Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3304, Like Chopping Melons and Vegetables


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Amidst the sounds of the spear breaking through the air, short and anxious cries were heard. Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying widened their eyes, like they were seeing ghosts, as they gazed at the battlefield in shock.


Lan He was startled for a moment before hurriedly opening her eyes.


Just now, she thought that Yang Kai was doomed, so she didn’t have the heart to watch, but the shrieks she had just heard weren’t made with Yang Kai’s voice, and upon opening her eyes, she saw a sight that she would never be able to forget.


Yang Kai was no longer standing in his original spot. Instead, he had somehow appeared above the spear-wielding cultivator with an impassive expression. As his murderous intent surged around him, he landed a palm on that cultivator’s forehead. With his Emperor Qi surging, his clothes and black hair flapped in the wind.


Lan He could clearly see that the forehead of the spear-wielding cultivator had sunk in and his eyes had protruded out. A splash of white matter that was formerly his brain splattered everywhere, and after that, his vitality dissipated as he collapsed to the ground.


[What happened?] A question popped in Lan He’s head. Just now, she had closed her eyes, so she didn’t know how Yang Kai escaped the five men’s siege or how he managed to kill an enemy with a seemingly casual palm. Nevertheless, she knew that this wasn’t an easy feat to pull off. Even her Master and his wife were not capable of this. Faced with such a dense and impeccable flurry of attacks, a mere Second-Order Emperor Realm Master could only surrender and wait for death.


However, Yang Kai was able to counterattack from such a perilous situation. Not only did he escape unscathed, but he had also killed one of his enemies, and his expression suggested that he was nonchalant rather than flustered, as if he had just killed an ant.


[That was a First-Order Emperor Realm Master! How did he die just like that?] Lan He couldn’t help but feel that everything that had happened was surreal. She was in the same realm, so she knew what kind of heritage a First-Order Emperor should possess. However, a top cultivator, who was admired by billions of people in this world, was killed by Yang Kai in the blink of an eye.


At that instant, she couldn’t help but shudder as she had goosebumps all over her body. At the same time, her eyes started glowing as she had a feeling that Yang Kai wouldn’t be killed so easily.


The other four attackers were flabbergasted by the fact that their spear-wielding alley had been taken out in just one strike. Nevertheless, their hesitation was only momentary as they soon launched themselves at Yang Kai again.


Yang Kai saw this and couldn’t help chuckling, “Since you’re so eager to go to Hell, this King will grant your request!”


Opening his fingers, Yang Kai drew the Emperor Grade spear towards his hand; then, without using any technique or discernable skill, he grabbed the weapon with both hands and thrust it out in an imposing manner.


There was no one in the direction where he was thrusting the spear, and at first glance, anyone would have thought that Yang Kai had made a mistake; however, after the tip of the spear, which was surrounded by Emperor Qi, broke through the barriers of space, a figure coincidentally appeared right there.


It was an Elder from Netherworld Sect that had seemingly wanted to launch a sneak attack on Yang Kai from the side, but as soon as he reached his spot, and while he was still in a dazed state, he felt a deadly aura approach him. Flabbergasted, he wielded the red banner in his hand and detonated it into blood mist. It was his Natal Artifact, a Blood Sea Banner, and with the blood fog as cover, he immediately retreated.


However, after he took only half a step backwards, he felt a sharp pain in his chest as his entire body shook.


A horrifying idea flashed across his mind as he hurriedly lowered his head, only to see a fist-sized hole that went from the front of his chest through to his back. Shuddering, he stared into the hole and realised that he could even see his broken heart contracting rapidly as blood gushed out of his wound.


“No!” He shouted in a panic, as if he couldn’t believe what had happened to him. How was Yang Kai able to break through the cover and defence of his Blood Sea Banner with just a mere spear thrust and pulverize his heart?


While he was still lost in such thoughts, he tottered and fell from the sky with his head down. Before he even reached the ground, his life aura had disappeared.


On the other hand, after killing this man with one strike, Yang Kai immediately withdrew his spear and spun it before thrusting from a mid-stance. His smooth and rapid movements dazzled the eyes of his opponents.


With a whooshing sound, Yang Kai directly struck the head of a third person, who was trying to launch a sneak attack on him from behind. As Yang Kai exerted his incredible physical strength, he directly smashed that person’s head.


This Emperor Grade spear seemed to have been given a life in his hands, as if it was now a living creature. Every move Yang Kai made with his spear was able to send his enemies to their death. Despite that, he was only using the spear like it was an ordinary weapon as he hadn’t even refined it yet.


Yang Kai wasn’t done though as he tightened his grip on the butt of the spear and made a wide sweeping motion over his enemies. A fourth person was closing in at that moment from the front in a charge that was not to be underestimated.


Initially, five took action together, but in the blink of an eye, Yang Kai had killed three of them. At this moment, the fourth person was horrified at the sight of this spear approaching him, so his strike had weakened significantly. Without even thinking, he circulated his Emperor Qi to protect himself, and at the same time, he extended his right hand, after which a round shield appeared and protected his side. It was as if he wanted to seek some sense of security using this defensive artifact.




The spear crashed into the round shield as a sound that was as shocking as two Stars colliding with each other rang out.


All present felt their eardrums ringing painfully as they widened their eyes at the scene before them. After the strike, the round shield shone and lost all its spirituality, after which, it broke into pieces.


Gasps were heard as Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng almost bit their tongues in disbelief. They knew that the spear in Yang Kai’s hands hadn’t been refined, so he had to use his brute force for every strike he made. How powerful must his brute strength be to be able to break an Emperor Grade defensive artifact into pieces with a single blow?


“Retreat!” Xu Chang Feng almost instinctively yelled. If possible, he would have given the command before Yang Kai killed the three of them; however, the latter has moved too swiftly, as if he was just chopping melons or vegetables as he cut down three Emperor Realm Masters before they could even react.


After his growl, a black rectangular sword sheath that was one metre long appeared behind him. Despite its plain look, the sheath exuded an aura that seemed able to destroy the Heavens and shatter the Earth.


Right then, he performed a hand seal, after which a black sword light shot out of the sheath and reached the back of Yang Kai in the blink of an eye as it aimed at his heart. Apparently, Xu Chang Feng was trying to distract Yang Kai so that the fourth person could flee.


Although Xu Chang Feng was the Sect Master of one of the top three Sects in the Eastern Territory, Emperor Realm Masters were still valuable to him. Yang Kai had killed three of them with ease, and even though two of the deceased were from Netherworld Sect, Xu Chang Feng still felt his heart bleeding. Therefore, he decided to make a move against Yang Kai so that the latter would stop pursuing the fourth person.


His idea was logical, but Xu Chang Feng hadn’t expected that Yang Kai wasn’t someone who would act like the average person did. Faced with the approaching black sword light, Yang Kai actually ignored it as he swept his spear, which had destroyed an Emperor Grade defensive artifact, and pierced through the fourth person.




Blood and mashed flesh fell from the sky like rain. The power of Yang Kai’s strike directly exploded the Emperor Realm Master into a blood mist, leaving no flesh or bones behind.


At the same time, a clang that was as loud as a huge bell ringing was heard as it spread across the sky, causing the eardrums of everyone present to tremble and their Souls to shake.


Upon closer look, Xu Chang Feng almost spat blood, as a bell that was half as tall as a Human had suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai at some point. The mountains, rivers, birds, and beasts enraged on the bell were moving about slowly even now, as if they were alive. At the same time, a desolate and mysterious aura exuded from it.


Xu Chang Feng’s black sword light couldn’t reach Yang Kai. Instead, it hit right at the bell and triggered some unexpected consequences.


“The Mountains and Rivers Bell!” A greedy glint flashed across Fu Bo’s eyes. Earlier, he was still sorrowful over the fact that a couple Emperor Realm Masters from his Sect were killed, but the next moment, all the grief vanished into thin air.


That was because the thing before his eyes was the Mountains and Rivers Bell, the supreme artifact that allowed Yuan Ding Great Emperor to attain his position in the past. It was a genuine Ancient Exotic Artifact, the Mountains and Rivers Bell!


Although Fu Bo had heard that both the Mountains and Rivers Bell and Phoenix True Fire were obtained by Yang Kai in the Shattered Star Sea, he didn’t really believe it until he saw it with his eyes now.


The sound of the bell was shaking mountains and rivers as its Emperor Aura seemed able to move Heaven and Earth. It was rumoured that the Mountains and Rivers Bell was able to seal and suppress all things in existence, and judging from the sound just now, the rumours seemed to be true. It could have such amazing effects by just being passively rung, so what would its power look like if it was fully activated?


At that instant, Fu Bo’s eyes turned bloodshot. If he could obtain the Mountains and Rivers Bell, he could possibly compete for the position of Great Emperor and become the next Yuan Ding Great Emperor one day.


Just then, a person was retreating rapidly with a horrified expression. He was none other than the fifth person who attempted to kill Yang Kai earlier. Xu Chang Feng’s command had come too late for the fourth person who had been turned into blood mist, leaving only the fifth person alive. At this moment, the man appeared terrified as he flew towards those from Brahma Holy Land, too scared to even look back.


Earlier, the five Emperor Realm Masters had joined forces and thought that they would surely end Yang Kai’s life. However, to everyone’s surprise, four of them were killed by Yang Kai in just a short moment. Their impeccable siege seemed like child’s play before this young man, so the fifth person knew that he had to flee instead of waiting for death.


Before he even reached his Sect members from Brahma Holy Land though, he could hear Yang Kai shout coming from behind him, and following that, a sound of something breaking through echoed in his ear.


The colour drained from his face as he turned around, only to see that Yang Kai’s posture was that of a person who had just hurled out something. The Emperor Grade spear had already disappeared from his hand, and a beam of light was seen coming rapidly at the fifth person’s back.


[He’s a madman!] The person cursed at Yang Kai in his heart. Certainly, he knew what the beam of light was. Yang Kai had just thrown the spear at him!


Before the beam of light even reached him, the sound breaking through the air was like a death knell that was about to snatch his Soul. He couldn’t evade it, as it was moving too fast to outrun. He couldn’t even parry it, as the force behind it was too great. His face had completely turned ashen as he yelled, “Holy Master, save me!”


As soon as he finished speaking, he could feel that a force had hit right on his back, and following that, he perceived a sharp pain. Upon impact, he tottered forward as a spear stuck out of his chest and shot toward those from Brahma Holy Land.



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