Martial Peak

Martial Peak – Chapter 3309, I’ve Been Waiting for You


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Tang Sheng knew that after a chance slipped through his fingers, it was no use crying over it. He had told Yang Kai that the Faith Token from Spirit Beast Island was just a fabricated story, so if he told him the truth now, it would be akin to giving himself a slap in the face.


He wasn’t shameless enough to do that.


Nevertheless, he was truly impressed by Chi Gui’s vision. When it came to their cultivation, Chi Gui was a First-Order Emperor, while he was a Second-Order Master, so he was the more powerful one. When it came to age and experience, a rising star like Chi Gui was naturally not comparable to him at all either.


However, before the fight, Chi Gui had already predicted that Yang Kai would survive, which went to show that his instincts were sharper than Tang Sheng’s.


Maybe that was the difference between these rising stars and him. With their far-sightedness, these rising stars were destined to surpass him one day.


Chi Gui uttered impassively, “It’s still too early to come to any conclusion.” Instead of becoming elated that his prediction had been proven right, he appeared cautious. As he darted his gaze around, he seemed to be looking for something.


Upon hearing that, Tang Sheng frowned as he didn’t understand what Chi Gui meant. Anyone who wasn’t blind would be able to tell that Yang Kai would certainly win this battle. Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng would be considered lucky if they could escape, so why would there be any changes now? 


Tang Sheng took a look at the remaining seven or eight Emperor Realm Masters from the two top Sects and shook his head. These people didn’t even have the courage to help their Sect Master and Holy Master as they all appeared terrified. Apparently, they were shocked by Yang Kai’s brutal actions just now, so they were definitely not the factor that could turn the situation around.


After Yang Kai and Shi Huo respectively settled Fu Bo and Xu Chang Feng, these people would immediately disperse.


[What did Chi Gui mean by that?] Tang Sheng was puzzled.


While they were speaking, a change took place again on the battlefield. The murderous intent around Yang Kai surged as he pointed his finger at the rotating Mountains and Rivers Bell, after which it turned into a beam of light and attempted to envelop Fu Bo.


A pressure that seemed able to suppress the World spread out.


With a cold expression, Yang Kai stared at him and said, “Fu Bo, since you’ve decided to stick your neck out, I’ll grant your wish by cutting your head and sending you to Hell!”


Fu Bo was astounded as his Ghost King Form attempted to evade the pressure from the Mountains and Rivers Bell; however, no matter how he tried to move around or use his power to block the bell, he couldn’t stop it from coming at him at all. This Ancient Exotic Artifact chased after him closely as its immense aura targeted him, as though he would never be able to flee from the bell wherever he went.


[I’ll die! I’ll definitely die!]


If Fu Bo was still at full strength, he might stand a chance to survive. However, after his battle with Yang Kai, his entire body was wounded, so he had no energy left to resist the bell’s pressure. As he felt the suppressive force pressing down on him, Fu Bo even heard his bones begin cracking.


“Brother Wu, save me!” Fu Bo couldn’t take it anymore as he yelled.


What he had just done was strange. Besides the psychologically prepared Yang Kai, Tang Sheng and the others were confused.


Right after the yell, an unfamiliar figure suddenly appeared and tried to land a fist on Yang Kai. At that instant, the Heavens and Earth seemed to be trembling as World Principles undulated. A gigantic fist, which was surrounded by an aura that seemed able to shatter worlds, appeared right in front of Yang Kai’s eyes.


The turn of events shocked Tang Sheng and the others.


“So they really had another trump card!” Chi Gui said through clenched teeth. When he was taking action with the people from the two top Sects earlier, he could feel that these cultivators were not all they had. They seemed to be hiding something, but he couldn’t detect it because his cultivation was still too low, leaving it as just a vague feeling.


Upon seeing the sight before his eyes, Chi Gui knew that his instincts were right. The people that the two great forces had dispatched were not all they had. There was still a hidden Master behind them.


Judging from the person’s strike, he was also a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master, one who was possibly even more powerful than Fu Bo or Xu Chang Feng. If this wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t be regarded as a trump card.


The unexpected fist came when Yang Kai was focused on chasing after Fu Bo. It could be said that he was not expecting the attack, so it wasn’t hard to predict the outcome.


While the colour drained from Lan He’s face, even Chi Gui didn’t have the heart to keep watching.


A Half-Dragon Form was indeed strong, and it was even sturdier than Fu Bo’s Ghost King Form; nevertheless, a Third-Order Emperor Realm Master had been lurking in the dark and observing for a long time, so he must be confident of defeating his opponent with this strike.


Chi Gui sported a disdainful expression. Although he was addicted to battles and loved bloodshed, he had his own principles he lived by. He would only challenge people who were stronger than he was in order to strengthen his Martial Heart and understanding of the Grand Dao.


The fact that two top Sects had sent out so many people to deal with a single Second-Order Emperor Realm Master like Yang Kai could be regarded as oppression. Now, there was even a hidden Third-Order Emperor Realm Master taking action. The word ‘despicable’ wasn’t even strong enough to describe this action.


Right in front of everyone’s eyes, the gigantic fist shadow directly landed on Yang Kai’s back, and as expected, he couldn’t react in time as he was focused on dealing with Fu Bo.


As an explosion rang out, the space where Yang Kai stood seemed to tremble. He seemed to have turned into a puff of smoke, as if he had been blown apart by this fist.


Seeing this, Lan He shuddered and almost collapsed to the ground., [He’s dead? How can this be? I haven’t even repaid his favour for saving me. How could he be killed just like that?]


Just then, the battered Fu Bo guffawed. “No matter how conniving you are, you still have fallen into my trap. Damn brat, this is the consequence of opposing this King.”


However, before he could celebrate his victory, he knitted his brows together. Lifting his head, he realised that Mountains and Rivers Bell was still falling towards him rapidly.


As the immense pressure engulfed him, Fu Bo realised that he couldn’t move his Ghost King Form at all. Flustered, he exclaimed, “What’s going on?”


Yang Kai had been killed, so why would the Ancient Exotic Artifact still pressure him? He was both anxious and regretful. When he saw Yang Kai get blown apart, he became complacent and stopped trying to escape from the bell. That short moment of hesitation made him unable to flee again.


He moved his figure with difficulty, but before he could escape, the bell had already landed and suppressed him beneath it.


It was then that the unknown Master, who had appeared out of nowhere just now, shouted, “Watch out!”


Nevertheless, it was too late, as he could only watch Fu Bo getting covered by the bell. At that instant, crying and howling as well as clanging sounds could be heard coming from the bell, but those soon fell silent.


The sound of the Mountains and Rivers Bell ringing out was able to suppress all creation. As Fu Bo was stuck inside it, he would be put in an even more unfavourable position if he made a fuss. After trying to break free from the bell for a bit, Fu Bo stopped moving and waited for the others to save him.


“Time Flows on Infinitely, Like a Mighty Stream, Like an Unending Dream!” Just then, a voice was heard murmuring, attracting all eyes towards its source.


It was then that everyone saw that Yang Kai, who was supposed to have exploded to pieces, had appeared again as he was still very much alive. His Dragon Claws were forming a set of abstruse hand seals, and with a cold and aloof expression, he shouted and pushed out his palms.


Time Flies Seal!


All of a sudden, the world seemed to come to a halt. When the newcomer realised that something was off, Yang Kai’s palm was already right in front of his eyes. He was stunned as he instinctively felt that this strike was not to be underestimated, so he quickly made a move by forming a blood mist around himself and pushing his palm out. At the same time, he turned into a blood-coloured beam of light and retreated.


Unexpectedly, the Time Flies Seal penetrated the blood mist without any pause and landed on the unknown Master.


Upon impact, the person spat a mouthful of blood, and under the corrosive Time Principles, he seemed to have aged by several dozen years in an instant as some grey hair appeared on his head.


“Time Flies Seal! The signature Divine Ability of Flowing Time Great Emperor!” Chi Gui shouted as his jaw dropped so wide an egg could easily be stuffed into it.


Tang Sheng’s forehead was already covered in cold sweat as he uttered, “Elder Chi, are you sure that’s the Divine Ability of Flowing Time Great Emperor?”


Chi Gui turned to look at him and asked in shock, “Valley Master Tang, you’re older than me, have you never heard of this Divine Ability?”


An embarrassed Tang Sheng replied, “I’ve heard of it before, but it has been tens of thousands of years since Flowing Time Great Emperor passed away. How did Yang Kai learn this Divine Ability?”


Chi Gui uttered, “I’m just a Junior, how am I supposed to know?”


Upon hearing that, Tang Sheng found his answer sensible. How was Chi Gui supposed to know something that even he didn’t? Tang Sheng felt his mind must have become a mess because he was too shocked. 


Time Flies Seal was a Divine Ability that was related to Time Principles, so he couldn’t believe that Yang Kai could use it as well.


It wouldn’t be so shocking if Yang Kai was only bluffing; however, judging from the newcomer’s appearance, he indeed aged significantly in an instant, which could only be caused by the corrosion of time.


In other words, the Time Flies Seal was real! Yang Kai was able to use two extremely esoteric and abstruse Principle Strengths, Time Principles and Space Principles, making his prowess and power truly Heaven defying.


Although it was difficult to begin cultivating the Dao of Space and even harder to master it, there were still a small number of people who were experts in this field. For example, Li Wu Yi from Spirit Beast Island was a Master of the Dao of Space.


However, it was much harder to comprehend the Dao of Time than the Dao of Space. Over the past hundred thousand years of the Star Boundary, only one person was able to make a name for himself with his mastery over the Dao of Time, Flowing Time Great Emperor.


Some people had even speculated that if it weren’t because the Flowing Time Great Emperor had passed away too soon, he would have the right to fight with Heaven Devouring Great Emperor, Wu Kuang, for the title of strongest in the history of the Star Boundary.


However, what puzzled Tang Sheng was the identity of the Master who had appeared all of a sudden. Upon inspection, he was sure that this person was a Third-Order Emperor, but his face was unfamiliar. Tang Sheng was certain that he didn’t know any Emperor Realm Master that looked like this man.


This man seemed to have appeared from nowhere, and no one could trace back to his origins.


On the other hand, Yang Kai pretended to have fallen into their trap and then made a surprise attack on his opponent, as if he had already predicted all this beforehand.


“Wu Heng, this King has been waiting for you. What took you so long?” After all but crippling his opponent, Yang Kai didn’t press his advantage and instead looked mockingly at this person called Wu Heng.



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