Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3307, Ghost King Transformation


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


Whooshing sounds were heard as the remaining Emperor Realm Masters fled from Yang Kai as though he was a devil. All of them were still reeling from shock, and they had a feeling that they had just escaped from death’s door.


It wasn’t that Yang Kai didn’t want to kill them all, but he couldn’t find their locations just now. When the Blood Sea had almost been completely destroyed by him, there were still some blind spots left, and those people who were still alive were hiding in those places.


Ignoring them, Yang Kai turned to look at Fu Bo and grinned wickedly.


As their eyes met, an already depressed Fu Bo turned anxious as he could feel that Yang Kai was plotting something. A clear idea sprang into his mind. [He wants to kill me! How dare he even think about killing me?] 


Fu Bo found the idea to be inconceivable.


He was the Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, a Third-Order Emperor, so how could a mere brat in the Second-Order Emperor Realm have the guts to even dream about killing him? At this moment, he was so angered that he wanted to laugh.


Just then, something flashed across his eyes, and Yang Kai had disappeared from his sight. He could faintly see that a figure was coming at him.


With a cold expression, Fu Bo extended his hand and summoned a banner that was surrounded by thick black Qi. As the Sect Master of Netherworld Sect, he of course had his own Ten Thousand Soul Banner. He had intertwined his own life with his banner, and he had refined it for more than two thousand years. This artifact had reached the limit of an Emperor Artifact, and it was also the weapon he would always depend on whenever he was in a battle.


Without any hesitation, Fu Bo wrapped the black banner around his body and it integrated with him in an instant, causing his already grim aura to become even gloomier.


At the same time, his figure underwent a great transformation. He was only an elderly man who was shorter than the average person at first, but at this moment, his figure swelled up as he transformed into a 30 metres tall hideous Monster. His face had turned livid, and his teeth had become pointed. Two short horns had protruded on his forehead, and his hands had become long and withered. His nails appeared dark, so it was apparent that they were poisonous.


“Ghost King Transformation!” Tang Sheng exclaimed as his eyes were seen trembling. He had never expected that Fu Bo would be so cautious that he would directly use his trump card.


However, after giving it a thought, he realised that Fu Bo’s action was sensible. The power that Yang Kai had showcased was too horrifying, far beyond what an ordinary Second-Order Emperor Realm Master should possess. If he were in Fu Bo’s shoes, he wouldn’t be complacent as well when faced with such an enemy. He would have used his trump card directly in order to gain some sense of security.


The Ghost King’s aura was so terrifying that it was as if he really came from the Netherworld. Even the breath Fu Bo puffed out was ghastly. Most cultivators who came into contact with his breath would be killed instantly. The temperature in the entire world seemed to have dropped significantly because of him.


Immediately after Fu Bo transformed into a Ghost King, Yang Kai reached him and lifted his huge Myriads Sword before slashing at his opponent.


Fu Bo looked coldly at him and didn’t seem to have any intention of evading. He just raised his hand and met the attack head-on.


With a loud clang, sparks were seen as the Myriads Sword rang upon impact. Feeling a pain in his hand, Yang Kai appeared slightly surprised. He hadn’t used all his strength for this strike because it would be unbearable for Myriads Sword; after all, this Emperor Artifact was the heirloom of the Qin Family. He had promised Qin Zhao Yang that after Qin Yu reached the Emperor Realm, he would return the sword to their family. If he broke the sword now, he would have a hard time explaining himself.


However, even though he didn’t use all his might, most cultivators wouldn’t be able to parry this strike. Yang Kai hadn’t expected Fu Bo to be able to fend it off, and in a nonchalant fashion at that. At that moment, he was forced to re-evaluate the monster this old man had turned into.


Although Yang Kai had frequently come into contact with those from the Netherworld Sect, it was the first time he saw someone using this Ghost King Transformation. So, he didn’t know that a Ghost King had a tough body and incredible physical strength.


After parrying the attack, Fu Bo’s actions didn’t slow as he used his other claw to pierce towards Yang Kai’s chest. His claws were pointed, and surrounded by an aura of death. Apparently, he had the intention of digging out Yang Kai’s heart.


Although Yang Kai was a Half-Dragon, he wouldn’t dare to underestimate the power of this claw. Stomping the ground, he immediately withdrew.


More than a dozen kilometres away, a flabbergasted Lan He exclaimed, “Behind you! Watch out!”


She could see that a figure had suddenly appeared behind Yang Kai, who was busy evading the claw. The person was so swift that even the onlookers like them didn’t notice it at first. It wasn’t until the person appeared that they were alerted.


It was none other than the Holy Master of Brahma Holy Land, Xu Chang Feng.


The black sword in his hand didn’t reflect any light at all as he attempted to silently stab the weapon into Yang Kai. Although his move wasn’t as powerful as that of Fu Bo, it would deal a fatal blow to Yang Kai if it landed.


Two Third-Order Emperor Realm Masters had joined forces to attack Yang Kai from front and back, as if they had discussed it in advance. Hardly anyone in this world could escape such a combination.


At the critical moment though, Yang Kai swung his hand, after which a figure suddenly appeared behind him. The figure looked like a Human and was as tall as an average person, but its entire body was made from stones with things that resembled bone spurs sticking out of its body, which made him look like a stone hedgehog. Apart from its hideous figure, it was also surrounded by a mysterious flame.


A light clang was heard as Xu Chang Feng’s black sword struck the stone hedgehog. His sword, which was sharp enough to cut through the hardest metals, wasn’t able to harm this suddenly appeared figure in the slightest. Instead, his attack was easily fended off.


Xu Chang Feng appeared startled as he stared at the stone hedgehog with widened eyes. At that instant, he thought he was dreaming.


[What is this? Where did this thing come from?] He couldn’t believe that his fatal attack would be blocked by this strange thing.


The Embodiment lowered his head to look at the sword which was touching his chest before he lifted his gaze to stare at Xu Chang Feng. Following that, an eerie grin appeared on his angular face.


Xu Chang Feng was flabbergasted as he didn’t expect that the thing before his eyes was actually a living creature. After that thought flashed across his mind, he felt an overwhelming sense of hostility sweeping over him. With the sword pressed against his chest, the Embodiment actually stepped forward and forced Xu Chang Feng to retreat.


“A Divine Spirit!” Xu Chang Feng exclaimed as he could feel a Divine Spirit’s aura wafting from this stone hedgehog. Upon studying the latter’s figure, he searched his memory as an inconceivable idea sprang into his mind. [He is the Divine Spirit Shi Huo! The one who destroyed one of the top Sects, Black Tortoise Sect, in the Eastern Territory millennia ago! Why is he here? Where did he come from? Isn’t he supposed to be in the Ancient Wild Lands?]


More and more questions popped in Xu Chang Feng’s mind, but he couldn’t find the answers to these questions. All he knew was that he was in trouble.


Although he was a Third-Order Emperor, he still wasn’t comparable to a Divine Spirit. In the Ancient Lands, those Divine Spirits were also addressed as Divine Venerables, and they had thirty-two Monster Kings as subordinates. Xu Chang Feng was at best equivalent to a Monster King.


Even the Monster Kings served those Divine Spirits, so how could he be a match for the Divine Spirit before his eyes?


[Was all this an elaborate trap set up by that brat? Otherwise, why would a Divine Spirit like Shi Huo appear to deal with me? But… This doesn’t make sense at all! Divine Spirits of the Ancient Lands have not appeared in public for centuries, and they have avoided conflicts with any of the great forces in the Eastern Territory. That’s because we have Great Emperors in the Eastern Territory. It’s fine if they just stay in the Ancient Wild Lands to live their lives, but if they dare to come out and make a fuss, it is akin to courting death.]


As these ideas flashed across Xu Chang Feng’s mind, he was shaken to the core, upon which he quickly retreated and widened the gap with the Embodiment. Without racing after him, the Embodiment just shook his head as the bone spurs on his body burned brightly. Then, he stared coldly at Xu Chang Feng as if the latter was a dead man, which prompted an urge to flee for his life in the latter.


More than a dozen kilometres away, Tang Sheng and the others were stunned by the sudden change as well.


When Lan He shouted to warn Yang Kai of the danger just now, Tang Sheng was shocked; after all, her actions might infuriate Xu Chang Feng. After Xu Chang Feng and Fu Bo killed Yang Kai, Heavenly Wolf Valley would be in trouble. He had a sound reason to refuse Xu Chang Feng’s request to turn the valley into a battlefield; however, if he allowed his Disciple to give Yang Kai a warning in the midst of a battle, that would be unforgivable.


Nevertheless, Lan He had already done it, so there was nothing he could do. Just when Tang Sheng had been frustrated though, the Embodiment appeared out of nowhere, after which Xu Chang Feng started running away. The series of changes made Tang Sheng’s mind turn blank.


Chi Gui widened his eyes in disbelief as he stared fixedly at the battlefield. Subconsciously, he asked, “Valley Master Tang, did you see how that thing had appeared?” 


Tang Sheng replied, “I didn’t see clearly.” 


He only knew that the Divine Spirit Shi Huo appeared after Yang Kai waved his hand, so he knew that it had something to do with Yang Kai’s Space Divine Abilities. Maybe he had used a Secret Technique to instantly transfer Shi Huo to this place from some far-off location.


However, this space was supposed to have been sealed off, so how did Yang Kai manage to transport Shi Huo there?


Besides him, Xu Chang Feng had the same doubt. If that was the case, the battle would be pointless. Since Yang Kai was still able to use instantaneous movement, he was practically invincible. Even if he was defeated in the end, he could still flee from this place.


Nevertheless, would Yang Kai be defeated? Xu Chang Feng looked past the Embodiment and gazed at Fu Bo, who was already drenched in cold sweat. That was because, after only a short while, the Ghost King Form that Fu Bo had assumed had already been suppressed by Yang Kai as he growled incessantly.


Although a Ghost King was firm and strong, there were limits to his power. Yang Kai’s Half-Dragon Form was even more powerful than his Ghost King Form, and since Fu Bo’s fortes were no longer an advantage, there was no way he could cause Yang Kai any trouble.


Yang Kai kept slashing at Fu Bo with his Myriads Sword as clanging sounds rang out. Although his attacks couldn’t really harm Fu Bo, it was pretty embarrassing for the latter.


At that moment, Yang Kai kept waving his sword about, never giving Fu Bo a chance to catch his breath. With a sneer, he said, “For some reason, anyone with the surname Fu is born to be my enemy, and they always end up in a miserable state!” 


Naturally, he was talking about the Fu Clan of the Dragon Clan on Dragon Island.


In fact, there were some people on Dragon Island who were more powerful than him. Unfortunately, members of the Dragon Clan could be restricted by bloodline suppression. Yang Kai possessed the Golden Divine Dragon Source, which put him in an advantageous position when dealing with the Dragon Clan. Even the Great Elder and the Second Elder of the Dragon Clan were not able to kill Yang Kai no matter how hard they tried. This was the reason Yang Kai had the guts to visit Dragon Island again. Without this power, heading to Dragon Island would have been suicide.


“Today, this King will kill you and wipe Netherworld Sect from the world!” Yang Kai was ruthless in his strike out and cursed at Fu Bo.


After such a provocation, Fu Bo’s eyes turned bloodshot and he bellowed, “Boy, you destroyed the foundation of our Sect in Grand Desolation Star Field already, so today, one of us must die!”



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  1. Still confused on how these guys managed to seal space to the extent that YK is unable to detect it or teleport inside of it. Seems like they have some kind of backer who knows some level of space ability or possesses some kind of special artifact, maybe even someone at the level of pseudo GE. This arc may turn out to bigger than we expect, not just Yang boy chopping down pigs.

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  3. Wait after thinking about it, how does Fu Bo know about what happened in the lower star field? AFAIK it’s super difficult to travel between the lower fields and the star boundary, and the only person who could tell him is Wu Heng since the entire star was swallowed. Maybe Wu Heng has some connections in the Eastern territory that he is leveraging in order to get revenge on YK. Other than that, nothing else comes to mind other than maybe the demons/shady cults from the Western territory.

    1. You don’t even need to speculate about the relationship between Wu Heng and the Netherworld Sect when he’s the Star Field Master of the origin of the sect, while they’re both 3rd Order Emperors. You only need to speculate whether Wu Heng being involved means that Star Court guy is involved as well

    2. Yep. Imho, we’ll have a combat between YK and a pseudo great emperor that happens to be handling the GDSF. Or at least, he’s the one in the shadows. (Just my guess)

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    3. As stated by others Wu Heng must have used a connection device or travelled by himself to the nether sect to deliver the message of losing the foundations of netherworld sect.
      I highly doubt the pseudo great emperor is involved as Wu Heng and Mr. Unknown apparently don’t have any deep connection. But what I suggest is that they arranged some arrays that sealed off the dao of space in a limited area. The same happened back in the Ancient Wild Lands when Yang Kai was ambushed by Ying Le Sheng as well as some Vice Sect Masters of Netherworld Sect. Later on in the eastern or western territory Yang Kai and that little girl under the protection of Iron Blood Emperor invaded a sect and again had the dao of space sealed off.
      The difference in the latter is that it wasn’t completely sealed but formed another sealed off space.

  4. Now is the destruction of the Neitherland star mentioned. That was Gun-gun who did that. Some of the lower cultivators of that star are inside the Small Sealed World, also known as Gun-gun.

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