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Martial Peak – Chapter 3305, I Bet That He’ll Survive

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The spear that had been hurled by Yang Kai penetrated the Emperor Realm Master’s body and shot towards the top cultivators from Brahma Holy Land who were still in its path. Seeing this, these Masters immediately dispersed as they did not dare to block this strike.


Wherever the spear passed through, it would leave a long black gash in the air, which went to show that his attack had torn space apart.


Everyone was terrified as coldness rose from their toes to their heads. It was the first time they saw a person capable of using such horrifying brute force.


“Holy Master…” The Emperor Realm Master, whose body had been penetrated by the spear, which left a hole on his chest, reached a spot that was just ten metres away from Xu Chang Feng with difficulty. With blood spurting out of his mouth, he weakly extended his hand towards Xu Chang Feng, as if he was trying to grab his last bit of vitality. However, his attempt was futile as his body turned limp. After he fell from the sky and crashed onto the ground, his flesh splattered everywhere.


In just a short moment, all five Emperor Realm Masters were killed by Yang Kai without even managing to make him reveal his true power, like five ants futilely trying to shake a tree.


The whole world seemed to have fallen into silence. The several dozen remaining Emperor Realm Masters from Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect gulped, wondering if they were having a nightmare.


Yang Kai flickered and appeared atop the spinning Mountains and Rivers Bell. As the breeze whisked across him, his black hair swayed with the wind. In an arrogant manner, he shouted, “This Yang is still right here, who wants to travel to the underworld next?” He swept a glance over the crowd, but all of them avoided his gaze, not daring to look him in the eyes.


A couple dozen kilometres away, Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying were dumbfounded as they couldn’t believe what they had just seen.


Was he really just a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master? How could he just be a Second-Order Emperor? Even a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master shouldn’t be able to achieve what Yang Kai just did! They knew that some people in this world were able to fight enemies above their own realm, and they had even seen such people before.


The former Holy Sons of Brahma Holy Land, Zhang Hao and Zhang Xian, the Disciple of the Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, Yin Le Sheng, Serene Soul Great Emperor’s Son, Yao Si, and Chi Gui were considered to be such individuals. They could always defeat an opponent who was in a higher realm and even kill them if they were fortunate enough. They were generally regarded as geniuses.


Given enough time and room for growth, these rising stars would certainly become the most powerful Masters in the world.


It wasn’t until this moment, however, that Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying came to the realization that even among geniuses, there were differences. There were ordinary geniuses on one end, and monstrous geniuses on the other. As a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master, Yang Kai had just killed five First-Order Emperors, so it wasn’t that he had managed to slay an opponent who was in a higher realm. However, the scene from just now was even more shocking and unbelievable than if a First-Order Emperor Realm Master had killed a Second-Order Emperor Realm Master.


It was no wonder that Zhang Hao, Zhang Xian, and Yin Le Sheng were all killed by Yang Kai; he was clearly far stronger than them.


Lan He’s alluring eyes beamed with exhilaration. Earlier, she had to go back on her word, so she felt guilty for what she had done. After that, she could only stand by and watch as Yang Kai was surrounded by so many enemies, making her think that he was doomed.


If Yang Kai really lost his life right outside Heavenly Wolf Valley, the incident on this day would become a knot in her heart forever. Nevertheless, her cultivation had been sealed by Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying, so she couldn’t help Yang Kai even though she wanted to. This was a kind of unbearable torture on her heart and soul.


But at that moment, Lan He turned around and looked at Tang Sheng with a conflicted gaze and asked, “Master, if he manages to survive, will you regret your decision?”


Upon hearing that, Tang Sheng shuddered slightly. He knew that Lan He was unhappy with the choices he had made; however, since he was her Master, she couldn’t say or demand anything. In a dispassionate tone, Tang Sheng could only reply, “Since I’ve made a decision, I’ll never regret it. Moreover, do you think he can survive?” 


Undoubtedly, the fact that Yang Kai was able to kill five top Emperor Realm Masters in a short moment was shocking and made Tang Sheng’s emotions fluctuate. Undoubtedly, Yang Kai was one of the top geniuses in the entire Star Boundary. He was already so powerful when he was just a Second-Order Emperor, so after he reached the Third-Order, he could very well be as formidable as Li Wu Yi.


If they could make friends with such a person, it would be beneficial for Heavenly Wolf Valley, even though Yang Kai was from the Southern Territory.


Furthermore, Yang Kai had actually sought help from them. If they had agreed to help him look for Spirit Beast Island, they would be able to strike up a healthy relationship with him. Once that kind of relationship was established, if they ever fell into trouble in the future, they could ask Yang Kai for his help. They would be able to reap huge benefits with minimal effort, so it was no doubt a worthwhile deal.


That was the reason Lan He asked this question. They had a chance to forge a friendship with a future top Master, but they had let the chance slip through their fingers. Nevertheless, the prerequisite was that Yang Kai survived.


This time, those from Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect had gone all out. Although five First-Order Emperor Realm Masters had been killed, it didn’t affect their overall strength. That was because they still had two Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters, seven Second-Order Emperors, and more than a dozen First-Order Emperors left.


Even though what Yang Kai had done was impressive, his end was predestined.


Faced with the question, Lan He was lost for words. Given the situation Yang Kai was in, there was no way he could survive. What’s more, he had just killed five Emperor Realm Masters, so it was clear that only one party would survive today.


The outcome of this battle would be that either Yang Kai would be killed or that the two Sects would be destroyed. Nevertheless, anyone with eyes could tell which party was the stronger one.


“I bet that he’ll survive,” a voice suddenly spoke from the side.


Tang Sheng and Qian Xiu Ying, who were focused on the battlefield, were shocked because they didn’t realise that someone had approached them. Certainly, they had been distracted, but it also went to show that this person had impressive methods.


However, after making out whose voice it was, they were relieved.


That was because the person who spoke was Chi Gui, the strongest cultivator among the younger generation from Ahan Temple. His red hair and eyes were easily identifiable and he was a battle maniac who loved seeing blood, making him a pain in the backside for everyone in the Eastern Territory as no one wished to be targeted by him.


If it weren’t because Lan He was a woman, there was no doubt Chi Gui would have come all the way to Heaven Wolf Valley to challenge her at some point.


“Elder Chi, do you have such a high opinion of him?” Tang Sheng arched his brow. Chi Gui was a Junior to him as Tang Sheng and the Temple Master of Ahan Temple were from the same generation. However, since Chi Gui was already in the Emperor Realm and was also an Elder in Ahan Temple, his future status would undoubtedly be greater than that of Tang Sheng. Tang Sheng didn’t have the right to call him ‘Junior’ or ‘Nephew’ anymore, so he could only address him as ‘Elder Chi’.


Chi Gui shrugged and didn’t answer his question. Instead, he gazed at Lan He and asked, “Junior Sister Lan, do you think he’ll die?”


Lan He shook her head and replied, “I don’t know, but I hope that he’ll live.”


Chi Gui flippantly whistled as he turned back to look fixedly at the battlefield. With a grin, he uttered, “Valley Master Tang, why don’t we make a bet?”


A glint flashed across Tang Sheng’s eyes, “On what?”


Chi Gui smirked, “Of course on whether…” 


He caught himself at that moment, however, and shook his head with a smile, “Forget it. It’s pointless.”


A curious Tang Sheng asked, “Elder Chi, do you seriously think he’ll survive?”


Although Chi Gui didn’t finish his words, Tang Sheng knew what he was about to say. He must have wanted to bet on whether Yang Kai lived or died.


Chi Gui pointed at his own heart, “I trust my own instincts.”


Tang Sheng uttered, “Why did you stop making a bet, then?” It wasn’t that he was addicted to gambling; he was just curious why Chi Gui changed his mind all of a sudden.


Chi Gui put on a smirk, “An elephant is battling against the lions. As an ant, I should just watch as I have no right to bet on whether he lives or dies. I think I should know my place.”


Upon hearing that, Tang Sheng, Qian Xiu Ying and Lan He stared at Chi Gui in shock.


Chi Gui was the strongest cultivator in Ahan Temple’s younger generation, and he was also one of the most outstanding geniuses in the Eastern Territory, even the entire Star Boundary as a whole. Among the younger generation, only Yao Si was slightly more powerful than he was. However, Yao Si was Serene Soul Great Emperor’s son, so they could not really be compared.


This kind of talented person was normally haughty, and they would never admit that they were inferior to anyone; however, at this moment, Chi Gui likened Yang Kai to an elephant while describing himself as an ant.


If they hadn’t heard it personally, they would never have believed Chi Gui would utter such words. But if he was an ant, what did that make others in the Star Boundary? Dust?


Chi Gui narrowed his red eyes and said dispassionately, “Valley Master Tang, do you think that my impression of him is too high?”


Tang Sheng came to his senses and put on a smile, “Elder Chi is being too humble.”


“Humble…” Chi Gui muttered. Maybe he came off as humble just now, but he trusted his gut. When Yang Kai asked him about his decision earlier, he could feel that if he made a move, he would certainly lose his life, possibly even more miserably than those five from just now.


After Chi Gui witnessed the opening exchange between Yang Kai and the Masters from Brahma Holy Land and Netherworld Sect, this kind of feeling intensified and almost became unshakable.


A shocked Tang Sheng said, “You mean, the two of the top Sects are the ones who will perish today?”


Chi Gui replied with a smile, “I didn’t say that. I only said that he would survive.” He had followed Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng all the way here, and during that time he felt that something was off. it seemed to him that the two top Sects were still concealing something, like they had someone or something behind them which bolstered their confidence.


However, what Chi Gui didn’t understand was that since the two top Sects had clearly gone all out to deal with Yang Kai, how was it possible that they still had some hidden card to play?


Nevertheless, Yang Kai was now in a difficult situation. Even if he managed to escape, he would surely end up in a horrible state. Chi Gui speculated that both parties would be severely injured, leading to a mutual loss, but he didn’t say this out loud.


Tang Sheng said impassively, “Elder Chi, let’s see whether your judgement is correct. I still think that his chances of survival are slim to none.” Although it wasn’t a bet, they had expressed their opinions. Whether or not Yang Kai would survive, they had to see it for themselves.


While they were chatting among themselves, Yang Kai was standing atop the Mountains and Rivers Bell as he swept a disdainful glance over his opponents. No one dared to step forward to challenge him, so the sight was indeed shocking.


Seeing that they remained unmoving, Yang Kai put on a grin, which revealed his white teeth, “Since you are all so reserved, this King will make a move first!”


Following that, he shifted his attention to those from Netherworld Sect with a gaze that was filled with coldness and murderous intent, as if the others didn’t exist.


Faced with his stare, Fu Bo felt a chill running down his spine and quickly growled, “Summon your banners!”


Upon hearing that, the dozen or so Emperor Realm Masters from Netherworld Sect summoned their own artifacts, which were all Ten Thousand Soul Banners and Blood Sea Banners.



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