Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3308, I Can Also Transform


Translator: Silavin & Jon

Translation Checker: PewPewLazerGun

Editor and Proofreader: Leo of Zion Mountain & Dhael Ligerkeys


After Yin Le Sheng was killed by Yang Kai, Fu Bo didn’t get his revenge because he was wary of Luan Feng. However, upon learning that their foundation in Grand Desolation Star Field had been destroyed, he couldn’t hold back his fury anymore.


Yang Kai narrowed his eyes, “You know what happened in Grand Desolation Star Field?”


An idea suddenly flashed across his mind as he realised something. [It’s no wonder that those from Netherworld Sect dare to go against me once again. I understand the reason now!]


Upon realising that he had said something he should not have, Fu Bo immediately kept his mouth shut. Nevertheless, his Ghost King Form had become even more ferocious as he regained spirits. Earlier, he was embarrassed at the fact that he had been suppressed by Yang Kai even though he had assumed such a mighty form; however, he soon realised that although Yang Kai’s moves were swift, the latter couldn’t possibly harm him. His Ghost King Form was indestructible, so there was no way a mere Second-Order Emperor Realm Master like Yang Kai could kill him. With this thought in mind, he knew that he was practically invincible.


Seeing that Yang Kai lifted his sword again, Fu Bo snorted and stopped evading. Instead, he reached out his hand to grab the blade and twist it. Upon feeling the immense power of this strike, Yang Kai was stunned as he staggered toward Fu Bo.


“Damn brat, die!” Fu Bo grinned and bellowed as he attempted to claw at Yang Kai, envisioning the sight of the latter’s head flying off.


Just when he thought he was about to defeat Yang Kai though, a sense of uneasiness suddenly filled Fu Bo’s heart. Raising his head, he realised that instead of looking flustered, Yang Kai had put on a meaningful grin on his face as he sent out a claw of his own at Fu Bo’s palm.


Fu Bo could faintly feel that the aura around Yang Kai had changed significantly as the latter now gave off an incredibly imposing air. He could even see that scales started appearing on Yang Kai’s skin. The scales looked similar to those of a snake, but they seemed more abstruse.


While Fu Bo was lost in doubt, he suddenly felt a sharp pain in his palm. Flabbergasted, he quickly withdrew his hand and pushed the Myriads Sword away before leaping backwards.


When he lowered his head, his pupils contracted because he realised that in the middle of his rock-hard claw, there were holes that were bleeding.


[I was injured?] He couldn’t believe his eyes. He knew better than anyone else how sturdy his Ghost King Form was, so how was it possible that he was wounded? Moreover, the wounds were apparently caused by Yang Kai’s fingers.


[How did he do this?] Fu Bo dazedly lifted his head to look at Yang Kai in an attempt to find out what dirty trick the latter had played on him; however, the sight before his eyes made his pupils contract, because Yang Kai’s figure had gone through an enormous change.


At this moment, two horns had protruded on Yang Kai’s forehead and a layer of golden scales had covered all his exposed skin. His hands had transformed into sharp claws that were somewhat similar to his own Ghost King Form.


Nevertheless, Fu Bo’s aura was grim and gloomy while Yang Kai’s aura was noble and overbearing. The two auras clashed as they appeared to be starkly different from each other.


Fu Bo’s chest tightened as he examined Yang Kai’s form. A horrifying idea sprang into his mind as he pointed at Yang Kai and stammered, “Y-Y-You…”


Yang Kai had put away the Myriads Sword as he flicked away the blood on his right Dragon Claw. Staring at Fu Bo, he uttered nonchalantly, “What a coincidence. I can also transform. I wonder which of our transformations is stronger!”


Fu Bo’s heart sank as he wasn’t willing to believe his own speculation, but the sight before his eyes suggested that his guess was the truth.


“He…” On the other side, Chi Gui was shaken to the core while Tang Sheng, Qian Xiu Ying, and Lan He were all equally dumbfounded. They had never expected that the situation would suddenly change yet again.


Initially, although Yang Kai had the upper hand and was suppressing Fu Bo with his speed and agility, they knew that the situation wouldn’t last long as no matter how fast Yang Kai could attack or how agile he was, if he couldn’t harm his enemy, he was only blindly wasting his energy. As long as Fu Bo landed a single attack, he would be able to injure Yang Kai. It wasn’t easy to bear a Ghost King’s attack.


They were still worried about Yang Kai when the situation turned around in the blink of an eye.


“He’s a Dragonkin?” Chi Gui felt a sense of coldness rising from his toes to his head, as he didn’t expect that Yang Kai had a Dragon Vein, which meant that Yang Kai was a Half-Dragon as well as a Dragon descendant. That was an incredible bloodline. The future of anyone with a Dragon Vein was limitless even though their bloodline might not be pure. Furthermore, Yang Kai was an expert in the Dao of Space, and he possessed the Mountains and Rivers Bell. It would be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for anyone to possess one of these opportunities, but now, Yang Kai had all of them.


Even a prodigy like Chi Gui couldn’t help but feel jealous of Yang Kai. He lamented that the Heavens were unfair for giving the latter so many benefits. Then, he recalled that he recklessly challenged him just now, and felt relieved that he had chosen to back down.


Judging from the methods Yang Kai had showcased so far, it would have taken him only one move to end Chi Gui’s life.


“Damn it!” Fu Bo bellowed with a bitter expression as if he had just swallowed a fly. He wasn’t cursing at Yang Kai. Instead, he was blaming the person who had provoked him into this matter. The other party didn’t tell him that Yang Kai was a Dragonkin. If Fu Bo had known this earlier, he wouldn’t have come to find fault with Yang Kai.


He didn’t know how many generations it had been since Yang Kai inherited his Dragon bloodline; however, since the Dragon Clan was involved, he wouldn’t dare to offend Yang Kai as he pleased, as no one knew whether those from Dragon Island would interfere in this matter. Once that happened, even if there were ten Netherworld Sects, they would still be destroyed.


At that instant, he realised that the person who gave him the information must have been aware of Yang Kai’s strength and background because the person had said that they had battled against Yang Kai in Grand Desolation Star Field before. Otherwise, the person wouldn’t have suggested Fu Bo join forces with Brahma Holy Land and go all out to kill Yang Kai.


Looking back, he realised that this was a fool’s errand. The consequence of going all out was that both great forces had suffered immense losses. Even his trump card couldn’t help him turn the situation around.


The Ghost King Form was indeed incredible with a sturdy body and unrivalled strength, but everything was relative. Facing a Dragonkin, his Ghost King Form’s strengths were laughable.


A ten-metre-tall Half-Dragon Form was already considered a fantastic bloodline awakening for a Dragonkin with an impure bloodline.


But at this moment, Fu Bo had the urge to turn around and flee. If he knew that Yang Kai could actually transform into a 300-metre Half-Dragon, he wouldn’t even have the guts to stand before him.


While Fu Bo was still in a dazed state, Yang Kai had already made a move. Fu Bo couldn’t even clearly see Yang Kai’s movements as all he felt was a gust of wind approaching him. Lifting his head, Fu Bo realised that Yang Kai was extending his Dragon Claw towards him.


A flustered Fu Bo immediately raised his own claw to parry the attack. As their claws contacted, Fu Bo let out a scream as new holes formed on his palm, covering it in blood.


Nevertheless, Yang Kai wasn’t done with him as he charged forward and made all sorts of moves like grabbing, scratching, and kicking. Unlike how an Emperor Realm Master was supposed to deal with his enemy, Yang Kai was now battling using pure brute force.


The Ghost King Fu Bo growled and puffed out green breaths as all his muscles swelled up as he resisted Yang Kai’s attacks.


*Hong! Hong! Hong!* 


As loud crashes were heard, the two gigantic figures struggled across the flatland. Their movements were so swift that it was difficult for the others to see them clearly. They looked like two flickering beams of lights that had entangled each other as blood dripped from the sky.


A moment later, the two figures suddenly separated.


Yang Kai’s Half-Dragon Form was standing proudly in the sky as he looked down with a cold expression. Several dozen metres away from him, the Ghost King was panting heavily as his entire body was covered in blood holes. His 30-metre-tall figure was already drenched in blood. Paired with his hideous face, he appeared quite horrifying. At this moment, Fu Bo’s right arm had turned limp, as if there were no bones in it. Apparently, Yang Kai had disabled it.


A Ghost King was touted to have impenetrable skin and indestructible muscles. If they hadn’t seen it for themselves that a Ghost King had become so battered in a battle, the others watching wouldn’t have believed it.


However, the fact that the person who had caused all this was a Half-Dragon made the onlookers from afar think that it all made sense.


“Elder Chi, your vision is indeed sharp, this Tang is impressed!” Tang Sheng sighed. When Chi Gui said that Yang Kai could survive, he didn’t believe him; after all, two top Sects had dispatched so many Emperor Realm Masters, so even an ordinary Third-Order Emperor wouldn’t have stood a chance of escaping, let alone a Second-Order Emperor like Yang Kai.


However, the outcome of the battle wasn’t determined by how many people either side had. Yang Kai’s inconceivable skills and methods allowed him to kill over half of the Emperor Realm Masters besieging him in a short time while the remaining ones had all fled as none of them had the guts to fight with him head-on again.


Xu Chang Feng’s sneak attack was undoubtedly brilliant, but Shi Huo was able to render all his attempts futile. On the other hand, Yang Kai in his Half-Dragon Form was able to suppress Fu Bo’s Ghost King Form with ease.


There was no way Fu Bo would win this battle, and no one knew whether he could leave this place alive. So, what about Xu Chang Feng?


Tang Sheng turned to look at Xu Chang Feng, after which he was startled. That was because the situation Xu Chang Feng was in was just as perilous as that of Fu Bo. As a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, he was indeed powerful, but that didn’t mean he could handle a Divine Spirit like Shi Huo. This flaming stone man was the horrifying being who had destroyed Black Tortoise Sect, and whose name could still arouse people’s fear after so many millennia. Faced with such an opponent, Xu Chang Feng had basically run out of luck. Since the beginning, he had been on the defensive, unable to even strike back. Even concentrating all his efforts to protect himself though, Xu Chang Feng was still in a dangerous situation. His battered appearance was starkly different from his elegant self earlier, and his dishevelled hair made him look more like a dirty beggar than a noble Holy Master. Now, it was only a matter of time before he was defeated and killed.


Tang Sheng was gripped by a surreal feeling. Before the battle, he firmly believed that Yang Kai was doomed, but the following series of events caught him off guard.


Now, he felt that Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng were the ones destined to die here today. At that moment, he recalled what Lan He asked him earlier, ‘Master, if he manages to survive, will you regret your decisions?’


Would he regret it? Certainly, he would! Now, Tang Sheng was gripped by a bitter feeling in his heart. If he knew this would be the outcome, he would have made sure to be on good terms with Yang Kai.



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  1. He had no grounds to make a different decision though.

    It always annoys me when novels wallow in making people regret making the sort of hard choices that are
    necessary for leaders to make. It’s one thing to preserve your own life in a pathetic way but for people who
    bear responsibility for the lives of other people this is arguably the only ethical choice to make. His
    responsibility to YK is not comparable to his responsibility to the people he has been entrusted to lead. He
    had no knowledge of YK’s abilities and no reason to suspect they are as ridiculous as they are.

    To clarify. I wouldn’t mind if YK gave him shit for it if that were part of his character. The problem I have is
    with the story obsessing over him regretting it, indicating that he made the wrong choice and deserves to
    suffer for it in some way. I wish the story would actually grapple with the fact that sometimes there are no
    good choices, only different types of bad ones.

    1. I’m not a big fan of how exaggerated it is either. It’s just goofy that the author would try to play off the guilt of choosing to protect his sect as some sort of justice. Protecting Yang Kai would be a bigger hassle than saving someone’s wife from poison.

    2. He lied to Yang Kai’s face regarding the token being a myth. That was far from honourable, and simply taking the path of least resistance at the expense of his own integrity and disciple. Had he been straightforward in his denial he could have spared both. It’s the mark of a weak man.

      1. Yang Kai lied to when he was asked where he was from and where he was now. Besides he helped yank Kai by saying where he could find the island. Pointed out a city for yang Kai. And he didn’t use the sect defending array despite offending two great forces. And even if he helped yang Kai. Yang Kai wouldn’t do anything back. Yang Kai wouldn’t even remember it after wards.

    1. But the manhua skips too much in its illustrations of the action. Besides, the Embodiment looks more like a golden Yang Kai in the manhua, when we read here that it is still a giant stone body with bone spurs. I prefer to see the novel’s version.

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