Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3301, I Can Wait


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“I see…” Qi Hai staggered as his face seemed to have aged in an instant. However, he cursed Yang Kai in his heart. [The Phoenix True Fire is a Supreme Treasure. Since he had obtained it, why would he not bring it with him? Everything he said so far is obviously just an excuse! Since he wasn’t willing to help at that time, why not just say it straight to my face now!? Why spout such utter nonsense!?]


Yang Kai frowned, “Moreover, since your wife was the one stricken with poison, shouldn’t you be the one doing anything possible to detoxify her instead of pinning your hopes on me.”


Qi Hai replied in a sorrowful manner, “I have no other way as she can only be saved with the Phoenix True Fire. That’s why as soon as this Qi heard that Brother Yang had arrived in the Eastern Territory again, I immediately rushed over. However, you were too swift, so I hadn’t been able to catch up to you. Fortunately, this Qi heard that Brother Yang arrived at Heavenly Wolf Valley, which is why I’ve come all the way here to try my luck.” He paused for a moment, “This Qi heard that Brother Yang is looking for a way to head to Spirit Beast Island, yes?”


Yang Kai put on an insincere smile, “You’re indeed quite well informed when it comes to my matters.”


Certainly, Qi Hai could sense the mockery in his words, but he pretended to be clueless and straightened his face, “Since that’s the case, this Qi might be able to help you.”


Yang Kai examined him, “Are you saying that you know how to get to Spirit Beast Island?”


A smiling Qi Hai replied, “This Qi is not completely certain, but I know where you can find a Beast Seeker. Beast Seekers are all from Spirit Beast Island, so as long as we can find one, they will be able to lead you to the island.”


Yang Kai’s expression changed, “Where is that person?”


Qi Hai put on a proud smile, “The job of a Beast Seeker is to search for precious Monster Beasts around the world for Senior Martial Beast. Brother Yang, where do you think the Eastern Territory has the largest number of rare Monster Beasts?”


Without the need to ponder over it, Yang Kai could immediately think of a place, “The Ancient Wild Lands!”


Qi Hai clasped his hands together, “Indeed. There are many exquisite Monster Beasts living in the Ancient Wild Lands, and many of them have the remnant bloodlines of Ancient Divine Spirits, so there’s no way a Beast Seeker will miss that place. Qi Family Fort is located along the outskirts of the Ancient Wild Lands, and we have unique environmental advantages. This Qi will be honest with you, there is currently a Beast Seeker residing in my Fort.”


“How coincidental.” Yang Kai shot him a glance and said dispassionately, “Do you want me to follow you back to your Fort to meet that Beast Seeker and save your wife as well?”


Qi Hai cupped his fists, “This Qi will be eternally grateful to Brother Yang if you can save her.”


Yang Kai nodded and pretended to be nonchalant as he uttered, “Before that, I need to ask you some questions.”


Qi Hai replied seriously, “If Brother Yang has any questions, feel free to ask.”


Yang Kai went on to say, “Are you aware that Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land are searching for me?”


“I was about to inform Brother Yang of this.” Qi Hai’s expression appeared guilty, “This Qi has been chasing after you all this time and also ordered some of my men in the Eastern Territory to look for you. Perhaps our actions alerted others, so the news that you’re in the Eastern Territory has spread. After the two top Sects found out about it, they decided to hunt you down. I’m so sorry, Brother Yang.”


“Is that so?” Yang Kai appeared impassive, so it wasn’t certain whether he believed what Qi Hai had said. With a smile, he said, “I’ll be honest with you as well. The reason I came to Heavenly Wolf Valley was to find out the way to enter Spirit Beast Island; however, Valley Master Tang seems wary of Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land, so he refused my request. If you bring me back to Qi Family Fort, aren’t you worried that the two top Sects will find fault with you?”


Qi Hai replied steadfastly, “As long as this Qi’s wife can be saved, I’m willing to make any sacrifices.”


Yang Kai nodded, “This Yang admires your deep love for your wife. But since that’s the case, there’s one thing I don’t understand.”


Qi Hai was startled, “What is it that Brother Yang doesn’t understand?”


Yang Kai grinned and looked at his surroundings, “Since you have a favour to ask of me, why have you joined forces with Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land? You’ve blocked my path and attempted to distract me in order to make it easy for them to set up their trap, no? Aren’t you afraid that you’ll offend me? If I feel offended, I certainly won’t choose to save your wife.”


Qi Hai’s expression twitched slightly but he quickly composed himself and asked, “Brother Yang, what do you mean by that?”


Ignoring him, Yang Kai shouted, “Since you’ve come, why bother hiding like cowards? Show yourselves!”


“Hahaha!” A guffaw was suddenly heard, “I told you that your little plot would not be able to fool him, but you didn’t believe me. Look who is the embarrassed one now!”


After he finished speaking, the surrounding space in a certain direction trembled slightly as an exotic-looking young man with red hair and eyes suddenly appeared. He seemed to have been hiding there for a long time as he had covered himself up with a Secret Technique. His concealment could be said to be impeccable.


Yang Kai turned to look at him and arched his brows, “Chi Gui!”


He wasn’t that familiar with this man, as he had only met him once in the Shattered Star Sea; however, he could still identify him at first glance. This young man was none other than Chi Gui of Ahan Temple, the one Lan He had mentioned earlier. It was difficult not to recognise him because his appearance was so unique.


Chi Gui grinned fiercely, like a starving ghost who had just seen a delicious meal, “You are Yang Kai from the Southern Territory, right?” 


As he spoke, a glint flashed across his red eyes. Like a hunter who saw his prey, he appeared tempted as he rolled up his sleeves and was ready to make a move.


“Little brat, if you keep spouting nonsense, I’ll tear your mouth off!” As a cold voice was heard, a gloomy-looking old man suddenly appeared beside Chi Gui.


The old man was none other than the Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, Fu Bo. He was a Senior to Chi Gui, so although Chi Gui was also an Emperor Realm Master, he was still just a rising star. Hence, Fu Bo had the right to lecture him.


Upon hearing that, Chi Gui pursed his lips, but he wouldn’t dare to be presumptuous here. His Master wasn’t around, so if he offended Fu Bo, he would be in trouble.


“Sect Master Fu…” Yang Kai looked at Fu Bo and smiled.


In fact, it wasn’t the first time these two had met. In the past, Yang Kai had visited Netherworld Sect once; however, at that time, Luan Feng was with him. With Luan Feng around, despite knowing that it was Yang Kai who had killed Yin Le Sheng, Fu Bo didn’t dare to be presumptuous and choked down his fury. After all, Yang Kai was with a Divine Spirit from the Ancient Wild Lands at that time, so he wouldn’t dare to make a move.


This time, if he hadn’t received some information and instructions, he wouldn’t have tried to hunt Yang Kai down either. The information and instructions that he received allowed Fu Bo to act without any worries. He wanted to settle the score with Yang Kai no matter what now.


“Boy, your courage isn’t small! How dare you show yourself in the Eastern Territory?” Fu Bo snorted as he stared at Yang Kai with a fiery gaze. Just then, more and more powerful figures appeared around him, all of them eerie-looking Emperor Realm Masters.


An unfazed Yang Kai mocked, “The world is vast, and this Yang can go wherever he pleases. Why wouldn’t I dare to come to the Eastern Territory?”


Fu Bo sneered, “For your sake, you’d best hope your strength is as overbearing as your tongue.”


Yang Kai smiled, “Sect Master Fu, you’ve led all the top cultivators of your Sect to come all the way here just to deal with me. Aren’t you afraid that Lady Feng will be upset with you in the future when she learns of this?”


Fu Bo’s expression changed when he heard that. Certainly, he knew that the ‘Lady Feng’ Yang Kai was talking about was Luan Feng, but that didn’t really bother him. After a snort, he uttered, “Divine Spirits and members of the Monster Race from the Ancient Wild Lands are not supposed to interfere in Human affairs. If they dare to come at me, I’ll make sure that they won’t be able to go back to their Ancient Lands alive!”


Yang Kai stroked his own chin, “It seems you have someone supporting you. Since your Sect members are here, I’m sure that those from Brahma Holy Land have arrived as well.”


He turned his head to the other side, only to see that more than ten figures had appeared. The leading man was also a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master; however, unlike the gloomy-looking Fu Bo, this middle-aged man sported an impassive expression, but his straight posture gave off an indescribable pressure.


“Good.” Yang Kai guffawed, “This Yang feels honoured that so many top cultivators from two top Sects are here to deal with me. However, I wonder how many of you will be able to leave this place alive?”


Chi Gui was amazed by Yang Kai’s audacity and commented, “You’re pretty arrogant. I’ve never seen anyone as bold as you before.”


Yang Kai turned to look at him, “Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land have some blood feuds with me, so I can understand why they’re here to kill me. However, Chi Gui, what are you doing here?”


Chi Gui’s long red hair flapped in the air as his grin gave off a wicked vibe, “Don’t get me wrong. There are no grudges between us and I’m not part of their gang. I’m just here to have a fight with you. You’ve killed all my opponents in the Eastern Territory, so I can’t find anyone to battle against anymore.”


Yang Kai nodded, “Normally, I wouldn’t mind having a bout with you, but… this is not the right time.”


“We can contend with each other whenever we feel like it, so the timing doesn’t matter at all.” Chi Gui slowly shook his head.


“You misunderstand me.” Yang Kai heaved a sigh, “What I’m saying is that I can battle against you on another day. However, if you insist on making a move today, I’m afraid I’ll have to embarrass you.”


Upon hearing that, Chi Gui became excited, “Are you saying that I’m no match for you?”


“You can give it a try.” Yang Kai put on a faint smile and looked around, “I guess all of you are secretly arranging some kind of trap that can seal off the space so that I can’t flee. I’m pretty curious though, are your preparations complete yet? You need a Spirit Array that can isolate space, so do you need more time to finish it? I can wait if that’s the case.”


[Did he just say he can wait?]


Upon hearing his outrageous provocation, the Emperor Realm Masters from the two top Sects were enraged and wondered what Yang Kai meant by all this. [Does he think he’s unrivalled in this world? Is he trying to say that all the Emperor Realm Masters here aren’t able to deal with him?]


When they were plotting against Yang Kai, they were most worried that he would use his Space Divine Ability to flee. When that happened, all of them at the scene wouldn’t be able to do anything about it. That was why they had told Qi Hai to appear and tie down Yang Kai so that the others could secretly set up a trap.


However, they hadn’t expected that Yang Kai would be so brazen as to give up his biggest advantage. Once this stretch of the world was cut off, there was no way he could escape from here anymore. If he wanted to leave, he would have to defeat or kill several dozen Emperor Realm Masters first! Who did he think he was? A Great Emperor?



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