you’ve actually saved my life.”


With a solemn expression, Yang Kai replied, “Sister Lan, I’ll not forget this favour.”


Honestly, it was the least Yang Kai could do at that time as it was mainly because of him that Lan He had fallen into the Void Crack, and it didn’t take him much effort to get her out. However, even after so many years, she still came all the way here to give him shelter and took the risk of inviting trouble to her own Sect to repay him. This was indeed a big favour.


However, to Lan He, Yang Kai had undoubtedly saved her life, so both of them had done each other a favour. 


Hesitating no more, Yang Kai dropped some Source Crystals on the table and left the restaurant with Lan He.


After that, the woman, who was seated at a table near them, secretly fished out a communication artifact and infused her Divine Sense into it before talking to someone.


On the other hand, Yang Kai and Lan He were walking towards the exit of the city together.


Lan He suddenly frowned, “Brother Yang, your whereabouts have been exposed. Some people are following us now.”


With a faint smile, Yang Kai replied, “That’ll depend on whether they’re able to keep pace with us.”


Upon leaving the city, Yang Kai apologised to Lan He before suddenly grabbing her arm. Feeling his touch, Lan He shuddered slightly as her face blushed.


The next moment, however, her vision turned blurred as the world seemed to spin around her. When her vision became clear again, she realised that they were already at a different place. However, Yang Kai wasn’t done just yet. After repeating the same process a dozen times, Yang Kai let go of her arm and said with a smile, “Sister Lan, please lead the way from here.”


Lan He was still stunned as she turned around and realised that the city was nowhere to be seen. Then, she recalled that Yang Kai was a Master of the Dao of Space and a horrifying idea sprang into her mind.


[That was a Space Divine Ability, instantaneous movement!]


Because of Li Wu Yi, everyone in the Eastern Territory knew a thing or two about Masters of the Dao of Space. They were aware that Li Wu Yi was able to ignore the barriers of space and move from one place to another in an instant. This amazing Space Divine Ability was known commonly as instantaneous movement.


Nevertheless, most people had only heard about it but never seen it with their eyes, let alone actually experienced it.


However, at this moment, Lan He had experienced how it felt to teleport freely across space. Earlier, she seemed to be passing through the Void while she was in a dazed state. The experience was amazing yet terrifying.


With such a Divine Ability, no one in this world would be able to capture Yang Kai. It was no wonder that he had the guts to venture into the Eastern Territory alone and still appear calm. A shocked Lan He asked, “Brother Yang, are you already a Second-Order Emperor?”


She couldn’t figure out Yang Kai’s realm earlier because he wasn’t using any of his strength, but after he circulated his Emperor Qi, she immediately realised the realm he was in.


Yang Kai nodded, “It has only been a short time since I broke through.”


Lan He remained stunned for some time before uttering, “Brother Yang, you’re indeed a genius.”


Both of them were in the Third-Order Dao Source Realm when they came across each other in the Shattered Star Sea; however, what Yang Kai just showed her had truly amazed her. After she found out that Yang Kai had reached the Emperor Realm in the Shattered Star Sea, she knew that the sky was the limit for him.


Nevertheless, she had never expected that he’d achieve another breakthrough so soon.


Now, she was in the First-Order Emperor Realm, mainly thanks to the benefits she obtained from her trip to the Shattered Star Sea. Nonetheless, she wasn’t that confident of breaking through to the Second Order any time soon.


Each Minor Realm in the Emperor Realm was extremely difficult to climb. Countless rising stars had gotten stuck in the same Realm for years once they reached this point, and that was why there were so few top forces in this world.


A Sect could be considered a top force with just one Third-Order Emperor Realm Master assuming command. Nevertheless, the strongest person in Heavenly Wolf Valley was only a Second-Order Emperor.


Suppressing her shock, Lan He pulled herself together and identified the direction. Following that, she beckoned to Yang Kai and headed in the direction of Heavenly Wolf Valley.



In the seaside city, the hall where the city’s Space Array was located was bustling with people.


Many powerful Masters suddenly arrived at this place from all over, stunning the cultivators who guarded the array. They wondered whether there was some kind of special occasion today; after all, there were so many top cultivators gathered together.


Soon, the hall was filled with about thirty Emperor Realm Masters. It was apparent that these people came from different Sects. One group of them appeared grim as if they crawled up from the depths of Hell, giving off a discomforting feeling. The other group of people appeared more normal, but they all exuded a thick murderous intent. At that instant, the atmosphere in the hall was depressing.


“They’re from Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land!” The guards gathered together as someone was able to recognise these people.


“Why are all of them here? Is there some kind of treasure that’s going to be born close by?” If that wasn’t the case, why would so many top cultivators gather together in this place? These were all Emperor Realm Masters who wouldn’t show up easily in public.


“I don’t think there’s any treasure here. It seems more like they’re here to kill someone.”


“Huh? Why does it take so many Emperor Realm Masters to kill someone? Who has the guts to have offended these people?”


“How would I know? Have you informed Sir City Lord about it?”


“Yes, he’s coming right now.”


The City Lord of this city was just a First-Order Emperor Realm Master, so with so many top Masters from two top Sects appearing suddenly, he certainly had to come over to look into the matter.


The news rapidly spread across the city, and soon, a short, fat old man, whose forehead was drenched in cold sweat, stepped into the hall. Upon sweeping a glance over the group before him, his legs turned to jelly as he almost passed out.


He didn’t believe it at first when he received the news; after all, there was nothing precious in the city that could attract the Emperor Realm Masters from Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land to come here together. Now, he realised that there were indeed more than thirty Emperor Realm Masters in this place, and the auras of the two leading this group were so thick that he didn’t even dare to look them in the eyes.


He had some speculations about who these two people were. One of them must be the Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, Fu Bo, while the other should be the Holy Master of Brahma Holy Land, Xu Chang Feng.


Both of them were famous figures in the Eastern Territory, and it was surprising that they had appeared together in the same place.


The obese City Lord felt that more cold sweat was oozing out of his forehead just standing there. He knew that if he couldn’t handle this matter well, it would mean the end of his career as City Lord. Not daring to be disrespectful, he immediately went over to salute them.


Unexpectedly, both Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng didn’t seem interested in replying to this fat man as they were currently asking a woman some questions.


A moment later, Fu Bo bellowed, “Waste!”


The woman hurriedly fell to her knees with a loud thud and said fearfully, “Mercy, please!”



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