Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3306, All of You Have to Die


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


At that instant, crying and howling spread as the sky darkened. Crimson red dyed the world red as a vast region seemed to have turned into an endless Blood Sea. The blood surged as the entire place stank with the odour. Amidst the Blood Sea, horrible creatures floated in it as Yin Souls and phantoms drifted in the air. The ghastly voices were enough to make anyone feel dizzy.


The dozen Emperor Realm Masters had each summoned their own Ten Thousand Soul Banners and Blood Sea Banners, so the sight was magnificent. The endless Blood Sea isolated an independent space from the world, and within this space, Yang Kai was restricted in many ways while those from the Netherworld Sect were free to do as they pleased. As the balance tilted towards the other party, Yang Kai couldn’t possibly survive no matter how powerful he was.


Lan He’s heart leapt to her throat. As far as she could see, the sky ahead of her had turned red, and Yang Kai was nowhere to be seen. Even his aura wasn’t perceptible.


As the Blood Sea formed, Xu Chang Feng coldly waved his hand, after which the dozen Emperor Realm Masters from Brahma Holy Land dove into the Blood Sea and disappeared from everyone’s sight. Apparently, they wanted to seize the chance and deal a fatal blow to Yang Kai.


Normally, those from Brahma Holy Land wouldn’t be able to enter this Blood Sea as they pleased as it was formed from a Netherworld Sect Divine Ability. If they entered it, they would also be restricted in many ways; however, since they had joined forces with Netherworld Sect, they didn’t have to worry too much. Those from Netherworld Sect would certainly create opportunities for them to make a move.


In just a short while, the balance of power had tilted. This time, they were no longer trying to probe Yang Kai’s power. Although five cultivators had formed a siege earlier, they were still just five people. Now, there were nearly thirty Emperor Realm Masters acting all at once, with many of them being in the Second Order.


Looking from afar, Lan He balled up her fists and pressed her lips together. Worry was written all over her face.


On the other hand, the emotions in Chi Gui’s heart undulated as he appeared excited. He would die with no regrets if he could experience the battle that Yang Kai was facing. Nevertheless, he knew that if he had to fight against two of the top Sects of the Eastern Territory at the same time, alone, there was no way he could survive.


Just then, an imposing roar, one which seemed able to shake the world, was heard spreading from the Blood Sea, “Puny ants, how dare you offend this King! Die!”


As the bell tolled, a horrifying pressure swept out in all directions. The endless Blood Sea surged up before it began melting like the snow under the summer sun. A scarlet fog suddenly appeared in the sky, which was apparently caused by the fact that the Blood Sea had evaporated.


At the same time, the Yin Souls that were howling in the Blood Sea shrieked and vanished into thin air.


*Hong! Hong! Hong!* 


The Mountains and Rivers Bell tolled nine times as the sounds became increasingly imposing. With the Blood Sea as the centre, sound waves visible to the naked eye propagated outward with unstoppable force.


Tang Sheng, Qian Xiu Ying, and Chi Gui turned ashen as they immediately tried to protect themselves, but they still felt dizzy as they heard a buzzing sound in their ears. Ripples had even formed on the layer of protective Emperor Qi they had condensed to protect themselves.


All of them appeared terrified as their eyes filled with shock. They had heard that the Mountains and Rivers Bell was an unrivalled Ancient Exotic Artifact; however, it wasn’t until this day that they realised how true those rumours were.


It was no wonder that Yuan Ding Great Emperor was able to gain enlightenment from this artifact to become one of the strongest Masters in this world. No one knew where this treasure originated from, but the power it was able to unleash was far greater than that of any Emperor Rank Artifact.


Confronted by someone with this treasure, if they were distracted by the bell, their head would leave their body the next moment.


When the bell stopped ringing, the sound still reverberated in the air, like it would not cease until the end of time.


On the other hand, the seemingly impenetrable Blood Sea had become torn apart as much of it evaporated. Even the colour of the blood appeared dull.


As grunts were heard, some gloomy-looking figure staggered out of the Blood Sea. Their faces had turned completely pale as they spat out mouthfuls of blood.


They were apparently the Emperor Realm Masters of Netherworld Sects as well as the owners of these Blood Sea Banners. Blood Essence was the foundation of these banners, and since Yang Kai had broken the Blood Sea with just that move, these cultivators would certainly suffer backlash.


A myriad of expressions came over these Masters as their eyes were filled with a sense of disbelief. They had never expected such an incredible method, which they had joined forces to execute, would be easily broken by Yang Kai, wounding them in the process.


Without the favourable environment that they had created, the others couldn’t hide their figures anymore as they appeared amidst the thinning Blood Sea. Some of them were from Netherworld Sect, but most of them were from Brahma Holy Land. They had surrounded Yang Kai, so it was apparent that they had been looking for a chance to make a move.


Nevertheless, these people seemed to be in a terrible state as they staggered back and forth, their expressions wincing in pain. Although they didn’t suffer from any backlash after the Blood Sea was broken, the knell of the Mountains and Rivers Bell at such close range had taken a toll on them.


Even more than a dozen kilometres away, Tang Sheng and the others, who were not directly targeted, felt their Souls trembling as the buzzing sound in their ears had yet to diminish, so it was no surprise those from Brahma Holy Land who were the closest to Yang Kai were currently disoriented and dazed.


At that moment, an absurd sight appeared. More than twenty Masters had surrounded Yang Kai, but they were all staggering about as if they were drunk. Despite their pale faces, they still tried their hardest to stabilise themselves, but as soon as their figures appeared, Yang Kai swept a razor-sharp gaze over them.


“Damn it!” Xu Chang Feng exclaimed and then growled, “Retreat!”


At the same time, he cursed Fu Bo in his heart. [What is this rubbish Secret Technique, Netherworld Sect? It’s so fragile it has become the biggest flaw in this impeccable ambush!]


Nevertheless, he knew that it wasn’t that the Secret Technique from the Netherworld Sect was fragile. So many Emperor Realm Masters had joined forces to summon their Blood Sea Banners to create an endless Blood Sea. If he fell into it, he might not even be able to survive. In the end, he could only blame Yang Kai for possessing such a great treasure. The sound waves coming from the bell seemed to be the Blood Sea’s nemesis as it shattered it in the blink of an eye.


Yang Kai guffawed, “Where do you think you’re going? All of you must die here today!”


Condensing his Space Principles, countless black Moon Blades shot out in all directions, slicing through space and shattering the remnants of the Blood Sea before slashing across numerous enemy bodies.


Although this space had been sealed off from the rest of the world, making it impossible for Yang Kai to use his instantaneous movement to escape, that didn’t mean Yang Kai couldn’t manipulate the Space Principles within this space.


Whooshing sounds were constantly heard as blood splattered everywhere. As if struck by lightning, all these Emperor Realm Masters were heard grunting and shrieking. There was nothing in this world that the Moon Blades couldn’t penetrate. Be they First-Order or Second-Order Emperor Realm Masters, the protective Emperor Qi was useless in the face of these black blades. As the Moon Blades penetrated them, anyone who was attacked would be left with a crescent moon shaped wound where their blood and flesh were simply swallowed up by the Void.


At that instant, numerous Emperor Realm Masters fell from the sky and crashed to the ground. Upon impact, these corpses were all deformed as their bodies splattered.


In the blink of an eye, more than ten Emperor Realm Masters had lost their lives and there was no one else within a radius of three hundred metres around Yang Kai.


Just then, a clearly audible gulp was heard. Tang Sheng turned his head with difficulty and realised that it was Chi Gui who gulped. At that moment, his Adam’s apple was still bobbing. Chi Gui was a reckless and haughty man, but now, he had widened his eyes in shock, as if he was keen to dig them out and hold them up towards the battlefield so that he could have a closer look.


Tang Sheng found this sight somewhat amusing, but he couldn’t laugh because more than ten Emperor Realm Masters had been killed. Those were ten Emperor Realm Masters, not ten chickens. And yet, those ten were killed as easily as reaping wheat from a field.


Tang Sheng felt just as incredulous as Chi Gui. Then, he realised that Qian Xiu Ying had also been taken aback by shock and horror.


When meeting with Yang Kai some time ago, Tang Sheng found him to be a mild-mannered, polite young man, and if it weren’t for the circumstances, he would have loved to make friends with him.


It wasn’t until this moment that Tang Sheng realised that his impression of Yang Kai was wrong.


This young man slaughtered Emperor Realm Masters like slaughtering pigs, not even batting an eye in the process. In other words, Tang Sheng had just passed by death’s door by having a chat with Yang Kai without even realizing it. With this thought in mind, he couldn’t help but shudder.


Never had he witnessed ten Emperor Realm Masters being killed right before his eyes. Including the five cultivators who were butchered by Yang Kai earlier, he had now killed fifteen Emperors in less than an incense stick worth of time.


There were about thirty people from the two great forces who had come to this place, but now half of them were dead. No matter what the ultimate outcome of this battle was, the two top Sects had already lost. The losses they suffered today were simply unbearable.


It wasn’t like Emperor Realms Masters could be found just anywhere. Even within a top Sect, it was difficult for them to nurture even one Emperor Realm Master. Now that so many of them were dead, Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng must feel utterly forlorn.


Tang Sheng took a look at these two top Masters and realised that they were indeed feeling deep anguish, as if their hearts were bleeding. Xu Chang Feng, who was always calm and collected, now sported a hideous expression while on the other hand, Fu Bo had clenched his teeth and his expression suggested that he was eager to drink Yang Kai’s blood, eat his flesh, and gnaw his bones.


After this battle, the two top Sects would see a drastic decline in their strength, one that they would need at least five hundred years to recover from.


Apparently, Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng also realised this as their expressions appeared utterly bitter. They had come all the way here to get revenge, but before they could do that, a new blood feud had been formed. Moreover, so many of their subordinates had been killed that it was now utterly pointless even if they managed to kill Yang Kai. The dead couldn’t come back to life, so their losses were already set.


As for the person who managed to slaughter so many Emperor Realm Masters on his own, he was just a Second-Order Emperor from the younger generation. Was he really Human?



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  1. So if the wolf sect master and his wife and chi gui(sp) are emperor realm masters that have to protect themselves against the gong of the bell, shouldn’t lan he die if her cultivation is sealed? They’re using their emperor cultivation for shielding and they still were affected. Someone with their cultivation sealed…..

    Anyway I think whoever teamed up with the demons are behind this. It has to be a top class assassin. If it’s q top class assassin it should be from his nieces sect with the tyrant body.

    What grievances does h have with them and why would they team up with demons. Makes no sense but that’s what I want to find out

    1. It’s the process from serene soul palace i think. She had a grudge with him afterall. And the bell suppresses not kills. So maybe even a weak person wouldn’t be killed just completely supressed

      1. Not quite true… it easily killed DAOs in the shattered sea (complete blood mists), so it def. kills. Probably suppresses only Emp+, or depending on realm variance between who uses it?

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