Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3303, Kill Him


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

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In the end, Qi Hai couldn’t touch Xiu Xiu’s face. She didn’t even have a physical body, so there was no way she could be touched. His hand directly slipped past her figure, causing the Yin Spirit to flicker slightly.


In deep pain and self-loathing, Qi Hai asked haltingly, “Xiu Xiu, is that really you?”


Apparently, it was the first time he saw his wife in such a state. Just like what Fu Bo thought, there were two reasons why he wanted to join the Netherworld Sect at all costs. Firstly, he wanted to make use of the Sect’s power to get his revenge. Secondly, he wanted to learn their Secret Techniques. Although he had successfully kept Xiu Xiu’s Soul inside his Ten Thousand Soul Banner, he wasn’t aware that she had retained her sentience before her death until she showed up at this moment.


Xiu Xiu flashed a smile at him and parted her red lips, “Please don’t… make more mistakes.”


Upon hearing that, Qi Hai was stunned. [Mistakes? What have I done wrong?] 


He hadn’t expected that the first thing his wife would say to him after she showed up was this.


Following that, the woman turned around and stared at Yang Kai. After elegantly bowing to him, she pleaded, “Please forgive him. He wasn’t like this in the past.”


Perhaps it was due to her powerful and sensitive instincts as a Yin Spirit as well as her worries for her husband, she could feel that if Qi Hai made a move on Yang Kai here, he would lose his life the very next moment, which was why she decided to come out of the banner, to save her husband’s life.


Yang Kai gazed at her, and upon feeling the strength of her will and emotions, he secretly heaved a sigh. As the murderous intent around him dissipated, he nodded and uttered, “If he doesn’t ask for death, I will not grant it to him.”


“Thank you,” Xiu Xiu bowed her head in gratitude.


After a moment of silence, Yang Kai said, “I… wasn’t able to help you.” 


At that time, Liu Yan had consumed the Phoenix True Fire and turned into a Phoenix egg, after which she was taken away by Jiu Feng, so he was powerless to save this woman.


Xiu Xiu flashed a gentle smile at him, “Our life or death depends on our own fate, so I don’t mind.”


“Xiu Xiu!” Qi Hai called out again in a shaking voice.


Xiu Xiu whirled around and extended her translucent hand. Just like how Qi Hai tried to touch her just now, she gently stroked his face and uttered softly, “Go back to Qi Family Fort and live your life; otherwise, I won’t forgive you.”


“But…” As Qi Hai spoke, he took a glance at Yang Kai. He was set on getting revenge for her, but at this moment, not only did Xiu Xiu dissuade him from making a move, she also did her utmost to persuade him to leave this place, which caused him to feel lost and not know what to do.


“Go back!” Xiu Xiu said again, this time in a more forceful tone. Her eyes were filled with a sense of longing, but following her declaration, her translucent figure started glowing brightly.


A shocked Qi Hai asked, “Xiu Xiu, what’s going on with you?”


Xiu Xiu put on a smile that was most familiar to Qi Hai. As her figure shone brightly, it suddenly broke into countless wisps of lights that filled the air.


Seeing this, Fu Bo couldn’t help but feel as if his heart was bleeding. He had never expected that the Yin Spirit would choose to self-destruct. She was a Yin Spirit, which was an invaluable treasure for his Sect. He was just thinking that he would look for a chance to snatch her from Qi Hai in the future, but right after that idea flashed across his mind, he realised that he had lost that chance.


He had never seen a Yin Spirit even capable of self-destructing before, which went to show how outstanding she was. The several Yin Spirits in his Sect weren’t comparable to her.


Fu Bo’s face twitched, as he felt that he had just lost a treasure that might potentially be in his possession one day.


A flustered Qi Hai extended his hand to grasp at the points of lights, as if he wanted to make them stay. However, his attempt was futile. A moment later, the lights diminished, after which he fell on his knees with a sorrowful expression as he balled up his fists and howled at the sky. As if his heart had been shattered, his roars were filled with a sense of helplessness and unwillingness. He was aware that his wife’s life had truly ended now.


The place fell into a momentary silence that was like the calm before the storm.


A while later, Yang Kai heaved a sigh and gazed at Qi Hai to ask, “What’s your decision?”


A dazed Qi Hai shook slightly upon hearing that as he lifted his head and stared at Yang Kai with a hollow gaze. At the same time, Xiu Xiu’s last reminder resonated in his ears. Shaking his head, Qi Hai got to his feet and turned to leave in a dejected manner.


“Waste!” Fu Bo snorted. Although he was Qi Hai’s Master in name, he didn’t intend to make him stay. Qi Hai had lost all his fighting spirit, so even if he was forced to stay, he wouldn’t be able to contribute to the battle, so Fu Bo decided to just let him go.


In just a short moment, Qi Hai’s figure disappeared from everyone’s sight.


On a hill more than a few dozen kilometres away from that place, three figures were silently standing there and watching the developments.


They were none other than Tang Sheng, Qian Xiu Ying, and Lan He from Heavenly Wolf Valley.


Many top Masters had suddenly appeared outside the valley, and those from Heavenly Wolf Valley were not blind, so naturally, they had all seen this. Upon learning the news, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying went over to look into the matter. Lan He had tagged along, but she was under strict orders to remain by their side and forbidden from flying over.


Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying appeared frustrated as they felt disgusted by the way those from the Netherworld Sect and Brahma Holy Land dealt with this matter. Xu Chang Feng had told Tang Sheng to activate their Sect Defending Array to seal off the Sect from the outside world so the valley could become a battlefield for them to deal with Yang Kai. Fortunately, after he was rejected though, Xu Chang Feng didn’t insist or make things difficult.


However, Tang Sheng had never expected that these people would choose to ambush Yang Kai just outside the entrance of his Sect. Even if they wanted to make a move, couldn’t they wait for Yang Kai to leave this place first? If any outsider saw this, they would think that Heavenly Wolf Valley was also involved. Despite his fury, Tang Sheng understood his own strength and that he could not argue with them. Left with no choice, he could only watch the scene from afar and make sure that his Sect would not be dragged into this mess.


Upon seeing what happened to Qi Hai and Xiu Xiu, Qian Xiu Ying was moved and commented, “He’s indeed a faithful man, but he chose the wrong path.”


Tang Sheng watched Qi Hai leave as he said, “I think he’s from Qi Family Fort.”


Lan He’s expression appeared conflicted, as a woman could easily be moved when it came to affairs of the heart. As she watched Xiu Xiu self-destruct earlier, she was on the brink of tearing up. Although she didn’t know who Xiu Xiu was, she could feel the latter’s love for Qi Hai.


Xiu Xiu decided to end herself in order to resolve the grudges in a resolute manner; otherwise, Qi Hai would definitely have made a move against Yang Kai, at which point his fate would be grim.


At that instant, Lan He had the urge to fly over and stand beside Yang Kai, to fight with him and kill all these shameless people. Nevertheless, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying were well prepared. The moment Lan He tagged along, they sealed her cultivation so that she could only watch but not interfere in the battle.


A few dozen kilometres away from the hill, Yang Kai was surrounded by several dozen Emperor Realm Masters, but his expression remained calm, as if he had no regard for these people at all. Even Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying couldn’t help but be awed by his fortitude.


Yang Kai turned to look at Chi Gui next, whose eyes and hair were red, and asked, “Qi Hai has left. What’s your decision?”


Chi Gui silently stared at Yang Kai as he realised in shock that an alarm in his heart was ringing out. His instincts were screaming at him that if he recklessly attacked Yang Kai now, he would end up in a miserable state, possibly even lose his life.


As soon as this thought sprang into his mind, he was flabbergasted. He and Yang Kai were from the same generation, rising stars of their respective territories. In the Eastern Territory, he was a famous figure, and even when he was faced with Serene Soul Great Emperor’s Son, Yao Si, he had never felt that his life was at risk. However, for some reason, when he met the eyes of the man standing before him, a sense of crisis descended upon him before he even made a move.


Given the situation Yang Kai was in, he would not hold back in battle. That was because once he did, he would lose the initiative. He still had to deal with several dozen Emperor Realm Masters later, so he had to retain his imposing manner.


Therefore, he would certainly go all out.


[I’ll be killed if he goes all out?] Chi Gui’s face twitched as he no longer felt tempted to give it a try, “The love story just now has dampened my mood. I’ll forget it for now. We’ll have a fight in the future if you manage to survive.”


Upon finishing his words, he realised that he no longer felt an impending sense of doom, and his heart was filled with a sense of relief.


Yang Kai nodded. If Chi Gui insisted on going against him at this point, he would not hold back. No matter how powerful Chi Gui was, he was only a First-Order Emperor, but if Yang Kai killed him here, he would have offended all three top Sects in the Eastern Territory.


Yang Kai had no interest in forging more grudges, so Chi Gui’s decision just now was what he had hoped for.


After looking around, he scoffed, “This King stands right here. What are you waiting for if you’re serious about killing me?”


“How dare you act so impudent in front of this Old Master!? After this King captures you, he will extract your Soul and refine it!” Fu Bo snorted and waved his hand, “Kill him!”


On the other hand, Xu Chang Feng said lightly but resolutely, “Kill.”


As the others pushed their Emperor Qi, the wind and the clouds seemed to change and World Principles began fluctuating. Several dozen figures suddenly dispersed and surrounded Yang Kai, making sure that he would not be able to flee in any direction.


Right then, five figures shot toward Yang Kai.


The leading figure wielded an Emperor Grade spear that made a clear cutting sound as it broke through space itself. At the same time, countless spear shadows flashed at Yang Kai from above. The other four darted about like fireflies, making sure that no one would be able to identify from what direction they would make their move.


Although these five people were from two different Sects, they were all Emperor Realm Masters, so despite this being their first time joining forces, their movements were so polished and smooth that it was as if they had rehearsed them before.


Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying, who were watching from afar, heaved a sigh.


They didn’t understand why these two top Sects had sent so many people to deal with Yang Kai. Even Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng had personally come all the way here. To them, this formation of five was already enough to kill Yang Kai.


Neither of them would be able to parry such a joint assault, and even if they managed to survive somehow, they would be severely injured. In such a situation, getting injured was no different from death.


Since that was the case, the two top Sects were basically making a big fuss over a minor issue by dispatching so many Emperor Realm Masters.


Lan He couldn’t help but exclaim as her face turned ashen. Unable to watch what would surely happen next, she closed her eyes and turned her head away.


Silavin: I’m actually glad that he didn’t die. He was a good guy. 



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